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  1. My only issue came during half time, the sound not working, as soon as the 2nd half started they fixed it and had no trouble the rest of the game.
  2. good game so far, UNT seems to be playing good defense
  3. They had a tough non conference schedule, and in many of those losses they were very competitive and played well in those games. I think a top 4 in the conference is reasonable, lets see if they can set a positive tone out of the gate with a win at WKU.
  4. Caught the 2nd half on espn+, and was very surprised to see UNT as close as they were late in the 2nd. I have always been a big college basketball fan, and though graduating from UNT, I never really followed their program. Dayton has a very well known program, easily in the top 25 going back 30+ years, and their building is almost always full. If UNT can build on this, then they can do some damage in conference play.
  5. with regards to parking, if you do not research parking ahead of time it can be a cluster mess, I have had a lot of friends go to games expecting to park near the stadium, and after waiting in line to park are then told that they need to go across the interstate to park.
  6. can you Airplay it? where you iPad is linked to the ruku, and will play anything on your iPad?
  7. Apple TV works too, just download the facebook video app... way easier then trying to figure out what obscure sports channel CBSSN is or if my cable/satellite provider is currently offering it.
  8. Wouldn't more people have access to Facebook then a cable tv channel? So why would we want our game shown on a media source that fewer people have access to?
  9. SMU because of local media and recruiting, every major media outlet in DFW will be covering this game in some capacity and both schools do a lot of local area recruiting.
  10. Growing up in Dallas in the 1980s, SMU had a very large role in the Dallas sports scene, next to the Dallas cowboys they were the big sports team in the city. SMU had multiple generations of fans in Dallas, SMU dominated the Dallas sports media, everyone in the city cheered for them even if they were not connected to the university. However, they played with fire and burnt the house down, and that cost them their entire fan base outside of the university.
  11. so is there not going to be an official tailgate or tent thing for UNT on the campus
  12. I think UNT comes into this game with the better game plan, goes up early, but SMU comes back by mid game. I also expect special teams to be a factor through out the game.
  13. both teams have talent, I think this game will come down to coaching and what adjustments each team can make after they get a few looks at each other. that said, I was surprised the way UNT stayed committed to the a run defense when they were up 17+ points, instead of adjusting to a cover 2.
  14. wish there was a good spot in north dallas, hate going to deep ellum because parking sucks.
  15. ill be out watching the game somewhere in north dallas or up town not sure if there is an official watching party
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