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  1. Serious question - what if fans were to congregate outside the stadium - tailgating socially distant, masks when not eating etc. ? Allowed? Game piped in somehow on big projectors or something?
  2. Now- you know we're going to expect a full HGTV style youtube on this new house (and the REAL story behind this chair).
  3. You have to pay extra for the version with built-in climate control.
  4. What in the name of... is going on here - so I guess we're going to have two separate seasons (fall covid deniers and spring covid scardeycats)? What happens to any concept of a "National Champion"???
  5. Fan roster update: I'm up 25lbs. It ain't muscle, I can assure you of that.
  6. I vote that even if CUSA announces the cancellation of the season, we refuse to cancel. 1.) Under conference bylaws, all other teams would forfeit to us 2.) Since all other teams would also likely cancel their seasons, this leads me to... 3.) UNT UN-DISPUTED **FALL 2020 SEASON NATIONAL CHAMPS !!!!!
  7. Harry, please immediately put this in consideration for HOF post status...
  8. First game back in 2 years. Got tickets with the wife.
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