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  1. I dont think they were quite ready for Jank to leave... They had a good season, even beat Houston, but missed getting selected to the Big Dance, and everyone wanted to blame the coach. They are coming off a 23 win season (usually you dont fire a coach for that), how much do they really want to change things?
  2. Jank wasn't great, but he wasn't terrible either... the AAC is a tougher conference. Mac did a great job at UNT finding talent in the juco ranks, and players with no other offers from D1 schools, especially during the covid years. He made it work in CUSA, but I don't know if that style of recruiting will work in the AAC.
  3. Is there a buy out involved with McCasland? as for smu, every year there seems to be a similar rumor that they will go out and over pay for what ever coach is coming off a hot season.
  4. Is there a designated pregame spot (like a sports bar) for Mean Green supporters and alumni?
  5. Why take the foot of the gas? UNT needs to win out in order to have the best chance of making the NCAA tournament.
  6. What is the rational for giving TCU an at large bid? A lot of bracket projections seem to have them as a 9-11 seed, even though they are outside the top 50 in NET and have a sub .500 record in conference
  7. Even if they win out, I dont see that moving them into the top 30 in NET because the strength of those opponents is not that good. They need other schools to drop, in particular Wyoming and San Diego, because the mountain west is looking at a 4 bid conference. as for the AAC, they need to stay ahead of SMU and Memphis, and would be great if Wichita St. can get an upset against one of those.
  8. Look at all the other teams around 41 in the NET, most have at least 5 quad 1 games, UNT has just 2 (1-1). UNT is sitting just ahead of 3 ACC schools in the NET, (39 Wake Forest, 40 VT, and 41 North Carolina), all 3 are projected at receiving at large bids. With the Mountain West having 4 schools projected to receive bids, UNT would probably have to move up higher then 2 of those schools (37 Wyoming a 33 San Diego) which is very possible.
  9. I dont think the UNT has played enough Quad 1 games to earn an at large bid, there will be teams behind UNT in the NET that get in and may even be seeded higher assuming UNT gets in.
  10. ESPN's Bracket Projections for Feb 1st came out: https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/bracketology/ncaa-bracketology-projecting-2022-march-madness-men-field here is how the conferences with multiple teams look:
  11. The big issue is how to get students to go to the games, many of them live on campus and probably walk right past the Super Pit all the time. I have not noticed any Student groups (not counting the band, maniacs, and cheerleaders) at a game this year. When I was a student, almost every student group or club had a social outing to a game, with some kind of acknowledgement during a time out.
  12. looking at the NET rankings: Mountain West has 5 school in the top 50 AAC has Houston at 2 and SMU at 55 CUSA has UAB at 43 and UNT at 54 ACC only has 3 schools in the top 50 (Duke 14, NC 37, Wake Forest 42) and with Virginia Tech at 51 and Miami at 63.
  13. The conference is not strong enough, UNT having a couple games canceled doesn't help either.. having 1 school in the NCAA tournament and the other in the NIT is as good as this conference is going to get.
  14. I dont expect ESPN's coverage to change to much, even with out Houston the AAC will be a good basketball conference, in better media markets, not to mention some good regional rivalries.
  15. "low mid-major"-- Its been a pet peeve of mine, that college sports writers try to apply the college football P5 and G5 template to basketball.
  16. With recruiting and the transfer market, I dont think they can wait until the end of the season to fire a coach. The program needs to have a coach and staff in place by the end of November in order to recruit for the following season.
  17. SMU wins the AAC, sure right... Houston is a given, but UCF??? and lets not forget Memphis and Wichita state.
  18. https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/bracketology/ncaa-bracketology-projecting-2022-march-madness-men-field UAB is the only CUSA school at an 11 seed SMU gets in with a 12 seed, along with UH ans UCF from the AAC
  19. how does one watch CBSSN? Is it through hulu?
  20. What is considered a Mid-Major conference? According to Barttorvic the AAC is not a mid major, but the MWC is. In other mid-major discussions Gonzaga is often not included in the rankings
  21. sneaker culture is very unique to the sport of basketball (because you can wear basketball shoes casually). I think its great that players can wear what they want. Twitter also seems to follow the sneakers the players and even the coaches a wearing (I think we have seen coach in a couple different Jordans this season)
  22. I expected 8,000-10,000 so they did a little better then I expected. I was surprised by how few students were at the game (outside of the cheerleaders, band, team, etc.)
  23. With the way the portal works, and recruiting, they need a coaching system in place now. I think its to late to fire him, if they expect to find success in the transfer market, they need a coaching staff in place now.
  24. anyone know if there will be tickets for sale at the gate tomorrow? I am planning to come and tailgate, and hopefully go to the game if I can find tickets.
  25. what are the chances they can schedule a different team? they had to do this last year...
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