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  1. The team reflects the attitude of leadership. Hence, sluggish, sloppy play today. No one seemed to care. SL didn't seem to care either. Time for a change.
  2. If I squint my eyes really hard... I can see Todd Dodge on the sidelines...
  3. Oh. My. Gah. This is unbelievably good work!!
  4. Where is the outrage from Wren? Where is the outrage from Smastresk? I know these guys privately feel it (I hope??) They need to send smoke signals to the UNT community that they *and we* don't accept that sad excuse for planning and preparation. It just isn't acceptable on so many levels.
  5. This is an actual quote I heard after watching our first home game this season from one of the out of state NT freshman girls my daughter *also NT freshman this year* is friends with: "So the game was kind of not very exciting because the fans were not really that into it. Will the games be more exciting when we play someone bigger here, like OU?" After a good chuckle, I said: "No, OU doesn't typically play us at home. Or ever at home. However, when bigger name teams not in D1AA come play here, it can be a lot more exciting and entertaining". I miss hosting teams like UH and crazy pumped up NT crowds. 😐
  6. Heck ya! This is a no-brainer!!!
  7. By this logic then we CLEARLY need to move the Jazz sports section to the top ladies and gents.
  8. That's ok if it is expensive... They can afford it (!!) and if they can, then it is the right decision.
  9. Completely agree. Inexcusable as a strategy to value sports over student population. This is coming from a huge sports fan too.
  10. I graduated from AHS back when we were... terrible. 😁 And small.
  11. Damn. Been away from this board for toooo long. Good stuff here. 😄
  12. Just wanted to stay that I'm still here. And going independent is stupid.
  13. Serious question - what if fans were to congregate outside the stadium - tailgating socially distant, masks when not eating etc. ? Allowed? Game piped in somehow on big projectors or something?
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