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  1. 1. It's not easy to recruit good football players to UNT. Every single UNT head coach has said that. 2. Littrell isnt feeling much pressure to succeed. Holgerson was going to be out the door this year if he didn't succeed, even mentions the pressure a few times. Lo and behold, he goes 12-2 with a bowl win over Auburn. 3. UNT foolishly gave UNT a contract extension and cant afford to buy him out. So get comfortable.
  2. Fun Fact: Littrell has been at UNT longer than both Dodge and McCarney.
  3. Yuck! I hope we don't play UNT in a bowl game. If we do, then at least Tune will throw for over 400 yards on UNT's crappy defense and our true freshman running back McCaskill will run for 200 yards. It will also make my trolling on here more amusing for a while.
  4. You're talking smacl about a private Methodist school with 8k students allegedly drawing 22k in attendance.... You do realize that UNT draws even less than 22k most of the time despite having 5 times the enrollment of SMU? I wouldn't advise talking attendance smacl when UNT drew 30k or over, TWICE in the last 30 years. That's including the bowl game in Dallas.
  5. Strong arm, good size but unfortunately was buried on the depth chart behind Tune and the others since we had 5 (now 4) scholarship qbs on the roster. Dana usually wont play true freshman unless necessary or if they are elite such as our starting running back McCaskill for example since it's looking like he'll be a Greshman All-American. Kopp will be a good pickup for somebody.
  6. Only a trumpian buffoon would be upset about a blue state. Maybe A&M would have been a better fit for you.
  7. Cute video, but Casey K tore that ass up. Public House was lit after the game though.
  8. A win is a win. We're 8-1, ranked with a chance to go to The Fiesta Bowl and best of all, we're P5 bound. We also have a competent head coach. How are things going for UNT?
  9. Impressive seeing Tune at 36 on that list. He has really matured as a passer. Last night's win over USF he went 21-26, 385 yds, 3 TDs I wonder how Littrell would have used him if he had gone to UNT
  10. Deion has won more games at Jackson State thos year alone than Littrell has won in the last 2 years. Jackson State would probably beat UNT this year. Ask UL-Monroe.
  11. Mel Kiper has Hall as the 5th best defensive lineman and a late 1st round projected pick. He also leads the AAC in sacks. Littrell missed on this one for sure.
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