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  1. If its required then yes. Beer drinking will be a challenge though.
  2. Here's a question, is it just football or other sports? We have some teams such as basketball that are pretty good. Non revenue sports are really pretty good too. Granted, Football is the 800 pound Gorilla. NT is a big school with a ton to offer any conference and I don't think our current conference would want to lose us. I don't think facilities are an issue anymore either. Maybe a new basketball stadium but the current venue is pretty damn good. Either way I like communicating with people like you. I like SMU myself. You guys are great to play in anything because we are neighbors and we both do better playing each other.
  3. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2020/05/20/college-athletic-conference-finalizes-plans-for-more-to-north-texas/ Look, if they like North Texas so much, give NT a call some time. I'm sure Wren will answer.
  4. Totally agree. Army does little for recruiting, a total re-tool of your D for that game, and the cut blocks are terrible on your d-line knees.
  5. I heard Wren myself say he fully understands that really no one wants to see us in a Sunbelt 2.0 situation. Personally I think we need to shoot for the AAC because CUSA js looking no bueno.
  6. How about we just leave CUSA altogether. This situation is a massive step back for our entire athletic department.
  7. That actually might be better being outdoors. Im no virologist but they said on tv outdoors is safer.
  8. I'll be at the games next year. Not hiding. If it comes it comes. Also, if this ODU guy recommends no sports or teaming up with the Sunbelt then I recommend NT vigorously pursues the AAC or something else.
  9. NMSU can take our place and we can go AAC or something.
  10. However, Jerry didn't take Lynch. And didn't the entire NFL pass on Dak the first 4 rounds? Jerry decided to take a chance on Dak though. The point is 32 teams passed on Fine. Are they all stupid or do they all notice something similar? It has zero to do with him as a person, character, work ethic, or anything else other than do they believe, with all the wealth of football knowledge in the NFL, if he is someone they can get up to speed to be a QB for their team. Fine worked out with the Saints, right? Sean Peyton who certainly is familiar with NT, convinced the Cowboys to get Romo, yet didn't go after Fine himself. Why? He is a great coach too. I hope Fine gets a chance but there are lots and lots of great college players that never play on Sundays.
  11. Lol. Come on though, the truth hurts. Its just reality. I love our school but we have ongoing problems in football. I think the direction of the program is improving still.
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