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  1. ipd054

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    None of this is new. In the 2013 master plan this map was released... These 4 buildings along with across the street have been on the acquisition list for years.
  2. ipd054

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    I will say the same thing about NY Sub as I did about the Tomato: Both were great at one time.
  3. ipd054

    2017-2018 Athletics Annual Report

    50% increase in unrestricted giving 20% increase in number of Donors 100% Contribution to the MGSF from UNT Coaches and Staff 12 teams averaged 960 or better APR Score (7 Teams had a perfect score) All 14 sports earned ad 906 multi year average Women's Tennis received a perfect (1000) multi year APR average 47 students Presidents List (4.0) 83 Deans/Commissioners List (3.5-4.0) 92 on AD honor Roll (3.0 -3.49) Football average Attendance 22,632 250,000+ people attended Mean Green Athletics events in 2017-2018 46 C-USA All- Conference Selections
  4. https://meangreensports.com/documents/2019/2/7/Athletic_final_annual_report2018_prf1.pdf I just received this in e-mail. Should be some interesting reading to polish off my Friday! Athletic_final_annual_report2018_prf1.pdf
  5. ipd054


    His job has been posted on the UNT site for a week. Also an assistant job is open.
  6. Not sure about their football team but the Ocean of Soul is coming to town! (Think Grambling) For all of those who complain about the Green Brigade and want a band to bring high energy and marching performance at halftime, you may need to wait till 2022 but it will be at Apogee. They are much more worried with the performance than the music but it is a show. Dancers are called the Motion of the Ocean. ***This is not commentary on the Green Brigade***
  7. ipd054

    Purchasing Jerseys

    The manager at Barnes and Noble @ UNT responded to my e-mail - looks like they will be available in August... Thank you for your email. We have some good news for you! Nike replica football jersey’s will be available in the store and online this August. Unfortunately the throwback program last season was created after Nike’s deadlines so we were unable to have jersey’s available for that event. Let us know if you have any other questions. Lauren Martin | General Manager Barnes & Noble @ UNT
  8. ipd054

    Purchasing Jerseys

    I looked at other Barnes and Noble campus bookstores online, Clemson, Penn State, nor LSU offer jerseys online. The only one that came close was an LSU Shaq replica. I did send them a message but have not heard back yet...
  9. ipd054

    DRC: Littrell informs team he's staying

    McMurphy scooped all the K-State beat writers as well. No one had this before he did.... And he was right about the bowls as well.
  10. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    No flight plan for a return filed either.
  11. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    There was a 10:10 flight from McKinney to Muskogee then to Manhattan. It was a small single engin prop plane that seats 4.
  12. ipd054

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    No unscheduled flight or flight plans filed to Manhattan Regional or surrounding airport according to flight aware. There was a commercial flight from DFW but that would have already hit the news if he was on the flight.
  13. I have found a source that can produce the Mean Joe Throwback Jersey. I would need about 20 people to make an order. These are 100% Nike products not knock offs. As of right now they are not sure that we can get the number on top of the stripes but will let me know. There are 2 Options: Vapor - this is what the team wore in the game. It even has the 1967 inside the collar. ($250-$300) Then there is the standard Nike jersey which lacks some of the amazing detail but still looks right and is more than half the cost ($125-$150) You can customize any number you want (if not it will be 75). This is just a vote to see if which one I should negotiate pricing on to set up an order.
  14. As far as athletic debt, sure. If you take the $75million Apogee cost and put it on a 25 year payback you should be reducing the amount owed by about $2.8 million a year. Apogee is 6 years old and we have retired about $11.5million in debt on the structure.... Seems like we are right on pace or a bit ahead. (these numbers do not include the IPF, tennis complex, soccer and track complex that have all been built since Apogee...) Wow the Athletic department is doing an amazing job retiring debt and continuing to build....
  15. I guess I did not realize. You are not supposed. to write in paragraphs, or full sentences anymore.