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  1. What have we demonstrated that would possibly make the coaching staff believe we can get a first down on 4th and 1 ?
  2. TCU would rather play DUQUESNE.
  3. Some of you may know I'm a fan of SEC Shorts. As of today, there is a second North Texas mention, at least to my knowledge, again at the expense of Arkansas. In this episode, Arkansas is moving out of the College Football Basement Dweller's house. It's movie night and Arkansas is nowhere to be found. He finally shows up and that's where the North Texas 44-17 win is again mentioned by UCONN. GOOGLE SEC Shorts-Arkansas moves out.
  4. The backup QBs wear red caps to in signal plays. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.
  5. If this were a first year program with a first year coach, I’d be satisfied and proud. Our facilities and our payroll are as good as any G 5 program. I believe our effort deserves a better return. I will no longer be content with moral victories unless we are playing top 25 teams.
  6. The recent discussion about player’s names on the back of jerseys reminded me when names originally were placed on uniforms. As I recall, the old AFL was the first to add names (along with red penalty flags) but not in the jerseys. The Dallas Texans, for at least one season, had names above the hips in the back if player’s pants. I have looked and looked fir a photo, as the GMG rule is “no photo, it didn’t happen.” The names on pants seemed odd then as today. However, it made a lot of sense for down linemen and any player in a 3 or 4 point stance. Search your old Dallas Texans memorabilia and see if you see a name on the hips. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. Just remember boys and girls, where that money comes from. Whether we want to buy out someone’s contract, or go to town and bring somebody great in here, it takes money and the money comes from you and me. It doesn’t really matter, keep a coach or fire a coach, the notion of waiting to support the program or waiting to buy season tickets won’t work. There is no pot of money in Wren’s office. It comes from you and me. Ante up.
  8. I did. A very small group. They talked about the weather, deep snappers, punting, and National Equipment Managers Week. We need to get a week better, look in the mirror, it’s on the coaches, Skip Holtz does and incredible job…
  9. Where did McCarney sit last time he was at Apogee ? I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t more made of his being back.
  10. It's 2021. Could we please provide the "question askers" a microphone ?
  11. Tonight at Rudy’s at 7:00 unless something changes. They used to take questions. I guess if there is no answer, there is no need for questions. Great food and great Mean Green friends.
  12. Is a negative uproar from the students any worse than being ignored by the students ?
  13. According to Wikipedia, 51.7%. You’re right. Is anybody satisfied with 51.7% ?
  14. We are so unaccustomed to winning, any glimpse of success draws an unreasonable response and an unnecessary bonus or contract extension. We should remember that coaches are hired to be successful. Winning should be the norm and not the exception. Are we still paying off the Rick Villarreal and Dan McCarney contracts ?
  15. A over-simplified contract my wife likes is as follows… $500,000. Base salary. Period. $100,000 bonus per win. Coach wins 6 games, he’s paid 1.1 mil. He wins 10 games, he earns 1.5 mil. When coach is successful, NT is successful.
  16. If we were ranked in the top 20, I’d be happy with Fouts. With our facilities and our payroll, is it too much to also want to be successful ?
  17. What did Bill Parcells say about potential ? And please don’t call us a “sleeping giant.” To quote Liza Doolittle, “Don’t speak of words, show me ! “
  18. Tim (and that’s good for another Mean Green First Down) Crouch, or Rob ( at the end of the first stanza) Coffey ? Just win GO MEAN GREEN
  19. While I would rather you simply say you disagree with my post ( your down vote hurts my reputation score) , I’m glad that you took ownership of your down vote. I have never given a down vote and I never will. I’m glad you aren’t hiding behind a keyboard as so many have. GO MEAN GREEN
  20. I wish my fellow Mean Green supporters had the nerve to attach their name to their down votes.
  21. We have a problem that most schools don’t have. Our mascot is an Eagle but our nickname is Mean Green. Schools that use a bulldog mascot are called Bulldogs. Schools that use a longhorn are, Longhorns. Schools that use an elephant are called Crimson Tide ? I wish we would steer away from Eagle and concentrate on the unique Mean Green.
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