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  1. Here is his linked-in profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-cook-b1375612/ Collegiate Band Directors' National Association National Band Association Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity National Association for Music Education (MENC) Florida Bandmasters Association Florida Music Educators Association Volusia County Organization of Music Educators
  2. From a 2015 CNN story - "The structure, and the story, bear a striking resemblance to the 2009 Disney Pixar film, "Up," in which an elderly man fights a construction project and ends up using colorful balloons to lift his house up and away from all his troubles. And so, not surprisingly, Macefield's home in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood has come to be known as "the 'Up' house." Tourists and residents alike have added balloons with messages scrawled on them to the front gate. One says "Adventure is out there!""
  3. From my understanding the Carriage Square complex is to be a partnership development. Looks like some mixed use apartments from this drawing. (think what they did with the tomato on Fry Street or South Lake town Center) This will be a great spot for restaurants and pubs for pre and post game events for all athletic and academic events. My guess is the University is buying the land to complete the block and will be partnering with Westdale to do a land lease for the development for the Sac and Save/sub hub site with the agreement that the Carriage Square property completes the "town square" This sketch shows the new entry way that UNT wants to create. (the yellow is Carriage Square)
  4. Sorry for the long post. A lot of people are against eminent domain and I hope to shed some light on the process. Eminent Domain is based on "for the public good". It is the question that must be proven in court. Below are two examples: In this picture the homeowner would not sell and they built the freeway around it with no easement for the owner to get to the property. The highest and best use for this property was and is the freeway. Eminent Domain should have been used. (This was in China a country with no eminent domain laws. The term for these are Nail Houses) In the below photo the builder wanted to build a 3 story mixed use facility by buying out the 1920's home. Edith Macefield the homeowner would not sell. Highest and best use is the mixed use building but it was not for the public good it was for private good, no eminent domain was nor could be used. (the builder attempted to use the "public good" argument after she refused $1,000,000 for this $90,000 home and lost.) The question as whether to use eminent domain for these parcels is what is highest and best use for this property? Then if the highest and best use if for the public good. So if you ask the question which is the highest and best use for the property? A sub shop or an academic building of a major university? In my opinion University is the highest use for the property. Next question is the public university for the "public good" the answer is yes. Next is compensation - according to the Denton Central Appraisal District the Appraised and Assessed Value is $260,000. This will be the starting point for the negotiations begin. Sub Hub will claim business loss as part of the condemnation case. In Texas there are 3 steps. 1)Negotiation between UNT and NY Sub Hub - A "bona fide" offer must me made to the landowner along with a certified appraisal, both in writing 2)Special Commissioners' hearing - Three commissioners will be selected to determine the property value and damages. (Damages are not granted in the 5th amendment and are too speculative to calculate. (Kimball Laundry Co v. United States, 1949) But in Texas we will try to access damages to keep the landowner whole. 3)Appeal through a civil condemnation suit. If either party disagrees with the Commissioners' decision - both parties are responsible for their own attorneys' fees. Most times the process doesn't even get to the commissioners hearings as the condemnor usually makes a fair market price offer plus damages. If I recall correctly the Texas Pickup caught fire and burned to the ground on the morning of the commissioners' hearing. There was speculation that is was not a grease fire but nothing was ever proven (some claimed insurance fraud and some claimed university interference) and the University purchased the land at fair market value and built traditions hall.
  5. There is a 6am strength and conditioning called Rise and grind. No clue about evening events.
  6. I believe there will be a rule because one was passed to stop his spring practices in remote locations in 17 and a rule was passed to eliminate trips during the school year I think last year, after he took the team without practice to France. This year he is taking them during the summer break. Logic follows that a new rule is on the way. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2017/01/...harbaugh/96836772/ NASHVILLE – Though it won’t officially be called the “Jim Harbaugh Rule,” the NCAA’s five power conferences passed a measure Friday ending trips like the one he took over spring break with the Michigan football team at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., last March.
  7. If you donate to an educational foundation that pays for the trip for educational purposes say a 10-14 week study abroad program for the football team, you are within the NCAA rules. (you are bending them pretty good but you have not crossed the line) I love that Harbaugh is thinking outside the box to win the recruiting and retention battle. I only wish I had the money to do this for the Mean Green. I expect to see a rule against this before next year.
  8. None of this is new. In the 2013 master plan this map was released... These 4 buildings along with across the street have been on the acquisition list for years.
  9. I will say the same thing about NY Sub as I did about the Tomato: Both were great at one time.
  10. 50% increase in unrestricted giving 20% increase in number of Donors 100% Contribution to the MGSF from UNT Coaches and Staff 12 teams averaged 960 or better APR Score (7 Teams had a perfect score) All 14 sports earned ad 906 multi year average Women's Tennis received a perfect (1000) multi year APR average 47 students Presidents List (4.0) 83 Deans/Commissioners List (3.5-4.0) 92 on AD honor Roll (3.0 -3.49) Football average Attendance 22,632 250,000+ people attended Mean Green Athletics events in 2017-2018 46 C-USA All- Conference Selections
  11. https://meangreensports.com/documents/2019/2/7/Athletic_final_annual_report2018_prf1.pdf I just received this in e-mail. Should be some interesting reading to polish off my Friday! Athletic_final_annual_report2018_prf1.pdf
  12. His job has been posted on the UNT site for a week. Also an assistant job is open.
  13. Not sure about their football team but the Ocean of Soul is coming to town! (Think Grambling) For all of those who complain about the Green Brigade and want a band to bring high energy and marching performance at halftime, you may need to wait till 2022 but it will be at Apogee. They are much more worried with the performance than the music but it is a show. Dancers are called the Motion of the Ocean. ***This is not commentary on the Green Brigade***
  14. The manager at Barnes and Noble @ UNT responded to my e-mail - looks like they will be available in August... Thank you for your email. We have some good news for you! Nike replica football jersey’s will be available in the store and online this August. Unfortunately the throwback program last season was created after Nike’s deadlines so we were unable to have jersey’s available for that event. Let us know if you have any other questions. Lauren Martin | General Manager Barnes & Noble @ UNT
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