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  1. Lets see, we have had 10 coaches since Hayden Fry and each one of them was fired with a losing record. Every replacement was brought in with great acclaim as they were just the right coach to turn this thing around. Except they didn't. Coach #11, SL, is the only coach since Fry with a winning record, such as it is. The #olderthandirtDenton in me says stick with who we have as it can easily be worse.
  2. Did you use the right area code? If not, here it is.
  3. As we say in North Carolina, congratulations on a job well did.
  4. The last and only time we beat a ranked team was against San Diego State in 1974!
  5. I gave up on the stations and finally downloaded the Learfield ap and listen over my cell phone.
  6. Corso wants no part of Denton. We used to beat his Louisville teams on a regular basis during our MVC days.
  7. It's nice to hear Bill Mercer again. What a great legacy he left.
  8. This is a problem. Last week, I tried to listen to the game. I could not hear the game on KNTU and then went to the Mean Green Sports site to see who else was broadcasting the game. I do not have a TuneIn account but none of the stations listed on the site had the game! Instead, they were playing their normal programming. https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/6/ot-mean-green-radio-network-html.aspx I ended up listening to the game on one the Southern Miss stations, which were easy to find.
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