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  1. Finally stopped being angry enough to where I could come to the message board. I wasnt sure if Charlotte was still scoring touchdowns on our defense. Glad to see that I am not alone in my feelings about our defensive ineptitude.
  2. That graphic says ESPN3. But i can't imagine it will be on both. We know for sure CBS Facebook will have it.
  3. Yesterday I texted into the Rod Cast on 104.9 The Horn in Austin about how Mason was better than Sam Ehlinger (Rod Babers was discussing Sam's Heisman chances) and Rod read my text on the air. Then he gave Mason some love and talked about he and others need to def watch some Mason and North Texas this season.
  4. If we could only win 2, I choose SMU and Cal. SMU because I hate them. Cal because people remember P5 wins a lot longer than G5 losses for a school like us. Losing to ACU would suck tremendously though.
  5. So many regulations! But I will absolutely do that. Surely someone has some intel.
  6. Does anybody have the inside scoop on how ticket sales are going for the opener?
  7. Great to see! I raise my beer glass to a season of health for him.
  8. We need some people to show with some #6ForHeisman signs. I cant get to the metroplex until after 2 or I would absolutely do it.
  9. I dont think so. 14 is already too many. And they are bad enough to go winless in CUSA.
  10. I have about 20 UNT shirts that I actively rotate, but not one of them is white. Guess Im going to have to visit the ol store to get ready.
  11. BeIN's deal ended. The channel is not doing well in the US.
  12. These lists are crazy impressive. For me, Ive seen the Green at: 1. DKR 2. Fouts 3. Apogee 4. Ford 5. Cotton Bowl 6. The Swamp 7. Alamodome
  13. Imagine scoring a bowl game winning touchdown over Texas Tech or Baylor as time expires and then going and celebrating and hoisting a trophy at the 50 yard line of SMU's field. I cant think of anything more glorious.
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