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  1. Thanks for this but have you seen anything listing him as a consensus All-American other than our own publicity or BV's article? In the wiki article, he is noted below the consensus All-American list so while he did receive some sort of recognition, he is just not listed as a consensus All-American.
  2. Not to throw cold water on this and also acknowledging he is one of the best players ever for North Texas, I have not seen any reference to Darden being named a consensus AA other than BV's article. Can someone provide a link showing this? Here is what I have found: https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2021/01/08/byu-left-tackle-brady/ https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/consensus-all-americans-alabama-six-selections-devonta-smith-mac-jones-najee-harris/tlm42nn70bb117aix78ee7xh3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_College_Football_All-America_Team
  3. Unfortunately, we have a long history of blaming others for our troubles. A few that come to mind are SMU, the College of Music, our "artsy-fartsy" students, and our apathetic alumni base. I have no idea if Judy MacLeod is a competent commissioner or not but what I do know is that it is very difficult to sell and promote a product that no one wants.
  4. Sorry, but I did not catch what happened and no one seated around me saw what happened either. There was a lot of chippy play from both teams as you say but this seemed to calm things down a little.
  5. I certainly understand what you are saying and agree that a sweep should be easy to stop but my point is that they did their best. In person, it was very easy to see our guys were easily overmatched. The Appy State team was openly making fun of us in the second half. I also agree that Bowen, SL, etc etc need to go but then again, it will be just be more of the same with their replacements.
  6. When you run the same play successfully for three or four times, adjustments should be made. I did not see that. More to the point, our guys played hard the entire game.
  7. That was on the coaches. Our guys did their best as far as I could see.
  8. There was no North Texas section for the game so we were scattered all over the stadium. Maybe twenty to thirty UNT fans were there in total? I had the good fortune to be seated near UNTCambell who is as dedicated a Mean Green fan as you would wish. Coastal Carolina University has a nice stadium that seats about 20,000. Social distancing, masks, etc etc were all enforced. The Appalachian fans were all very gracious and friendly The outcome of the game was about what I expected. "Happy Appy" was the far superior team as well as better coached. However, our team played hard the entir
  9. Now that is some creative thinking! These guys should be proud of themselves for "appropriating" a trademarked slogan from 2006!
  10. Unusually, tickets were not even available through the North Texas box office, you had to buy them through the official Myrtle Beach Bowl portal. As has been mentioned, most of the 5000 seats available were sold out in a few hours.
  11. Hello, you are welcome to one of mine. Please send me a PM.
  12. Yes, I just bought my tickets (they make you buy two!) and only the end zone was available.
  13. Eight years from now, we can finally breathe.
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