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  1. LB Lester Harper from back in the 80's was a BADDDDDD man. Played with a cast on after he broke his wrist and knew how to use it!!!
  2. Can't tell from the highlight video but he doesn't look to be the shot blocker or rim protector that Geu was for us. He looks stronger and more of a banger on defense. Impressive rebounding numbers and love the FT percentage! Welcome to UNT!
  3. With Muhammad transferring, that gives us one more scholarship. What type/position should we go after? Grad transfer, JC, HS, Guard, Wing, Post???? I'd like another 6'3-6'5 HS guard that we could red-shirt. What say you?
  4. Not the shot blocker and rim protector Geu was but looks like a good rebounder. Like Geu and Simmons, he isn't a threat from 3. Grant loves guys that can spread the defense.
  5. When was the last time TCU played us in a major sport? They are worse about it than SMU.
  6. Thanks for all you hard work and your love for the MEAN GREEN!
  7. Anyone know if you can get stadium on Hulu?
  8. Just one. His hazmat! Sorry.
  9. Alcohol kills germs doesn't it? Just to be safe...pregame just to be safe!!! Go Mean Green!
  10. If that happens, can we declare ourselves the National Champions?
  11. Zachary Simmons should use this a motivation. He has the ability to be at least a second or third team all conference player. He needs to play like one. As good as our team defense is, we should have had someone on that group. Maybe Bell. Maybe he will get 6th man of the year. We should get player of the year in Hamlet and Coach of the year in Grant.
  12. If I see another 3 point attempt from Geu or Simmons, I may lose what is left of my mind. They can't make them. Quit shooting them.
  13. I'm not by a radio. Can someone give a summary of Grant's post game interview? Gracias.
  14. Maybe this was a good thing. Grant will have something to chew their ads about on film. Shows our guys what can happen if we aren't focused and ready to play next Thursday.
  15. Worst half of the year. UGLY! Predictable but still disappointing.
  16. Geu needs the ball up high. Like most big men, doesn't handle the ball well off the bounce or into his waist.
  17. Hope he can get out of his minor shooting slump tonight. It's hard when he only gets two or three shots a game. Tough to get in to a groove or out of a slump.
  18. I could see it with Bell but Simmons and Geu don't seem to have the hands for it.
  19. I don't think anything we do will effect any possible seeding for us. They already have us spotted based on us winning four straight and winning the conference tournament. I guess a loss tonight might hurt a little but probably doesn't move the needle any. The only thing that will effect any seeding for us will be if other teams upset their way in and we move up.
  20. I'd only sit someone if they had a nagging injury. A week is plenty of time to rest.
  21. Sometimes change is good for everyone. If Woolridge had stayed, we wouldn't have J. Ham.
  22. We can beg people to come all we want but the bottom line is we just need to win the game Sunday. That will generate more interest than anything we can offer or give away. I wish that wasn't the case but it is. Those of us who are there need to be loud and proud! Go Mean Green!
  23. Let's hope Mo and DJ can get out of the shooting funk they have been in the last couple of games. Need DJ's points off the bench. Hopefully Bell can start chipping in off the bench as well.
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