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  1. ESPN is just horrible.
  2. I guess I need to up my rookie numbers. I have been on since 2004 and only have 309 post. So in 12 less years you have almost 700 more post.
  3. A vomitorium is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre or a stadium, through which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance. They can also be pathways for actors to enter and leave stage.
  4. Kason Martin after 5 games - Bean gets pulled after a pick 6 against SMU, his 4th pick of the season. Aune gets folded in half heading around the corner on a broken play against Charlotte. Martin gets the call and never gives it up becomes the QB of the future. Adaway breaks out against UTEP after a few others go out due to over use. We wonder why Adaway was not used earlier in the year. We have our triplets for the next 2 years.
  5. Yes they are having in person classes. There was a government proposal this summer to prevent international students from staying in the United States if they were taking all their courses online. So if UNT decided to not have on campus classes the international population would not have been able to attend this year thus reducing the student body by roughly 6.6%. This proposal was withdrawn but not before the go/no go call for the semester had to be made. My daughter is a Sophomore this year and while she is taking a full load she only has one lab that is scheduled in person. From wh
  6. Released last week 7/28/2020 https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/7/28/tickets-mean-green-athletics-expands-mobile-ticket-options.aspx "All season tickets will be available on mobile devices"
  7. Lost my job so others could keep theirs.
  8. This e-mail was sent to students and parents yesterday: Thursday, April 30, 2020 Dear UNT students, It has been almost two months since I last saw you on our beautiful campus. I miss you and the hustle and bustle of campus life. During this time, we have all been adapting to virtual services, remote and online classes, and shelter in place. I hope you are doing well, that you are staying safe and healthy, and are making progress. Like me, I suspect you are looking forward to being together again to live, learn, and enjoy our rich campus experien
  9. Martin. He was a jokester the last few years as he knew he had no hope playing. His leadership has started showing. Again I do not know if he starts the season but he will get his shot an he will not let it go.
  10. Wishful thinking at this point. There has been some progress over the last year with allowing player to get paid for their likeness, not final just progress. It is closer to possible now but there are a bunch of hurdles to get over before any game returns
  11. It is obvious that during your JMPI your Jumpmaster repeatedly failed to check your modified chin strap assembly. This in conjunction with a piss poor PLF resulted in your brain pan slamming against the drop zone. Depending on which Company you were in jump school this was referred to as ate up, soup sandwich, or ooh ahh medivac and quite possibly all three. You should probably beat your boots. I am sure as any good paratrooper you embraced the suck and drove on in a LGOP to create chaos, or since you were at Bragg you got your ass off or Sicily and Normandy. Please ensure while
  12. Analyst is a term given to a fired coach who still is being paid by their last gig. It allows you to get a big name guy to help out around the house while not having to pay them much. They fulfill their side of the old contract because they found work so they keep the pay from their last gig as part of their contract. Generally they will, help evaluate talent or work with a few players for a friend as they look for their next gig. It also allows for someone to "step down" and still be around the program.
  13. YOU NEVER PULL A "HOUSTON"! Unless you are looking for a girl to date. Because the best part of dating a girl who is from Houston and is a fan of their sports.... She is not interested in a ring (Oilers and Texans) and if she is she is ok if you cheat (Astros). But back to the question. “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
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