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  1. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-claim-olb-ladarius-hamilton-free-agency-2021 Article on the surprising run on Mean Green players in Tampa Bay.
  2. The Bucs posted that Jaelon will wear #1 in Tampa.
  3. Soooo stoked right now. As a Bucs fan this is a dream come true. Jerseys all around!
  4. As a Bucs fan, I just don't want him to go to New Orleans, Atlanta, or Carolina. I promised my kid I would get him a Darden jersey but I'm going to back out if another NFC South team takes him. My guess for purposes of the thread is New England. He can be the next in the line of Welker and Edelman.
  5. I had the same thought immediately after I heard the news.
  6. Unfortunately, living 5 hours away on a Thursday is not conducive to me being there, but I watched online and it was great. I trust Grant to get us back to the dance in the next two years. Excited to drive up for some games next season.
  7. If Mac leaves, maybe Ross Hodge would be the man. The continuity might save a mass exodus.
  8. Quick! Somebody who owns a restaurant, offer Grant free food for life!
  9. I think playing those games really helped the Green to beat Purdue. They didn't need to be intimidated because they had already played several games against that level of talent. I hope we schedule like that every year and maybe get one or two in the Pit.
  10. Beyond jazzed for this. Hosting events needs to be a big part of UNT. Hopefully our logo gets to stay on the court during the tourney.
  11. The loss dropped Western off ESPN's Bubble Watch. The 2 bid dream for this year is likely dead.
  12. The top 2 from each division.
  13. Impressive collection! I've only got 6 North Texas minis but I'm starting to collect our CUSA West opponents now too. I like to put the match up for the week in front of the TV. Just got the Louisiana Tech red helmet with white stripe today. Hopefully the wife will let me put up a shelf where I can keep up with the division standings.
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