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  1. Until the eagle died, which I understood happened on more than one occasion.
  2. I care about ODU. I was the principal bassoon in their orchestra while I was still in high school.
  3. Not to mention this was the first sell-out in the history of Apogee!
  4. With his bonuses, it is closer to 1.5M. “The ceiling at the University of North Texas is incredibly high,” Baker said. “We can be one of the best group of five programs in the country and compete for conference championships every year. Then that puts you in position where you can be one of the programs talked about nationally that can take on anybody. That’s the type of program we’re building at North Texas, so I’m excited to keep that momentum.”
  5. SMU failed by one point to tie the record number of points scored against us at Apogee set earlier by that big bully, Portland State. Losers.
  6. Hi Joe, You are right. It was indeed UTA at Texas Stadium.
  7. I note SMU's attendance has not improved so much over the years. Also, points to you, SideShow, for calling us the Eagles. Prior to the 1922 season, we were the "Normal Boys". Not that I was around then...
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