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  1. Deal signed in December of 2017, when were were unable to get a home and home against any teams outside of SMU. This was seen as a sign of great things to come as it was one of the first deals signed by Wren.
  2. Like the fact that "High School Coaches are welcome at any practice or scrimmage". Build the relationships!
  3. This was what was displayed before the game and for the first few min of the 1st quarter.
  4. Recieved this e-mail at 9pm tonight. Mean Green Family, I want to thank you for your support at Apogee Stadium on Saturday. We are fortunate to have such a great fanbase and strive to deliver a high-quality gameday experience for you, our fans. After a thorough review of our gameday operations and your collective feedback, it is clear we fell short in several areas. We appreciate those of you who have reached out to share your experiences through various channels, including our online fan survey. We want you to know we hear and understand your frustrations. We have reviewed every comment and our staff is working diligently to address any operational challenges, both in and around the stadium so they can be corrected before this week. The following enhancements will be made to improve the fan experience: Additional parking attendants will be distributed across all working gameday lots. Electronic message boards will be placed at North Texas Blvd and I-35 as well as Bonnie Brae and I-35 to assist with wayfinding for fans to get to their appropriate lots. The Blue Lot will move to a pre-purchase/pass only lot for games featuring premium opponents with no passes sold the day of the game. Attendants will be added to restrooms in the HUB Club and Suite levels at Apogee to monitor paper towels, soap and cleaning needs. Wristbands will be provided to all HUB Club ticketholders upon arrival to the First State Bank Club and Suite Entrance to allow for increased freedom of movement for HUB Club guests between the club level and concourse throughout the game. Note: Wristbands DO NOT grant access to guests in the Suite Level. CSC staff will be added to assist with this function and ensure wait times are minimized for entry into Apogee Stadium. Grounds crews will mow all high-traffic areas no more than 48 hours prior to kick off (weather permitting) to maximize use of tailgating spaces. Additional parking passes will be required in the Blue Lot for both vehicles and tailgate setups. This will be strictly enforced to ensure we have an accurate count of available spaces in the lot. Updates will be made to the Northeast auxiliary video board to ensure an assortment of in-game statistics are available. Feedback has been provided to the team shop, and as inventory becomes available, they will increase both variety of products offered as well as higher quantities in all sizes. Your patience and loyalty are not something we ever want to take for granted. To that end, please to claim free tickets that we will upload to your account for a future Mean Green athletic contest in 2022-23. We are very grateful for each of you and your continued love and support of the Mean Green, our student-athletes, and our programs. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday as we take on Texas Southern. Go Mean Green! Wren Baker
  5. I think he lives in Austin now, he lived in CA for the last several years but moved back to TX in 2020.
  6. He is very real was always near coach Dickey. He is die hard North Texas and avid soccer fan.
  7. Yes, the line was not good in pass protection. They were top 10 in sacks allowed, top 15 in penalties, and in the bottom third in pass protection. In the games I watched Aune rarely had a clean pocket. The did get better as the season went along but we also started running the ball more than we passed.
  8. Can Gunnel: Complete 52.8% of his passes (Aune was 256 of 485 at North Texas in 2021), throw less than 9 interceptions, and complete more than 11.1 passes a game? (256 completions in 23 games)? The answer is yes, for his career 12 games, he averages 66.5% completions, 3 total interceptions, and completes 13.75 passes per game. Now the question is what will he look like with our line? He will probably be a lot like Aune.
  9. The game is scheduled for 2pm central or Noon Local. Source: ESPN, CBS sports, and unlvrebels.com
  10. Honestly, I have purchased as much in one visit from this location that opened 2 weeks ago, than I have in the bookstore, stadium store, and Vortmans combined in the last 5 years.
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