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  1. This was great. Sounds like my car, except it was a 1974 white Ford LTD and I had a ZOO sticker. But musically, yeah pretty much. In fact, I'm going to see ZZ Top tonight.
  2. I majored in polisci and worked in politics for 15 years. But I have to say that my major had nothing to do with getting my first job in the field. So, I don't have a problem with liberal arts degrees. Having said that, I'm glad my daughter wants to pursue STEM.
  3. Try the NHK World app. They're mostly news and features in English, so not sure if they're going to run World Cup games. They do have great sumo coverage though.😁
  4. On the upside, though, Walter from Waco.
  5. Labella and Rody were the best morning team ever.
  6. Never got into Star Wars. One thing you missed was when she appeared onstage with her then-husband Paul Simon when he and Garfunkel performed at the Cotton Bowl in 83. She just sat there like Yoko as they did Sound of Silence.
  7. GBarksdale

    Marshall attendance.... GUESS IT

    I know there'll be a sizeable contingent from my high school graduating class. They're having a reunion on Friday and then going to the game to see our classmate's son, who's a lineman for Marshall.
  8. GBarksdale

    Texas Rangers 2016

    Thanks for these recaps for those of us who can't catch the games.
  9. "Just because you are nice does not mean you are entitled to become a part of my life." Can't tell you how many times I heard that in college.
  10. GBarksdale

    C-USA names 4th TV partner

    I actually get this on Verizon and catch some soccer games (though I flip straight through when the indoor track meets are on). Good to know I'll have an outlet to catch UNT games.
  11. GBarksdale

    How cheap did you drink in college?

    Yeah, I think it was 87, my last semester because several of the guys in that pic were in an evening class with me. And we'd probably just gotten out of class. I'm the one to the left of the post in the black hoodie type sweater. One of my best friends is the guy in the background looking through his wallet. He never found anything in there. Funny, but I stumbled across this picture looking through the UNT 125 anniversary blog.
  12. GBarksdale

    How cheap did you drink in college?

    Yeah, I'm sure. I'm in it, actually. But you're right -- it didn't change much.
  13. GBarksdale

    How cheap did you drink in college?

    50 cent cups at the Green Derby (+free sandwiches and popcorn on Fridays). At home -- Shaefer, generic beer (the can just said "Beer") for about $2 a 6-pack. Speaking of college drinking habits, here's a nostalgic view of the Flying Tomato, ca. mid-80s. For those of you who were there. You're welcome.
  14. GBarksdale

    How is our crowd?

    Watching this on ESPN3 and it's like a sea of green.
  15. Yeah, I see this a lot nowadays. And I don't really get it. I worked in politics in DC for 15 years and for much of that time people of differing political views got along. I was always able to separate politics from personalities. I'm conservative; the best man in my wedding was a liberal. Same today with one of my best friends here. Plus, I live in a pretty diverse area philosophically speaking, so it's important to look past politics and find common ground in other areas. Someone on this thread mentioned that this kind of polarization has happened before. Agreed -- but very rarely to this degree. Today's polarization reminds me of the 1850s.