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  1. Plenty of good seats available! Come on down...
  2. Light Grey. Chrome sucks during the day for the QB.
  3. http://x.paciolanmail.com/ats/msg.aspx?sg1=2a96533f9510717a0961d6a9dba25937
  4. This photo is in the late 1st quarter. Cal just came off a huge win beating a top 25 team and was undefeated. Cal has 5 National Championships (all between 1920-1937) Call has 14 Conference Championships (2006 was the latest) Cal is 11-11-1 in there 23 bowl games Cal currently has 30 active NFL players (Aaron Rogers, Jared Goff, DeSean Jackson to name a few) Reported attendance 36,268 (stadium hold 63,000 and was not half full) I would say actual buts in seats was closer to 28,000. Just wanted those who did not go and did not get a good view to have a good look to compare vs Apogee.
  5. Looks like they are putting North Texas on the Victory Hall side of the IPF.
  6. They have, it is a package. Ticket, bus ride, food, and a beat SMU t-shirt.
  7. Someone in the stands compined about our vuvuzela. It was hurting their ears. Jack wagons.. just wait till next game. They are $3 at party city. I an handing out $100 worth to the students.
  8. You only got the shirt if you were picking up your student tickets to the game.
  9. Called my daughter last night just to say hi. I asked her what she was doing and she said waiting in line for my football ticket. I asked her if there we a bunch of people and she said "Dad, this line is ridiculous. I love it!"
  10. (1) approximately 196′ wide X 426′ long with a minimum clearance height of 55′ for place kicking. (2) can the o-line use a music practice room for drills? It is an athletics building that will be used by the various teams first. After that I am sure they will allow the band to use it. Acoustics will be horrible as it is almost all hard scape. (3) All sports will have access. It is football focused and it has features for track (sand pits and sprinting lanes) and soccer. Not sure it is well fitted for golf. (4) For enough money and a high enough donation, everything is possible. Hell I am sure that if you wanted too consummate the marriage on the 50 yard line they could make it happen, again for enough money... (5) I have no questions. I agree that we have a top notch facility that can expand!
  11. Me and 6 others are making the trip. Plans are not final but it is starting to look like Wednesday - Really undecided I arrive mid day and am thinking one of two options. Arrive and head down to Monterrey for Dinner (went to language school there in the Army) head down to Carmel for a pub crawl. Get a hotel there. Drive up US-1 (PCH) to SF the next morning. Get a hotel in Sonoma and drink copious amounts of wine. Main drawback is it is a bunch of dudes... Thursday - Muir Woods and/or Point Reyes National Seashore. (This is the one healthy day) Hotel near Fisherman's Wharf. Friday - Do the tourist crap that is San Francisco. Take in a Giants Game. Punish Liver for bad behavior. Saturday - Put some black tape over my check liver light and head out to tailgate and watch the Mean Green whoop up on some Bears. After the game troll the Berkeley residents! Sunday - try to remember how I got back to the hotel, eat a greasy meal and drink water (for the first time in the week) Head to the airport for my way too early flight.
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