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  1. This is true, and banks were heavily leveraged in those. Still - we are in a bubble, more in some places than others. Some areas will continue to be hot -- like DFW and where I live in the DC area -- because of the population growth in those areas. Rising interest and inflation rates will put downward pressure on the housing market overall. I hope that's all sorted before I retire and sell in 4-5 years.
  2. When you're right you're right. I saw part of a USFL game (Tampa Bay vs Philly) over the weekend. Maybe 20 people in the stands. Don't see how that league makes it.
  3. I didn't live in a dorm my freshman year. Or my sophomore, junior or senior years either.
  4. Me too. Gonna be tough for Nova with Moore out.
  5. Will the game be televised?
  6. Went to a pro-Ukraine rally yesterday. A good turnout.
  7. Guerilla resistance by the Ukrainians. Russian body bags. Divided Russian public opinion on the invasion -- sanctions and even more economic pain for the Russian population. Could very well be a pyrrhic victory
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