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  1. I would never impersonate an SMU fan. Don't insult me like that
  2. English has the extremely rare 7th year of eligibility. He already had the 6th year of eligibility due to fall camp injuries in 2015, the extra year given to everyone due to Covid is the bonus 7th year
  3. Yet none of them go to UNT. Ryan and Guyer are powerhouse programs and Denton High has an occasional strong season yet UNT rarely brings any of those guys in.
  4. When are we taking bets for Seth's just as mediocre replacement?
  5. One of those wins was a blowout against UNT. Dana outcoached and destroyed Seth with Mason Fine at qb who got terrorized by the UH front 7 all night long. Is this really the thread you wanna make?
  6. D'Eriq is doing great down in Miami and he's still a UH grad and record setter at the end of the day. Meanwhile UNT legacy Tune is having a decent career at UH right now. Remind me again how UNT's quarterback situation is going.
  7. Talented players actually want to win.
  8. Some people here aren't ready for this conversation. DFW P5 is very appealing to Texas kids.
  9. Urban Meyer is considered one of the greatest coaches of all time for a reason.
  10. If he was going elsewhere, he wouldn't have committed to SMU. Stone had over 60 scholarship offers.
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