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  1. Magic95Fan

    Rainbow Classic

    Maybe they meant us though because Texas State has a game scheduled on the 9th at home. Ya know, North Texas/Texas State, same thing. Here is a link to Humboldt's schedule
  2. Magic95Fan

    Rainbow Classic

    According to Humboldt's site, it looks like Texas State will be there too.
  3. Magic95Fan

    Southern Miss QB just suspended

    Ouch for USM. Not what you want 4-5 practices in to fall camp.
  4. Still not much news about our OOC schedule but I added the Italy dates to the OP. UTEP has announced their full schedule so maybe we are not far behind.
  5. At Oklahoma on November 27th.
  6. Thanks. I saw it earlier, but couldn't update the list at work. I think we lucked out with our home schedule for conference play. Middle, Western and Marshall all at home.
  7. WKU and Marshall have released as well. Both home games for NT. February 7th- Marshall February 9th- Western Kentucky
  8. EDIT: Ill try and update this original post as our conference mates keep uploading. News has been slow for games this season, it feels like. UTSA announced their conference schedule though so we have at least one date. 8.12-8.21 4 Games Against Italian Teams TBA 11.9-11.10 Rainbow Classic vs Portland/Hawaii/Humboldt State 11.27 @ Oklahoma 12.29 @ Rice 1.3 Louisiana Tech 1.5 Southern Miss 1.10 @ UTEP 1.12 @ UTSA 1.19 Rice 1.24 UAB 1.26 Middle Tennessee 1.31 @ ODU 2.2 @ Charlotte 2.7 Marshall 2.9 Western Kentucky 2.14 @ Florida Atlantic 2.16 @ Florida International 2.23 Pod Game 2.27 Pod Game 3.2 Pod Game 3.6 Pod Game 3.9 Pod Game
  9. Magic95Fan

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    Twice now I have found (and of course bought) UNT koozies in strange places. One in an HEB in Marble Falls and one in a stripes in Blanco. Finding something at a Target would be a treat.
  10. Magic95Fan

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    Ouch. Yep. Probably cant make the drive without taking off work Thursday and Friday.
  11. Magic95Fan

    CBI championship shirts

    Got my shirt in the mail today. Love the color.
  12. Magic95Fan

    CBI Update

    Sheesh. Hope everyone is okay. Looks like a 2nd one was inbound.
  13. I dont have the link anymore, but on the local South Dakota paper's page with the story of the matchup, there was a list of teams that said no to CBI and CIT invites. SMU and ODU were both on the list.
  14. Magic95Fan

    Florida International (1/27/18)

    Looking ahead on the schedule, I would say that this FIU game and the Rice game are must wins before the Stretch of Doom begins. I would love to be wrong, but I imagine we finish 1-3 in the stretch of UAB, MUTS, WKU, and MU.
  15. Magic95Fan

    DRC chalk talk: Florida Atlantic at UNT

    The link is broken, but you can find the article on the DRC site in the Mean Green section.