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  1. Recruiting for next season has already started, so I agree if they are going to make a change for next season it needs to come sooner then later... However I do not see a definitive better coaching option at this time.
  2. Is there actually a better coaching option out there for UNT? SL might not be great, but he is not terrible either, the program could do worse.
  3. I predicted 3 wins before the season, now I am thinking 4-5
  4. whats the alternative? I want to know that Wern will bring in a legitimate coach, someone who will have this team fighting for a conference championship, and can convince high level recruits to come to UNT. I do not want another "prove it" coach I want to see them bring in someone who has established himself in this profession.
  5. I dont think UNT is willing to commit what it takes to lure a coach like Patterson.
  6. the Big12 and Pac12 are no longer on the same level as the Big10, SEC, and even the ACC. Maybe what they should do is have a soft merger, primarily with football, where every school gets 1 or 2 games against schools in the other conference.
  7. Fire SL, then what??? Whats the alternative? Is the university willing to spend what it will take to bring in a new coaching staff, one that will turn this program around, and compete for a conference championship? Doubt it... The reality is the school will hire another mediocre coach, the team will be somewhere around .500, still loose to smu, and we will all be right back here demanding they fire the coach.
  8. Is the university really willing to pay what it will take to get some of these coaches? not to mention most of these guys will want to bring in their own staffs, and they are not cheap either.
  9. its been the same issues for many years now... Parking, tickets, gift shop, concessions, and even the alumni pavilion its all poorly planned and executed. These are the continuing issues that prevent many of the DFW alumni from attending games.
  10. honestly I was never really excited about AAC football... Basketball is the reason to be excited about joining the AAC! The AAC is a legit multi bid conference, and our basketball programs are light years ahead of football.
  11. I thought this was a 4-8 team going into the season, still planned to watch every game
  12. I think waiting until the end of October is to late, unless you already have your next coach lined up. Personally I think the cut off date to make a decision is October 1st, that will be the halfway point of the season, they should know then if they want to make a change for the following season. Not saying they fire him that day, just that that would be the time to start looking for a new coach.
  13. I dont think you can wait until the off season to hire a new coach... with the NIL and transfer portal, players start looking for new teams as soon as their season is over, so a program has to be ready to recruit they day after the season ends.
  14. again the regular season is very different from the post season... during the regular season you watch your team, and pay close attention to all the other teams in your team's conference. during the post season, fans are interested if their team is in it, but could probably care less about other teams. I think 4-6 team playoff works well enough... but if they start pairing the top CUSA team against the top SEC team in a playoff game, its going to end in a blow out, and no one is tuning in to watch after the 2nd quarter.
  15. You are absolutely right if we are talking about the college football regular season. However the interest level drops dramatically in the college football post season. Most of the bowl games are nowhere close to capacity, even the bigger bowl games and payoff games hardly come close to the big regular season rivalry games as far as viewers. Lets say a 16 team playoff did happen, and schools like Tulsa and Washington got matched to play in the Peach Bowl round 1... would anyone expect a capacity crowd or even a decent TV rating?
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