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  1. Good to know. I haven't used TuneIn for BB games, but I had the same issues as @EagleD during football season.
  2. Totally agree with this. I think the most I ever paid for a semester was around 2 grand (I lived off-campus). Could easily pay for school by working 30 hours a week. Can't be done today. The problem is that today you need a college degree for jobs that didn't require them 30 years ago -- which means you need to spend $120K (or, more likely, take on a huge student loan debt) just to get on the bottom rung of the ladder. That's not sustainable.
  3. I think a lot of things are contributing to the decline in viewership, including some of the things you mentioned. But I think there's a surreal feel about the 2020 season, including the fact that there are no - or very few -- fans in the stands. And the fake crowd noise is just creepy. Just not the same feel as a "real" season, so I haven't tuned in. Getting my fix thru things like Last Chance U. For me, there'll always be an asterisk next to 2020 sports.
  4. How many MG players have been signed this year?
  5. ...Since this article about the call from the Cardinals came out last month? There may be something on GMG but I haven't seen it. https://tulsaworld.com/sports/high-school/im-not-giving-up-on-this-dream-mason-fine-is-finally-getting-nfl-chances-after/article_2aeda42b-ffd5-5502-a85e-cdbb11156b8b.html
  6. Is there an obituary? I haven't been able to find one.
  7. I think a lot of governors are calling up the Guard -- my state has. My guess is that Trump won't have to invoke the Insurrection Act. I think that governors who haven't yet called up the National Guard will be forced to by situations on the ground if they keep deteriorating.
  8. Under the Insurrection Act the president can also federalize the National Guard -- and deploy the regular military -- in situations where a state is unable or unwilling to end civil disorder and insurrections.
  9. I'll add another Netflix show - Rust Valley Restorers, about some Canadian car restorers. Mindless entertainment but addictive.
  10. Especially true when it comes to rare earth elements that are used in everything from the military to smart phones. We get the vast majority of them from China.
  11. A nice memory of Phyllis George -- In the mid 80s I worked at a Denton-area retail store while I was going to UNT. One day she came in with her daughter, who was then a toddler. She was in town visiting her father. I waited on her and she was down to earth and very friendly. She came in wearing sunglasses but I recognized her immediately. I asked her if she needed any help and then said "Are you...?" Before I could finish she smiled and said "Yes."🙂 Sad to hear of her passing.
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