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  1. I call BS. I am on every email list known to to the University. This is the email I got this morning. If you got one with that date, somebody was F’ing with you. If you have it, post it and send it back to the athletic department.
  2. So, Fire and hire a coach that the new AD would be stuck with. I would think a new AD would want to come in and evaluate the situation and make their own decisions. Not come in with a new coach and his contract. It may ge the “RIGHT” coach….but a good AD wants to take that ownership. this could be setting up just the way you want it
  3. I was there. It’s a big stadium. With the band, 2500-3000 could be right. People were spread out all over the place. We moved right behind the UNT bench. Great stadium. Terrible attendance.
  4. Who is here? Sara and I are representing the green.
  5. This excites me to see those teams on our schedule. The next few years are going to be an epic explosion for UNT in the sports arena.
  6. Could La Tech sneak-up on UTSA?
  7. SDSU is a natural fit for the PAC. BYU would also fit well. I don’t think the PAC is a washed up conference. The SC loss was big….still not sure UCLA makes the move. The UC system is not happy and may have leverage to keep them where they are. There is a lot of fun football played out west. Get an Utah St and possibly Boise St on a bounce back. Lots of good football to be played. San Jose St might be a player as well.
  8. I get UAB is going to get some love playing at home. But have these guys watched us play the last few weeks? Anything more than UAB -3 for being a home team is crazy. I would actually swap that to UNT -3 and bet heavily on that.
  9. Dang. We should hand together. Those are the same places I was going to pitch…as well as Dreamland BBQ. Sara is from Alabama and is a BAMA grad. We go back a couple of times a year….
  10. Sara and I are leaving Friday!!! staying at the Sheraton across the street from the stadium. Get with us, we know a few places to UNT like we do….
  11. 38-17. UNT Harris gets exposed again. DL and LB help win this game
  12. That INT was just as much on the receiver in the end zone. It was a good pass, D-back made a play on the ball. Receiver was there, but didn’t go for the ball.
  13. I love having UTSA as a rival. A great city to go to. Easy travel. Battle of the BIRDS make it around T-giving a every year.
  14. I am betting they just roughed him up a bit and let him go with a we do t do that kind of stupid shit around here warning. nice take down by the cops though.
  15. FIU is giving them a game. UTSA looks beatable.
  16. San Diego State would be great. Would love a standing Home and Home with those guys
  17. 42-17 Eagles win!!! Aune tosses 4 TD’s 2 to Shorter 1 to Macklin 1 to a back out of the backfield 270 yds passing 305 yds rushing
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