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  1. Love this. Can't have too many ball handlers. With Hamlet, McBride, and Jackson (who I expect will become a real contributor next season), we should have at least one attacking lead ball handler on the floor for all 40 mins.
  2. I'd been looking forward to this for a long time and was very disappointed. If anything, it felt like part commercial for Christian Dawkins/ Dawkins family and part roasting of the FBI. There was very little revelation.
  3. I'm always a sucker for these things... Stadium polled CBB coaches to see what they're watching while on Quarantine. They list responses by conference and, interestingly, adapted famous TV show logos to each conference name. https://watchstadium.com/this-is-what-college-hoops-coaches-like-to-watch-while-stuck-at-home-03-26-2020/ Ron Sanchez, Charlotte TV Show: None Movie: Gladiator Jeremy Ballard, FIU TV Show: The Wire Movie: Gladiator Dusty May, Florida Atlantic TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm Movie: The Shawshank Redemption Eric Konkol, Louisiana Tech TV Show: Cheers Movie: The Shawshank Redemption Dan D’Antoni, Marshall TV Show: Boston Legal Movie: Goldfinger Nick McDevitt, Middle Tennessee TV Show: Law & Order Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Grant McCasland, North Texas TV Show: This Is Us Movie: Braveheart Jeff Jones, Old Dominion TV Show: Game of Thrones Movie: Good Will Hunting Scott Pera, Rice TV Show: M*A*S*H Movie: Escape from Alcatraz Jay Ladner, Southern Miss TV Show: Sanford and Son Movie: Caddyshack Andy Kennedy, UAB TV Show: Shark Tank Movie: The Shining Rodney Terry, UTEP TV Show: Glory Road Movie: Power Steve Henson, UTSA TV Show: The King of Queens Movie: The Godfather Rick Stansbury, Western Kentucky TV Show: Shark Tank Movie: Hoosiers
  4. CUSA needs stars who can grab national attention. Bassey was going to be that guy this year before getting hurt. The current membership hasn't had a player drafted since our own Tony Mitchell when we were still in the Belt (20130. The last player drafted after playing in CUSA? 2010 - Jerome Jordan (Tulsa) I welcome more talent in the conference but the fact that WKU continues the land these guys w/out really improving their draft stock is...um...interesting.
  5. Interesting... Haunga coming to NT from Auburn Morris' dad currently on staff at Auburn Wonder if these connections factor in on the recruiting trail or transfer portal down the road. Either way, excited for these additions.
  6. Not sure who's running the account, but someone out there is tweeting a simulation of the 2020 March Madness bracket released by the New York Post on March 16... Regarding NT's Round of 64 matchup with Oregon... Next Up? Kinda depressing but it's all we've got. The imaginary hope of a Sweet 16 showdown with Mr. Woolridge & Co.
  7. At least one site has pretty lofty expectations for the 20-21 Mean Green... TEAM PROJECTIONS #47 overall #1 CUSA #5 Mid Majors Additionally, the site is very high on Hamlet next season... PLAYER PROJECTIONS #2 overall Obviously, these metrics can't factor in transfer/coaching changes/recruits, etc. Regardless, the returning production and experience coupled with the motivation to land the NCAA tournament experience they felt they earned this season makes it exciting to anticipate what could be next year.
  8. You know what feels great? Being able to trust that Wren will find the appropriate way to celebrate the team's accomplishment - both in the near term and beyond.
  9. Not the end all be all, but from an analytical standpoint, it isn't really close. Some of the better teams highlighted below... Kenpom.com ( kenpom.com ) 2007: -0.98 2008: +3.11 2010: 0.47 2020: +11.06 Bart Torvik ( http://barttorvik.com/program-maps.php?tvalue=North+Texas ) Sports-reference SRS ( https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/north-texas/ )
  10. Ken Pom's article on the athletic starts his list of 12 with our boys... Link: https://theathletic.com/1632548/2020/02/25/kenpom-the-12-teams-enjoying-their-best-seasons-in-modern-college-hoops-history/
  11. Came across this podcast interviewing our commissioner. I appreciate that she made herself available to be interviewed as a way of promoting the conference - specifically the bonus play scheduling and conference tournament setup. If you're expecting a commissioner to be energetically selling the conference and its member school teams, prepare to be disappointed. Anyway, here it is:... https://megaphone.link/VMP3052244272
  12. All season I've been a bit anxious to see if the unusual sight lines created by playing our tourney in an unconventional bball venue will partly neutralize the advantage we have from deep. Currently Top 10 in EFG% and 3PT%, we may find Zach's work in the post to be key if shots aren't falling.
  13. THIS The crippling nature of student loan debt can easily prompt a recent grad to have this reaction when on the receiving end of a solicitation call. Each person's situation is different. Of course, I'd rather they not make their frustration public as it can tarnish the perception of our university BUT... I'd say the same about some of the negative posting that goes on around here.
  14. Came across these designs posted on the Sportslogos.net concepts forum by someone who appears to be a high schooler who's considering NT on the Sportslogos.net concepts forum. It's the off-season, after all... Link: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/121395-unt-football/ Looks like a pretty solid blend of traditional and progressive.
  15. No. Hamlet just tied Gibson for the season high w/ 27 CBB Reference (doesn't include today's game): http://cbbref.com/tiny/wrTwB
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