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  1. “Jaylon Ferguson was killed by the combined effects of fentanyl and cocaine, Bruce Goldfarb, spokesman for the office of the Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed” according to the Baltimore Sun.
  2. Funny, had this suggestion seen the light of day a year or so ago, the wrath of the NCAA likely would have crashed down upon us. Now, we make such a suggestion on our own fan board. SMU was ahead of their time.
  3. I’m sure the decision of “where” was made weeks ago. Tampering ? Yes, of course.
  4. This late, won’t Davis have to sit out a year ?
  5. Baltimore police are calling it an “open questionable death” until the cause of death is determined. Too bad.
  6. Thanks Lifer. Was I the only poster that missed the gimmick ? GO MEAN GREEN (940)
  7. Is there some significance to “9.15” ? All this time I assumed that was the date of the game. Tickets for $8.27 would be more cleaver.
  8. We stayed at the Camino Real. It’s not close to the Sun Bowl, although we walked there. It’s a grand hotel that was a bit tired when we were there (Mac was coach) but was scheduled to be re-modeled. It’s very near the main entrance/exit into Mexico and close to the double or triple A baseball stadium. UT El Paso is a pretty campus with all the buildings with the same colors and design. While you’re there, ask to go to “Rosa’s Cantina.” The cab driver will laugh as there are about 50 Tosa’s Cantinas.
  9. In other breaking news, it has been announced that Christmas will be observed on December 25 this year. Details for New Year’s Day were not yet available.
  10. He comes from a good athletic family. His father was Abe. He had a brother that wasn't very smart named Disa. good people.
  11. As bad as they are, at least the color is correct. Lucky, I guess.
  12. I wish her uniform said so as well.
  13. An example of the benefits of a degree from the University of North Texas.
  14. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the DR-C report that NT LOST to Nebraska 0-3 ? I saw the highlight reel and I know better, but what give ?
  15. He always did an excellent interview. Even as a freshman.
  16. The rest of the story… Firefightin’ Rick was asked to leave that game. Apparently cooler heads prevailed and the sign came down and Rick stayed, if I remember correctly. It’s been a couple of decades. We’ve come a long way, baby. GO MEAN GREEN
  17. Did he bring his Memphis playbook with him ?
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