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  1. UNT trending towards 50k students and not being able to fill up a 30k seat stadium isn't the flex @PlummMeanGreen thinks it is.
  2. What Sampson did is actually legal in today's NCAA but yeah, our AD basically said he wanted a Rockets assistant and got Sampson. UNT should get one of the Mavericks' assistant coaches and give him the keys to the basketball program if a new basketball coach is needed again. You have nothing to lose.
  3. Tune had one of the best games of his career last night. 300 passing yards and 3 TDs. Would have had a 60 yard TD run but he cramped up a bit at the end of the play and had to go out of bounds.
  4. A regional alignment for the G5 schools makes perfect sense. Theres no reason for absurd travel costs with little profit. Make leagues that fans can travel to and where regional rivalries can flourish. The MAC has the right idea as far as a G5 regional league goes.
  5. That would be a cute little G5 conference for UNT, SMU and the others.
  6. Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor already cover DFW. Also, I would think Tech has a bigger presence in San Antonio than UTSA does.
  7. That's some serious opium you're inhaling. You're going to be very disappointed when Jim's prediction comes true.
  8. UNT screwed UNT. UNT did not start investing into athletics or building a fanbase until 2010. UNT made the decision to drop down to FCS. UNT made the decision to not try the Big 8, SEC or Independence after getting rejected by the SWC. UNT made the decision to not keep alumni involved. UNT made the decision to not have a booster program until recently. UNT can't get be upset and/or bitter with SMU, Baylor, UH, UT or whoever the boogeyman is this time around. UNT dislikes UTSA because they finally had someone to look down upon after being the most disrespected Texas FBS school for decades but UTSA and UNT are in the same boat in the grand scheme of things. Again UNT can only blame UNT for the current athletics dilemma.
  9. This is what makes them great from a football standpoint
  10. Y'all do realize Bryce Young, the #1 high school player would bring in 1 million in endorsements at ANY school he attended including UNT.
  11. Not good but he ran circles around Littrell so better than UNT's situation at least!
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