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North Texas joins loaded MTE tournament in Orlando

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🐇 🐇 🐇 Chasing Rabbits (again)

Seems our basketball program social standing is, uh, climbing? 
Almost like the guy who thought Fred’s Cafe off FW’s W. 7’th street was “the place” until one day one of the Bass brother’s nieces invited him to start partying with her at the Petroleum Club. 🎩🍷

Riches To Rags To Riches? 
 It’s amazing what winning can do for a program & is why I guess some schools who used to be at the P5 level are so frustrated at being G5 now.

😱 Many of us hated the day the SWC imploded. I had acquaintances from schools who did not get to stay in the P5 who I thought might have to be put on suicide watch.😳 (Well, maybe  not quite that bad); but nevertheless  it was a bad day for many of us the day the SWC died.  (It was just a major kick in the jewels for a huge Texas tradition). So “he who has money rules” the roost.

Actually, many used-to-be P5’s would get a taste of how it was for many other schools who were relegated to NCAA D1-AA in the late 1970’s. How that move made those schools feel like 2’nd class citizens with no viable trail to ever move back up.  Then how many good & previously faithful fans from all those newly classified  1-AA schools jumped off the bandwagons & never came back. 
All this happening in the NCAA because of—-M-O-N-E-Y.  Look what’ that’s done to America’s politicians (both sides) & how they’ll sacrifice millions of well-being U.S. citizens futures to get what they want & crave? 

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2 hours ago, greenjoe said:

I’m sure I was the only person that had to look up MTE.  

Multi-Team Event.


You’re welcome.

And for reference, we typically participate in MTEs like we did in fall 2019 with the Jamaica Classic. We hosted Eastern Michigan and NC A&T in Denton, then went to Jamaica to play the other headliners like Rhode Island and Utah State. Would imagine this will be something similar.

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7 hours ago, MeanGreen_MBA said:

Thursday's announcement is headlined by the ESPN Events Invitational, which will take place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Florida, during ESPN's Feast Week in late November. Its field is led by preseason top-10 teams Alabama and Kansas, along with potential top-25 team Belmont. Drake, Iona and North Texas -- all NCAA tournament teams last season -- will also play in the event.

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This might come a bit too early for this new team. However if you want too have any shot at all at getting an at large, then this is the kind of tournament you gotta play. If you can get 2 wins against good teams that people know there, and then have a good conference regular season you might have a shot without winning the conference. But you definitely don't if you do not (get to) play this kind of tournament.

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