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  1. The person that posted that obscene gesture above is the very person that gets a gig based on his North Texas degree and uses part of the money to go to Wal-Mart and buy a Texas A&M cap.
  2. I see this as very bad for North Texas and similar "mid major" teams. A player that a P-5 team passed on goes to a G-5 school and does really well. This new rule would give the P-5 team, which likely had the opportunity to sign the player in the first place, a "second bite at the apple" . The G-5 school, North Texas, is left with nothing after spend countless hours coaching this player, getting said player into playing shape, and maybe rehabbing an injury. Very good for big programs. Very bad for programs that don't always get first pick. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. All I know is that we beat them at the Heart of Dallas Bowl and took their President.
  4. All the football coaches are going to be at the basketball game Thursday night on the concourse. This seems like a good question.
  5. I have a friend that always tries to make it sound French. "Ap-o-ghey Stadium"
  6. Thanks for the distinction Grand Green. When I read the article, I found it odd that the surplus was called, just that--a surplus. I don't know one thing about a non-profit. This makes sense and clears up to question I had.
  7. Jim McIngvale donated 1 million dollars to the athletic dept in a ceremony at the Coliseum. I was there. When RV fired Darrell Dickey, Jim insisted that some tribute be paid to his friend DD or, that the money given to athletics be instead given to the Department of Music. Nobody wanted to give the money back and we had a plot of land without a name and that practice field became the DD Practice Field. There must have been some sort of string attached to the gift or it must have been paid out over a period of time.
  8. I read this in this morning's DR-C. Much of the reason given is that we have finally paid off contracts bought out by the Athletic Dept (Rick V and Coach MAC). The article said the Athletic Department was in the black with a bit over $850,000. in surplus. Doesn't money left over after expenses mean we made a profit in 2019 ?
  9. Well, we do have some feeble minded trolls.
  10. He refers to “one window closing and another opening.” What window closed on this fellow ?
  11. Kaedric Cobbs is NOT Patrick Cobbs’ son.
  12. I care because he is a local kid and he won the Doak Walker Award. The top high school player in the nation. I care because North Texas is the local university and the kid and the university share the same zip code (almost). We had a chance to offer the best high school player in the nation an opportunity to play at North Texas and we passed. There was no guarantee that Cobbs would want to attend NT but we took that old adage, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I bet this kid makes us regret this decision. GO MEAN GREEN
  13. Joey was also amused that the press would make such a fuss over a little thing like that.
  14. Jeff is listed as active. And an interesting side note, North Texas has as many players in the Super Bowl as Texas Tech and CUSA has 7 players and the American Airlines Conference has 5. I don't care about pro football but I'm a homer. Go Jeffery. Go 'Niners.
  15. No. Not that Cobbs. The 4.0 scholar and State Champion runner-up from Guyer High has committed to UTSA. Now his family and friends can see him right here in DENTON every other year when another elite DENTON County product comes to town with UTSA.
  16. This was my first visit to Alamo Draft House. The place was very nice. A small theater with big cushy reclining chairs. After the loss, we were waiting for the waiter to bring our bill. He said he was waiting for the 4th qtr to bring out the bills. Oh well.
  17. If the student section turnout was as good as the UTEP turnout the Bottom bowl would have been full. I wish they would keep the upper bowl closed until the lower bowl was filled. Beat Rice. GO MEAN GREEN
  18. If the Coliseum holds 10K and it was half full, that’s 5,000. This was the best crowd this season. And the UTEP fans did themselves proud. They were as loud as the Home team. Great win. Are we half a game ahead of Western Kentucky ?
  19. I'm interested as to who is paying for the ad promoting the "Porch" memorial service. I don't read the Dallas News but there has been a large ad in the DR-C many times since his death. With the memorial service not until the 28th (?) it will probably run several more times.
  20. They’re the station with the bubble.
  21. We are hosting next year's Grey Cup.
  22. No, not that Cobbs, Kaedric Cobbs the senior from right here in Denton. The Guyer High School running back just received the $30,000. Davey O'Brien High School Award given to the outstanding high school athlete in DFW. Cobbs is not only an outstanding athlete but he's number 1 in his senior class with a 5.0 GPA. He has received offers from UTSA, Abilene Christian, San Diego, Conn, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Tulane. But guess who, according to the DR-C hasn't offered ? That's right. My favorite team. I know less about recruiting football players than anybody but I don't understand why NT almost insults local talent by not offering a scholarship to kids that grow up, in the shadow of Apogee Stadium. It seems to just be good business to me. Offer a local kid that would bring his family and friends to watch him play Saturday afternoons. Sell them a hot dog and a hat. And even if they don't attend, at least NT made them the same offer as U T S A !
  23. After a historic 20 Point win last night over Rice, the DR-C sports page mentions the Mavericks, Derek Jester, Venus and the Braswell Girls BB. I didn’t see Bret last night but I didn’t look for him either. We had a good crowd and played well enough to be in a tie for first in CUSA yet nothing in today’s paper.
  24. Huff got credit on that sack. It looked like Hamilton to me. GO MEAN GREEN
  25. North Texas is west SMU is east ? And a long TD run prevents another Mason Fine TD throw. This is probably the last we see of Mason Today. Good luck Mason. You always made us proud.
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