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  1. Don't think it will get 2 teams in the tournament but it does make for some exciting games the next 2 week's.
  2. La Tech travels well. May have a decent crowd.
  3. I don't like being off 10 days before the first conference tournament game. We won't be sharp and that could get us beat against a team like UTSA or Old Dominion. Last time we had a week between games, we lost to Rice and didn't play well. It is what it is. Let's go win the regular season title!
  4. Nit saying the students use email a lot but that is how the university sends information like closings, registration reminders, ECT. I have 2 daughters at UNT and they get the school messages. Just a thought. Students probably know when we have games, just not motivated enough to attend.
  5. I don't think those 500-1000 attendees even know we lost a game to Rice.
  6. If you sent out an email on the university student email system you would reach all enrolled students. Don't give cash. Free semester of school would be very attractive to most students and not really cost the schook anything.
  7. I don't think throwing a few dollars in the student section is going to motivate many to show up. What if they got businesses to donate laptops, tv's, gift cards ECT.would help any. What if Dr S. offered to give away tuition for a semester. We aren't hurting for students so I think we could handle it. Students on this board already show up at games but do you think others would if they sweetened the pot?
  8. Western barely beat Southern Mississippi at home. With their lack of a bench, they may be wearing down like we did last year. They have struggled on the road and winning at UTSA will be a challenge. Winning 1 of 2 next week may be enough to get the top pod seed and home games against Western and La Tech.
  9. Fair question. I think we'll know Saturday. Rice looked good again tonight. That loss looks a little better the way their playing.
  10. Not Grant's best game. Substitution tech is inexcusable. He almost allowed Gibson to cost us one. Let's get back on track Saturday.
  11. Another bad offensive procession.
  12. Horrible coaching by Grant down the stretch. Get Gibson out of the game!
  13. Wow these announcers are bad!
  14. That said I do think it would be cool to play in the NIT and I think we'd have some success in it.
  15. Serious thought. Bad loss today. No excuses but I wonder if this team has the experience needed to play as the #1 seed and favorite. That's a lot of pressure for kids that haven't been in that position before. I really think I'd rather go into the conference tournament as a 3-4 seed and leave that pressure for someone else. Only benefit I see going in as the #1 seed would be the automatic NIT bid.
  16. Now is the time to see how much our basketball program has grown. Are we ready to accept the challenge of "being in the drivers seat"? It becomes a maturity and focus thing now. We SHOULD win at Rice but can't let up against a team that shoots the ball really well at home. Take it one game at a time and don't look past the next opponent. I think we will probably go 4-1 down the stretch and get to host Western and LaTech at home. That will be a lot of pressure to win on a team that hasn't had those expectations before. I have confidence in Grant and his staff to have them ready for the challenge! Go Mean Green! Beat Rice.
  17. Great coach and will be probably be the OC in another year if everything goes good between he and Littrell. Also a very good recruiter.
  18. Let's tap the brakes and beat Nutsak. They put up 87 vs. La Tech. One game at a time.
  19. I haven't heard anything about this stein giveaway/ More details please.
  20. I believe it is seeded. EX. #1 plays at #5 and #4 and hosts #3 and #2. It may be listed on the conference site.
  21. Blowout conference win on the road. Sweet!
  22. To bad we can't get people out to watch these guys play. 3:00 PM start this Saturday won't help, and this is against a team that is leading the conference.
  23. Sure wish we shot better as a team from the line. Ugly, scrappy road win! Let's go get to .500 with a pair of home wins next week.
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