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  1. Looking at the northwest boundary -- am I correct that it's taking in quite a bit of Cement City? Hope so. What a hellhole. And the northeast boundary looks like it includes my old place, Hickory Village.
  2. I read the online version and thought it would improve once it was out of BELO's grasp. I was wrong. Now, pretty much the only things I read are the sports and the obits.
  3. Yeah, and no Prairie St Pub or Green Derby. All of my haunts are gone.
  4. And we stood out by the ubiquitous snuff can rings on the back pockets of our bell bottom Levis.
  5. And check out the guy behind Dawson wearing the Mickey Mouse Club hat. Yep. Times have changed.
  6. A fair amount of love for him on the Baylor board.
  7. That’s true, actually.
  8. This is pretty helpful https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2016/1/28/10842688/ncaa-football-grayshirt-blueshirt-redshirt-rules
  9. Yeah, but has his agent had any contact with Taylor?
  10. I'm going to try. If I can wrangle out of a prior engagement and my daughter's soccer game, I'll drive down to Lynchburg.
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