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  1. Both Eli and Peyton could have left early, but chose to stay. I know money is different now, but he already has that.
  2. Arch is a 4 year guy. No pressure for him to jump to the NFL. He will play college football like his uncles did
  3. If Seth wins 9 again, does that buy a new contract and for people to get behind him?
  4. We are BACK ON TOP!!! Drink the Kool-aid!!!
  5. You know, if the kids cnn make this much money, do they really need scholarships anymore. They most certainly do not need to ask me to donate to the scholarship fund anymore. I can use that money for more important purposes now. Before, I felt I was helping a kid get an education in return for a good, solid effort in whatever sport. They don’t need me or my money anymore. I think 🤔 will keep my money and use it for vacations instead.
  6. Don’t forget Meatloaf! He blows Dr Phil out of the water
  7. North Dakota State, Eastern Washington, Delaware….would destroy any JUCO….IMHO.
  8. Who would have thought it would come to this?!? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33823826/nil-agent-says-miami-hoops-star-isaiah-wong-enter-transfer-portal-nil-compensation-increased
  9. Right…my thought exactly. Somebody gave him bad advice
  10. That is the Trans AM that Texas A&M bought Eric Dickerson just before he stiffed them for SMU. that is CLASSIC!!!
  11. I hear that landscapers make BIG $$$ in Highlandpark.
  12. This should get moved to the right thread sitting here watching the Texas/OU baseball game…. UNT needs baseball sooner than later i still not sure why we don’t have baseball
  13. Doh!!! I got excited and didn’t read it completely…got me!!
  14. What was Hall recruited as?
  15. Should have been UNT Wins NIT
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