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  1. PFF's "2 for 1 Drafts" podcast throwing Darden some 3rd-4th round love...
  2. At least one source is assuming all players will have to formally declare for the draft... Link: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2021-nfl-draft-underclassmen-tracker-college-football-players-leaving-early/
  3. Well-deserved recognition for Darden's incredible year...
  4. I agree that it often looks too busy on broadcasts, but our identity guide places a strong emphasis on the The UNT lettermark https://identityguide.unt.edu/create-our-look/university-marks
  5. Coach recently appeared on the Sports Spectrum podcast to discuss his faith and leadership of both his family and the program. Whether your beliefs align with his or not, I think MG fans will enjoy McCasland talking about parts of his life that we don't get at a coach's show...
  6. Great read here... Direct link: https://footballscoop.com/news/no-oc-no-problem-how-gas-are-helping-run-the-nations-no-2-offense/
  7. http://insider.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/30298405/college-football-top-20-breakout-players-season
  8. Bart Torvik's projection has North Texas #56 in the country... https://www.barttorvik.com/?conlimit=All&state=All&year=2021&sort= Mississippi Valley State - #356 Arkansas - #61 Mississippi State - #100 LSU - #58
  9. Would've loved for Burke to have found his home in Denton and enjoyed the college experience there as much as I did. Wishing him the best at his next stop. Anyone know the NT student athlete exit interview process? I hope anyone leaving the program via transfer, graduation, or otherwise is interviewed to keep Wren and his staff aware of the player perspective within the programs.
  10. Easily the most in-depth look at our conference this side of Brune... https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/conference-usa-2021-preview
  11. This is an impressive pick up for FAU and for CUSA at large. As our current broadcast agreement proves, the conference really needs an infusion of attention grabbing talent. FAU isn't playing around and the rest of the conference needs to follow their trajectory, not hope for their failure.
  12. Guyton named as a camp "riser" over at The Athletic... Link: https://theathletic.com/2025317/2020/08/26/chargers-rising-and-who-is-falling
  13. What a great representative of our Mean Green
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