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  1. I tried to give a crap about football again this year. Took two easily forgettable years off during covid and really convinced myself I missed it. The wife and I are expecting twins so I figured one good year of season tickets before they arrive would be smart… I don’t think there’s a reason to make another game. Glad Seth was encouraged today though.
  2. 100% I hated myself for buying season tickets again as soon as this happened. I went 2 years without doing this to myself.
  3. That was not a very good looking SMU team. We looked like stereotypical North Texas.
  4. Defense would be more disciplined if we had a better QB.
  5. We should all be pumped for him to bring home the single largest payday in mean green athletics history tomorrow.
  6. Because they were told to on this one … duh.
  7. Carlos is about to become one of our all time wealthiest athletes in just one week of work on the LIV.
  8. Why wouldn’t you name the city? What are you hiding?
  9. Everyone knows where we go from here… we keep going down the same path. We’ve all seen this movie before. We know where it goes. Cheers!
  10. I’ve always loved Seth. This was my first season without season tickets since I graduated in 08. I played it off to myself with the uncertainty of the delta variant… but I’m vaxxed and I don’t have problems going out anywhere… Tonight I admitted to myself that this team has been Mason Fine and three really good receivers away from absolute trash for Seth’s entire tenure. It’s trash and it’s always been trash… and now there is no Mason to cover it’s sins. The offense has never resembled anything that could be described as “guru” level under him. He doesn’t call the plays. They’ve never run even the least bit interesting of an offense on his tenure. He lucked into Mason Fine and that benefited no one but him. It didn’t benefit Mason… He was never given an offensive line or a defense to play with. It didn’t benefit us because it bought him more time to be less than mediocre…. Now that he doesn’t have a transcendent QB it’s painfully clear that no one on either side of the ball has ever improved from being coached by the charismatic Bob Stoops’ Fullback. Tonight the effort level hit end of the line Wade Phillips Cowboys levels. I live a mile away and I’m so glad I wasn’t there.
  11. Inactive coaches decision tonight…
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