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  1. letsgiveacheer

    Super Pit thoughts

    True story. When we moved from the Pit to the Super Pit in 1973, I recall very well my astonishment upon seeing 10,000 seats painted in burnt orange! I am not sure what anyone was thinking, or if they were thinking at all, but earth tones were all the rage in those days.
  2. letsgiveacheer

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    The Denton Sportatorium. We can have rasslin matches there, too.
  3. letsgiveacheer

    What is the Coolest Mean Green Item You Own ?

    In 1974, Hayden Fry commissioned a set of beer mugs for his staff and was kind enough to include one for me. It shows the flying worm, my last name, and the words "Super Hack", his theme for that year. All done in that infamous lime green we used at that time.
  4. letsgiveacheer

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

    Yes, indeed. Best team in a very, very, long time.
  5. letsgiveacheer

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

  6. letsgiveacheer

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

  7. letsgiveacheer


    Others are talking about it, too. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/utah-state-vs-north-texas-score-aggies-tie-school-record-for-wins-with-skeleton-coaching-staff/
  8. letsgiveacheer

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Why isn't the band in their shorts? That would have deflected some of the complaints seen here today!
  9. letsgiveacheer

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    A good old fashioned gomeangreen.com melt down. This is the North Texas I remember so well. #we'rebetterbutthereisabitoftheoldDentonleftaswell
  10. letsgiveacheer

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    Fun fact: On my Samsung cell, when I enter gomeangreen.com in the Google search engine, "North Texas Athletics" appears high in the results along with the NDSU logo.
  11. letsgiveacheer

    Oct 2004, last time we played Utah State

    Thanks for fixing this!
  12. The video in Cerebus' post was found on the Utah State fan board and came from the last time we played them as members of the Sun Belt. We were on on conference win streak then and there are many great plays to see here, especially the 105 yard fumble return!
  13. letsgiveacheer

    good news

    I have a BM from NTSU!
  14. letsgiveacheer

    DRC: Source confirms -- UNT headed to New Mexico Bowl

    We should call this game the towel bowl! https://apnews.com/199f09e90d1aa0a014612771040f4d31