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  1. GBarksdale

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Yeah, but has his agent had any contact with Taylor?
  2. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it
  3. I'm going to try. If I can wrangle out of a prior engagement and my daughter's soccer game, I'll drive down to Lynchburg.
  4. GBarksdale

    Is the game on anywhere in Denton area?

    So it will be on the regular ESPN app?
  5. GBarksdale

    UNT has record crowd for 2018 SMU win

    I watched on Stadium. Even more impressive than the crowd shots was the decibel level of the crowd. Sounded like a Notre Dame game
  6. GBarksdale

    SMU game viewing options?

    Yeah - looks like it's Stadium for us
  7. GBarksdale

    SMU game viewing options?

    😄 Dont think I can make the 1300 mile trek this weekend.
  8. GBarksdale

    SMU game viewing options?

    Thanks. I missed the other thread. Apologies for the duplicate.
  9. GBarksdale

    SMU game viewing options?

    Does anyone have any ideas for viewing the game for those of us out of town?
  10. My wife doesn't really get why I like Denton, but since she went to Villanova she does get the idea of supporting one's alma mater. And on those rare occasions when we can get a game on TV here, she sometimes watches and roots for UNT (I return the favor when Villanova is playing during March Madness). And she's on board with me flying down in October to catch a game. So, yeah, she's tolerant.
  11. This was great. Sounds like my car, except it was a 1974 white Ford LTD and I had a ZOO sticker. But musically, yeah pretty much. In fact, I'm going to see ZZ Top tonight.
  12. I majored in polisci and worked in politics for 15 years. But I have to say that my major had nothing to do with getting my first job in the field. So, I don't have a problem with liberal arts degrees. Having said that, I'm glad my daughter wants to pursue STEM.
  13. Try the NHK World app. They're mostly news and features in English, so not sure if they're going to run World Cup games. They do have great sumo coverage though.😁
  14. On the upside, though, Walter from Waco.