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  1. My comment was posted before we had any points. Didn't complain about his skills..... yet
  2. I really love that plan, but would settle for us seating Brice in a clockwork orange style chamber and forcing him to watch Shaq footage all offseason... same for Combs but with Rodman highlights.
  3. Brice played a whole 3 minutes that half
  4. If your team has 11 starters, then you don't have 5 starters. Most of these current guys can't hold the jock of past unt "starters" we've seen in the last decade. Not including woolridge, you've named my preferred starting lineup. If deckie could learn how to shoot again, i might consider adding him.
  5. I was at the game (which my wife and I attend about 99% of), and it seemed like we had a guy waiting at the scorer's table every minute. 2 of our "starters" didn't even play 20 minutes. When Brice only has 2 fouls, scores 10 points, and is only on the floor for 14 minutes, we have a hockey team. As soon as Deckie gets back we'll be running all 3 lines onto the ice. I'd prefer for our coaches to identify who the best players are and give them all around 30 minutes + in order to finally build a bit of chemistry. Unless he's battling injury or sickness, Brice better get a minimum of 25 - 30 minutes a game. It looks like our coach has made a bunch of promises for minutes to a bunch of dudes, no matter what their production might be.
  6. yes and New York Sub has the best sandwiches.
  7. I'm not comparing those particular players and I think that all of my complaints have been geared towards this coaching staff's personnel management for a long time. It's just me being an armchair point guard who's been watching every game safely from the stands for many years and seeing who produces results and who does not. Brice appears to produce stats and mis-directed shots when he gets minutes along with a reasonable +/-. I see Holston commit fouls, miss lay-up's, and the team lose ground when he's on the floor. Personally, I'd rather see more Draper than Holston if you want me to identify someone on the bench that might need an opportunity to take his minutes... and that's with me only seeing him play less than a minute of mop-up duty against other 3rd stringers. Do you think Holston has earned his minutes? Brice is starting due to the Combs injury... do you think he should move back to a reserve role when the team is full strength?
  8. I miss being able to blame ray natili for our team's losses. Not his fault today... we just don't have any talent or gameplan.
  9. Brice's stats looked fine for the 14 minutes he played (5 rebounds, 1 block, 3 points) and was far more significant than Holston's contribution during the same amount of time... even forced them to take a few lower % shots towards the perimeter. He only had 2 fouls and barely touched the floor in the 2nd half. Was there some kind of 1st half injury that I didn't notice? If not, this just seems like another case of awful personnel management. He's a far more imposing defensive presence than Combs currently is under the basket.
  10. There was no energy, or any sign of talent for the first 10 minutes. The final 10 minutes of the 2nd half may have been the worst performance I've seen since benford got the job. Just a complete trainwreck of coaching and personnel management. Not one sign of advancement since bama-huntsville. Something looks very wrong with most of the players. Lack of speed/urgency from some, and zero motivation on their faces. It's like nobody is having any fun, even when leading last friday. There just isn't any chemistry and it looks like everyone was miscast.
  11. I felt that the lack of a true point guard is what made us seem vulnerable. I have no idea what the coaching staff was thinking allowing Holston to direct the offense for a good portion of the game. That dude has serious issues putting the ball in the basket and is scared to death of taking a jump shot. His dribbling and passing skills have always appeared sub-par to me. It's as if the coaches were desperately trying to find any way possible to make him a usable player after they exhausted all other options. I think the offense and ball movement will be substantially less sloppy when Reese is back on the floor. Brice is an absolute game changer and I feel that it's time for him to move to the starting lineup. At the end of the non-conference schedule, I'd like to see the teams +/- when he's on and off the floor. He's motivated, catches passes, is hungry to score, and the opposition is terrified of attacking the basket when he's in the lane. Now that he's lost a few pounds and appears to be quicker, I bet he could start handling a few more minutes (assuming he can limit foul trouble). Unless Jeremy is battling some kind of injury, I'm not worried about him at all (except for free throws... probably never going to be an improvement there, but whatever). Brown is awesome, but I feel like he'll be best suited to come off the bench once Frazier is eligible. After seeing him play last season and his performance on Friday, deckie is almost like having Tristan Thompson again. Lawson (and maybe Green) also looks like he has a bit of talent to showcase. I'd love to see this at the start of the games beginning in January... pg - reese, sg - frazier, sf/sg - johnson, pf - combs, c - brice
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