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  1. 21-17 North Texas...I still, and always will be Green... sorry I just dont know any different.
  2. Gave this a lot of thought...got up early put pulled pork on the smoker, Coors on ice... then listened to two mwc enema bag announcers call the game. at the half I thought we had a shot. We fell on our swords... but as bad as I hate it, I will watch every weekend, and donate again to the MGSF. We do need a change somewhere...too many good people support this team for this performance. Please Wren and staff do something. I like Littrell but this University deserves to be a winner....
  3. The MW announcers suck.... where is George D when we need him???
  4. Son of one my favorite classmates! Go Jeff.....
  5. Trying to watch this circus on espn and cbs...what a joke....
  6. We need all of the RB group to have 100+ yards...use lots of fresh legs.
  7. Houston.... F utsa... NEVER forget they were so awesome and rolled into Denton last year and got a lube job....
  8. We win by a touchdown...but Im going to pick the Mean Green even if we play Alabama every week...just cleaned my green glasses....GMG
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