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  1. Magic95Fan

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Working now! GMG
  2. Magic95Fan

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Is the game delayed?
  3. Disappointing. Way too short of a turnaround to get off work. This bowl needs to be announced earlier like the overseas bowls to give people time.
  4. Magic95Fan

    Basketball Ranking

    You can pretty much ignore KenPom until January. Right now it is still using games from last season in it's formula. They finally cycle out around the new year.
  5. Magic95Fan

    Roll call for nUTSAck

    Ill be there plus one.
  6. Magic95Fan


    I bought online through our ticket office. I think they were 32 a piece. I believe that is for section 138 iirc.
  7. Magic95Fan

    Next year's home schedule

    The schedule reset in 2017 with UAB's return to football.
  8. Shanbour was incredible the other night. While I was stomping around my living room, pissed at the hit on Fine, Quinn was composed and effective, taking full advantage of the bad situation.
  9. Magic95Fan

    Next year's home schedule

    According to Marshall fans on the CUSA board, they are coming to Apogee in 2021. Supposedly there was an article in their local paper that had their crossover games for the next 10ish years. They never did post a link though.
  10. Magic95Fan

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    Ill be there with a A&M Commerce buddy. He lost the bet we had for the basketball game and now it's time to pay up.
  11. Magic95Fan

    UTSA Loses to DII St. Edward’s

    Embarassing for the conference. But at the same time... I do love seeing UTSA suck.
  12. Magic95Fan

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    ESPN's two projections have us in the First Responder Bowl as well. One against Coastal Carolina and one against Minnesota.
  13. Magic95Fan

    Other games

    Mizzou may score 100 on Memphis today at this rate.
  14. Magic95Fan

    Issues with ESPN3

    I was having problems watching it on the ESPN app on my Xbox. So I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Works great now.
  15. Sure enough. Looks like we have played more than one game in Virginia.