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  1. letsgiveacheer

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    I'll be there for certain.
  2. letsgiveacheer

    Final Thoughts on UA Game from PokeyPig

    Forty-five year fan here. In that time, we have had exactly nine winning seasons. Yes, I'm pretty happy!
  3. I'm really looking forward to our game. There is much to see and do in that area...Appomattox, Jefferson's retreat Poplar Forest, and Lexington, home of both Washington and Lee and VMI, and much more. Lynchburg is in a very scenic part of the state. One negative, green Cool-Aid is about the strongest drink you will find at tailgating. No alcohol allowed. See you there!
  4. letsgiveacheer

    Game Week Haiku

    The big game is done it was the Mean Green who won Jerry Fallwell's next
  5. letsgiveacheer

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    I know it is great to be in the lead, but they are all over us on the stats. Let's hope we can bring this home.
  6. Lovelace family wants the Mean Green to prosper thank you very much
  7. letsgiveacheer

    Game Week Haiku

    Nineteen sixty eight The Mean Green never forget Fine will have his way
  8. Liberty paid ODU 1.32 million to play in Lynchburg.
  9. Like many musicians of his generation, Mr. McAdow played professionally before going to college. If I recall, he was in his mid thirties before he graduated with his bachelor's. He had some great stories about surviving as a trumpet player during the Great Depression. He would often hop on a freight train to ride to his next gig!
  10. You'll see quite a bit of NTSU influences here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc6UY0rk3io
  11. I can't tell if if you are The Joker or not! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgDU17xqNXo If not, please see here: https://www.pbmalpha.org/pbmhalloffamebio.php?HOF_Number=033
  12. Fun Fact: Eldon Janzen was the long time Director of Bands at the University of Arkansas. He did his grad work at North Texas and was Maurice McAdow's graduate assistant. I send this in spite of the risk of getting Silver Eagle started again. 😀
  13. letsgiveacheer

    Liberty Now Has Two Weeks to Prepare for NT

    Yes, Lynchburg is about two hours north of Durham and the most they should get are some heavy rains and high winds. It should not be too bad there. We are expecting the same, only more-so.
  14. letsgiveacheer

    Golf uniforms

    Perhaps this is UNC's golf team rather than UNT's? At the risk of sounding again like the old man I am, the AD needs to get a handle on this. We are one of the few schools in the country that has a color as our nickname and should use this to our advantage.