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  1. UNTexas

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    I wish they'd make those for UNT.
  2. UNTexas

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    Same thing happened to me in NYC a while back. I was walking out of a pub after watching UNT and a dude bought me a beer. He graduated a few years before me. Good times.
  3. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Great. Let's be a MAC Thursday game. Let's play in an empty crap stadium. Let's agree to disagree. I've been a player at UNT in a small shit empty stadium. 70k empty seats is pathetic. Pack a stadium please! It doesn't happen for us. Finer point: UNT always looks crappy in empty stadiums.
  4. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    I love this!!! No worries. We'd probably sell out really fast. I'd be getting a block ASAP.
  5. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    I absolutely did. I would rather us sell out a smaller, nicer venue and have our fans fighting for tickets as opposed to 70k pathetically empty seats. One we look pathetic and the other we don't. In Frisco, UNT could also throw parties around town for people who couldn't get tickets. Big TVs at party tents arond the stadium or something. And it's not like we aren't partnered with the Star or the city of Frisco where we are building a new campus. And we still haven't sold out anything out either. I'm sick of looking like Thursday Night MAC games during bowl season. Heck, if I were SMU I'd try and get the HOD moved to my campus. We would take that stadium over easily as usual. Plus, I'd love to win a bowl there.
  6. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    We never sell out anything. Not even close. It would be awesome and have really great optics to have a stadium sell out full of green. Our other options are playing in empty stadiums like the last 3 bowl games. Just like almost every other G5. One looks great and one looks sad. I get we've had 30k+ at the HOD but its pathetically empty when you look around. For recruits, that matters. In the end l'm really happy we are playing in bowl games at all...
  7. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Same here. NM Bowl does none of those things. I'd add Armed Forces Bowl, Frisco Bowl, Independence Bowl to the positives mentioned category as well. (It wouldn't happen but the Sun Bowl in El Paso or Texas Bowl at NRG in Houston would be awesome.)
  8. UNTexas

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Not last year. I cancelled 2 ski trips to NM last season. I hope this year it gets some snow.
  9. UNTexas

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Why not put that in the opposite endzone that has no seats?
  10. UNTexas

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    I'd say your list is spot on for me. -I'd add SMU is for recruiting purposes. -Arkansas would be an epic win that we'd talk about forever. Plus recruiting. -UTEP needs to be crushed because of that beat down they gave us a few years ago. (I'm from El Paso too and have a lot of friends and family that went there so I want to crush them annually. -UTSA is a must win mostly because their fans and I'm more of a Chich fil A guy.
  11. La Tech took no mercy on ya'll. I took a group of kids to that game so I sadly didn't drink. I always cheer for Texas teams so crappy outcome but we had fun. We did all the Christmas stuff across the street instead of tailgating.
  12. I have. Many of those areas are great places to get your car broken in to while you feel trendy hanging out on a clean looking spot on a turd next a homeless guy. Katy Trail and Uptown are nice though.
  13. There have been discussions as about moving the state fair and Texas/OU has already discussed moving to AT&T after the current contract. Who wants to take their family down to the ghetto for a fair or game? Not me. It sucks. That part of Dallas is terrible. Sad truth.
  14. As much as I'd like to see a bowl in Denton, I don't think it will happen because people in Denton don't turn out for football. There's also a new bowl game on the other side of the lake that rolls out the red carpet for anything sports related. I seriously doubt it's legal to buy your way into a bowl the way you mentioned. Even if we could I'd also hate to see UNT waste money on ridiculous Dallas politics that does very little for UNT. I also wouldn't want us in a bowl game we don't deserve to be in.