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  1. Even during the quarantine I saw random tailgating in random parking lots. Hell yes tailgate. Plus, expect way better coverage with so few teams playing. The beer will flow like wine!
  2. Littrell explained it really well at the coaches caravan. Scheduling Army does nothing for recruiting, you have to totally overhaul your defense for a week (messing up preparations for the coming weeks), and you really need to to be concerned about injuries because of the way they play. He said outside of Army being well known and respected it has way to many down sides. I tend to agree with him. They are small and hit dangerously low. A bowl game is a totally different story. Maybe this year is different because of the Rona...
  3. Maybe with a bubble boy suit and binoculars?
  4. Can we get someone else to play? TCU, Baylor, OU, Stephen F., Abilene Christian, anyone?
  5. CUSA is gonna make s move soon I guess... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29442474/pac-12-follows-big-ten-moving-conference-only-schedule-fall-sports%3fplatform=amp
  6. Not at all. Just disagreeing from experience with part of what you said. I too don't want kids to get sent home either.
  7. State Department doesn't enforce much on the visa overstay side. Diplomatic Security is small and mostly overseas. DHS actually does more of the enforcement domestically and its rampant. Not trying to be argumentative or enter into a debate but to offer a pro tip that DHS does little to curb illegal immigration nor committed to public safety is sadly not accurate at all. The general public is massively uninformed as to what federal agencies actually do and what actually goes on that they will never see or hear about. Hopefully this unfortunate short term issue with students is quickly resolved and not punitive. I'd hate to see a kid honestly going to school get hurt by this mess we are all in that is 2020.
  8. If CUSA cancels football then please call the AAC immediately as Tulsa is distressed.
  9. Room looks great. Although lately I just found myself going on walks solo when we blew games right at the end.
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