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  1. Stan R

    La Tech Previews & Predictions

    I guess when we turned, they were all left turns, thus - circles... endlessly...
  2. Stan R

    Run Game Breaks Out Against Liberty

    That's great info that I wasn't aware of, makes me a little more optimistic vs. LA Tech...
  3. I was going to give you the canonical skeptical eagle, but - out of reactions - you're off the hook bro...
  4. Grammar nitpick further. 😁
  5. Stan R

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    This just came out today, pretty cool! :
  6. Announcing crew is quite good. Given this bizarre game I’ve been keep interested by their commentary.
  7. Stan R


    Saw at least one UNT hat here today. 😊 We’re getting lucky with the weather.
  8. Stan R


    I'm actually going to this game today with my father in law (USNA '69). Gearing up head to toe in waterproof gear. 😎
  9. Stan R

    UNT vs UA Highlights

    Agreed - and watching this, I feel like I got a better feel for this game not actually having seen its original airing. Our team was better certainly but I don't feel like UA actually melted down or gave up, we just made some very impressive and aggressive defensive stops. Our offensive line moved their defensive line, Mason had some ridiculous breadbasket perfect passes to receivers, it was just a brilliantly executed win by the good guys. Wow. Again.
  10. Stan R

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Do y’all think maybe Seth could become our Gary Patterson? Step 1: Triple his salary by any means necessary Step 2: Were you able to accomplish step 1? No?? Go back to step one. Step 3: Double isn't enough, beg and grovel to all your best donors. 2.5X salary won't cut it guys, repeat steps 1-3.