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  1. letsgiveacheer

    DRC: Muhammad denies he spit on ODU WR Duhart

    One would have thought that ODU was our most hated rival. There was extremely chippy play from both sides all during the game.
  2. letsgiveacheer


    Vodka seems to be a hot commodity at North Texas.
  3. letsgiveacheer

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    My school: 34 My sister's school: 21
  4. letsgiveacheer

    CUSA Attendence (Off Week Edition)

    As we have discussed before, people are less and less interested in college football. While we wish it could be better, I think an attendance of 25,000 is pretty respectable. On Friday, I was in a hotel in NYC getting ready to leave for the evening while watching the Penn-Cornell game on ESPNU. This was billed as a rivalry game and the announced attendance was 3800. To me, it looked like there were 380 in the stands. Throckmorton vs Harrold would have had a bigger crowd.
  5. letsgiveacheer

    It's pronounced Nor-fik but the sailors call it Sh*t City

    I'm afraid I am not much help here. I have some rental properties in Norfolk but no longer have any close family there, at least those that are still vertical. I get there about four time a year but always go to my favorite places, none of which are near ODU. I can say that that neighborhood does not have much to offer other than the typical joints that cater to students. About two miles away, there is Colley Ave which has a good number of restaurants clustered nearby each other. You may want to look at Yelp for some ideas. But, I will say you and everyone else has to visit Doumars, a Norfolk drive-in dating from 1904 that also invented the ice cream cone. It is not so far from ODU, maybe three or four miles. https://www.doumars.com/ UPDATE: I put this questions to some old Norfolk friends and one, a state judge, responded in great detail: I have several recommendations from Colley to downtown. There are a number of places on Colley north of the Ghent area that have popped up in the last five years. Look at Chow (southern food--reasonable price), LeGrand Kitchen (French, very small, expensive), Cogan's Pizza (the obvious, nice open air upstairs deck, better than University Pizza, also in this area), Hank's Filling Station (southern served at a counter, more focused on beer and whiskey, also counter ordered, and if the weather is nice, maybe the place to go as the back outdoor area is best described as a backyard party area with it's own counter for ordering drinks but not food), Nouvelle (I haven't been there but lots of good things said by friends), and Dirty Buffalo (local wings and sports bar). Mack's Barge, in the old O'Sullivan's location will look tempting because it's on an inlet of the Lafayette River looking over Colonial Place. If you stick to drinks and the deck overlooking the inlet, fine, but the food is pretty poor. In Ghent, Luna Maya (Peruvian, moderate price), Green Onion (mixed menu, a little expensive), Kelly's (long time burger choice, small but an outdoor area), Public House (gastropub, if there's a favorite bar for Eastern Virginia Medical School, this is it). Downtown, Saltine in the Hilton is pretty good, especially for drinks and oysters, but expensive. The outdoor decks at Grain at the Hilton are great for drinks if the weather is nice. Close to MacArthur Mall, Chartreuse Bistro, matching LeGrand for best food on this list and similarly small and expensive. Gershwin's, up Granby, near TCC, with a mashup menu and moderate prices plus the occasional singer/pianist doing classic American standards. On Granby closer to Scope, both 456 Fish and Leone's, owned by the same people. Seafood at the first, Italian at the second with an upstairs open air deck.
  6. I hope some of you are making the trip to my hometown, Norfolk ,for the game with ODU. In 1971, when I left Norfolk for Denton, NTSU was playing big boy football while ODU was in D-2, no football team, and their big basketball nemesis was the Philadelphia Textile Institute Weavers. Anyway, here we are. If you have not made any hotel reservations, I recommend you stay in the downtown area which is a very short drive to ODU. All the big chain hotels are there but my favorite is the Hilton, noteworthy for their rooftop bar and .50 local oysters at happy hour. There are plenty of restaurants, clubs, and bars nearby. When hailing a cab, do not expect to find a hooker already inside, offering a little something extra during your ride. For better or worse, the old Norfolk is nothing like the new. There is much to see and do besides going to the game; Waterside, Nautilus featuring the battleship Wisconsin, you can take a harbor tour, or walk around historic Ghent. For a city that is so old, you will not find many colonial buildings as the city has been burnt down twice, once by the British and the second time was an accident. A day before or after the game, you may want to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, all about an hour away but allow for heavy traffic crossing the bridge. This is a bit strange for me. In my day, Norfolk had four high schools and two of them played their home games at Foreman Field. Many memories there!
  7. letsgiveacheer

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Congratulations to the team!
  8. It is difficult to believe now but freshmen were not allowed to play varsity football or basketball until the 1972 season. I believe North Texas maintained a junior varsity team up until 1973 when Fry joined us. I was not aware of any juco rule change but perhaps someone can fill in the blanks.
  9. What a pity. Rust was the coach when I arrived at North Texas and while he did not do well for those final years here, he will be remembered as our only coach to become a NFL head coach. Sympathies to his family.
  10. letsgiveacheer


    Money well spent.
  11. letsgiveacheer

    In case you needed firing up

    Wonderful, Emmitt. Thanks for sharing.
  12. letsgiveacheer

    Uniforms 10/13

    Serious question. Does anyone remember a student vote to make black one of our official colors? I sure did not. I am not on campus but would have surely read about such a thing here. Unless I am mistaken, my guess is that "someone" just decided that we should add black and there we are.
  13. letsgiveacheer

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    I'm not certain this afternoon's visit to the Kentucky Club was such a good idea.
  14. letsgiveacheer

    Game Week Haiku

    We took it up the Ask why we fielded that punt UTEP will fear us
  15. letsgiveacheer

    Play calling

    Unfortunately, it's in our DNA.