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  1. BTW - where is Vito? Haven’t seen him around here since the DRC went all paywall. And I agree this is going to be a tough schedule.
  2. Agh! I get your point but the Willis Library has always been an eyesore. Always looked vaguely soviet to me.
  3. During Cowboy blackouts in the 70s my dad would climb on the roof and point the TV antenna toward Oklahoma to pick up the game. Depending on the weather, sometimes it worked.
  4. It's not going to matter if we don't have the talent we need on D.
  5. Yeah I don't get that. It's an even more ridiculous ripoff of Tech's silly guns up.
  6. At least we don't have to worry about this. https://bearinsider.com/forums/2/topics/90003
  7. For the record, nothing wrong with double-tracking.😐
  8. Yeah, I went to a couple alumni events when they were having them here a few years ago. So, I know there is an alumn presence here. I'd definitely be up for getting together somewhere for a watch party.
  9. Lived at home, then a condo on W. Hickory called Hickory Village.
  10. Well, some UTSA fans are aiming higher than the AAC. 🤣 I would never want to join the ACC. UTSA should be shooting for the Big 12 or PAC 12. http://www.rowdytalk.com/showthread.php/10616-Source-Big-East-votes-to-invite-UConn-to-rejoin
  11. Yeah, that's what one poster on their forum mentioned. Funny - for all their disdain for us, there's even more disdain for them on the Houston board. 😄
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