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  1. It would be cool if we made a bowl during the nonsense that is 2020. Especially if it were a local bowl. I know most don't like the Frisco Bowl but I live near it and we are building a campus a stone throw from the stadium.
  2. Ive been watching some tributes. It seems like he always had a cigarette in hand or his guitar. Awful. I remember getting in trouble watching Hot for Teacher on MTV when I was a kid. Lol.
  3. I'm not on Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, Myspace, or whatever else is out there. I have my phone, email, and GMG account. I think that's already a lot. I cut the cord so I don't have to watch network TV or news. Its great.
  4. Just an observation. The numbers are down across all sports for people watching. I thought numbers would be super high after the quarantine. (I realize some folks are annoyed listening to athletes lecture their opinions which hurts numbers. Especially with folks exhausted from the news and opinions.) That aside I think people probably view sports as less important now. The trails by my house have people on them a lot. As a cyclist I have long waIts on tune ups and have noticed more people on the road. Forget just walking in and getting a good affordable kid bike. The gym is a bit less crowded
  5. Wow. College Inn had a good run. How old is it now? I bet West Hall is next.
  6. We don't or should I say don't deserve a bowl at all.
  7. I think next season will be a good metric. 2020 is a wash. We know who our QB is. Offense is putting points up. Special Teams mental mistakes can be fixed. The Defense is a dumpster fire. Always being in poor field position with bad Special Teams is tough. Add no Defense to that equation and no offense has a chance. The team seems to be heading in the wrong direction. 2020 is basically over already. If they don't fix the massive holes this off-season then changes have to be made. My thoughts anyway.
  8. Remember when we had amazing Special Teams? I miss that. Two All American punters, kickers that made field goals, and we beat big programs every once in a while. People forget how important Special Teams are.
  9. The team is losing but I am not overly upset. We had a lot of players out with the rona last week. The team is playing bad but they aren't quitting like they did with McCarney. Really I am happy there is a season at all. A lot of sports aren't even playing. It sucks but I don't want to sound alarms yet.
  10. I know its a dumpster fire but the D is our biggest issue. If we could just stop ridiculous long plays we would be 2-2 or 3-1. I think the offense looks good. However Special Teams is, um, well crap too.
  11. It kinda feels like all sports have been a downer this year. I also could use some movie popcorn with butter. Everything is off.
  12. When I played we were always out on the field for the anthem. That was back in the Fouts days though. Maybe we just needed out of the locker rooms before they collapsed or the crickets got us. Field was safer except for the razor sharp turf with lines painted on.
  13. UNTexas


    I just can't understand how this team has fallen apart so badly.
  14. Discipline is not the job of the AD. Last I checked someone is getting paid 7 figures to do that. Any one of us could accept his paycheck and lose. Which is what is happening. That team lost last night due to discipline and preparation. Special teams specifically lost the game. The offense started slow. The Defense did all it could with little help. If a player was online before the game, I would suspend him and consider kicking him off the team to make an example of him. This team is dangerously close to the break down McCarney had.
  15. Yeah, from what I am seeing this season is about over for us. This isn't a good football team and covid is just another excuse. Southern Miss looks like rock stars against our swell team tonight.
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