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  1. Just got my ticket! On the sofa in front of my 65” TV. Ready for this season to be a memory but it’s turning into a nightmare. At least we have basketball to look forward to.
  2. 9 and 3 is nice but changes are needed to get to the next level. Offensive play calling comes to mind. Lowly Rice smoked ODU today. How the living hell does our offense only put up 24 points after being up 17 zip in the first half. This is a problem and will show its ugly face again in a few weeks in a bowl game. UTSA was doing good to field a team tonight and took us to the wire. This needs to be fixed! We won all statistics except the one INT. Dismal! Expectations have changed and I am greatfull, but something is wrong....Real wrong.
  3. I’am not waiting till Thursday! The offensive play calling is the issue. Enough said! Fix it or somebody needs to be replaced. With the talent that is on the offensive side of the ball, what happened at ODU should not be accepted. This has been evident for two and a half years. Time for a change on that side of the ball. The offensive play calling will wreck this season. Wren Baker, if you read this board please fix this before all of the forward progress goes for nothing. Excuse me, I need to go vomit again.
  4. Amen brother! I think all three losses are shouldered by the coaching staff. Poor play calling for starters. Not keeping your foot on their throat when you are up 28 in the 2nd quarter. This has happened three times now. Something is wrong right now, real wrong.
  5. I’ll be there Thursday. It would appear that after our three losses with substantial leads, our coaching staff may be apprehensive to step on teams throats. The let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings mentality, if that’s the case, has got to go. Something is seriously wrong. The play calling at times looks like we have a true freshman at QB and not Mason Fine. The La Tech and UAB losses were bad enough, this one makes me want to throw up! Right now I won’t be shocked if we limp into our bowl game at 7 and 5. Prove me wrong.
  6. Liberty is a D-1 Independent and may be bowling this year.
  7. Nice problem to have! Face it, we gave this race away with two winnable loses. My how our expectations have changed in the past two years. I feel cheated, how about you? I’ll be at Apogee next Saturday for win #7. Let’s make it 10-2 this year. Still a lot to play for. This team just peaked a bit early. If you need a RESET, just go back 3 years. Disappointing as it is, I’ll take this season over that. GMG!
  8. Nice problem to have but we gave it away. I’ll be there next week for win #7. This team peaked a bit early.
  9. I purchased parking for the orange lot for the SMU game through the ticket office. I was sent a printable pass with the appropriate bar codes via email. Upon entering the lot I was told both bar codes were invalid. I showed the parking attendant the email I received with the attached parking purchase. The attendant told me there had been many issues and they were told to just let us in. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Really sad. Not surprised, all things considered.
  11. The way things are going the game may well turn into flag football. Would almost bet if Arkansas had pulled the play off this wouldn’t be a consideration. GMG. Hammer Liberty!
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