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  1. We have an awesome logo at this point in time. Hope we stick with it long term. There has been too much changing of the logo over the last 20 years or so in my opinion. It’s a classic look that needs to remain constant for years to come. I think we finally got it right. GMG!
  2. Today’s attendance was nice, but with a first place team and all the Alums in our area it SUCKED! This team is special. They are going on the road for three and will more than likely sweep. When they return, we need more butts in seats, period. You want a big time program, act like it. A more than a half empty Pit on a Saturday afternoon with a 1st place team ain’t going to get you there. Anyone can find excuses not to attend. Respect and a chance to move to the next level takes commitment. Without the needed support, we will stay right where we are. Successful teams with losing records draw more than we do. Look it up. The time is now, support this team!
  3. UTSA also lost to OU 85 to 67. We lost to OU by 2.
  4. Great win!!! Can’t wait for Monday night. Beat Rice.
  5. Hammered a bad team. A win is a win. Go get La Tech! GMG.
  6. My feed was great! HD all the way.
  7. Should be 2-0 after this road trip. I’ll take 1-1 though. They let the WKU game get away much like the home game against OU. Nice win on the road.
  8. Accomplished exactly what we should have against that competition. Nice win! Let’s go get C-USA.
  9. Hopefully they will come in focused and not sleepwalking. These games can be dangerous, we have seen it before. Hope they end the year on a strong note heading in to conference play.
  10. I sit in section 120 and have to remove people out of my seats regularly. Gets old after a while. If someone else is in my seats they usually don’t want to move and then we have a confrontation. I should not have to put up with this. I am a Police Officer and my first inclination is to remove them myself. However, I will give the Ushers or the UNT Police a chance to resolve the issue first. This happened regularly last year as well. People need to sit where their ticket directs them to or put out the money for season tickets. Pretty simple when you think about it. This happens a lot at Apogee as well. The other issue I have with seating at both venues are the parents who bring their kids to games and turn them loose to run wild as long as they don’t bother them.
  11. Did he fire them or did Wren Baker tell him to?
  12. I will be there for Mason and the other seniors. I’am so numb after this season I won’t be able to feel the last kick to the gut. This one might get REAL UGLY.
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