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  1. ill be out watching the game somewhere in north dallas or up town not sure if there is an official watching party
  2. I go to a lot of FC Dallas games, Toyota stadium is much smaller then our stadium, the renovations for the hall of fame did not really add more seats, more less it added an upstairs club that you can watch games from.
  3. the Big 12 is going to fall apart, and a TV deal is what is going to kill it. the conference and UT will never agree on a deal, because Texas has their own network, and whats good for the rest of the conference is not necessarily good for UT.
  4. if a major realignment is on the horizon (and I think it is) then why move now? I would rather be the big fish in a small pond when realignment happens.
  5. The Cotton Bowl is such an iconic part of college football, its a shame that the city of Dallas does not really want to get behind this game.
  6. up on belt line they have: Twin Peaks, Buffalo Wild wings, Hooters, Stadium Cafe... all places that will be showing the game.
  7. would North Dallas / Addison area work for anyone?
  8. I usually watch Henderson tap house, or Chrities in up town... but if there is going to be a watching party in the city then I will be there
  9. I actually went to both UNT (undergrad) and SMU (masters)... I actually think that SMU does a better job of organizing the tailgating (boulevarding) and parking. SMU has a lot of parking north of the stadium, though it might be a 10 min walk.... The parking for a UNT game is so unorganized, I have convinced many other alums to finally come back to a game, only to hear them complain that it took them an hour to figure out parking, they need a cash lot right next to the stadium (the empty space next to the alumni center would be perfect).
  10. how many fans would really make the trip to NO bowl in 2 weeks? that would also mean the schools that finished below us in the standings would get better bowl bids
  11. so any suggestions? uptown, north Dallas, Addison.
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