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  1. I was a decade after you and saw the transition from the Pit to the Super Pit. The very first game at the Super Pit was such a let down with none of the excitement of the Pit. Not to mention those orange seats... Opera and basketball have little in common but when I was director of a company in NYC, I always careful not to rent a theater that was larger than we needed, even if that meant we had to turn away guests. The cast always performed better to a packed house. I suspect that is the same for any athletics team, including basketball. Who wants to play in a 10,000 seat gym that is o
  2. Hmmm...something is not right about this photo. The NTSU scoreboard, so beloved at Fouts, is in the background. However the game against Tennessee was played in Knoxville, not Denton. I suspect that this was photoshopped or whatever the equivalent was in those days. Or, the final score of the NTSU-UT game was reconstructed on the Fouts scoreboard for the photo. My guess is that Andre the Giant had a show at the Dallas Sportatorium, one of the greatest wrestling venues of all time! Yes, it was a hairy time!
  3. An interesting topic! Looking at our 75-76 schedule, the only year that we were ever ranked, I see we beat Baylor, SMU, VCU, and Creighton among others. But we lost to West Texas State! https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/north-texas/1976-schedule.html
  4. I seem to remember, "striving" but who knows...down the corridor of years, I've had one too many beers. As far as authorizing anything at North Texas, who knows about that either. There was not a vote when we went from Eagles to Mean Green and I don't recall anyone asking if they could add black as an official color. These things just seem to happen. And it is just not us either. Va Tech was known as VPI for most of its long history. Their nickname was the Gobblers with a secondary name of the Hokies. A football coach arrived and decided he didn't like either of these and so the s
  5. Not the ending I had hoped for but still, huge congratulations to our team for what is probably the best season in our history.
  6. On Facebook today, there are a number of (presumably) alumni posting, "Go Eagles" or "Go Mean Green Eagles".
  7. Yes, we are yesterday's news by now. Win tonight (which we will) and it will start all over again. BTW, I must admit to getting a bit weepy eyed after the game with Purdue. For us oldtimers, this has been so long in coming.
  8. It is all but unknown that we only sing the chorus from our Alma Mater, originally named "Our College Song". I have no idea when that change was made. For anyone that can read music, here is our complete Alma Mater:
  9. Agree with all. It was a wonderful game to watch and I am very proud of our team.
  10. As a Norfolk native, I was a bit confused by this post. Were you speaking of UVa? They are in Charlottesville. In Norfolk, we have ODU, Virginia Wesleyan, and Norfolk State. NSU just won the MEAC tournament and will be moving on.
  11. Thank you. No, I did not say a word about his scholarship being pulled or not. I have no idea and the question was never raised. If I were to guess, I would say the gentleman in question is in his early 40's.
  12. This FB posting is very sad. I used to travel quite a bit as I commuted to my job in NYC from Durham. I was typically dressed in a suit when traveling and each time I passed the shoeshine stand at the RDU airport, a young man would call out to me to get my shoes shined. Shining my own shoes was something I enjoyed but I felt like I should support this man who obviously needed the business. Over the course of a year or two, I got to know him rather well and it turned out that he was a two year starter at the University of Alabama. He told me he was injured towards the end of his sen
  13. Yes, that's right. FSU was independent for many years until they joined the ACC but there were a great many independent teams in those days.
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