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  1. I want nothing more than to see Fine walk of the field with a CUSA title and bowl win this year, so I would have accepted a recruiting approach that focused on immediate contribution. That said, what the staff's focus on high school players says to me is: The coaches are confident in the depth they've developed and that the program has players ready to step into vacated roles Littrell did not turn down KState and stay in Denton with a distracted, "one more and done" mindset For those reasons, I'm glad they have recruited the way they have.
  2. I've become skeptical of the basketball program under Penny's leadership. Something smells rotten about the recruiting success and any candidate would be wise to look under the rugs before pursuing the gig
  3. In no particular order... Mason Fine (QB) - what is there to say? Best QB in school history. Full command of the offense, great leader of men, and the poster boy for the new Mean Green Standard Patrick Cobbs (RB) - Ran opponents into submission and had enough juice to take it the distance Zach Orr (LB) - leader of the 2013 defense - arguably the best in program history (the best since S&P+ began in 2005) Trevor Moore (PK) - 80% FGs and 100% extra points. Underappreciated. Booger Kennedy (DI) - disruptive force creating havoc in the backfield Lance Dunbar (RB) - carried the water in some dark times for the program and was special with the ball in his hands Johnny Quinn (WR) - Many acrobatic catches. Made the most of limited opportunities. Cyril Lemon (OL) - "The Rev"... 2 time all-conference (twice honorable mention). Made the introduction of those 2013 Centennial Celebration unis looks great! Jonas Buckles (S) - Hall of Famer ('15). Truly the leader of a secondary that suffocated opposing passing games. Jeff Wilson (RB) - So incredibly versatile. Unique vision and skill in the open field to make a house call even though a DB had the angle. Some guys I loved to watch play but couldn't make the cut: Markeith Knowlton, Andy Brewster, Adrian Awasom, Kenny Buyers, Casey Fitzgerald, Brelan Chancelor
  4. Frank Wintrich - Director of Football Performance (2011-2015) NT to BYU to Virginia and currently Director of FB Performance at UCLA
  5. Murray made headlines early on based on his size alone... "But two players looked the part Friday — 6-9 offensive tackle Jordan Murray of North Texas and 6-2, 234-pound receiver Daniel Williams, a third-year player who has also been on the rosters of the Jets, Browns and Washington the past two seasons. Asked if he’d ever seen a 6-9 tackle before, Carrolll said: “I don’t know, but I have not gotten over it yet and I’m serious. OK. Six-nine and then you stand next to him or anybody stands next to him and he just, he just makes everybody look like a punk, you know? So I don’t know how he did today. I couldn’t tell, but he impressed me. I stood well away from him whenever I had a chance.’’ Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/observations-from-day-1-of-seahawks-rookie-minicamp-d-k-metcalf-impresses/ At least he's making an impression...now, hopefully, he can capitalize on the attention.
  6. Even though Vinatieri is expected to be the Colts kicker, this is a great opportunity for Hedlund. Mike Badgley was in a similar spot last year as the Colts' camp leg until Vinatieri took over halfway through the preseason. The experience and exposure proved valuable as Badgley was picked up by the Chargers in October, finished the season as their full time kicker, and now looks to be their long-term plan for the position.
  7. Cited as a reason we're still being considered... https://247sports.com/Article/Eli-Williams-football-recruiting-top-four-TCU-Kansas-State-North-Texas-Texas-Tech-131770361/ Our scouting staff is becoming quite a machine at uncovering talent and developing early relationships. It'll payoff - whether that's in '20 or down the road as guys look to transfer in search of playing time.
  8. Would love to take in one more season of Woolridge's composure and calm leading the team but - even though it opens up options for him to consider leaving Denton - more than anything, I'm glad to hear that he'll be securing his degree in May. He's given a lot to this program and will stand as a key contributor to its culture change whether he laces them up here one next year or not.
  9. Incredible haul the last two days. Should be a MUCH deeper team next season and better equipped to handle injury issues that pressed so many of our guys into larger roles and longer minutes mid-year leading to late season fatigue.
  10. Wow...yeah, Arrington completely butchers things. And Cowherd shows his ignorance several times over (begins at about the 31min mark)... https://player.fm/series/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd-1789841/best-of-the-herd-04232019?t=1866 At least we know Mean Joe and the NFL won't mess it up tomorrow...
  11. Came across an interesting tidbit about our Mean Green reading Dane Brugler's NFL Draft guide. According to Brugler, in the spring of 2016 when QB Ryan Finley was choosing his transfer destination when leaving Boise State, he'd narrowed the decision down to NC State and North Texas. This appears to be corroborated by USA Today (LINK) . The QB Timeline appears to look something like this... Dec '15: Alec Morris agrees to transfer to North Texas Jan '16: Mason Fine commits to North Texas May '16: Ryan Finley transfers to NC State I know we'd all keep things as they played out but it's fascinating to wonder if Finley had landed in Denton, how things would have shaken out.
  12. This is great to hear... After a 2018 off-season that saw great staff retention, we've experienced a 2019 off-season with much turnover. Once the dust settled, though, I think most feel there's reason to think the staff may be improved overall and the united front of Baker & Littrell is a huge reason those openings were appealing. We enjoyed an incredible and potentially transformative 2019 recruiting class. Stack a similarly (or better) 2020 class behind them and the future of the program looks amazing. An extension for Littrell will only bolster the recruiting pitch.
  13. Love it. This young man looks like an incredible addition to what's growing in Denton. Welcome aboard, Mr. Lee! A couple benefits to recruiting tight ends... The Flex TE is becoming an almost indispensable mismatch weapon in the game and should really help the offense play quicker without sacrificing the running game. Last year, SB Nation had a nice breakdown ( LINK ). Of note, Jayce Gilder was second on EWU last year with seven TDs. A 17 year old playing TE is still growing into his body. A larger frame with added weight could be used on either line, if TE does not work out. There are many examples of tackles who were recruited as TEs (Lane Johnson, Jake Fisher, etc.)
  14. Pool play begins today. For those unfamiliar, the event is a 3 on 3 tournament open to seniors who've exhausted NCAA eligibility. Teams are formed based on collegiate conference affiliation. Pool play wins net the team $1,000 with a tournament championship landing them $100,000. This is the event's second year (The Big Ten squad won in 2018) https://www.3x3uhoops.com/landing/index A couple teams of note around here... First, the CUSA squad features 3 players who made the All-Conference 1st or 2nd teams (Stith, Beard, Carver) and Sixth Player of the Year (Stapleton) Second, former NT great Jeremy Combs is representing the SWAC
  15. With pro day behind our guys, it's time to see where they start popping up in mocks as the draft approaches. Looks like Randy Gurzi of Fansided's NFL Spinzone has EJ ending up in Foxborough... https://nflspinzone.com/2019/04/01/nfl-draft-2019-mock-draft-complete-7-rounds/63/
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