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  1. Yes, they are affiliated with the Methodist Church and also host a distinguished divinity school. At the risk of sounding like a KIA, Wake Forest is very much a Baptist university rather than Presbyterian.
  2. Like Duke? Their football stadium used to have the nickname, Methodist Flats!
  3. That is excellent, but is any better or worse during RV's tenure or his predecessors?
  4. Granted, his men's BB hire is doing great things, but what other sports are we really excelling in? How many conference championships did we win last year?
  5. There once was a coach from old Denton Whose check was well over one million He said with a grin, As he cashed it again... I’ll be back after this season.
  6. Moore had only one losing season during his entire tenure at App St. That's pretty remarkable. For some trivia, Moore is the only North Texas head coach that was not fired since Fry's departure. He left us after two seasons with a .500 record to take Tech's head job.
  7. We own East Texas State, 19-6-1. Bring them on and recall our glory days from the Lone Star Conference.
  8. Mooney is a great asset to the team. A reliable kicker is not always a given at North Texas.
  9. When outside of Texas and the surrounding area, when someone asks you where you went to school, do not tell them UNT unless you want to spend your next few sentences explaining what that means.
  10. Sorry, I meant former conference mate Cincinnati!
  11. You have ten years on me but our pain is shared. And you are correct, our program is cursed, and while I would like to see improvements, there are no great expectations. Still, we are both here and wanting the best for our program. After the departure of former conference mates Houston and Memphis (!!), the AAC may not be so bad for us. As you say, there will be plenty of teams at our level so while we will not necessarily be at the top, we also should not be at the bottom every year.
  12. On the CBS broadcast last night, the commentator said each SMU player was receiving at least 36,000.
  13. Serious question. What members of the press attend these events other than Brett and someone from the Campus Chat North Texas Daily?
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