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  1. letsgiveacheer

    Free Student Shirts

    Perfect! I hope they have some more gear for sale with that interlocking NT.
  2. Weirdest moment tonight...during a timeout, with all the suspense and drama that could be mustered, it was announced that the gender of Jerry Fallwell's still to be born granddaughter is a girl. Fireworks and streamers followed. Hallelujah.
  3. Game is suspended. Directing everyone back to their cars.
  4. Here comes the rain. LU is not worried. Something about walking on water.
  5. I'm here now. Sparse crowd. Only one other UNT fan so far but I'm sure more will arrive. The sky is quite dark and I suspect the predicted thunderstorm is keeping people away.
  6. letsgiveacheer

    When was the last (and only) time we played in Virginia?

    My face is red. I had forgotten about the 1982 game! Sorry. I was thinking of the 1977 game with the Richmond Spiders. There was a surprisingly large crowd of North Texas fans in attendance including a reunion of east coast Green Jackets alumnae. Who remembers them? My father, a William and Mary grad, came to the game dressed in his W&M green gear and made lots of noise rooting against the Indians' main rival. He thoroughly enjoyed the whooping we laid on Richmond. OK. I'm off to the THIRD football game we will play in Virginia. I'll also be at the fourth when we play ODU in a few months. Road Trip!!
  7. I'll be there for certain.
  8. letsgiveacheer

    Final Thoughts on UA Game from PokeyPig

    Forty-five year fan here. In that time, we have had exactly nine winning seasons. Yes, I'm pretty happy!
  9. I'm really looking forward to our game. There is much to see and do in that area...Appomattox, Jefferson's retreat Poplar Forest, and Lexington, home of both Washington and Lee and VMI, and much more. Lynchburg is in a very scenic part of the state. One negative, green Cool-Aid is about the strongest drink you will find at tailgating. No alcohol allowed. See you there!
  10. letsgiveacheer

    Game Week Haiku

    The big game is done it was the Mean Green who won Jerry Fallwell's next
  11. letsgiveacheer

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    I know it is great to be in the lead, but they are all over us on the stats. Let's hope we can bring this home.
  12. Lovelace family wants the Mean Green to prosper thank you very much
  13. letsgiveacheer

    Game Week Haiku

    Nineteen sixty eight The Mean Green never forget Fine will have his way