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  1. I heard the broadcaster say that WKU was going for their 1,000th game making at least 1 three pointer. They almost didn’t making their first at about 2:00 minutes left. How many consecutive games has NT made at least 1 three pointer ? Great win at Diddle GO MEAN GREEN
  2. If I recall correctly, North Texas and UTA played in the first game at the old Texas Stadium. This was where I got my first look at the apple green Mean Green uniforms. I was at the first game played at Maverick Stadium. A Corkey Nelson coached Mean Green team won. I was also at Fours Field to see the last game played by UTA coached by Chuck Curtis. NT wins. I don’t think UTA has a core of students that care enough to start a football program. We are fortunate.
  3. NT over Texas. Pat Hicks. Number 30 in your program. Number 1 in your heart.
  4. Somehow, a guy announcing he tested positive for COVID gets a down vote.
  5. i never said disloyal. Goofy perhaps, inconsistent perhaps, without logic perhaps, but not disloyal. All the text is in green and Marcus didn't choose the jersey that day.
  6. Perfect. Perhaps make a new one each year and invite other former players to follow suit. What a great way to give back. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. “Ref and other fans already complain….” What ? I’ve never heard this in almost 50 years of Coliseum attendance. Who complained ? Where did you hear this ? GO MEAN GREEN
  8. I wish I knew what any of this means.
  9. Jason was the Free Gift we got with Mason Fine. i hope both these men stick around and become as fond of the Mean Green program as graduates as the Mean Green program has been of them. All the best to you, Jason. GO MEAN GREEN
  10. GO MEAN GREEN. Even non-athletic inclined North Texas folk recognize and respond to this well known phrase. GO MEAN GEEEN See ?
  11. Earlier this season, I was told that my long time seats, 2nd row behind the visitor bench were not available due to C protocol. Obviously my tickets had a QR code that the ticket lady scanned each game. Then, I got word that my old seats were once again available. The ticket office sent me my new tickets but there was no QR code. There is still not, so each game, I have to remind the ticket lady my tickets have no QR code. So far she has been there but if she ever gets sick or retires, I’m sunk. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. Grey uniforms. Aghhh !!!!
  13. Well then, “get your rear on the record” when Vito opens it up. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. Cal, Ole Miss, TCU, Baylor, and Southern Miss. But only home and home. GO MEAN GREEN
  15. When I was growing up, my Grandmother used to wish her friends “healthy new year.” I remember telling her we should wish for money or cars or something material. She said with good health you have everything. She was right then and now and so I extend her wish to my Mean Green friends. I hope you and your families enjoy good health in 2022 and far beyond. Now, go sign up for the Mean Green Scholarship Fund and buy season tickets. GO MEAN GREEN
  16. I must say I disagree with almost everything PSEUDO NYM said. North Texas is my team. Or maybe, I should say teams. I am a fan of North Texas in all things but I choose to support with my checkbook Mean Green football and Men's Basketball. It's not a coincidence that these two sports are the most visible at most universities. Right or wrong, these are the sports most people enjoy the best. I support NT football and BB and I consider myself a fan. We had a priest at our Church for years. He said, look at your checkbook register. See what's there. That's where your heart is. I don't feel like I'm a fan of the IRS or the utility company although there are plenty of checks to them but the checks I don't have to write. Those I choose to write. That's what I support. I say a fan supports the their team regardless. Regardless. It doesn't matter the record, the coach, the facility. A fan writes checks and attends games. It's how we are recognized by others as fans. Stay home and watch TV, for me, equates going to Wal-Mart and buying a t-shirt. Hence, T-shirt fans. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ? Anybody becomes a fan when the wins are frequent. I want to sit with my Mean Green friends that don't look at the win-lose record when buying season tickets. As far as supporting professional sport teams, that's like supporting Coca-Cola or McDonalds. These are businesses selling entertainment. North Texas needs supporters that support North Texas because we are North Texas. Win ? i want that as much as anyone but my support doesn't hinge on who is driving the train. It's my train. GO MEAN GREEN
  17. Hi. This is Joe. I'm a first time caller but a long time listener. When a bowl game gets cancelled, like the Fenway Bowl or like (maybe) the Sun Bowl, who gets paid and who doesn't ? Obviously, the schools do not get paid because they didn't play. But what about the people that work at the stadium and had planned to work that day ? How about the on field officials that accepted that game and now can't get another quickly ? How about the TV crew that planned to be in Boston or El Paso and now they don't have a gig ? The concession workers and the guys that park cars ? And while I thinking about it, when the North Texas-LSU game tonight got cancelled, do the student workers that help me find a parking spot get paid ? The basketball refs and the official scorer and the concession people. And what about the hot dogs and beer that was delivered to the Coliseum ? And how about the fans ? We bought tickets and now there's no game. I'll hang up and listen. Thanks.
  18. I Googled a coup[le of things relative to this thread... The average tenure for FBC football coaches is 3.8 years. 71 BCS coaches make at least $1 million per year The average salary is $1.75 mil Nick Saben is the highest paid at &9.7mil Terry Bowden at ULMonroe is the lowest at $430,000.
  19. The Arkansas win with the punt return that dazzled the nation.
  20. There’s a college and law school in San Antonio that thinks it stands for St Mary’s University. They didn’t play in a bowl game either.
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