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  1. Agreed. The loser will be stuck at the bottom of the conference standings for a month until conference play resumes. Not great for morale. We really need to set the tone for the season and take that game in El Paso.
  2. Torrey heading to Jets it looks like.
  3. Planning a trip to Las Vegas with about 12 members of my family. San Antonio is a given for me as that is more of a home game for me. Hoping to make the trip up to Denton for a home game as well.
  4. The guy who runs the Barking Crow NIT bracketology tweeted last night that we are likely a 1 Seed.
  5. Just got home from the game. Despite the offensive struggles and the disaster at the free throw line, the game was a lot of fun to attend. If you took away the 9000 person brass section in the UTSA band, the crowd was probably 60/40, with our portion being much louder. I fully enjoyed being around the fans that made the trip (they totally jobbed us on the Wendy's thing btw). One notable thing tonight was the complete lack of anyone to clean the floor. There was a kid with a mop on one side (that had no idea what to do) and no mop at all on the other. After Bell's scary fall, one of our staff had to grab our towels and go clean the floor. It was dangerous and a player could have been really hurt. Their guys had a few bad falls too that could have been prevented. We need to get better at the stripe. We are leaving a ton of points out there and it may end up being our downfall.
  6. Excited to see the Green again in person tonight. I took off work and drove up to DFW to catch the Nevada game, only to have it turned into an exhibition against LSUS. Ready to see some meaningful basketball and root on the fellas in UTSA's gymnasium.
  7. https://goutsa.com/sports/2018/7/2/tickets-mbb.aspx?id=1471 10 and 12 dollar tickets for sale. Apparently 30 bucks for Courtside. Let's fill it up with green!
  8. Thursday games do suck but this is a special season and every game is worth going to. We are almost out of games to attend!
  9. Let's keep the support levels at a maximum. All of us that live in Central and South Texas need to get to the game on Thursday. It wouldn't even take that many of us to outnumber their fans and make it a home game in their gymnasium. Tickets are cheap and their fans have essentially given up. I'll be there and I'm bringing friends.
  10. We need Wichita to stop their bleeding. They fell out of being a Quad 1 win for us.
  11. I hate to link to another board, but I keep track of the CUSA Bracket over on CSNBBS. I update after each day where there is a conference game. https://www.csnbbs.com/thread-941277.html
  12. I like this one. Has us as a 9-seed. http://www.rtsratings.com/cbb_bracket.asp
  13. Highly unlikely that this is the schedule we play. Once the courts figure out the divorce papers for the SBC3 to get out early, CUSA is going to have to redraw the schedules.
  14. Very blunt statements about their negotiations with CUSA. Here is USM's. https://southernmiss.com/news/2022/2/11/general-statement-regarding-conference-realignment.aspx
  15. Mac is also a voter in the USA Today Coaches Poll.
  16. I dont really have a problem with this shirt. Throwback and retro college tees are extremely popular right now. Just look what Homefield Apparel is doing every week when they "drop" a new school and all of their retro tees (I've definitely emailed them about carrying UNT gear, they responded in a way that made it sound like later this year). I agree that Rally House is the place to buy retro stuff currently. They have Flying Worm stuff from '47 Brand that is far superior to anything Voertmans will release.
  17. I wonder if they shouldn't move the game to tomorrow so UTEP can get out before the worst hits.
  18. We may not have an official schedule for months. The battle between CUSA and the 3 schools leaving for the Sun Belt looks like it may drag on.
  19. UAB taking a Quad 4 loss tonight hurt pretty bad. They are probably going to get punished in the computers which won't do us any favors. We need CUSA to be perceived as having a few good teams at the top for us to get an At-large.
  20. The non-D1 games don't count.
  21. I have not made as many roadies as I would like for hoops. Living in Burnet County, I am close to San Antonio so I have made 4+ games at the Convocation Center and obviously many games at the Super Pit over the years, but that's it. As a lifelong Orlando Magic fan, I saw many games at the O-rena in Orlando. After moving to Texas,, I used to do the Texas Triangle every year, driving to the Toyota Center in Houston, AT&T Center in San Antonio and the American Airlines Center in Dallas.
  22. I think we need to consider the possibility that UAB will be in the East next season. The Sun Belt is voting on the 26th to allow Marshall, ODU, JMU, and Southern Miss early admission. I think it's highly likely that UAB will have to slide over for the 2022 season. They may still very well be a crossover game for us but probably not a division game. Edit: Or maybe we won't even have divisions
  23. Man, I struggled with that so hard. Same with the UTSA helmet. In the end, I decided to put those two helmets there just so I wasnt missing any. They are in a spot that isn't visible from most of the house by design. You actually have to walk around a corner to see those two. If I'm being totally honest, I actually wrestled with ever going to see a game at Ford. I didnt want any money, whether ticket, beer, food, or otherwise to go to SMUg.
  24. I grab a mini helmet from each stadium I visit and we have a wall to display them in our house. Hoping to add the UNLV helmet thus coming season.
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