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  1. Planning on being there. Anything going on prior to the game? A few years ago NT had a get together at a bar near the stadium.
  2. I get years have passed but the travel is the same, time zones, empty seats, no actual rivalries to speak of either. The empty seats in HD is a horrendous optic. Littrell even said we need to play in Houston every season for recruiting whether it be Rice or Houston. It sure had nothing to do with Twitter either. There isn't a substitute for being there as a recruit. Also, I can tell you from first hand experience it sucks knowing no fans of your team will ever be at away games. Either way we aren't going anywhere when we can't win against powerhouses like Charlotte and Old Dominion....
  3. Please no to MWC. Not that we are offered or anything. We can't win where we are at and it doesn't help recruiting going out west. We had that problem in the 90s. The travel sucks. Recruits can't watch you at away games nor can your players families. I get MWC is a better conference but losing out west a lot and painful recruitment is awful.
  4. I hope they play Texas Tech.
  5. They are already starting to show up in Frisco. Just saw several at a restaurant. Really nice people with a fanbase better than many G5 schools. I guess winning or playing in the National Title game pretty much every season for a decade has that effect I guess. FBS teams want nothing to do with them. I remember the years they stunned teams like #13 Iowa or K-State at home. Pretty awesome program. It also helps when your QB is say Carson Wentz...
  6. Something should be done at UNT or FAU? Our problem is winning. Our studium would be crowded if we hosted a conference championship game but we need a good team to do that. We started improving but get blown out by anyone good. I really hope Littrell can turn this team around. FAU on the other hand has clear issues with their university and fanbase. I don't see what the point in having a team if your own university doesn't care at all. Even in our many down years we had more support than they are getting down there from their fans or lack thereof.
  7. I disagree. The P5s don't care. The bigger programs get money games and an FBS opponent to beat up on. Extra win to keep fans happy. The schools don't care about G5. However coaches do. Say you are Charlie Strong, fired from Texas, fired from USF, he surely doesn't want to go to Montana State over North Texas. They pay their coach 180k and we pay Littrell like 1.3 million? Big difference in FCS and G5 in my opinion. Coaches know it all to well. The big programs don't care about this topic because at the end of the day they already have a monopoly so they don't care. It benefits really no one to form some new G5 league with an irrelevant JV playoff.
  8. Everyone does poorly at UTEP.
  9. At the moment we are not capable of returning the favor. This team needs work. Lots of work. I hope we get our act together and put our big boy pants on and win.
  10. That's about the season I Invision. Its gonna be ugly in September.
  11. 1-3? After what I've seen lately that is optimistic.
  12. That's a hell of a good picture!!!
  13. My memories are totally different than most. I hated and loved the place. It needed to go 30 years ago but I had fun times there. - Endless hours in meeting and film underneath the stadium. It smelled bad. - The cricket invasion of 96. So gross. Denton was covered but Fouts took the brunt of it. - Endless practices on the worst turf ever. - Watching girls soccer practices. Loved that. - Sprints. But specifically being punished for oversleeping a Friday Spring 5 am workout after a night out on Fry Street. They made me roll on my side then sprint. We were all dizzy and falling down. It was awful but must have been funny as hell to watch. - Cleaning the stadium the day after the game after the great towel heist. I promise I didn't take one but almost everyone did. Still makes me laugh but soooooo embarrassing. - The terrible feeling of playing my last game there but it was a great win against Utah State. - Beating Oregon State. Great win and parties afterwards. - Spring game 1995 in the rain. It was cold and raining. We went straight the the Fry Street Fair afterwards. Great day. - My dad watching me play there before he passed away. - Freezing Thanksgiving practice before we flew up to Boise State where we really froze and unfortunately lost the playoff game. I could keep going. Apogee is awesome and Fouts needed to go a long time ago. I still love seeing it on TV whenever Neccessary Roughness is on. Totally unrelated but I miss the Texas Pickup. Loved walking over there to eat.
  14. A much better conference, winning, better bowls, national exposure, and offensive line that won't get him destroyed. Let's start with these examples?
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