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  1. UNTexas

    Top 25?

    We would be Top 25 had we beat La Tech 30-29 with that field goal. (Not that other mistakes weren't made that day.) We could crack it if we win out. Which we will need to win the conference championship. Win, win if we win out.
  2. We took a group of 6 kids to the game. We got really lucky the rain stopped. Had it continued to rain like it was then we wouldn't have put the kids through that. Regardless of what the AD says or thinks.
  3. UNTexas

    ESPN: Gauging the Group of Five

    I know. I just want this team to kick ass so bad.
  4. UNTexas

    Lost in translation

    Solid win. Next Saturday makes the determination on if we have a shot at the conference championship. Really big game coming up and Southern Miss was a big hurdle.
  5. UNTexas

    ESPN: Gauging the Group of Five

    The loss to La Tech was pretty crappy. We could be 7-0, leading the conference, and fighting for a better bowl. Instead 6-1, trailing the conference, and going to New Mexico or something. That loss is the worst.
  6. UNTexas

    More blue lot woes

    We were laughing because of the line to get out. There were so few people there we couldn't figure out why there was a line. Getting there was awful but it turned out to be a nice day to watch a game.
  7. So 2 straight undefeated seasons to include a bowl win against the team that beat both teams that played in the National Championship game? Sure. Ok. Whatever.
  8. UNTexas

    UNT has as many wins in 2018 as TCU/SMU combined

    Minus SMU of course. Totally agree about TCU though. Not to be negative but the one team we lost to is the only team we've played with a winning record. A win is a win though. And we better be bowl eligible around 5 pm tomorrow.
  9. Is the Alamo Dome even their stadium or do they just use it until they build their own? We use to play at Texas Stadium sometimes but it was by no means our stadium.
  10. UNTexas

    Southern Miss

    Southern Miss is gonna be good. They played Auburn tough. They'll be looking to ruin our season. Our team is good, but banged up. We need NT to figure out who they are. We knew the team they are for 4 games and 1 quarter. They've lost their way for 7 quarters. 1 PM Saturday they need to shake it off and be themselves again.
  11. UNTexas

    Confession - The hype got me

    I think the team bought into the hype as well. They are falling back to earth pretty quickly now. We can still win this damned conference though. La Tech gave us a gift last night. Its gut check time now. UTEP was never going to be as easy as our fanbase thought. They fought their asses off and from I saw their coaches gave us both barrells. Our team can prove what they are really made of now. Kick the crap out of Southern Miss is step one.
  12. UNTexas

    Seth Post Game Comments (Hint: He's not happy)

    Amen. This team team is unrecognizable in the last 7 quarters.
  13. UNTexas

    Special Teams

    Did we only use 1 punt returner last night? I thought we did.
  14. Stop with the reset bs... That is coach speak repeated by players. We need to be better all around. For all the homers who think they know football. Enjoy.
  15. UNTexas

    Seth Littrell Tweet after UTEP Win

    They were dangerous and we had hubris. We need to improve... We are not as good as we thought.