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  1. I just want to get through tonight before I think about Baylor.😄
  2. Purdue would’ve beaten the Villanova team that played Winthrop. This isn’t vintage Villanova. They’re good, no doubt about it. But, as Jay Wright said, UNT is “going to give us trouble.” We’ll have to play as well as we did on Friday to win, but Villanova isn’t the super team that won the national championship.
  3. nice rundown here https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.actionnetwork.com/ncaab/villanova-wildcats-vs-north-texas-mean-green-ncaa-tournament-betting-odds-pick-second-round-sunday-march-21%3famp=1
  4. I’ve seen a lot of Villanova basketball this year because we’re force fed Big East BB in this part of the country. In fact, I’m a fan (except for this weekend). Villanova is damn good and tomorrow’s game will be tough. But they’re not the same team they were the last time they went to the dance - even before Gillespie got hurt against Creighton. And if it hadn’t been for Robinson-Earl last night they could have very well lost. Winthrop was tough and aggressive, and they gave Nova an incredible run for their money. But we’re smarter and more disciplined and agile than Winthrop.
  5. This is a very winnable game. Nova looked flat last night and they’ve been lackluster all year. Plus Gillespie is out. More importantly, as UNT showed the country last night, they’re the real deal. Jay Wright is concerned this morning. Going to be interesting in my house tomorrow. My wife is a Nova alumn and huge fan. Hope my marriage survives this. 🙂
  6. Think about it - Villanova is playing now for the right to play us. Un-freaking-believable! GMG!
  7. Certainly different from the reception Brother Jed used to receive.
  8. I heard about this from a friend this morning. Very sad. I had Bud for a TV production class in the mid 80s and stayed in touch with him for decades. About 10 years ago I asked him if could give me a copy of a show he did about Buddy Holly on WFAA in the 70s. I got it in the mail within a week. That's the kind of person he was -- extremely nice and helpful. He cared about his students and they cared about him. He'll be missed.
  9. Good to know. I haven't used TuneIn for BB games, but I had the same issues as @EagleD during football season.
  10. Totally agree with this. I think the most I ever paid for a semester was around 2 grand (I lived off-campus). Could easily pay for school by working 30 hours a week. Can't be done today. The problem is that today you need a college degree for jobs that didn't require them 30 years ago -- which means you need to spend $120K (or, more likely, take on a huge student loan debt) just to get on the bottom rung of the ladder. That's not sustainable.
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