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  1. Knit?? Hell no. We skinned some mules and wore the pelts!
  2. I suspect they all have partaken of the 'bible belt".
  3. Ha! I had no idea what the uniforms cost circa 1965 which is when the uniform I wore was purchased. The figure I quoted was taken from a brief discussion I had with the COM dean a few years ago in reference to the current uniforms.
  4. In the past, it has come from the College of Music budget and is a huge expense for them; somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000
  5. On the contrary, his DCI background almost guarantees another era of "corps style" marching. He is not the director of the Northwestern Marching Band, but a grad assistant. Here is an example of his high school band on the field: I must say I am very disappointed with the hire. I hope I am wrong.
  6. We had some great games in The Pit with those former conference mates.
  7. What very sad news. I had the privilege of sitting next to him for the last game I saw at Fouts; UNT vs Utah State. He is a North Texas legend and great example. RIP.
  8. We are thinking that these scandals only exist at the P5 level but a quick Google will tell you that athletic programs at every level, including G5, FCS, and even D III are bending the rules.
  9. I see this as another indication of the success of our programs here. After all, we have another coach going to the P5 ranks.
  10. It was interesting to take a quick visit to one of the LSU fan boards to see the reactions. For the most part, "they've got nothing on us" seems to be the party line, which is disappointing in itself. And it is not just the P5 involved in this nonsense. Creighton is now identified and God knows who else.
  11. Looking at their past few month's stories, I see some pretty balanced reporting. https://www.ntdaily.com/category/sports/
  12. Tony Denton had this all figured out!
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