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  1. How many MG players have been signed this year?
  2. ...Since this article about the call from the Cardinals came out last month? There may be something on GMG but I haven't seen it. https://tulsaworld.com/sports/high-school/im-not-giving-up-on-this-dream-mason-fine-is-finally-getting-nfl-chances-after/article_2aeda42b-ffd5-5502-a85e-cdbb11156b8b.html
  3. Is there an obituary? I haven't been able to find one.
  4. I think a lot of governors are calling up the Guard -- my state has. My guess is that Trump won't have to invoke the Insurrection Act. I think that governors who haven't yet called up the National Guard will be forced to by situations on the ground if they keep deteriorating.
  5. Under the Insurrection Act the president can also federalize the National Guard -- and deploy the regular military -- in situations where a state is unable or unwilling to end civil disorder and insurrections.
  6. I'll add another Netflix show - Rust Valley Restorers, about some Canadian car restorers. Mindless entertainment but addictive.
  7. Especially true when it comes to rare earth elements that are used in everything from the military to smart phones. We get the vast majority of them from China.
  8. A nice memory of Phyllis George -- In the mid 80s I worked at a Denton-area retail store while I was going to UNT. One day she came in with her daughter, who was then a toddler. She was in town visiting her father. I waited on her and she was down to earth and very friendly. She came in wearing sunglasses but I recognized her immediately. I asked her if she needed any help and then said "Are you...?" Before I could finish she smiled and said "Yes."🙂 Sad to hear of her passing.
  9. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2888825-undrafted-free-agents-2020-mason-fine-rumors-predictions-for-signed-players The 49ers could still be an option if they look to move on from third-string quarterback C.J. Beathard. Fine, who passed for 3,088 yards and 29 touchdowns last season with nine interceptions, is likely to get a look somewhere. Not over yet.
  10. That's on my list. Hope it's more soccer and less love story.
  11. If you're in to soccer, Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix. And there's always The Office.
  12. I don't know anyone who has contracted the virus, except -- back around Christmas my daughter developed what they're saying are the main symptoms of COVID-19. Fever, persistent cough. She was out of school for a week and she wasn't the only one. It swept through her DC area high school. Actually made the news here. There are a lot of international students from Asia, State Department workers, etc -- people who travel overseas regularly, including to China. News reports say that the virus was in Wuhan in November, so it's not inconceivable that it somehow made it here before before the fir
  13. Hope you're right! But looking at their offers on 247, it doesn't look like we're in the running. Am I missing something?
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