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  1. And, we need to get our game played before the “2s” because they will tend to back out after they’ve gotten their games. In fact, we should always be on the front end of a 1 & 1 or a 2 & 1.
  2. By my count, only Tulsa, Temple, and Southern Meth do not play baseball in the AAC. I wonder if the AAC decision makers would prefer another baseball school ?
  3. Thank you. I’ll make the necessary correction.
  4. I hate the thought that we have to wait until some other school is finished before we can get a seat at the table. I gate thinking thus, but I think adding baseball would add an impressive page to out application portfolio. Currently, we are one of two schools in DFW that don’t offer the great game. If we played baseball, we could tout our better “well rounded” athletics menu. irs been said many times. If we could get the weight of our ALUMS in the DFW area behind BB I think we could get it done. Money.
  5. I never heard a curse word from any wrestlers. They were pretty upset and certainly got excited, but they never talked “ugly.”
  6. The Godfather of Texas wrestlin’, from the Sportatorium on Cadez Street in downtown Dallas, Fritz Von Erich ! Bronco Lupitz your referee. Your ring announcer, Bill Mercer
  7. 2030 ? By that time Chelsea Clinton will be in her second term, timeouts will last 90 minutes, and I'll be almost 80. Can we bring some big time program or conference in before I need a handicap parking placard ?
  8. That’s interesting. If I work for a company in Texas and my company sends me to Ohio for a month to get the Ohio branch back on track, I wouldn’t be considered an employee of an Ohio company. I’d continue to get paid from my Texas employer. I wonder why it’s different working for a Florida company franchised by the NFL ? GOD BLESS TEXAS
  9. I keep trying to live in the now. Some of you keep dragging’ back to the “good old days. (thank you)
  10. I still don’t know what this is. Or the post.
  11. What in the Wide World of Sports are ya’ll talking about ?
  12. I love this idea. But instead of holding the event at the Star, hold it right here at Apogee. The round table in the Club and show the movie on the Jumbo-tron. Pop corn and Rasinettes, please.
  13. According to website “Over the Cap”, a fourth round draft pick should expect to sign a 4 year contract worth about 4.11 mil paying between $814-$733 thou per year, including signing bonus. If Jaelon can make the team, have a relatively injury free 4 years and not spend his money foolishly, he should be well on his way to a prosperous future. Don't forget to write, Jaelon. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. Those Southern Meth boys don’t miss a trick, do they. Became University of North Texas 33 years ago. Fouts was torn down about 10 years ago. They're oblivious to both.
  15. North Texas, North Texas, we love.
  16. I'm very pleased for Darden. Has anyone heard how our other WR is doing ? I just watched his highlight tape. It's all Mean Green. Good luck to Rico. Aloha.
  17. And the winner is MAGIC95FAN. Johnny...Tell him what he's won !!! Congratulations Jaelon. The beginning of the beginning ! GO MEAN GREEN
  18. Yippee !! Good luck Jaelon. Here's to a long, prosperous and injury free NFL career. GO MEAN GREEN
  19. Actually, I think a modernized version of those uniforms would be a good idea. NT has no obvious connection with the armed forces yet they wear a military style uniform. And speaking of “non-military” why does the Green Brigade continue to carry those white “rifles” ? Is the right to twirl wooden rifles protected under the Second Amendment ? GO MEAN GREEN
  20. Tell us a little about yourself OAHU EAGLE. I haven’t heard too much from you ever until now and you seem to be a “one issue” poster. GO MEAN GREEN
  21. I never knew John Lennon to play a Strat.
  22. White t-shirts Non-identical khaki shorts Black ball caps Black socks Whatever shoes you want Oh, sorry. You were interested in the NEW uniforms.
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