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  1. Still waiting on my assignment. We bought x4 tickets in the "$65" section. Pretty excited to hang out with a group of guys from my UNT days that I don't get to see that often, since I live so far.
  2. Very frustrating. I was excited to get home from work and watch some Mean Green basketball. Apparently I'm just going to watch the logo.
  3. Oof. The excitement for this season is blowing right out.
  4. They gotta give us something to go on. At least let us download the PDF of the scorekeepers sheet so we can do the work ourselves.
  5. I have had multiple messages from people at Homefield saying they are working on it.
  6. Who will be at the game? I'll be there +1 in the visitor section. All central Texas alums and fans need to be there.
  7. I ordered as fast as I could tap the keys.
  8. Don't forget we have Fresno State at the Super Pit on November 19 as well.
  9. I spent all day pissed yesterday but today I woke up, took a breath, and starting thinking about beating Texas Southern this weekend. We can still start this season 2-1. We still love North Texas. We can't give up on our boys just because our coach isn't the one. We are still undefeated in Conference USA and our goal of a championship is still in front of us.
  10. This season, Burnet County watch parties will be at... my house.
  11. UAB released their full schedule today. January 21st at Bartow February 9th at the Super Pit
  12. It's good to see these guys on the court again regardless of the outcome.
  13. And it's a Saturday, I believe. Worth the drive up for sure.
  14. I absolutely expect us to win that tourney. A team with NCAA Tourney aspirations has to beat that slate.
  15. It would be nice to win our SIXTH game in a row over UTEP in front of a sell out crowd.
  16. Game is in Phoenix according to Rothstein. Wyoming and St. Mary's will be playing each other as part of the event.
  17. Glad to hear ANYTHING but I desperately want to know at least one home game that we have.
  18. Agreed. The loser will be stuck at the bottom of the conference standings for a month until conference play resumes. Not great for morale. We really need to set the tone for the season and take that game in El Paso.
  19. Torrey heading to Jets it looks like.
  20. Planning a trip to Las Vegas with about 12 members of my family. San Antonio is a given for me as that is more of a home game for me. Hoping to make the trip up to Denton for a home game as well.
  21. The guy who runs the Barking Crow NIT bracketology tweeted last night that we are likely a 1 Seed.
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