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  1. Stan R

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    you like ass sandwiches? Gross.
  2. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)
  3. wow really sort of mind blowing, isn't it??
  4. Stan R


    Now I'll be disappointed if Wren doesn't show up for 1st game of the 2019 season in a kelly green Vader suit, runs out on the field with the team in said green Vader suit, then takes off the helmet to reveal. HE'S OUR FATHER...
  5. Stan R

    good news

    what a crappy thing to say.
  6. Stan R

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    Ok well, so Wren got choked up talking about Seth... Hmmm...
  7. Stan R

    Not gonna lie...

    Would it be possible to have a merger of the skepty AND the rolleyes icon? An eagle with rolling eyes?
  8. Stan R

    OT. Matt Simon

    Funny true story. Back in high school I actually worked at a (now closed) Food Lion in Allen, TX during the bleaching scandal. Was pretty creepy how empty the stores were for months after that. Lots of time "facing the HBA" aisle to look busy. 🙄
  9. Stan R

    Phillip Monty update from Tulsa

    This really puts things into perspective. I've had quite a few stresses come up lately in (large) family life but this one makes them all seem trivial.
  10. Stan R

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I dunno. I'm all for it. Would be hilarious to see him return to the Big12. Let's see.
  11. Stan R

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Crazy report that Mike Leach has indicated that he's interested in the FT Worth star telegram today... Donors lining up too.
  12. Stan R


    Maybe they should stick the fire extinguisher in the cannon and “fire” that off instead. Would be more realistic. 🙄
  13. Stan R

    9 Wins and disappointing

    Isn’t it a bit unfair to expect the team to excel at both football AND archery??
  14. Stan R

    UTSA Opening Line

    I think we're missing the important question here... What are the odds of an appearance of the box cannon?