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  1. I have about 20 UNT shirts that I actively rotate, but not one of them is white. Guess Im going to have to visit the ol store to get ready.
  2. BeIN's deal ended. The channel is not doing well in the US.
  3. These lists are crazy impressive. For me, Ive seen the Green at: 1. DKR 2. Fouts 3. Apogee 4. Ford 5. Cotton Bowl 6. The Swamp 7. Alamodome
  4. Imagine scoring a bowl game winning touchdown over Texas Tech or Baylor as time expires and then going and celebrating and hoisting a trophy at the 50 yard line of SMU's field. I cant think of anything more glorious.
  5. Despite losing their site, there is still just the same 2-3 UTSA fans on the CUSA board. I thought it would be flooded with refugees. I guess their fans dont care enough.
  6. As a Bucs fan, this pleases me greatly. I still think they should have kept Trevor Moore last year.
  7. Texas signed UTEP for all of the alternating years. Keeping it all in-system now.
  8. This list inspired me to go buy a whole mess of UNT crap from the Mean Green website. I regret nothing.
  9. If this was up to the general internet, they would probably vote for Pitty McPitface.
  10. Disappointing. Way too short of a turnaround to get off work. This bowl needs to be announced earlier like the overseas bowls to give people time.
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