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  1. I have a softball player that needs a look. She came from Palestine Tx HS to North Platte CC... She is from world class parents and solid. This MGSF supporter from East Tx needs to know how to get this kid a look......
  2. Yes Sir...I want to go to Apogee....yell untill Im hoarse...drink Shiner and bring home a W....
  3. Put Jeremy Pearl, Adrain Awasome and Chris Hurd on my defense. And Cobbs & super Jamario in our backfield....Oh... be sure Mason joins us too....
  4. That was England from Army with the chicken exhaust hit on Guyton....a special place for feather legged boys like that... I'd like to have seen Novil get hands on # 12....
  5. And the cluck (#12) who did the hit just walked off......
  6. Last quarter of the season folks...... Let's hope for the best.
  7. Id love to go and have the time... but the short notice and 16+ hour have me on a short string... Ill probably take off early and watch it on TV.
  8. Gives NMSU a place to go...Good ol SLC...
  9. Let's move on to '21 folks......gotta be better....
  10. What do we do for 4th qtr magic??
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