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  1. Would've loved for Burke to have found his home in Denton and enjoyed the college experience there as much as I did. Wishing him the best at his next stop. Anyone know the NT student athlete exit interview process? I hope anyone leaving the program via transfer, graduation, or otherwise is interviewed to keep Wren and his staff aware of the player perspective within the programs.
  2. Easily the most in-depth look at our conference this side of Brune... https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/conference-usa-2021-preview
  3. This is an impressive pick up for FAU and for CUSA at large. As our current broadcast agreement proves, the conference really needs an infusion of attention grabbing talent. FAU isn't playing around and the rest of the conference needs to follow their trajectory, not hope for their failure.
  4. Guyton named as a camp "riser" over at The Athletic... Link: https://theathletic.com/2025317/2020/08/26/chargers-rising-and-who-is-falling
  5. What a great representative of our Mean Green
  6. Enjoyed this interview...figured I'd pass it along here. Touches a bit on each step of his football journey.
  7. Enjoyed this Vito tweet. Looks like he's guarding Jerome Rogers in a 12/28/02 game Led me down a "whatever happened to" rabbit hole and it turns out His daughter, Endyia Rogers, is quite the stud freshman at USC after being named the Texas Gatorade Player-of-the-Year in 2019 His son ,Jerome Rogers Jr, led Madison to the 2019 state title and the 2020 championship game. Jr's a member of the 2021 recruiting class
  8. I continue to be appreciative of the fact that we have a leader who seems pragmatic in decision making and balances calculation and transparency when he speaks publicly.
  9. Can't wait to watch Javion steal the spotlight from Cade Cunningham.
  10. 3 Stars from 247: https://247sports.com/Player/TJ-Steele-46098489/ offers from Kansas & Tulsa
  11. Not rated by 247: https://247sports.com/player/james-jewell-46093574/ Had been looked at by UK last fall: https://www.aseaofblue.com/2019/8/27/20835755/uk-basketball-recruiting-james-jewell-big-blue-madness-2019
  12. The more voices we have in the NFL who have connections to our school, staff, or players, the better it'll be for our program not only ending the draft drought but starting a streak
  13. Reportedly holds offers from Okie State, aTm, and Tulsa https://247sports.com/player/matt-stone-46058670/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/matthew-stone-257727 Looks like a shooter...
  14. For those unfamiliar, The Basketball Tournament is a single-elimination tournament in its 7th year. It was the birth of the Elam ending which was featured in this year's NBA All-star game. Often teams are formed around some unifying connection - many times an alma mater. This year, it looks like two former NT players are teamed up to play for Supa Crew which has a bunch of Dallas area guys. https://thetournament.com/teams/supa-crew If interested in making sure they make the field to play for their share of the winner-take-all $2M prize, so ahead and sign up as on
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