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  1. It’s on YouTube TV? I have that but it’s misleading at times.
  2. 3-3 wouldn’t be bad. I mean, that is halfway to a bowl. What I don’t think is good is 103 points allowed in the last two games. The offense can’t outscore that.
  3. I think we get one more win. The Defense is the worst in D1 from what I have seen.
  4. You can’t give 60 points up to anyone. Terrible
  5. If you claim P6 you immediately have no credibility. They clearly taught spelling too. UTSA talking about being elite is about as laughable as UTSA claiming they aren’t fat at their commuter school. Anyway, we are 5-4 against them. So, not a great flex for them either.
  6. I assure you they are still pissed. That loss in 2013 made me hate them. We are about to be 2-1. I don’t think it’s time to hit the panic button yet.
  7. We ended their undefeated season. That was funny.
  8. They are predicting it because UTEP loses a lot. It’s not big stage. We go up the Sun Bowl will be empty fast. I had season tickets there growing up. The fans will abandon them quickly. If we jump out on top early there will be a sigh and collective eye roll of here we go again. And back to the tailgate or bar. They will be rowdy if we give them a reason to cheer but they are use to bad football.
  9. The Sun Bowl is cool the way it is in between the hills but the inside needs remodeling. Bathrooms are gross. Make sure you get some Mexican food. https://www.lapostademesilla.com/ Love that place but my go to is Riviera on the Westside. When I lived there we were there several times a week. Great bar too. Mesilla is super cool but it’s a bit far but worth it. Cattlemen’s in Fabens too. So fun. We better win. Last time I flew out we lost and it sucked.
  10. I workout at Cowboys Fit. I hope he isn’t there. He annoys me while I lift.
  11. If turf is good enough for the Cowboys and a lot of the NFL, it’s just fine imo. It’s not like it’s the 90s turf at Fouts that was similar to concrete.
  12. The flaw in what he is saying is simple, some of his former teammates are indeed playing on Sundays at a higher level. He is hoping for a spot somewhere on Saturdays that might not happen. I agree his tweet should be taken down as it kind of make the kid look bad, unintelligent, or maybe I feel sorry for him. Not sure if he graduated and I hope he did. This tweet is really sad if he graduated because it would be super simple to say I’m a proud graduate and seeking new adventures. Blah blah. Either way no real news here. It’s the off season and they’ll be new players to watch soon.
  13. Billy Crews is greatness. I use to live right next to it in that neighborhood behind the roundabout before moving back to the metroplex. I use to hit L&Js for Gordita day all the time. So good. I may need to go to the game just for the food alone. Although last time I bought the ticket, flew out, got a hotel then NT lays an egg and gets destroyed. Terrible trip.
  14. I’m from EP too. Double Tree downtown is nice. Close to the stadium. Quick Uber. Camino Real or whatever it’s called now is cool. The dome bar is great. There are bars on Cincinnati street I use to hit before games. Make sure you get some good Mexican food. My favorites are Riviera on Doniphan on the Westside. La Posto in Old Mesilla is great too. Steak joint hit Cattlemen’s in Fabens.
  15. I wish our AD would get on stuff like this. I’d be the prick with a loaded Yeti 110 with a big green SOW on it and a bunch of green yeti Koozis with SOW on it.
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