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  1. We had some great games in The Pit with those former conference mates.
  2. What very sad news. I had the privilege of sitting next to him for the last game I saw at Fouts; UNT vs Utah State. He is a North Texas legend and great example. RIP.
  3. We are thinking that these scandals only exist at the P5 level but a quick Google will tell you that athletic programs at every level, including G5, FCS, and even D III are bending the rules.
  4. I see this as another indication of the success of our programs here. After all, we have another coach going to the P5 ranks.
  5. It was interesting to take a quick visit to one of the LSU fan boards to see the reactions. For the most part, "they've got nothing on us" seems to be the party line, which is disappointing in itself. And it is not just the P5 involved in this nonsense. Creighton is now identified and God knows who else.
  6. Looking at their past few month's stories, I see some pretty balanced reporting. https://www.ntdaily.com/category/sports/
  7. Tony Denton had this all figured out!
  8. We really seem to have trouble placing those ReddyIce machines!
  9. You are wrong, sir. I have been on this board too long to know otherwise. In no particular order, the conspirators include: SMU, the College of Music, the NT Daily, the Denton Record Chronicle, the residents of Denia, and in general, the artsy-fartsy students that populate our campus.
  10. I suspect they still have something to write about. ' From reading the article, it would seem that revenue from ticket sales, donations, licensing, concessions, etc. came to about 7.2M. What is our annual athletics budget? About 30M or so?
  11. After 69, it was hard. Rust finished with a 7-3 record and second place in the Valley but that was his last good year. This was followed with three losing seasons. He could not recruit.
  12. There is the oft quoted phrase on the board, "athletics are the window to a university". Yesterday, I returned home after a two week business trip in Europe. My wife meet me at the airport and shortly said, "have you heard about the incident by the North Texas football player and the raccoon? Yes, I had and then learned this incident has made the national news. I then recalled that he was also charged with spitting on an ODU player and dejected from the game. Every poster on this board but one defended him and said he would never do such a thing. I was at that game and have no idea if he did or did not, but when the game was over, I tuned in the local station to see what they were saying. Wilder said the spitting incident was a rallying point for his team and that they had to find a way to win the game. As we all know, they did. The video is vicious and sickening. I hope the young man can get some help.
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