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  1. We have got to step up and be competitive now more than ever.... no thanks to being the conference doormat and an easy win every year......
  2. I dont care what conference we join but this is nice if true... just WIN.....for the love of all thats good WIN....
  3. I just pray that this team keeps it together next weekend at home and doesn't have a Portland State meltdown..... Im a NT homer and will watch every snap but.....let's do something....
  4. Didnt Skladany (sp) wear a bright colored shirt on the sidelines??
  5. Ive stuck with this bunch for a long time....I still put on my North Texas mask and shirt when I went to the doctor this morning.....My NP said North Texas...first class university..... I'll stick with them whatever it takes.....GMG
  6. Games like last night hurt in so many ways at this level. Recruiting, MGSF donations, season tickets....and prospective students and parents... The look on the twins Fathers face last night said a lot. People talk.. It would be a gut punch to lose them to the portal....
  7. Does WB wait until heavy duty donors like Lovelace-Mc Natt start to clear their throats........
  8. I like SL too....but when I told the Mrs who is heavy duty NT EX...the 1M+ he makes...and she asks "Why is he here?"
  9. We need to "clean up" some ST issues......
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