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  1. Looks like our move to the AAC will perfectly align with the next EA video game for the sport. Glad the announcement came when it did to give developers plenty of time to get it right from the jump. According to the Extra Points newsletter ( https://www.extrapointsmb.com/ ) and the accompanying Going For Two podcast episode: I can't remember if previous editions used "Fly Like An Eagle" and I wonder if Steve Miller Band would nix that from being included, but I'd love to have that tune and Boomer as Apogee-specific elements introduced to the game.
  2. Wonder where he got that crutch phrase
  3. Starting to think admin needs to add a new "Big Game Boomer Tweets" forum
  4. Dare to dream... https://247sports.com/player/javien-toviano-46103147/
  5. Thanks for posting. Need regular reminders of how fortunate we were to have that guy as the face of our program while we did.
  6. What an important and probably underrated part of the story that is this program's revitalization. McBride, Bell, and Murray returning to Denton was so key. They didn't only stabilize the squad with rotation continuity but they led the new team into a force that I certainly didn't see coming. This season proved that last year wasn't a flash in the pan and McBride was critical to that. As with Reese, Gibson, and Woolridge before, I'll be tracking his next step and rooting for his success.
  7. Takeaway: Of course an 18-24 year old student is going to read what's posted online about them. Keep in mind while using this site.
  8. A good listen with some new insight about the program's approach on the court and recruiting trail. It's a good listen overall, but if you're only interest in McCasland, he joins around the 27min mark
  9. This is what jumped out to me. He feels very much at home in Denton. Whatever happens this spring, I'd love to be in position to make sure "staying home" has justifiable appeal. As he noted in the interview, the forthcoming move the the American helps.
  10. I should be embarrassed by how much I've played around with Torvik's "Teamcast" this year playing out various win/loss scenarios. Have fun... https://www.barttorvik.com/teamcast.php?team=North+Texas&year=2022
  11. Not sure I've seen someone get as low backing down his defender at T.Bell does. Puts them in such a bind when he enters a shooting motion because they're center of gravity is so far forward trying to hold position that Bell's able to initiate contact and force a foul call. Hope he pulls that FT shooting up toward his 70% last year.
  12. Always enjoy the info unpacked on these episodes but what I appreciate most is that you guys maintain a positive, supportive perspective - one that I think most on this board share even though sometimes the negativity gets more traction.
  13. Agree. The program didn't need a culture change, it needed a demolition of the existing culture and the building up of a new one from the ground up, McCasland was clearly the perfect man for the job.
  14. Boy, need to remember next time a look-a-like thread gets going for USM how much their commentator Larry Boyd looks and sounds like Woody Harrelson Boyd Harrelson
  15. Similar initial measurements to 9 year pro Mike Daniels
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