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  1. jdennis82

    2019 HS - Jalen Jackson - 5'10" PG

    https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Sport/Basketball/AllTimeRecruits/ Only Jordan Williams was higher at .8950. That one worked out pretty well.
  2. jdennis82

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Got my vote in today...
  3. jdennis82

    Deep Breath

    Well said. I think it's important that supporters of the program as we all are here continue to make sure the members of the program know that our support is not shaken by a mid-season lull. Maybe I was pessimistic coming into the year, but I would have gladly signed up for 7-2 going into the bye week with an opportunity to finish the year at 10-2. That outcome is completely within reach and would go down as one of (if not THE) best seasons in program history. I'm confident the team will rally...let's do our part!
  4. jdennis82

    Protecting Fine vs UAB

    Finally, Football Outsiders' NCAA Oline/Dline stats are available. Taking a look at things provides an interesting look at this weekend's game and what I see as the key to getting the offense on track - protecting Mason Fine in the passing game. To provide some definition of the stats... Sack Rate: Unadjusted sack rate for all non-garbage time pass attempts. Standard Downs Sack Rate: Unadjusted sack rate for standard downs pass attempts. Passing Downs Sack Rate: Unadjusted sack rate for passing downs pass attempts. Take a look at where UAB's D-Line stacks up: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaadl Sack Rate: 15.1% (#1) Standard Downs Sack Rate: 12.7% (#3) Passing Downs Sack Rate: 16.9% (#1) Thankfully, NT's O-Line rates well in these areas as well: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaol Sack Rate: 3.3% (#18) Standard Downs Sack Rate: 1.4% (#10) Passing Downs Sack Rate: 5.9% (#45) It's going to be crucial for Harrell to win his matchup this week and for Fine and his receivers to be in sync on hot reads.
  5. jdennis82

    Blevyn Jones 3* OT Tulane commit

    Does it even count as a true offer if Coach Mac isn't the one leading the team onto the field in the tweet?
  6. Enjoy, friends... https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/conference-usa-basketball-preview-2019 "Outlook: I present to you, the 2018 CBI Champs! That’s right, the Mean Green of North Texas took home the forgettable, quirky consolation tournament trophy that uses a best of 3 series to crown the champion. While the CBI is far from the holy grail of college basketball accolades, it’s a symbolic piece of hardware that denotes the strong foundation 2nd year head coach Grant McCasland has already laid in just one season in Denton, Texas. For the record, Steve Henson was masterful on the sidelines for UTSA last season, but my vote for C-USA coach of the year would’ve gone to the guy who orchestrated a 12-win improvement in the blink of an eye..."
  7. jdennis82


    Really enjoyed this episode. The K.Smith segment offered a chance to highlight how the strength and nutrition staff really works hard both accommodate and educate players - whatever their unique situations. Also, the halftime/rain delay scene with Kason Martin helping lead the "We Ready" chant as they took the field was great. Enjoyed seeing the young man find ways to apply his natural leadership ability even when he's not seeing the field.
  8. jdennis82

    New Locker Room at the Pit

    Incredible...agree with the sentiment Wren tweeted about this - it's always exciting to see players' reactions when they see that the program is committed to investing in them! As for the chairs, it seems pretty commonplace... Tulsa Kansas Arizona
  9. jdennis82

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Coach has been preparing us fans for this since fall camp began...
  10. jdennis82

    New Asst. Coach Matt Braeuer

    Looks like a great hire. The young man is accomplished as a player with a wealth of experience both in Texas High School Basketball and as a valuable piece of a national attention grabbing mid-major program at Wichita State where he made a regional semi-final. He has been around some well-respected college basketball minds at his various stops - no doubt picking up many insights to draw on here in Denton. Looking forward to seeing how he contributes to advancing the program along it's current upward trajectory!
  11. jdennis82

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    Woody Wilson The Pony Slayer 9/9/06 https://meangreensports.com/news/2006/9/11/North_Texas_Defeats_SMU_24_6.aspx?path=football Obviously kidding, but those who were there thought this was an iconic righting of the ship after a disappointing 2005 season
  12. As exciting as 3-0 has been, undefeated record doesn't come close to telling the tale of the season thus far... Week 1 - Halftime Win Probability = 98.3% (Espn) Week 2 - Halftime Win Probability = 99.9% (Espn) Week 3 - Halftime Win Probability = 98.5% (Espn)
  13. Didn't see this posted, but add this to the growing list of "must read/watch" pieces on Mr. Fine. It's an incredible read throughout but some excerpts warrant highlighting...
  14. jdennis82

    Liberty Now Has Two Weeks to Prepare for NT

    Wishing the best for their community's safety during a scary time. Let's hope they're spared the worst case scenario. We faced a Lamar squad going through Harvey restoration last season after they experienced the worst case scenario and the program made me incredibly proud as they handled things with class and understanding while also using the game to help raise support for the recovery efforts (https://www.unt.edu/notices/help-hurricane-harvey-survivors-unt-vs-lamar-football-game-sept-2). I think we'd all rather our young men head to Lynchburg to face a team coming off an excessively precautionary bye week than a region facing what Lamar had to last year.
  15. jdennis82

    One Thing I Liked I Haven't Seen Mentioned

    Almost like Discipline is part of the program's Core Values or something...