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  1. After the 2018 loss..... I dislike everyone we play against..
  2. Horrible echo in the Alamodome is still there... even on TV.... we need to be scouting these two......not sure which one I dislike most....
  3. The defense is quite refreshing tonight, are we sure this is our defense???
  4. But on an upbeat note.... look at the Freshmen & Sophomores we have....I know things look crappy now but we DO have something to look foreword to.
  5. Why was Bean pulled?? just got in from anniversary dinner with the wife....and am trying to catch up...
  6. ESPN3 sucks like a car wash vacuum.... Ive been trying to get connected with them and finally gave up.
  7. The ref's sure seem to like Sonny's girls...
  8. Sonny and crew better pick it up or it's gonna be crow on toast for all the ones who touted how good smut is....
  9. Gonna stay with my '19 choice....Big John Brunner...my almost namesake.. our OL is on the move!!!
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