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  1. UNT offered but let's just say that UH was a better opportunity to develop as a QB.
  2. It would have been nice to have our first game with UNT instead of having to adjust on the fly against Tulane.
  3. Even though Trask was the backup, he still threw for 850 yards and 11 TDs. Being 6'5 225 lbs also helped
  4. Lol I wish we could have seen this kind of effort from UNT last week and played.
  5. Such a shame. We would have ran wild on your defense.
  6. We all gotta take our lumps sooner or later. It's all part of the pecking order.
  7. Our starting lineup should also be out soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the true freshman we have starting at DT finally make his debut. Lots of hype around this kid.
  8. All I can say about y'alls coaching situation is that we have fired head coaches for much less in way shorter time. If UNT wants to compete they need to show that mediocrity isn't good enough. As far as Saturday's game goes, it will be our first of the season so I expect those first game jitters to be there and that we only win 49-17.
  9. All I'm gonna say is that there are a bunch of chickenshits in Waco.
  10. Zappe lit up the UNT secondary, Buechele is gonna light up UNT's secondary and Tune is going to light up the UNT secondary next Saturday
  11. We're gonna warm up with Baylor instead. Expect an announcement soon
  12. You guys don't have the defensive linemen to play a 4-3 and sure as hell cant play a 5-2. You guys don't have the linebackers to run a 3-4 either. A 3-3-5 is literally the only realistic thing y'all can run.
  13. If UNT was playing anyone that wasn't an average to below average FCS tonight, they would be getting beat right now. Even then, this game isn't over yet.
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