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  1. Yeah, he forgot the part where UNT changed their mascot from the eagles to the Mean Green in honor of Mean Joe Greene.
  2. Still gonna beat Rice by 4+ TDs
  3. Yes, let's leave the AAC and our billion dollar media contract, our 8 million per team just to play UNT and U-LaLa for pennies that nobody would watch
  4. I'm banned from Orangebloods, TexAgs, Baylor's old board, and Killerfrogs doesn't really take my bait so I gave up there. Also you keep referring to me as a female in an attempt to insult me. Being a woman is not an insult. Surely you must be homophobic and/or transphobic. @PlummMeanGreen isn't really worth responding to because my eyes can't take the colorful fonts and long essays
  5. Only a music school like UNT would actually have a hype video about band uniforms. Looooool
  6. Double-digit winning KU would draw 50k. Double-digit winning UNT wouldn't break 25k. That's the difference.
  7. We ran through you last time we played in 2019 and would have steamrolled you in 2020 too. Our starting qb is a UNT Football legacy and even he didn't want to go there.
  8. That doesn't matter. We're already in the AAC, UNT is trying to get in the show. Also, I'm pretty sure we just went to The Final Four a few months ago.
  9. Gee, how many times have we heard "The Sleeping Giant is waking up in Denton" over the last 20 years? Hell, just typing it into the search bar will bring up hundreds of posts. UNT hasn't done anything to indicate that it's a rising power in football.
  10. Wherever he goes, it should be a boost to UNT's recruiting. Kids notice when a school gets people drafted into the NFL consistently
  11. 6A is the largest classification and the minimum is 2,220.
  12. That Final Four banner is gonna look real nice in the Fertitta Center.
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