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  1. ipd054

    DRC: Littrell informs team he's staying

    McMurphy scooped all the K-State beat writers as well. No one had this before he did.... And he was right about the bowls as well.
  2. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    No flight plan for a return filed either.
  3. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    There was a 10:10 flight from McKinney to Muskogee then to Manhattan. It was a small single engin prop plane that seats 4.
  4. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    No unscheduled flight or flight plans filed to Manhattan Regional or surrounding airport according to flight aware. There was a commercial flight from DFW but that would have already hit the news if he was on the flight.
  5. I have found a source that can produce the Mean Joe Throwback Jersey. I would need about 20 people to make an order. These are 100% Nike products not knock offs. As of right now they are not sure that we can get the number on top of the stripes but will let me know. There are 2 Options: Vapor - this is what the team wore in the game. It even has the 1967 inside the collar. ($250-$300) Then there is the standard Nike jersey which lacks some of the amazing detail but still looks right and is more than half the cost ($125-$150) You can customize any number you want (if not it will be 75). This is just a vote to see if which one I should negotiate pricing on to set up an order.
  6. As far as athletic debt, sure. If you take the $75million Apogee cost and put it on a 25 year payback you should be reducing the amount owed by about $2.8 million a year. Apogee is 6 years old and we have retired about $11.5million in debt on the structure.... Seems like we are right on pace or a bit ahead. (these numbers do not include the IPF, tennis complex, soccer and track complex that have all been built since Apogee...) Wow the Athletic department is doing an amazing job retiring debt and continuing to build....
  7. I guess I did not realize. You are not supposed. to write in paragraphs, or full sentences anymore.
  8. Yep, UNT reports facility. Not a story, this gets reposted by the daily every year. In fact I think that debt number is down several million from last year. I will find the number and post. And just for fun here is some data on debt from a few years ago
  9. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    #TodayIsTheFirstDaySethIsBackAndCanTalkToTheTeam #Ifwegetpasttodaywewillhavewaittillafterthebowlgametofinsishthesaga #Sethisstayingnofactsjustafeeling
  10. ipd054

    Possible Bowl Uniforms?

    I can get them made... An authentic nike jersey down to the date on the inside collar but the will cost about $300 and would not have the c-usa patch. I need to have at least 24 to order. I am working on other vendors and suppliers and can get cheap replicas but they all look cheap.
  11. ipd054

    Possible Bowl Uniforms?

    I was told earlier in the year that for the bowl we would have mat green helmets and would prefer green jerseys if given the choice. He said that Wren said that for all bowl games we will wear green. This image seems to fit what I was told. The person who told me this nailed the all black with the chrome dome for our Apogee after dark and is in the athletic department working with equipment. So I trust him.
  12. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    So your saying there is a chance??? SOURCE: Littrell neither hired or offered https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/Article/Seth-Littrell-Kansas-State-coach-North-Texas-Gene-Taylor-125893707/ Contrary to media and social media reports, sources close to Kansas State’s search for a successor to Bill Snyder as football coach insist that no candidate has been offered the job nor is the search nearing a conclusion. A few members of media have reported Tuesday that North Texas coach Seth Littrell, who is regarded as one of the leading candidates for the position at K-State, has been offered the job or is close to agreeing to terms to accept the job. “Not true,” the source flatly said. When asked if an offer was imminent the source added, “No.” Littrell is 23-16 in three years at North Texas. The Mean Green will play Utah State in the New Mexico Bowl on Dec. 15. Utah State will be coached by Matt Wells, who will take over the Texas Tech program after the game. The former Oklahoma fullback is considered a rising star in the coaching profession and has not hidden a desire to coaching colleagues to land a Power 5 coaching position at a traditional national power, with OU naturally topping his list. The source was adamant that no choice has been made and that the interview process by Kansas State athletics director Gene Taylor is still taking place. Taylor is currently in New York City for Tuesday night’s College Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It is believed that Taylor is meeting with coaches about the job while at the event, which has become a gathering place for college football coaches. It is believed that Taylor has or will meet privately with Littrell while in NYC. K-State is seeking a replacement for Snyder, who coached 27 seasons over a 30-year span at K-State. Snyder retired Sunday, December 2 after meeting with his players. The top candidates for the Kansas State job are believed to be Littrell, Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt, North Dakota State coach Chris Klieman and South Carolina offensive line coach Eric Wolford, a former K-State offensive lineman ex-Youngstown State head coach. K-State is utilizing Ventura Partners, professional search consultants, to assist with the search.
  13. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    From the K-State beat writer in Wichita @KellisRobinett https://www.kansas.com/sports/college/big-12/kansas-state/article222554715.html - Taylor is the AD at K State... "Most expect Taylor to move quickly with this hire. Though Snyder only announced his retirement on Sunday, Taylor has been preparing for a coaching search since the moment he was hired. Much could be decided early this week while Taylor is in New York for college football’s annual Hall of Fame festivities. Head coaches from across the nation converge on the Big Apple for the event every December. It’s an ideal location for an athletic director on the hunt for a new coach. Taylor is expected to meet with candidates while there. At minimum, a source said, he plans to discuss the job with Littrell before he returns to North Texas and begins preparing the Mean Green for its next game against Utah State in the New Mexico Bowl."
  14. I would say both. Happy by the fact that we are in the best possible situation for a 2018 C-USA bowl Depressed by the fact that we are in the best possible situation for a 2018 C-USA bowl
  15. C-USA BOWL 2018 SYNOPSISConference USA secured guaranteed commitments for six bowl spots for the 2018 season, as well as maintaining two secondary agreements. The Bahamas, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton, Hawai’i, New Mexico, and R+L Carriers New Orleans bowls are joined by a spot in either the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla (Tampa Bay) or Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowls as the primary agreements. The Frisco Bowl and the Walk-On’s Independence Bowl (should the ACC or SEC not be able to provide a bowl-eligible team) serve as secondary bowls. There is no set selection order among C-USA’s bowl partners. C-USA was given the Gasparilla Bowl and not the HOD by ESPN (assumption). With a game in Dallas off the table and with the Independence Bowl selecting and AAC team (Duke) our options became very slim without some trading. The first rule of trading is you have to have something to trade. What could C-USA offer? Boca Raton - UAB chose this bowl per conference rules. Bahamas - FIU already filled C-USA spot Hawaii - LaTech already filled C-USA spot Open Options Gasparilla - 1,162 miles from Denton - Thursday Game New Mexico - 609 miles from Denton - Saturday game to kick off the Bowl Season v. MWC New Orleans - 542 miles from Denton- Same Saturday as NM v. SBC and we were there last year. If I am any other conference commissioner other than the belt I do not think I would trade. So UNT is left with the three options above. Which would you chose? A game we have not been to vs a Coaches Poll top 25 team? A game vs the best team in the belt (who is supposed to be a worse conference than the C-USA) (did not have good results last year in this scenario)? A game vs the 4th place team in the AAC on a Thursday night 1,200 miles away from campus? Given the above options (that only take into account the C-USA tie-in's and the lack of a tradable commodity), I think we did the best out of all of the other C-USA teams. It is a low pressure game as we will be underdogs and few if any will pick us to win but it will be reported as UNT v #23 Utah State. If we win huge upside and we upset a top 25 team (would be the top story of any bowl games played on Saturday) (heck the Dallas Morning news might even give credit to Mac for a great win) if we lose, we were beat by a ranked opponent. When you are dealt a hand you play that hand to win. I feel that the C-USA was dealt a blah hand by ESPN and Wren played that blah hand to be a winner with limited options. Would I have prefered HOD for my convenience? YES, but if it was not offered to C-USA we came out smelling like roses compared to the rest of the C-USA. We have a new to us bowl with a possibility to reach 10 wins against a top 25 team. Let that sink in. I for one would have signed up for that option before the season started. This is a great bowl for the Mean Green!