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  1. I'm guessing if someone sees you reach into your jorts, they'll be very relieved that the next step involves torts.
  2. https://www.barttorvik.com/ Obviously, it's been a strange season for programs across the country and we're still dealing with a relatively small sample size but Bart Torvik's ratings system seems to think pretty highly of what our Mean Green have done thus far. Removing pre-season projections by changing the start date to 11/09/2021... #29 Overall #2 Mid-Major
  3. Always Be Recruiting. For the cost of $0 to the recruiting budget, Traylor gained additional, however slight, credit among coaches who were tuned in. Had Littrell don it, there would only be praise for the move on the board.
  4. For a team with so much high end roster turnover, the composure this squad plays with naturally points to incredible work by the coaching staff but I think it also highlights the work the players have put in with each other since the final whistle of the 'Nova game. The crazy thing about that 20-0 run is that nothing about it was fluky or irregular. There was no unconscious shooting display. No. It was just a sequencing of "do your job" defense and patient, "get our shot" offense. This team plays with a confidence that proves their buy in on the "toughest team wins" mantra.
  5. Not disagreeing that it would be great to have a rowdy and devoted crowd at the Super Pit but for comparison, I just glanced at a few recent CUSA home games to see how announced attendance stacked up... December 8, 2021 - Bluefield College at Marshall - Attendance: 3,738 December 4, 2021 - LSU Shreveport at North Texas - Attendance: 2,740 December 8, 2021 - Buffalo at WKU - Attendance: 2,689 December 11, 2021 - Louisiana at La Tech - Attendance: 2,603 December 12, 2021 - Millsaps Majors at UAB - Attendance: 2,578 December 8, 2021 - Palm Beach at FAU - Attendance: 1,045 December 1, 2021 - Florida Gulf Coast at FIU - Attendance: 446 Obviously, a tiny sample size and who knows how accurate these figures from ESPN are but it's more information that I had 10 mins ago.
  6. JUDE KILLY - Deputy Director of Athletics and Chief of Staff Buster Bluth
  7. Coaches Roster:https://miamiredhawks.com/sports/football/coaches Graduate Assistant David Gunder James Corden
  8. The level of attentiveness and engagement on the defensive end is incredibly fun to watch. Every time Abou gets down into a defensive stance, I nearly leave my feet with excitement. Strength and conditioning coach Andrew Wright deserves a game ball.
  9. Was able to go back and watch the youtube broadcast (below). Lots to clean up but a lot to be encourage by as the new squad finds their footing. In addition to Perry, was really excited by Abou. According to the roster's as listed on MeanGreenSports, he's down 20lbs from 250 to 230 and it shows. Looks like he worked his tail off in the offseason and seems to approach things offensively with more confidence and assertiveness. )
  10. Like this. Wren and President Smatresk appear to have a very good working relationship. Some of us remember the athletic department being at odds with University leadership. I will not take for granted the trust, confidence, approval, and support Wren has developed and earned with Smatresk.
  11. Easily one of the most well-researched sites covering ALL levels of CBB with incredible depth, the Three Man Weave fellas recently put out their CUSA preview. Very informative...
  12. When I was on campus, the Hooya!! / Panchos combo there on Ave C is all I needed...wait...what's that?... Nevermind #RIP
  13. Is this a trick question? Use this device in my pocket for phone calls? https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/19/tickets.aspx
  14. As of yesterday, I became a first time bball season ticket holder. Even though I'm not able to make it up to Denton much during hoops season, I felt I could no longer in good faith enjoy the program's upward trajectory without adding to the (hopefully growing) season ticket base.
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