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  1. No way in hell this team gets to 6. Hope they prove me wrong, not to worried at this point. This season looks like a train wreck!
  2. I felt just like this two weeks ago! Next week won’t sneak up on me though. MUTS will walk into Apogee and hand us another one. Time to face facts folks, WE ARE BAD!
  3. Regardless of what happens the rest of this season, this will always be a special bond with a very special place in Mean Green history. What a story! GMG.
  4. Nobody is talking about beating Bama or the Aggies. It’s SMU, Cal and a depleted Houston team. With the talent on this team we should have taken all three. The bar has been raised. We should be expecting more than 500 in a G5 conference. Look at the upgrade in our facilities. We could save a hell of a lot of money and go back to where we were if we wanted to settle for just 500. I believe our university deserves a great deal more. We have made progress. It may be time to move forward.
  5. ODU was terrible last year and we managed to squander a 28 point lead. I just don’t trust our coaching staff anymore. We should be able to run the table, but right now i’am not sure the table doesn’t run us. If we don’t play to our potential, any team left on our schedule could be a potential loss. I’am tired of getting hyped on this team only to get gut punched.
  6. We are, North.......never mind
  7. I agree. This trend must change now!
  8. Wish I could believe that. I see two or three wins the rest of the way. Hope I am wrong.
  9. Not sure why y’all are having problems, but I listened to the entire game last week live on 88.1 from Apogee. The broadcast was great and there was no delay. I did not however listen on line and that may be the issue. I have found that listening on line is iffy at best, not to mention the 5 plus second delay. Try listening live on an FM radio, it will work just fine.
  10. Things had better get fixed and fast or it’s going to be a very, very long year!
  11. I have been home now for several hours and have had time to reflect on what I witnessed tonight. Something has to change and quickly or we will lose any and all respect and momentum we have gained. I walked out of Ford Stadium tonight disgusted and sick from what I observed. I was not alone. Many I walked with to our respective vehicles were expressing the same feelings. Why can we not take the next step? This is year four for SL and company and we are not seeing results. There is a disturbing trend starting to repeat itself. In 2016 we roll into West Point and whip Army on their field, only to crap the bed against UTSA the following week. It’s year one, but we are making baby steps. Moving to 2017, after a pool party and an ass whipping at the hands of FAU, we somehow manage to get to the Conference Championship only to get our ass handed to us again by the Lane Train. But things are forgiven, as it’s only year two. Let’s not forget a close HOD Bowl loss to Army and a NO Bowl blow out to Troy along the way. But we are making progress, right? So now let’s move onto year three. We start 4 and 0 with a P5 win over a struggling Arkansas team which SL says was not an upset. Another baby step in the right direction? After a win at Liberty we roll home to Apogee and dedicate a statue to a UNT Great, only to squander a double digit lead and take a crap on our home turf in a loss to La Tech. The next disaster would come a few weeks later at ODU when the heavy favorite Mean Green would piss away a 28 point lead in a loss to a conference bottom feeder. Don’t forget, this was after blowing a lead on the road at UAB in a game we were picked to win. With all of this said, I won’t even go into the New Mexico Bowl. Yes, I know Fine went down early but I think if we are being honest with ourselves, we all knew where this game was headed before the injury. Now we find ourselves in year four. We had a great first half in the home opener before letting things slide late against a weak FCS team. We were told the team lost interest. Really? So what the hell happened last night? Did the team lose interest again? This has got to end! We should not tolerate this kind of result in year four. This team has too much talent for this kind of performance. Anyone else see a trend here? The season is young. Will it be a success or filled with disappointments? GMG
  12. Just got my ticket! On the sofa in front of my 65” TV. Ready for this season to be a memory but it’s turning into a nightmare. At least we have basketball to look forward to.
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