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  1. UNTexas


    That was, special. The title of this thread really sums it up.
  2. I guess the important thing is to win, be a .500 team, make sure we get bowl eligible, and play at the HOD bowl.
  3. Seconds would be an eternity. I would be happy to not see him get drilled every time he throws it. I see losing Harrell as one of the worst things to happen this season in particular.
  4. So, with these remaining games I think 3 or 4 wins could happen. Thoughts? Charlotte, UTEP, and Rice are winnable. La Tech will be tough. Don't know anything about UAB.
  5. I think they tried and it didn't work out that way. Hopefully our team improves.
  6. My thoughts exactly. A local bowl with lots of green in the stands would be a better finish than last season in New Mexico and a proper send off to some good seniors.
  7. We will be lucky if we play in a descent bowl game that we can be competitive in. I don't see a conference championship team at all, or even close, this season.
  8. I like anything with the green Texas flag.
  9. An offensive line that doesn't get your QB destroyed after every pass?
  10. This team doesn't deserve a bowl.
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