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  1. Magic95Fan

    Issues with ESPN3

    I was having problems watching it on the ESPN app on my Xbox. So I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Works great now.
  2. Sure enough. Looks like we have played more than one game in Virginia.
  3. Richmond. 1977. I cheated so i wont post the final score and steal someone's glory.
  4. Magic95Fan

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    After perusing their board this morning, you would think the sky is falling over there. Some of those fans had some crazy unrealistic expectations for this year. Im pretty sure anyone who objectively looked at that team and how much they were losing to graduation realized that they were not going to be very competitive this season. 4 wins was always looking like the ceiling and that is still very possible for them with games against TXST, Rice, and UTEP left. They will probably beat one team that they shouldn't for the 4th. Hopefully not us.
  5. That was the best thing I have heard all day.
  6. Definitely ready for schedule news. Indiana State released their schedule and confirmed that December 5th date against us at the Hulman Center.
  7. Updated with UTA on December 8th in Denton. Also, according to Blogging the Bracket, the Rainbow Classic is not a bracketed tourney. We play Portland on the 10th and Hawaii on the 11th.
  8. Hawaii released their non-con and confirmed that they are playing Portland on the 9th in the Rainbow Classic. So we are playing Humboldt State first.
  9. Agreed. Most P6 (Big East, not AAC, let's not get crazy here) teams have their full schedule released and it's a little alarming how few we are on. This schedule must be chock full of other mid majors. I know I need to ask off for work soon, so this thing needs to be released ASAP.
  10. Updated to include today's game in Rome and what little we know of the Rainbow Classic in Honolulu.
  11. Magic95Fan

    Rainbow Classic

    Ive been checking other school's pages every day. So far this tourney and the OU game are the only ones ive seen.
  12. Magic95Fan

    Rainbow Classic

    Maybe they meant us though because Texas State has a game scheduled on the 9th at home. Ya know, North Texas/Texas State, same thing. Here is a link to Humboldt's schedule
  13. Magic95Fan

    Rainbow Classic

    According to Humboldt's site, it looks like Texas State will be there too.
  14. Magic95Fan

    Southern Miss QB just suspended

    Ouch for USM. Not what you want 4-5 practices in to fall camp.
  15. Still not much news about our OOC schedule but I added the Italy dates to the OP. UTEP has announced their full schedule so maybe we are not far behind.