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  1. I vote for one that runs a 4-3 and can figure out how to stop 70 yards dive plays 4 times a game.
  2. The winner has already been picked. He had a really bad to though.
  3. I would have totally supported it. I would also hope they let them travel to be on the sideline with the team. I don't know anyone who would have given them a hard time. People forget a young player would get a chance to step up and get experience. Just because a player isn't suited up or didn't travel doesn't mean they aren't part of the team. Redshirts, injured players, or walkons that never play are all part of the team. Coaches always preach next man up and this situation is no different.
  4. I told someone basically the same thing last night when people complained about players sitting out of the Cotton Bowl. Its ridiculous. Coaches can make millions while players get free college but are broke and a select few sit because they want to play on Sundays to hopefully get a big payday. Why get hurt in an irrelevant bowl game? Everyone saw what happened to Jaylon Smith. The schools and their staffs get rich and people get mad when a player watches out for themselves at the end. Unreal.
  5. I want Littrell to turn it around and win a bunch of games.
  6. I guess these schools that would curb stomp us are wrong? Maybe he wants to stay close to home. I'm with Emmitt on this one. Its not complaining. Its common sense. Its okay to aim higher.
  7. 20 percent? That would still leave 3 70 yard TDs on simple runs up the middle. Unacceptable.
  8. Yes. You are boasting your team is a less steaming pile of sh$t and how they did it for more money. That is exactly the talk we should have. Please continue talking about how barely less sh$tty your team is. I would also like you to discuss how you couldn't make our team nor hack it in Denton. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! Hopefully you get meatloaf while you watch Wonder Woman then get back to gaming in mom's basement.
  9. Totally agree. So often I read on here how NT didn't get some guy who went to SMU. We aren't going to win those battles often. I'm worried about getting out recruited by La Tech, Tulsa, UTSA, or even a Houston (Which we need to be on par with some day). We are doing better but we aren't there yet. Feeling far from it after watching the long runs Monday. I also agree playing time is a really big deal with transfers. I'd like to see us look at more of the players that we see hit the portal that realized what a stacked roster is and didn't realize they were no longer the big dog on some HS team.
  10. I'm not crapping on our school but if you are transferring or looking around as a student or me talking to my kids its obvious why we get out recruited, especially locally. Not getting into a debate about college programs or what we think, just common sense. Locally the perception of NT is bad with kids. Second, say locally SMU is ranked 66 in the top US schools or TCU at 80 vs NT at 249 according to the first thing that pops up on Google. Other local schools are Big 12 or AAC. CUSA isn't what it was. We have a history of not taking sports seriously. I think the current staff is doing really w
  11. Im sure they do. Players get to know coaches. Players also know the game and can see no adjustments for simple plays. When we played at Fouts few schools we traveled to had facilities as bad as NT. Fouts was really bad as a player. Even the turf was terrible. Facilities were terrible. Its great for facilities at NT now, the coaches are paid well, recruiting looks great, however, things are spiraling the toilet. I'm glad people expect more and get pissed.
  12. Many of them accomplished one hell of lot more with less of everything than these current players and coaches.
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