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  1. We need throwback uniforms like that......Homecoming would be great.....
  2. Bradley did play QB at Palestine in '64... but did play pro ball in the defensive secondary.
  3. When they go to a big time program and dont start.... what happens then?? Do they enter again and Mom and Dad load up the UHaul and move again??
  4. All the best to my adopted player and namesake...maybe he can find some playing time...
  5. Didnt we rattle him pretty good in a New Orleans Bowl?
  6. Oh come on....an eye roll????? please....
  7. Home & away vs Robert Morris....... maybe an easy OOC win???
  8. Im glad they gave us a half day ,changing the oil on my truck was the highlight...
  9. Im sure the birds have a rash on their henie's... im in SA now and never pass up a chance to say GMG or write it on a receipt somewhere...... ...........GMG
  10. Not every team can go 11-0, we just wanted it more...the AAC will bring new challenges for both teams...GMG
  11. Houston would beat our a$$...
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