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  1. anyone know when the schedule will be released?
  2. there is nothing wrong with the Superpit, and there is a lot of space in there should they ever wish to renovate it. The program has made some serious strides over the past seasons both on the court and off the court with recruiting, I would hope the school could find a way to fill more of those seats this season.
  3. The current NCAA tournament isn't perfect but its the best option for everyone, and my favorite thing about American sports. The conference tournaments do act as a play in for the big NCAA tournament. granted there are always a few teams on the fringe that miss out, but that's what the NIT is for. besides who wants to fill out a bracket with 347 D1 schools?
  4. 5-6 with some close one possession games.
  5. its amazing to me that college football generates billions of dollars each year yet is still highly unorganized, I think its time they put some of that revenue to use and really organize. that said, it looks like we wont have a football season, I am hoping, fingers crossed, that they can figure something out by the time basketball season.
  6. Universities are supposed to be full of smart people, why colleges have hard time figuring simple stuff like this out I will never know. The schools have the ability to insure that their players are taken care of and safe. A minor league system would destroy college football as we know it, look at how it works with baseball and hockey, players are drafted when they are 16-17, few make it to the big leagues.
  7. Given the state of what a college football season might look like amid COVID19, I'll take any game I can get in any building.
  8. if they play then they will have to expect COVID cases among players &teams... lets say 1 player tests positive the Thursday before a game, hows the opposing team going to feel about playing that game, know that player has been exposed to everyone else on the team they are about to play? or what happens when 20 players test positive the morning of a game, will that game still happen? how long will players need to quarantine? Perhaps they should scrap the whole season, and start planning for college basketball, they have enough time to put a plan in place for hoops but they need to
  9. with the current situation, I just dont see how they can play college football... with the NBA and NHL they are able to isolate the players in a protected space (a bubble) with the leagues covering the costs of containment and COVID testing. Now the MLB is going to play in empty stadiums, and travel, with testing and limited interaction... so we will have a better idea of how COVID will spread with a traveling sports team in about 3 weeks. With college football, how would the schools be able to safely isolate players and staff through out a season?
  10. unfortunately its getting worse, and likely will continue to get worse into August... over 17% of Covid19 tests are coming back positive in Texas and that's just to high to have social interaction let alone physical sports... in the midst of all this TMS is going to host a NASCAR race with up to 75K fans in person this weekend just a few miles from our campus. If we want football in the fall, then we need to lock everything down now.
  11. England went on full lock down, got a head of the virus, and emerged in relatively good shape all things considered.
  12. CUSA is spread out over 3 time zones, if they want to cut down on travel then they will have to look at conference games as well as non conference games.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the AAC is available, the NBA and NHL probably wont get going again until December at the earliest. The building could host a few college exhebition games in november as sort of a soft reopening, just a thought.
  14. never say never.... if the money is there, then everyone will be happy
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