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  1. 1. Leads with personal integrity and demands the same from those underneath him/her 2. Dedicating to supporting the experience of the student athletes 3. Has from Day 1 and will maintain a close, synchronized relationship with the University president and other VPs 4. Well connected and well thought of by peers in the industry 5. Can articulate a vision for building alumni, fan, donor, and community support that rivals the top of the G5
  2. Link: https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/34934858/the-25-most-surprising-players-college-football-far
  3. I understand coaches who are conditioned to provide as little information as possible when interviewed or in a press conference but it's certainly refreshing when a coach like GM comes across as candid and honest when discussing the team and program. Exciting to hear him speak of expanding the offense and explaining that the glacial pace and approach in recent years was intentional and strategic to match the strength of the roster/rotation. Sounds like his focus is tailoring the style of play to players rather than being rigid to a specific system.
  4. Who or what are we not talking nearly enough about across the mid-majors? Jeff Borzello: Conference USA being a potential multibid league should be a storyline all season. UAB might be the best team from a true mid-major league...Western Kentucky is absolutely loaded with talent.... Oh, and there's also North Texas, which has two regular-season titles and an NCAA tournament appearance over the last three seasons. We're going to hear an awful lot about all three of these teams. LINK
  5. Harmon's already landed at Bethune-Cookman https://bcuathletics.com/news/2022/8/19/mens-basketball-wildcats-add-zion-harmon-highest-ranked-recruit-in-program-history.aspx
  6. Thanks for making this happen, Harry. I've largely been against collectives based on an assumption that at most schools they're simply handing kids cash and asking nothing of them off the field. Loved hearing RV's vision of using this to further develop these students' skills and community connections.
  7. Would be very tasty if Purple & Black win later setting up a rematch of the 2010 NCAA tournament game between Shannon Shorter and Jacob Pullen. No doubt Shorter would love a chance for revenge.
  8. NT sports has felt underserved for so long, I'm always eager to have new voices covering the goings on in Denton. Thanks for posting this.
  9. Since apparently The Tournament really tracks engagement and fan interest in teams applying for the event, I'm sure it couldn't hurt for us all to register on their site and fill out a bracket. The registration is free and includes designating Bleed Green as your favorite team. Link: https://bracket.thetournament.com/bracket
  10. Looks like our move to the AAC will perfectly align with the next EA video game for the sport. Glad the announcement came when it did to give developers plenty of time to get it right from the jump. According to the Extra Points newsletter ( https://www.extrapointsmb.com/ ) and the accompanying Going For Two podcast episode: I can't remember if previous editions used "Fly Like An Eagle" and I wonder if Steve Miller Band would nix that from being included, but I'd love to have that tune and Boomer as Apogee-specific elements introduced to the game.
  11. Wonder where he got that crutch phrase
  12. Starting to think admin needs to add a new "Big Game Boomer Tweets" forum
  13. Dare to dream... https://247sports.com/player/javien-toviano-46103147/
  14. Thanks for posting. Need regular reminders of how fortunate we were to have that guy as the face of our program while we did.
  15. What an important and probably underrated part of the story that is this program's revitalization. McBride, Bell, and Murray returning to Denton was so key. They didn't only stabilize the squad with rotation continuity but they led the new team into a force that I certainly didn't see coming. This season proved that last year wasn't a flash in the pan and McBride was critical to that. As with Reese, Gibson, and Woolridge before, I'll be tracking his next step and rooting for his success.
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