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  1. Cougar King

    18' QB Clayton Tune (Hebron) - 3 star

    Committed to dear old UofH.
  2. Cougar King

    UTEP Hired Former Houston HC Dana Dimel

    UTEP really doesn't want to win. Dimel is worse than Dodge. At least Dodge didn't go 0-11.
  3. Cougar King


    Did the entire section start clapping after you did that?
  4. Cougar King

    Watching Memphis/Houston

    Beating SMU isn't an accomplishment. We're having a losing season with a team that any competent coach would be 7-0 with.
  5. Cougar King

    Watching Memphis/Houston

    I hope that incompetent fool Applewhite is gone by the end of the year.
  6. Cougar King

    UTSA Fans discuss UNT game

    I hate to interrupt such an intense and relevant rivalry, but for the record I dont really come around here anymore.
  7. Cougar King

    Aggy playing at UCLA Sun Night 6:30 FOX

    Starkel is the starting qb at A$M which is interesting because many experts on here claimed that he would be on the bench if he didn't go to UNT.
  8. There's been a debate whether or not to play the game so the postponing doesn't come as a full surprise.
  9. Cougar King

    How to get people off the hill

    Ben you need to stop with that political nonsense. If your logic was true, Cal-Berkeley arguably the most liberal school in the country wouldn't be putting 50k in the stadium(when they win of course), Stanford wouldn't be drawing huge numbers, Oregon wouldn't have one of the loudest stadiums in the country, Washington in the middle of Seattle of all places wouldn't have 80k in the stands and so on and so forth. I already explained the solution to the problem. Win, have a breakout player who is the face of the team and defines the style of football the team plays and everything else takes care of itself. Nothing else will work.
  10. Cougar King

    How to get people off the hill

    UNT has to beat whoever is put in front of them and they need a breakout player to be the face of the team. It worked for us (Ware, Klingler, Kolb, Keenum, Ward and now Oliver) and now we don't get anything under 30k and many games at or over 40k. If UNT doesn't do that then things will never change, no matter what silly gimmicks are used.
  11. Cougar King

    18' QB Chance Amie (Tyler Lee) - 3 star

    We can go 0-12, UNT can go 12-0 and recruits will still choose us over y'all.
  12. Cougar King

    18' QB Chance Amie (Tyler Lee) - 3 star

    Committed to Houston.
  13. Cougar King

    Dallas News: Best in Texas Stadiums

    Yet a lot of kids wanna play here instead of at P5 schools or UNT.
  14. Cougar King

    '18 DE Logan Hall

    No, should be getting one soon though.
  15. Cougar King

    '18 DE Logan Hall

    Committed to Houston.