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  1. Whether you like Deion's personality or not, his son is a 4 star qb recruit and an incredible talent everybody thought was going to end up at Florida State. FAU will continue to dominate CUSA for years to come. Also Deion hanging around isnt the worst thing, anybody's secondary could learn some things from him. @Wag Tag He has offers from Cornell and Vanderbilt. Grades are not an issue.
  2. I don't think a certain someone many of you have praised as a record setting quarterback, would be too pleased to see the dismissive remarks in this thread. This is something many tribes have pushed for decades. Even if he isn't bothered by it, many Native Americans are and are the only ones whose opinions matter on this subject. This isn't comparable to the Seminoles, Utes, Illini or Chippewas, who all have the consent and approval of the respective tribes they get the nicknames from. Redskins always has been and will be a slur and again, enough tribes find it problematic enough to want it changed. If it were ANY other race, it would have been changed a long time agi. Of course, you guys feel brave enough to say these things behind an anonymous message board but never to anyone's face.
  3. Nice racist dogwhistle. I'm going to take a quick pause on trolling and break from the Cougar King character (yes, this is me playing a character whenever I'm bored) and be my actual self since this is a serious time and topic. As a person of color, all I have been seeing from some people, especially Boomers like yourself (when I say Boomers, I don't mean just white people since I have no idea what color you are, but ANY person from the old generation.) are these microaggressions and whataboutisms. All you have to do is SIT DOWN and LISTEN! LISTEN to what people are saying. Look at what guys like Abner Haynes and Mean Joe went through at NTSU in the 1960s. YOU HAVE PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD THAT WERE STUDENTS THEN. IT WAS NOT THAT LONG AGO. Dude, there is still a lot of racism out there and deflecting like this is being a part of the problem and not a part of the solution!!!! MAKING SNIDE REMARKS AND IMMEDIATELY DISMISSING THINGS MAKES YOU NO BETTER THAN THOSE IN THE 60s WHO WERE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY. AND YES IT WAS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS WHAT YOU WERE REFERRING TO WHEN YOU MADE A REFERENECE TO "MUSIC IN THE LOCKER ROOM." Remember, many players and potential recruits plus their parents read this board. You need to sit down and take a self-reflection.
  4. Yeah. Our Dlinemen and Nickel were there everytime the ball was snapped. Even I got a little concerned after a while and was wondering why Fine wasn't pulled after the game got outta hand.
  5. Yet you guys are trying to come to the AAC and keep bringing up the P6. Many articles have already stated that the AAC will go with the P5 if there's a breakaway.
  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I like you, I think we're gonna have a lot of fun on here.
  7. We dumped Marshall, Rice, UTEP, UAB and Southern Miss once. If we wanted them around, they would already be in the AAC.
  8. If UNT wants some actual state political pull, they would have to actually hire someone competent. UNT refusing to play politics is why they aren't in the SEC, Big 12 or AAC and weren't in the SWC. Let's not even get into state funding.
  9. Yeah you better hope. Playing A$M, SMU and UH back to back to back on the road is going to decimate UNT's depth.
  10. Now up to 30 offers. Kid blew up fast over the last month
  11. Tune had the 60 yard run not King. Like his big brother said, Go Coogs! Looking forward to dropping 40+ on you guys again for a 4th consecutive time.
  12. He should excel, he has an it factor. As for us, we have a guy who is the younger brother of a certain well-known UNT quarterback who is finally getting the FULL reigns of the offense. I think you remember quite well during our game in Denton last year where he dominated including that 60 yard qb keeper.
  13. UNT failed this kid and it's unfortunate.
  14. We would drop football before joining a garbage conference like that. SMU would too.
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