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  1. One good thing about this...we only have to bring three suits.
  2. Really first class. I am so glad I was around to see his first two years here. Given with what he had to work with, he did about the impossible.
  3. Not for football. The concert band, in 1974, was on tour and played in Wichita. In 1975, my flame transferred from TWU to West Texas State and I paid her a visit. I drove a Rambler Ambassador and she rode a unicycle. As all the girls in that era had hair to their ankles, she often looked like Cousin Itt.
  4. We really need a seperate SMU forum.
  5. Just sent this email to the paper where the article first appeared: Dear Mr. Hlas, Thank you for your article on Hayden Fry's passing. He was a great man who will be missed by many. One correction, he coached at North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) rather than Texas State, which is an entirely different university. My best wishes for the holidays. Sincerely, Jim Schaeffer Durham, NC NTSU '75
  6. Goodness, I have not seen this in over 40 years. What fond memories! Yes, the SMU game was a heartbreaker. We played so much better than them but had more than our share of bad luck. If I recall, Newt Rayzor funded this and there was a big splash when it was released. There is a familiar looking young man at the 11:15 mark conducting the band. Why I was wearing an orange shirt is beyond me. I suspect it was the only clean clothes I had. BTW, I still have the hat!
  7. Thanks, I really enjoyed the few times I spoke with him. If you look in the dictionary under "raconteur", I am quite sure you would find a photo of Hayden Fry next to the definition as there was no one who could match him. As I think about those years, I also recall he drove a lime green Chevrolet. It was quite easy to spot him around town!
  8. I had not thought about that film in many years as it is a classic. I wish someone would post it on YouTube
  9. I had the great honor of knowing him. The band's practice field was just outside Fouts, parallel to Ave E and we had just begun our rehearsals for the first game of the 1973 season. The football team practiced in Fouts and both the band and the football team were in action at the same time. Coach Fry left Fouts and came to the band's rehearsal area. One of his assistants introduced him to Maurice McAdow and the two shook hands and made some small talk. Mr. McAdow then introduced Coach Fry to me. A few weeks later, I received a custom ceramic beer mug with the flying worm on one side and my name on the other. What a class act. RIP Coach Fry.
  10. If I recall, CUSA normally rises to the occasion during bowl season (with one exception) but this looks like a particularly tough line-up for the conference.
  11. If I recall correctly, there was a student lead push to drop football following Rod Rust's disastrous 1-10 season in 1972. Obviously it never went anywhere and Nolen hired Fry and the rest is history. The football program was held in very low regard that year. I worked the evening shift at the Pizza Inn on Eagle Drive when two varsity players came in to buy some cigarettes out of the vending machine. Two beautiful co-eds were paying their tab at the same time when the players asked them out. One of the girls said to them, "why would we go out with you". The response was, "because we are on the football team!" The girls laughed and left.
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