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  1. Easily one of the most well-researched sites covering ALL levels of CBB with incredible depth, the Three Man Weave fellas recently put out their CUSA preview. Very informative...
  2. When I was on campus, the Hooya!! / Panchos combo there on Ave C is all I needed...wait...what's that?... Nevermind #RIP
  3. Is this a trick question? Use this device in my pocket for phone calls? https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/19/tickets.aspx
  4. As of yesterday, I became a first time bball season ticket holder. Even though I'm not able to make it up to Denton much during hoops season, I felt I could no longer in good faith enjoy the program's upward trajectory without adding to the (hopefully growing) season ticket base.
  5. Mark Packer on Sirius's ESPNU channel opened discussion to "what is you school's most iconic play?" Got me curious what the board would say on this topic about our Mean Green. Three immediately came to mind: - The Shoe (10/23.2004) - Jamario Thomas runs 77 yards losing a shoe in the process against New Mexico State. - The Convoy (11/01/2008) - Tobe Nwigwe take an interception back 97 yards to seal the win vs Western Kentucky - The Fake Fair Catch (9/15/2018) - Keegan Brewer returns a punt 90 yards using fair catch body language to catch the Arkansas coverage team off guard. Any others worth considering that I've missed?
  6. We'll find out but I tend to say no. History below suggest he improves and establishes winning culture. Arkansas State 2015-2016 (11-20) Hire McCasland 2016-2017 (20-12) North Texas 2016-2017 (8-22) Hire McCasland 2017-2018 (20-18) 2018-2019 (21-12) 2019-2020 (20-11) 2020-2021 (18-10)
  7. In each season 2015 - 2019 (2020 not applicable because of Covid scheduling changes), Northwestern State played one game against and FBS opponent... 2015 - Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-4 overall, Belk Bowl victory) 2016 - Baylor Bears (7-6 overall, Motel Six Cactus Bowl victory) 2017 - Louisiana Tech (7-6 overall, DXL Frisco Bowl victory) 2018 - Texas A&M (9-4 overall, TaxSlayer Gator Bowl victory) 2019 - LSU (15-0 overall, CFP National Championship victory) Notice a trend? Pretty sure our Mean Green are guaranteed a bowl victory this season.
  8. So confused about why the reaction here is to reject this projection outright. I mean, the URL "gomeangreen" does appear to suggest support of the program. Looking back at last year, there seem to be two clear areas that a movement toward league average would go a long way toward improving the possibility of a division title Long Scrimmage Plays Allowed 2020: 125th in FBS in 40+ yard plays allowed (Source: http://www.cfbstats.com/2020/leader/national/team/defense/split01/category30/sort04.html ) Turnover Margin/Game 2020: 108th in FBS I tend to think the author has identified a division without an obvious pick and then looked at recent recruiting and landed on the Mean Green as his choice until they prove it incorrect, I'm going to join him in anticipating this outcome for our squad
  9. The last name made it likely but this may confirm that the cousin he references is Rubin...
  10. Based on what I've heard for some away game ESPN+ broadcasts, let's just be extremely proud of and thankful for the high quality of the MGRN crew.
  11. Some thoughts from a Bucs blog are positive on Darden's night... https://thepewterplank.com/2021/08/15/buccaneers-key-takeaways-2021-preseason/2/
  12. According to Football Outsiders (link), UAB has lead the conference in standard down defensive line ranks since 2018. Clearly that's been a factor in their climb to the top of the division/conference.
  13. As much as I'm driven crazy by the was CFB schedules games a decade in advance, a look at the non-conference slate on the horizon appears to show a focus on at least one Drivable away game Feature home game FCS opponent
  14. While completely accurate and a great testament to Zach's dependability, this quotation still sells short just how program culture changing his discipline and leadership were in Denton. Wishing him the best
  15. The opportunity to host the Buffs in Denton when they're freshmen at North Texas should dominate 1st grade recess discussion this fall.
  16. Shaw is taking over for Nelson Haggerty after his passing in April... As for the role... Couldn't find much on Shaw but I very much trust both Wren and McCasland and their extensive connections in the CBB coaching community.
  17. Surprised this hadn't been posted yet. All of us need to carve out 35 mins to watch this thing. Great insight...
  18. What an amazing honor for Coach and for our program. Can't be a bad thing to have an established relationship with some of these guys if the transfer portal is in play for them down the road.
  19. College football's most versatile players for 2021 https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/31553379/college-football-most-versatile-players-2021
  20. Well spoken and comes across as thoughtful and calculated in his decision making. Should be a real value on and off the field.
  21. I welcome all coverage at any point during the year but an assessment of the event's field will need to be revisited in the fall. Rosters are still in flux across the country. Not bagging on the author. Gotta create content and he even noted the premature nature of this stuff in his linked "Way Too Early Top 25" piece.
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