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  1. Here are my overal picks, I kept in mind that this is a carved in stone list of the most infunential leaders in the game not just a hot name Bear Bryant (6 national championships - 14 SEC championships) 323 wins, 3rd most all time. - Bryant's coaching philosophy centered on discipline, toughness, and attention to detail. He emphasized hard work and demanded the utmost dedication from his players. Under his guidance, Alabama developed a reputation for physical, hard-nosed football that overwhelmed opponents. Bryant's innovative tactics and strategic acumen often left rival coaches scrambling to keep up. The 1960s and 1970s marked the peak of Bryant's coaching career. He led Alabama to six national championships, in 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, and 1979, cementing his place among the coaching elite. Beyond the championships, Bryant's teams captured 13 Southeastern Conference (SEC) titles and achieved an unprecedented level of dominance during his tenure. Knute Rockne - Rockne created modern coaching. He was a brilliant tactician, to be sure, but he also created the coach as CEO. He marketed his small, Midwestern Catholic institution in America's biggest cities, taking his team to where the immigrant Catholics could root for them. He applied his motivational skills to business as a top executive for Studebaker cars -- while he coached. And Notre Dame kept winning. He had five unbeaten seasons and won four national titles (1919, 1924, 1929 and 1930). Rockne's winning percentage of .881 remains first among FBS coaches nearly a century after he died in a plane crash in 1931 at age 43. (imagine if he coached in to his 70's like Saban) Glenn "Pop" Warner -319 wins, 4th most all time. - Was a highly influential figure in the world of college football. Known for his innovative coaching techniques, commitment to player safety, and emphasis on academic success, Warner will forever be remembered for what he did for the sport and its development.One of Warner's most significant contributions to football was his emphasis on player safety. He implemented strict rules and techniques to protect players, including the use of helmets and padded equipment. Warner's commitment to the well-being of his players helped establish safety standards that have become integral to the sport.In addition to his coaching career, Warner played a key role in the establishment and development of youth football programs. He founded the Pop Warner Little Scholars organization, which aimed to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of young athletes. Today, the Pop Warner youth football and cheerleading program is one of the largest and most respected youth sports organizations in the United States. Blank Rock - I think I am leaving space here to give some time for a future great coach (I can not put Nick Saban on up because he just retired, and while he is deserving for his tenure at Alabama I am not sure his overall contrbutions to the game rise to the level of the other 3 yet. I think he gets there with his coaching tree but want to give it 5-10 years before ensrinement) Bust to be put in the visitors center: Tom Osborne Charles "Bud" Wilkinson Joe Paterno Eddie Robinson Bobby Bowden Frank Leahy
  2. I did not see that he committed to SCarolina already. Move up to the SEC after graduating. I am happy for him.
  3. He did graduate before this season. His sister passed away before the LaTech game. Lot of stuff going on in this young mans life and if he can better himself by getting his Graduate Degree from a school that is better for his major and or closer to his family, God bless him, I wish him nothing but the best.
  4. Many QB have stated that the Chrome helmet during the day games provides a glare and they do not like the helmets. I think Fine said it was like having 10 flashes going off in his field of view, and it was distracting. That is why the chrome helmets we limited to night games.
  5. Navy is the gold helmet with Navy Blue or White tops The dark helmet provides contrast for out QB.
  6. The stadium cost $5.2Million in 1982 adjusted for inflation it would cost about $25M today. And if you have ever been there it was a close copy of pre expansion Fouts. Seating around 17K with flex up to 19K. Concrete with metal benches. Track between you and the field, with OK site lines from a distance. The current cost of regulation in building is roughly 32%. What this means is that you need to put a 32% premium to pre 2000 cost on anything you build today due to environmental, safety, and ADA type regulations. So the cost of Ratliff if built today would be no less that $33M. At the time it was built 1 school used the Stadium. Now the two high schools, 6 middle schools and UTBP use it. If Ector County were to build today, they would build something close to DATCU stadium (minus the wing zone). They cost would be min $70M for several reasons if they did not include UTPB. They would have suites which would generate more money for the district at every event, technology set up for TV and streaming, better concessions and booter store. DATCU if built today adjusted for income would cost just under $100M vs the $76M just 12 years ago. They would keep Ratliff for other events, and the track.
  7. What also fails to get communicated is that this facility is used for all High Schools in the district not just one. The 4 high schools will all use the facilities for Football, Soccer, and other field sports. There is another stadium that is already over capacity for all the 9th grade, JV and Varsity sports. They could spend $25M per campus or $100M for one world class stadium. I lived in Katy when they were the top news for the stadium they built. That venue had at least 1 event per night as well as the older stadium that was right next door. Most weekends there would be 2-3 games. I think this was the best way for Katy to spend the money on a venue. It is an amazing stadium that is used year round. I am pretty sure it will be the same there.
  8. Do not sleep on Oliver Luck, the consultant that the Pac12 has hired, he has a proven history of pulling unicorns out of his ass. A third possibility. While this may seem like a long shot there is a lot of reasons this works. Pac12 - American merge create a super conference with an additional $3-4 million per school ($12-15M per school). We could end up on the west side playing Cal, Stanford, Wash State, Oregon State, Tulsa, UTSA and Rice yearly with 2-3 games a year for the balance of the conference SMU, ECU, Memphis, Tulane, UAB, USF, FAU, and Charlotte. there are a few other additions possible in San Diego State, Colorado State, Air Force among others and if that happens we are headed to the east pretty quickly. I am not sure of the team alignments but do not be surprised to see something like this happen. It allows Stanford to be the "face" of the conference. It adds several "academic" institutions. The geography fills a lot of holes in the announced TV schedules which with those teams would result a $200M+ deal. Atlantic has voted them down and the MWC contracts have a ton of issues that have prevented the conversation even starting. They are a 108 year old conference and so long as the American doesn't get caught up on keeping their name this is looking more and more like a posibility. The caveat to this is if they decide to trim with the merger and cut a few teams from the merger...
  9. From looking in the window Sara doesn't have any secrets....
  10. Deal signed in December of 2017, when were were unable to get a home and home against any teams outside of SMU. This was seen as a sign of great things to come as it was one of the first deals signed by Wren.
  11. Like the fact that "High School Coaches are welcome at any practice or scrimmage". Build the relationships!
  12. This was what was displayed before the game and for the first few min of the 1st quarter.
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