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  1. Kason Martin - https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/kason-martin/4070 Kid is just a winner. He is a goof off in practice which is why he has been #3-6 on the chart. I am betting that now that the position is open he will button down and show what he is really made of. There was this other winner who was 3 deep on the charts that surprised the hell out of us a few years ago. His lack of focus at practice may keep him from opening the season as number 1 but in my opinion Kuehne or Martin will end the season starting and will start for the next several years. You can not teach someone to be a winner, but you can teach a winner to be a leader. From what I have seen Bean and Aune have everything on paper (size, speed) but I have yet to see them do anything that makes me excited to see them next year.
  2. So let me get this right. One of our biggest weaknesses on defense has been the secondary. Seth goes out and hires a guy with 15 years experience coaching either secondary or linebackers in the Big 12. Who was retained by Les Miles in the same position. So the hire sucks? I do have green colored glasses, but I am looking at a guy that has had to prepare and game plan for some of the best offenses in the BCS. In a conference that averages 433.3 yards per game (259.6 yds/game in passing). Hell the worst team in the Big 12 averaged 321 yds/game and 248.7 in passing. In 2018 the Jayhawks let the Big 12 in turnovers and had the second best turnover ratio in BCS (16 interceptions). Overall the pass defense that Coach Bowen was most responsible for was top 5 behind Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU and KState this year. His Safeties accounted for 143 tackles as they took up the slack for a line that I could have rushed for 100 yards against. He is known as a recruiter. He also knows and has worked with Seth. For those who say he sucked in 2011 so he still sucks. Really, if I took your first year at a new position and judged you on your results from 8 years ago...when you worked with a 1st year coach. Come on... he was hired to work with a ground and pound coach who consistently put the defense in horrible position. Oh and that team which was in my opinion led by the defense had the best record UNT has seen in 6 years and it regressed the next year after he left. I have no idea how the hire will turn out but, on the surface this hire checks a lot of the boxes that we need. It fails to check a few but I can not expect a perfect candidate (they do not exist). All in all personally think that this was not an exciting hire but I do think it is a good hire.
  3. As a multiple decade basher of the band, probably the most negative I have been on the board, I think this was the best version I have ever seen at North Texas. I enrolled in '93 and graduated in '96. They were uniform and involved in the games. I have absolutely nothing to complain about this year that is not just my personal preference and that doesn't matter. Thank you Daniel Cook.
  4. There are many cases where surgery is not needed for a partial tear. It all has to do with knee stability. I am 100% sure he has been working with an orthopedic doctor who is giving him advice based on his injury. I had a partial tear of my ACL with no stability issues. Recovered in 4 months then had another 3 months of heavy PT. Played 2 more years on the offensive line without braces, jumped out of airplanes for 4 years, and then played 3 years of Rugby at UNT with no issues. At 49 it does sound like popcorn when I walk...
  5. The new OC will make the decision. He will assess the coaches and pick his team. This is a hard time for position coaches and I would bet all are looking. Or should I say that I would be looking to hedge my bets.
  6. "Renfo cited his relationship with UNT offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder and how he would fit in UNT’s offense under coach Seth Littrell for his decision to commit to the Mean Green." from the DRC, Brett Vito Seems like Renfo knew last week...
  7. Correct he has a offensive pedigree. Coaching career (HC unless noted) 1996 Nicholls State (SA) 1997–1999 Edna Karr HS (LA) (assistant) 2000–2003 O. P. Walker HS (LA) 2005–2007 Ole Miss (RB/ST) 2008 Southern Miss (RB/RC) 2009 Tennessee (WR) 2010–2015 LSU (AHC/RB/RC) 2016–2019 UTSA
  8. The travel did not seem to bother Decatur who won 69-0 after being up 62-0 with over 4 min left in the half. Next up Dumas.... Azle v Abliene Cooper will be a good game.
  9. You are right 28 miles, 40 min, and West not East. I forgot that they played in Oklahoma last year.
  10. Tarleton 10K , Glen Rose 7K, Apogee 30,850 I personally am very happy about the game being played at Apogee. 4-A has some good players a coaches, exposure to the facility is always good. The worst travel I say in the brackets is Decatur (40 miles east of Denton) playing Mountain View (El Paso) in Odesa. Almost 5 hours for Decatur and 4+ for Mountain View for the Area Round...
  11. I guess Tarleton was taken... it is almost 1/2 way between both schools (within 15)
  12. Die hard or not it is hard to convince the family to get out to a game where we will have to get to the game in below freezing temperatures and it will only get a few degrees above freezing during the game. My buddies and I will make it but the kids are 50/50 staying at home and the wife will tell me not to wake her on my way out... If the streak is broken it is because of the scheduling. Notre Dame hardly ever has games in November and never this late in the month. Poor planning results in poor attendance.
  13. 3. Minute Rice (0-9) If you've ever prepared Minute Rice, then you know that you have to keep an eye on it. It has to be pulled from the stove at just the right moment or in an instant it will go from perfectly cooked to a hot, wet mess. After a season-long simmer, it's time to keep our eyes on the Owls, who will finish the season with three contests against opponents with losing records, including the annual Bottom 10 Bowl season finale against ... Boxes of Minute Rice cost $1.99 at Kroger. Can everyone going to the game bring a box to hold up? Make sure to buy the white rice to represent Rice University...
  14. Plenty of good seats available! Come on down...
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