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  1. Are you the guy who couldn't even cut it here as a walk on? Another Saturday night in mom's basement trolling a place you failed at. Priceless. Mom, meatloaf!!!
  2. I forgot about the guy missing half his arm. That was awful. We were a better team than they were and they went on to the National Championship game. That game was so damned cold on that blue field. 94 was such a great group of guys. We went through hell in camp and had a group that didn't quick. I miss that team, coaches, and staff. Hopefully we do another reunion in 2024.
  3. A couple stand out and I can't do just one: A game ball from a game we won signed by the captains after I recovered a fumble that led to us winning the game. I got player of the week that week and later special teams player of the year. Both surprised me. (Especially the plaque at the banquet.) We won our conference too. My Dad got to see the game ball before he died a few weeks later. Really cool. That season led to another cool item which was a conference champion ring. I really like a flag I had framed. But I really love a little t-shirt both my minions wore that almost ended up at Goodwill but ended up framed too. (My wife played soccer at UNT so I get away with pretty much anything UNT related.) Lastly, the Mrs. and I both have North Texas diplomas. We were both on scholarship, Letterman every year we played, we still have our letter jackets, and technically got paid to go to college at NT. Love my Mean Green!
  4. I couldn't help but think the same thing. Or if thunderstorms could have stopped our drubbing.
  5. Utah isn't right next to New Mexico? You want to talk about mileage in a bowl and compare it to others? They brought more fans than us either way. It's a crappy bowl game that even ESPN won't cut into basketball for. UNT fans trying to argue how swell the optics were is just laughable. The attendance beat a midweek bowl game in the rain between San Diego State and Ohio in North Texas and people here are bragging and talking up how we beat their attendance? Wow. NM shouldn't even have a bowl game but we did find a way to get embarrassed it. Our small fan base is getting more ridiculous yearly and this forum is proof.
  6. So your illustration shows we brought the band and a nearby Utah State brought a few fans. Ok. I was at the Frisco bowl and sitting on the pressbox side where everyone else was. You could walk under that area to get out of the rain. All I really saw out of NM was our team get embarrassed by a classless Utah State team in front of an empty old stadium. Either way, pretty stupid argument. Both had lousy attendance and responding by cursing is sophomoric at best.
  7. No man. The feds would be on us. Fish and Wildlife doesn't screw around about quotas.
  8. After watching Littrell speak today, I take it that this kid was replaced today? He said something opened up, so I took it as this kid balked and was replaced today.
  9. If he didn't at least speak to the coaches then the offer should be withdrawn and go to the next guy on the board.
  10. If we ever played in the Friscl Bowl then there would be a lot of bars restuarants roll out the carpet for us. Way more so than anything in Dallas for the HOD. However, NDSU fans come down here and party for days and days. Our fans don't do that. I live near the Twin Peaks in Frisco, there is a line to get in that week to start beer drinking in the morning. Their fans are everywhere when they play.
  11. Why did he need to go on social media to give a vague excuse as to why he changed his mind? Not everything requires airing of your personal business. You can talk to schools on a phone, email, or in person. Maybe I'm weird but airing of grievances should should be held off until Festivus. At the end of the day, NT will look to fill his spot he vacated. You kind of have to move on imo. If he doesn't he doesn't get another offer he might be SOL.
  12. 1. Started really strong and then fell apart. This team cannot perform against winning teams or meaningful games. 2. We were embarrassed on national TV today. Please don't say we lost Fine. We did. We had no real back up for him and our D was awful, our center forgot how to shotgun snap, and we were out coached, especially on Special Teams. 3. As predicted, the turnout to this game was awful, pathetic on tv, so for our fans who think a sell out at smaller venues such as Frisco is bad for a team that has never sold out, y'all need perspective. It was really crap on tv. 4. Our team was out of shape. Don't say elevation either. I grew up in mountains and played at UNT. We were gassed at the end of the 1st. The Strength Coaches need to do better.8 5. To show how meaningful our game was, anyone on tv missed the beginning for a regular season basketball game. (I find drying paint more entertaining than the last 5 minutes of a game that consists of 50 fouls and time outs.) 6. ESPN sucks 7. I hate to say it but our team gave the NT haters all the ammo they need. We are not a emergent G5 program. 3rd or 4th in CUSA really and we have a long way to go. 8. Our backup QB who thinks its cute to paint his face needs to grow up. This isn't peewee and people were talking about how stupid he looked. I agreed we them. Dress the part. 9. Most important, we need depth and leadership on the field. Right now, we have liitle of both if 1 player exits. 10. 3 bowls in 3 years is great. 3 losses with 2 being blow outs is embarrassing. UNT can't win when it counts these days.
  13. This team can't beat winning teams. This is embarrassing.
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