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  1. The NCAA tournament is the best event in American sports. It's the only sport in which everyone's team has a shot, it aint broke, so dont fix it!
  2. The super pit seems fine for now, sure it could use some minor updates, but doesn't seem like a priority at the moment. plus I would like to see a baseball program, before a new arena.
  3. I would have preferred the MWC, however I think their partial interest in UNT and other schools was contingent on additional schools leaving the MWC. The AAC didnt get who they originally wanted, though I think their plan B was to go with schools in cities and larger markets that would improve their media footprint, and thats what they did.
  4. As much as I would love to see UNT in the MWC, playing in the AAC would be very fun to watch, and probably get fans in seats.
  5. I dont think the so called football experts really understand how to rate a schools recruiting at the tier level that UNT plays. I also think its safe to say that every school that has beat UNT this season has out recruited them the last couple seasons.
  6. The program needs a major rebuild, and that will require someone experienced who has done it before.
  7. still way to early... Going into last season, I didn't think they would surpass the performance of the previous season, I was wrong. McCasland continues to get more out of his player every season, and I have no reason to think that will not continue. 127 seem way off the mark though...
  8. I dont think the MWC will expand unless they loose a school, and there is a good chance of that happening. I know this is the football sections, but UNT has really been a basketball school the last couple years, and that could be the key to joining a better conference.
  9. UNT checks a lot of boxes for these conferences, the school is in a top media market, athletic facilities are top notch, large size school. Football may not be doing well at the moment, though the potential is there. The basketball program has been one of the top mid-major programs in the country the last couple seasons. I think either conference would have some interest in adding UNT. The AAC is depleted and starting to get get desperate for members. Some think that SMU may not want to share DFW, however with so few schools left and little interest from outside schools, UNT is probably in their top 5. The MWC will probably be the top G5 conference, and have expressed an interest in getting back into Texas.
  10. I am concerned that the university will not spend what it takes to bring in a decent coach, and give them control of the program. I am worried that what ever deal they make to get rid of Littrell will impact what kind of deal they could offer a potential next coach.
  11. Good recruiting compared to whom? UNT has been out recruited by every team they have lost to this year... The last couple classes were not ranked very high in regards to recruiting... Coming into the season the team didnt seem to know who would be playing QB... for me all signs pointed to a 3 win season. Back on topic, I am fine with replacing the coach, but would like to know whom the team is replacing him with.
  12. Coming into this season I thought this would be a 3 win team talent wise, and maybe the coaching staff could find something or someway to win a 4th... I am all for replacing the coach if its an improvement, but I also want to know what the strategy is. Bringing in a new coach will not turn this team into a 6 win team, its going to take a couple recruiting classes to do so, in addition to knowing what to do on the field.
  13. Mith every new realignment article, the MWC just looks better and better...
  14. I expected this to be a 3 win team long before the season started... I am not happy with the coach, but what are the realistic options? Will the school actually do what it takes to go out and get a good coach? how does this effect recruiting? How will this effect current players? If (and its a big IF) is willing to do their due diligence, research, interviews, maybe even reach outside for some help in finding and hiring a coach, then I would be for it. There is a right way to do this, then there is the Old Denton way of doing this.
  15. I agree 100% However UNT has never been able to capitalize on its size
  16. Gonzaga makes the most sense for hoops. I dont see Rice because they might get a little more attention from the AAC, and regionally they might like that better. I do think the MWC is looking at DFW, but does that mean UNT? I could also see them interested in SMU (especially with the AAC falling apart).
  17. Conference leaders may not look at it that way, but TV networks do because they have to sell it to advertisers, and more eyeballs on your media means more money. The AAC is already looking at a big revenue drop because of the schools they are loosing 3 of their biggest schools.
  18. Being in a very large media market ultimately means money, this market could easily support 2 schools, they wouldn't need to play at the same time or even the same day (assuming they were not playing each other). ESPN could easily make it work, and based on how the AAC is going to look and potential schools that could join, I would put UNT in the top 3 from a media/revenue perspective.
  19. A couple weeks ago a list came out of the schools the AAC was looking at, UNT was on that list though not very high (think I remember UNT being around 10th). Well their top 4 schools from the MWC already said no, so its probably safe to say that UNT has probably moved up. I think being in a top 5 media market will help UNT's chances especially when ESPN is concerned.
  20. Lots of people in the media are speculating that Gonzaga might be joining the MWC, which would make the conference a very strong basketball conference. If UNT were in that mix, then we might see a few sell outs at the super pit come conference play. Even though it might be hard for UNT to win, it would be a huge boost for recruiting.
  21. if its not going to be the AAC then I would be happy with the MWC. Those conferences will probably end up being the top 2 G5 conferences, and that would enable the MWC to attract some better schools (Gonzaga comes to mind).
  22. TV markets are different now, besides most mid-major games are going to be on an app that anyone can watch. SMU having UNT in the same conference would mean rivalry games in multiple sports, that will get butts in seats and eyeballs on screens. Being that DFW is a top 5 media market, anytime they play lots of people will tune in, probably have the highest rating in the conference just because of the size of the area.
  23. Has the MWC expressed any interest in expanding? As for UNT lets not forget about basketball, big part of any mid-major conference, and UNT happens to have a good program.
  24. Total lack of class by the SMU fans, middle fingers shown to UNT fans after every play, taunting injured players, I even witnessed a few of them $hit talking to an elderly fan on a mobility scooter. Many of these fans appeared much older then student aged. However this behavior is nothing new for them, and their reputation is widely known in college sports.
  25. Not many people expected UNT to beat smu... While they did hold smu to 7 points in the first half and had some success moving the ball, it does not seem like the program is improving at all.
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