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  1. I’ve never liked the red down vote and have never given one. This morning, El Paso Eagle listed teams in CUSA that need a win to become bowl eligible. As of this writing, he has received 3 down votes for his thoughts. Mods, eliminate the down vote, or, list the name of the person issuing the down vote. Let’s see how brave people are when they have to show their faces from behind their monitors. I expect to receive down votes for broaching this topic. That of course will hurt my reputation here on the board but someone has to do something. We’re all North Texas fans here. To hand out down votes does nothing to increase unity. GO MEAN GREEN
  2. Well it’s still 90% but only 40% at 2:00. Regardless, let’s win this conference ! ENDING AT 11:00 !! GO MEAN GREEN
  3. I like your forecast better than mine.
  4. That’s hard to believe (I mean I believe you), but records are kept to be broken. I wish Austin AUNE the best and I hope he’s the new TD record holder after tomorrow. And thank you to Mason Fine.
  5. This isn’t going to help our average attendance. The HUB Club will be full, behind the glass. The lower bowl and outdoor seating of the Club should be quiet. Only the most waterproof of fans will be in attendance Saturday. I wish Apogee would allow umbrellas. GO MEAN GREEN STAY WARM AND DRY
  6. Happier with a win this weekend.
  7. I what they lack in musicianship, they make up for with a lack of class and sportsmanship. l'd just as soon they stay home. By the way, I understand they're serving potatoes in the HUB Club Saturday. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. I what they lack in musicianship, they make up for with a lack of class and sportsmanship. l'd just as soon they stay home. By the way, I understand they're serving potatoes in the HUB Club Saturday. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. I learned to swim in that pool as a bitty boy( and yes, it DID have water in it). I enrolled the summer I graduated from high school ( 1969) and took Freshman English, 131, and springboard diving at that same pool.
  10. I was at the Coliseum watching as he donated 1 million dollars. That’s a lot more than me over my lifetime. I’m glad he has a North Texas helmet on display when he does interviews.
  11. I’m sure it’s next to impossible to do, but I’d like to see a chart showing which uniform combination was worn on what day, of every game North Texas has played in, and the winner of that game.
  12. Mason Fine’s great great grandfather, Murray Fine, completed the only pass attempted.
  13. According to Google, which could certainly be wrong, Paul Quinn College has an enrollment of 424 students. I promise my freshman biology class was bigger than that.
  14. Did you notice each one of the above examples relied on letters or a logo to make sure the viewer knew what school was represented. Many states do the same thing (Oklahoma, California, Kansas). Texas and NORTH TEXAS let the flag do the “talking.” GO MEAN GREEN
  15. Has anyone ever returned to a school previously attended ?
  16. Why are we playing Paul Quinn College ?
  17. I googled “Baylor battle flag” and I still can’t see it. Does anyone have a photo of this infringement ?
  18. And why are we wearing green at home ?
  19. Have to be there for practice ??? Tell me again what cheerleaders are for ?
  20. As involved as the students were at the first game, they are that in-involved tonight. And where are the cheerleaders ? Not a cheerleader in sight.
  21. The Mean Green Maniacs are taking a “I think I’ll just sit” attitude tonight.
  22. Coach Andy, I have been in touch with Doug Rush and he put me in touch with Danny Suges and Danny is coming to Denton Wednesday, February 1, to speak at my Kiwanis Club about the “bring it back” project. I will get back closer to February to promote Danny’s presentation but I’m inviting all GMG members to attend. I’ll even buy breakfast. I’ll be asking Bret Vito to attend to give this project some coverage. The Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club meets at Rudy’s Wednesday mornings at 7:00am. More to come. CALL FOR INFORMATION. Joe Holland. 940) 206-5177 GO MEAN GREEN
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