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  1. I would hope so. We had good crowds for the CBI several years ago
  2. I believe Houston is the only team in the top 40 teams without a Quad 1 win. How in the world are you a NET #3 with zero Quad 1 wins?
  3. So I had to go into an appointment right as they went up 10-2. Didn't get out till well into the second half and I went to check the first half stats when I saw the score was so low and my jaw dropped when I saw we only scored 13 in the first half. 3 points in the final 9:38 of the first half. WOW
  4. They did this all year, it just caught up to them today. The games I was at this year I noted to myself, "this passing the ball around for just the perfect shot, only to have the shot clock expire before getting a shot off" is not going to work in a close game.
  5. Pretty nice crowd. That game was awesome. Great crowd. They ought to do $2 GA tickets as long as it’s not selling out. pay the coach as much as you can to keep him.
  6. If Porter turns down OU, I think they offer Grant.
  7. Great run at the end of the season. I thought we had a good matchup tonight with Nova, but you don’t stand much of a shot giving up a 34-6 run.
  8. Exactly. Can’t let them shoot open threes all game.
  9. Agreed. What a great game, great feeling to know we pulled this out.
  10. How do we not have any sort of a bench again?
  11. I mean, what adjustments were made at the half? I can't believe they only have 1 FG in the second half. That is staggering.
  12. If you can't score more than 7 points in 15 minutes of play in the second half, you probably are not going dancing.
  13. Next time we hire a coach, let's get a defensive minded one.
  14. This is generally true but we did beat Texas Tech years ago with a huge crowd
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