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  1. First game back in 2 years. Got tickets with the wife.
  2. To me that’s the sort of hubris naive inexperienced coach types of calls. Just take the field goal points. Todd Dodge flashbacks
  3. About as awful of a start as I could have imagined
  4. Congratulations to your daughter! I truly believe there are seasons (no pun intended) to our lives that necessitate pulling back on our support financially from our beloved mean green. I’m in a similar situation with my family and, it’s funny, we’re in a very similar situation with my son who went up to Ohio to study at a small private school and to play D3 tennis. We also got virtually zero financial assistance but I expected that. The only reason we encouraged him to go was the fact that with academic scholarships and tons of AP credits he essentially made his cost pretty (relatively??) close to public school prices. I digress... My point is that our family, four kids and all, have been mean green fans for over 20 years and my wife and I will continue to be so for at least the next 20 years. We had to also drop season tickets for the family but still try to make games when we can. We will come back to season tickets when things settle down. I refuse to let anyone label us as bad fans. Go mean green.
  5. If we know we can't even come within 40-ish points of a win here, I vote we go into full Darrel Dickey Shame Reduction Mode (TM) 1. Run the ball, run the ball, try to get a first down. Eat clock. Hit them with a surprising long pass - Army style 2. Prevent defense on every down, do not let any big plays happen. Force them to grind out long touchdowns. 3. Stuff playbook in pants, scowl at opponents and generally look tough. Now I know some will howl that this is "giving up". And they would be right. But sorry guys, I'm too scarred by Todd Dodge "play to win" - "lose by 80" style.
  6. Well it depends on what TYPE of confetti, are we talking premium grade stuff here or what??
  7. 1.) Design is an Apogee clone 2.) Missed opportunity for a crown-zone.
  8. The future of college education is an interesting arena ripe for disruption. If what you claim is is that you get the same education online and then... ultimately finish up with a proctored exam, then who's to stop khan academy from offering a full "common" masters degree across all disciplines via youTube. It would cost 1/10 the amount of any university and be ultimately just as effective as you sitting through the courses you sat through, no? In the end you're doing what? Sitting though an online "lecture" and then studying on your own and taking a test. Why even have "professors" in the 1st place. You see what I'm getting at?
  9. Oh no, nothing wrong with accredited online degrees, not the most respected way to go of course but, this was some sort of get yer PhD in a A 3-hour course for $1,500. Seems uber sketchy to me.
  10. Please tell me this is an actual meme and not an actual degree offered by UNT...
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