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  1. Do I understand that by “entering” the transfer portal, the player says he wants to transfer and essentially puts himself on the market for another school to offer him ? Does he attend the new school on a scholarship or can he transfer as a walk-on ?
  2. What a great comeback. Congratulations to the Mean Green. I was unable to sit in front of a TV or monitor yesterday. Is there a link I can go to and watch the entire game today ? GO MEAN GREEN
  3. Any place to catch the replay ? Asking for a friend.
  4. Hopefully. Of course, Middle was 1-4 going into this game.
  5. They certainly look good in those uniforms. Win. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. That’s a good reason to do anything.
  7. I’d hate to play Houston Baptist Saturday.
  8. I would have bet my house. And, I guess, I’d be homeless tonight. RV fired Mac. Canales was the interim. Finish the history, please.
  9. Our defense in the first series always seems to be wrong.
  10. Nice tape. Notice they didn’t feature their cardboard cannon.
  11. This may be what North Texas football looks like without Mason Fine.
  12. I saw in the DR-C that Jayden Jones was supposed to “announce” his decision as to his “commitment” today. First, is this too much hype ? Don’t most recruits just fax in their LOI and be done with it ? Second, is he worth all the anticipation ? 4 star ? 5 star ? And lastly, where will the announcement be made ? I hate to think that I’ll be the last to hear of this big news. GO MEAN GREEN
  13. As well as the Sun Belt played last week, it might be a compliment. I’m not sure Joe Greene has any eligibility left. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. I can put my hands on 4. $35 face value. $20 ea Joe. 940)206-5177
  15. I have a guy with 2 on the 30 alumni side. Face value $35 ea. call me. 940) 206-5177. Joe
  16. Wait for an important game. Like the green and white scrimmage.
  17. But I think their mascot is the Broncos.
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