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  1. I found them at Fossil Creek and Bear Creek about three years ago. Bought several since they are hard to come by. Haven’t been back to those two courses in a while. They do exist though.
  2. Thoughts and prayers to the Mills family.
  3. Draper is a class act! Best of wishes to him in the future. Enjoyed watching him play. He will be missed. GMG
  4. 03/02/2020! Enough said. You had your chance.
  5. Either one should not be a problem if we play to our potential. The semi final potentially against Charlotte bothers me a bit. Can’t afford to sleep on any of them.
  6. My guess is coach Mac won’t be organizing a pool party on game day. I’am quite sure he will have them focused on the task at hand. Won’t be much time to fool around with Sunday’s game looming in the not too distant future.
  7. No issues on my end with TuneIn. It’s been good all season when I am not able to watch road games.
  8. Just win out and there won’t be any worries!
  9. Zack and Mo’s poor shooting almost cost us this game. I love Zack but sometimes it appears he doesn’t have his head in the game. What’s up with Mo pressing the three when it’s not falling. Hamlet is our savior! Clutch down the stretch. Another thing, anyone else notice when we get a double digit lead this year we tend to make sloppy turnovers and shoot NBA+ three’s that don’t fall, only to let the opposing team a chance to crawl back. Tighten it up guys. Beat UAB!
  10. I’am with Rick. We see this crap way too often. It’s like a never ending nightmare. Hope this was just a bad game but they didn’t look ready to play to me. Too many sloppy turnovers. They better get it together before they get to MUTS on Thursday.
  11. We have an awesome logo at this point in time. Hope we stick with it long term. There has been too much changing of the logo over the last 20 years or so in my opinion. It’s a classic look that needs to remain constant for years to come. I think we finally got it right. GMG!
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