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  1. I hate to sound like a buzz kill... However the talent gap between the NCAA and the NBA massively wide, even the international leagues in Europe and Australia have a lot of talent that they are developing with their own pipelines. Are the realistic options for pro ball really better then playing college ball? at least when you finish college ball you earn a degree.
  2. I think there will always be people the want football to be the most important, because this is Texas and all the hype that sport carries here. However CUSA is not a great football conference, in which our program is barely above average, one big game against SMU and sometimes an invite to play at a power5 school. From the outside looking in, UNT's football program is barely on anyone's radar in college football.
  3. most schools with really good basketball programs have talent in their rotation and in their pipeline from recruiting to graduation. So I dont see a top 25 school in need of a senior transfer, and anyone that would be that good can probably turn pro.
  4. Recruiting is so different in both sports, the mid majors dont have as much of a disadvantage when recruiting basketball players compared to football players. As for NT goes, the football program will never be able to compete on the national level the way the basketball program does, ans I am OK with that.
  5. no one still reads the DMN... however the Mean Green did get a good mention during the Mav's game tonight!
  6. is there an official or unofficial watching place?
  7. UAB comes first, if they can sweep then they will be in very good shape come the cusa tournament. its to early to make predictions beyond that
  8. here is a NCAA / NIT projection that has 2 CUSA schools in the NIT: https://www.dratings.com/predictor/bracketology/ also surprised they didnt have anyone from the Big 12
  9. I just dont see 2 CUSA schools getting in this year, not after WKU got blown out by houston
  10. I am a little surprised them predicting 2 bids out of CUSA...
  11. I dont know that they have time to make up 2 serieres at the end of the season. unfortunately this is going to have a drastic impact on seeding for the conference tournament. I think they need to start issuing forfeits to schools fail to maintain covid protocols.
  12. I like this mentality: play anyone, anywhere, anytime! I think this is a great way to get the team ready (or stay ready) for conference play, its also helps with recruiting.
  13. with the way the schedule works, the two back to back games, will they even be able to reschedule a series? they only have 5-6 days between series.
  14. LSUA shot the ball incredibly well, and played at a faster pace, their bench could not play at the same pace, and give UNT some credit they adjusted properly. As far as this years team vs last year; shooting has not been as consistent, but I think the defense is slightly better.
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