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  1. Big swing on a 4 star kid... https://247sports.com/Player/Wade-Taylor-46058132/ Offers from Baylor, SMU, FSU, Okie State, TCU...
  2. Really interesting deep dive into the cost of winning in CBB... The Cost of Winning: Measuring return on investment in D1 basketball "...The question I kept coming back to: Which schools are getting the best return on their investment? To figure this out, I took the EADA data from the ten most recent years available, spanning from 2008 to 2017. The reports are about two years behind, but I think there’s still much to be gleaned from them. Then, I used datasets made available by Sports-Reference to track total wins and winning percentage by year. In order to determine the relative return on investment, I looked at each school’s average wins over the ten-year span as a function of how much was spent on the program, measured in millions of dollars. To keep the numbers from being skewed by schools with low win totals and even lower investments, I adjusted the numbers to reflect winning percentage over the decade. The resultant number is what I call “adjusted return on expenses”, or ROE+. (I am using “expenses” instead of “investment” to differentiate between money spent by the universities and revenue earned.)..." Source: https://dieckhoff66.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/cost-winning-division-i/ Unfortunately, the scope of the review encompassed the entire Benford tenure and, as a result, North Texas came in at #143 in ROE+ School Years Avg. Exp. Avg. Wins ROE+ Win Cost E North Texas 10 $2,203,743.40 16.6 3.91 $132,755.63 Not sure there's much of a takeaway here, but found it an interesting study nonetheless.
  3. What they should've done is offer "priority votes" for season ticket commitments (new and existing deposits). I imagine it would drive some measure of additional support. I love the Battle Flag as much as the next guy and think all are entitled to their opinion, so no shots fired here at those who like the design but... I'm a traditionalist, find FIU's beach-themed court off-putting, and wouldn't want to join them by painting the BF on the court in Denton.
  4. I'll admit, I've never previously heard of ClutchPoints.com, but found this 6/28 scouting report on Fine (and other G5 QBs to be deeper than most out there thus far)... "...In the film room, Fine’s efficient 2018 season compares favorably to Alex Smith’s 2004 season in Utah, playing under Urban Meyer’s spread. Like the former No. 1 pick, he throws with touch, anticipation, faces pressure well, and is nimble enough to extend a play...." Article Link: https://clutchpoints.com/4-non-power-5-quarterbacks-that-may-break-the-2020-nfl-draft/
  5. Glad to see the adjustment but last year's approach made sense at the time too... Coming off the CBI Championship, continuity of rotations and familiarity of roles gave our squad a leg up on others early in the year and the 16-1 start proved it to be the correct call. Unfortunately, once the depth was tested by injury and conference play brought on foes with deeper knowledge of tendencies, we weren't successful in adjusting. Challenging the players to stretch their skill sets early in camp and in non-conference play may cost us such a notable early season record but will hopefully prove to provide greater versatility as a team when we face off against the rest of CUSA.
  6. Hard to judge based on a highlight package against JUCO competition, but here's his hudl page... https://www.hudl.com/profile/3188991/Asher-Frow Like his motor and technique/form. I'll trust our coaches' evaluation and ability to get him ready for the increase in competition level. Always appreciate young men willing to come represent our university on the field...welcome aboard, Mr. Frow.
  7. Thought I'd share a recent podcast interview with Johnny Quinn...a great listen for those of us who've followed his career through the years. Know going in that Sports Spectrum is self-described as "Where Sports & Faith Connect" and they specifically provide a platform for those connected to the sports industry to speak about their Christian faith. So, much of the interview is Quinn speaking about his faith.
  8. If this is true, very excited for Ryan. Really respect Mark Few and his program.
  9. Malik Henry Jersey #: 35 Positions: PF, C Height & Weight: 6'8" 190lbs Class of: 2020 A 3 star recruit at both 247 and Rivals. Ranked 23rd in Texas by 247... https://247sports.com/Player/Malik-Henry-46084356/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/malik-henry-238147 Would be an incredible addition if we could land him.
  10. This is perfect. The only thing that will turn the tide on the general CFB attendance slide is finding ways to make the stadium experience stand apart from the many alternatives available to those who aren't as die hard as the ones on this board. Many are motivated to make at least the annual trek out to Globe Life Park to get food items that can't be duplicated elsewhere. This vending relationship adds one more reason to say "the Apogee experience is unmatched."
  11. Athlete who played QB in HS...if he can be taught the WR position this year and can get regular snaps in 2020, his presence could at least introduce the threat of a trick play or two that opponents have to prepare for. Exciting addition!
  12. Correct http://www.conferenceusa.com/news/2019/5/30/football-fb-2019-broadcast-schedule.aspx
  13. Certainly something to aspire towards but a couple elements make their situation different from ours: 1. Regional P5 schools are largely from the Big 12 and are guaranteed regular visits to the metroplex to face TCU. Absent this, we might have a greater shot at selling them on a chance to play in front of area recruits. 2. The Pac 12 as a group have prioritized lessening exposure to FCS squads and "overpaying to avoid the return game... "for one-off home games against lower-level Division I opposition has become costly. Top Power 5 schools frequently pay more than a million dollars to have an opponent come to their stadium with no return road game. Also, Scott said, Pac-12 schools have a difficult time drawing fans for games against lesser competition." Source: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/26651035/no-plans-change-schedule-philosophy I think that if we continue to see success of the field and build a reputation in line with what SDSU has, we'll have opportunity. We have Cal coming in 2022, Memphis in 2023, Texas Tech in 2027, and Baylor in 2028...we're moving in the right direction. Source: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/north-texas/
  14. The closest comp I can see is when Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois) came in 3rd in 2013. At the point he was named a finalist, Northern Ilinois was 12-1 (after starting 12-0). His stat line before the bowl game was 2,676 Passing Yards 1,881 Rushing Yards 46 touchdowns (22 rushing, 23 passing, and 1 receiving.) Source: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/10111560/heisman-trophy-finalists-jordan-lynch-johnny-manziel-tre-mason-aj-mccarron-andre-williams-jameis-winston The opportunities are there for Mason. Cal is thought to have one of the better LB/Secondary groups in the nation. A strong performance against them - and a victory - would garner more attention than the Arkansas win did last year. Houston and D'Eriq King will bring a salty squad to Denton ready to fire back at whatever Fine throws their way. Win a classic G5 shootout against a fellow Heisman dark horse and the buzz would begin in earnest. May be an uphill battle but one thing is certain... the #6forHeisman campaign is a signal to all recruits that with hard work you can dream big and get noticed in Denton.
  15. THIS Clearly the change was expedited after RJ Hampton's media parade proclaiming Australia's NBL as a better vehicle to prepare him for the NBA. Whether this sways kids to take the NCAA route to the NBA rather than alternatives is of little concern to me. Ultimately, though, this should make the game more visually appealing to casual viewers with the extra spacing. Also, it may I would think the change would make defensive length on the wings more valuable since there's now more ground to cover when closing out on three point shooters. Also, hopefully having to update the line will cause FIU to rethink their awful beach themed court
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