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  1. Norte Dame could schedule the Dallas Cowboys if they wanted to.
  2. "UNT has won just three bowl games in program history." Did those 10 words add anything to the story ? It's remarkable to me that this great scheduling news should be tinged with something negative. I was at Cal. I hope I can attend these 3 games. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. Drop the A& M game in College Station and schedule Navy at Apogee.
  4. I feel another airplane pulled banner coming on.
  5. Perhaps the title should read “North Texas Region” or DFW.
  6. If fans aren't allowed inside, let's have a tailgate at Apogee in the morning.
  7. Some in basketball. I don’t recall a zero in any football team. I’d like to see “6” held out for a year.
  8. Did you know that CLT is the code for the Charlotte NC Airport ? I didn’t think of it like that and so I looked it up. Funny.
  9. Where did the helmet photo go ?
  10. My wife dismissed it as nice. Then, I made her look at it and explained what the “C” and the pick stand for. She says it’s a cool design. Whew !
  11. Quick now... Who scored the first TD at Fouts ?
  12. I’ve always been amazed the the nickname for the University of Mississippi has remained unchallenged for so many decades. It’s even on their football helmet.
  13. Except for the helmet logo, that's a classic uniform.
  14. Please tell us, the low tech and low information Mean Green fans more about TJ. Every time I click on something related to this recruit the message says, "not available." GO MEAN GREEN
  15. OK... I’m thinking if an alum with the initials JWL that graduated in 1964.
  16. Very cool. Congratulations to you both. GO MEAN GREEN
  17. Seems like news like that would drive season ticket sales. The athletic department could restrict how many tickets are sold at the gate but if one is holding a ticket, it would be hard to turn that ticket holder away.
  18. I guess I spent more time in the concession line than I realized.
  19. I didn't miss a NT home game in 2019-2020. I don't miss many any year. I don't recall ever seeing this player.
  20. It’s only 180 miles Starkville to Memphis. This alone should make it an attractive out of conference game.
  21. It's really not a very imaginative song. The eyes of Texas are upon you I've been working on the railroad All the live long day All the live long day The eyes of Texas are upon you I've been working on the railroad You cannot get away Just to pass the time away Do not think you can escape them Can't you hear the whistle blowing At night or early in the morn Rise up so early in the morn The eyes of Texas are upon you Can't you hear the captain shouting 'til Gabriel blows his horn Dinah blow your horn this didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I had both lyrics side by side showing how similar The Eyes of Texas is to Railroad. Just not a good song. Glory to the Green is much better thought out. J
  22. I really like all the “At Home With Hank” installments. “The Stand”, “The Punt”, and “The Drive” should be required watching of every incoming freshman at North Texas. GO MEAN GREEN
  23. If a player delayed enrolling one year, his eligibility clock would not start.
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