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  1. There once was a Fine team from Denton, Who quickly regroups from a licking! My fine feathered friends, our losses will end, They'll go down while screaming and kicking. 31-14 . Us.
  2. I recall a similar level of embarrassment when one of our players mocked the cadets by giving them a salute after making a big play at West Point.
  3. I was that guy. Almost 50 years of experience here. I'll write more about this later.
  4. I wish these "rankings" would go away. More importantly, I wish institutions would stop giving them any credibility. Is U of Houston really 100 universities better than UNT?
  5. Safeway Bowl is near Mean Green have nothing to fear so let's give a cheer.
  6. I agree. Perhaps the board administrators can be persuaded to add a "Bobby Kim" vote. This could be awarded for any newcomer's first post of significance.
  7. In days of old, the marching band used to play the fight song of the visiting team as part of the pregame show. I still remember every MVC fight song by heart! "...and now, a salute to the Wheat Shockers!"
  8. If they were really clever, they would be calling us Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute. Home of the Normal Boys!
  9. It is nice to read all the positive comments about the GB for a change. As an aside, we should note that one of the drum majors won the International Clarinet Association Young Artist Competition. This is pretty huge! https://music.unt.edu/spotlights/besnik-abrashi-wins-first-prize-2019-international-clarinet-association-young-artist
  10. What man in Texas wears a medium sized polo shirt?
  11. Didn't one of the print magazines, maybe Sports Illustrated or ESPN, do a big spread on us when Todd Dodge was hired?
  12. Or...they could just not take the repeat and easily put an end to this.
  13. Call off the dogs!! I would be delighted if we went above 7-5! But after almost 50 years of following North Texas football, I learned long ago to temper any expectations. I was also at the ODU game.
  14. Let's not forget, Tech did have a great deal of success in the Border Conference. Even won some conference championships!
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