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  1. Yes, Silver is correct. From about 1945 to 1975, the band marched 120 with 8 alternates. The tempi were normally quite fast as you see with the Big 10 or HBCU's today. There may have been some non-music majors in the band at that time but I do not recall any. There just may be some other surprises this season as well. As I have said before, the GB is in very good hands with Dr. Cook.
  2. We have played Cincinnati seventeen times in all, winning nine of those games and tying one.
  3. Yes, a much different time then for college football. I think it was ABC who would broadcast one game on Saturday and this was followed by the Prudential College Scoreboard. That was it!
  4. Thank you for the sentiment but we have a tendency to get the days confused. Memorial Day is for those that gave their life in the service of their country. Veterans Day is for those that once served and Armed Forces Day is for those still serving.
  5. Ha! I was a knee-bending Episcopalian. St Barnabas on Locust St. comes to mind. But, I was hired to play in the FBC orchestra when they did that crazy Christmas tree but I doubt that you would have met me, unfortunately, as I recall they only did one rehearsal with the orchestra before the performances.
  6. Thanks very much. That photo is taking from the current GB's website which has many other photos of the various marching bands through the ages. Yes, I was Mr McAdow's last assistant I am proud to say. He was authorized an doctoral candidate as an assistant but he was fired during my junior year so he asked me to fill that position. My senior year, he did not hire anyone so I got to do that year as well. I recall I was paid about 150.00 a month. Big money in those days!
  7. First, I had an excellent visit last week with Daniel Cook, the GB director and was very, very, impressed. The program is in very good hands for certain; the organization of the first band day in over 40 years being just one example. As Plumm and Silver mentioned, we used to have these each year starting from the 50's and ending in 77. They were a logistical nightmare to organize and also tough on the HS students as they all had their Friday night games which ended less than a few hours before they got on the road to Denton, depending upon their distance. But they did fill Fouts and the bands and parents seemed to get a kick out of these. Plumm, one small error. Winslow game from UCLA, not from USC. When Maurice McAdow retired, there were 100s of applications for his job as you can imagine, even from the biggest of schools. Band Day, 1963
  8. Thanks for asking. I am honored that the UNT Music Library is establishing a special collection in my name so the purpose of this trip was to deliver scores and other materials for this collection. I had a great time for the two days I was there and was treated very well. Most importantly, I got to visit with some classmates, most of whom I had not seen in 45 years or so! The campus has changed so much as you would imagine from the early 70's! There were only 16,000 students enrolled at that time and Denton County had a population of about 30,000. About the only thing that hasn't changed was Voertman's! The loss of the sketchy shops on iconic Fry Street was disappointing. They had a very nice dinner for me at Queenies where I met the Dean of the College of Music as well as Daniel Cook, the marching band director among other conducting responsibilities. I am so pleased that the band is in his very capable hands.
  9. Thank you to all who provided recommendations. We ended up at Rudy's as I was only in Denton for a very short time and did not want to spend any extra time on the road than was needed. It may not have been the best but for someone who has not had any Texas BBQ in over ten years, it was good enough. BTW, how Denton has grown!! What a shocker.
  10. Hello my feathered friends, I am excited to return to Denton for a very short visit this week. This will be my first time in about five years so am looking forward to this very much. At the risk of opening a can of worms, what would be the best BBQ in town? I am meeting a group of classmates for lunch on Friday and would appreciate your recommendations. None of them live in Denton so they are not up on things there. Please accept my thanks in advance as I will not have an opportunity to thank you personally. I am driving from Durham so will be on the road a great deal.
  11. Even better, it appears that we will have them at home once but three aways.
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