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  1. UNTexas

    Worst Stadiums in College Football

    Article is nonsense. UTSA doesn't have a stadium. They borrow one.
  2. UNTexas

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    Ask if Littrell is gonna get more money here at UNT as incentive to stay.
  3. I think it would technically be the winter of my discontent?
  4. UNTexas

    Hey K State Fans !

    Was Hurley that bad? He changed our name to UNT and was there when we went back to D1. Not sure any back stories on him but he was always nice when he came to watch practice.
  5. UNTexas

    K-State could win the Big 12 anytime

    Did Littrell tske the job and I missed thst one?
  6. UNTexas

    Frisco Bowl

    God forbid we sell a stadium out some day. I'd rather see us in a packed Toyota Stadium than an empty Cotton Bowl.
  7. UNTexas

    Frisco Bowl

    For what? Most G5 stadiums are too big. Most of the G5 Bowl games will be played in empty stadiums. NM Bowl will be seriously empty on December 15th.
  8. UNTexas

    Utah State 96

    Every time I think of Utah State I laugh about the great towel heist of 96. Total calamity. Our football team got caught red handed. TCU and Idaha got caught at the same hotel the same season taking towels. Even ESPN was laughing. It was on every nightly news. Awful.
  9. UNTexas

    Frisco Bowl

    The FCS National Championship plays there every year. Its a great stadium to watch football.
  10. The team we are playing is good. The bowl game is bad. Second year in row on graduation day is unbelievably bad. They honestly must not care about attendance at all.
  11. UNTexas

    12/1 Other Games Megathread

    It sucks for us though. Apogee would be rockin today if it were here. We have facilities and fans. It appears most of our conference have neither.
  12. UNTexas

    12/1 Other Games Megathread

    CUSA is pathetic. Conference championship has like 5k attending. We need to shoot for the AAC or something. This is sad. It looks like FAU moved to Tennessee.
  13. UNTexas

    OT. Matt Simon

    He had very nasty things to say about Army and said he had the right because he was an Army brat. Playing Nazi videos mixed with our weekly films with another team's school song playing for motivation is still mind boggling. Comparing bonfires to book burning, ect... Soooo many strange things that didn't belong in football back then. I'm so happy we have a professional and classy staff now.
  14. UNTexas

    OT. Matt Simon

    He did/said some really unforgivable things to some players/ coaches/ staff/ athletic department personnel during his tenure. As an adult now, I can't believe he was tolerated for so long. Sadly he gets his name mentioned still because of the Safeway quote. Most of the team thought it was embarrassing when he said it but I guess some fans like it.
  15. UNTexas

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    He sucks at his job.