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  1. The flaw in what he is saying is simple, some of his former teammates are indeed playing on Sundays at a higher level. He is hoping for a spot somewhere on Saturdays that might not happen. I agree his tweet should be taken down as it kind of make the kid look bad, unintelligent, or maybe I feel sorry for him. Not sure if he graduated and I hope he did. This tweet is really sad if he graduated because it would be super simple to say I’m a proud graduate and seeking new adventures. Blah blah. Either way no real news here. It’s the off season and they’ll be new players to watch soon.
  2. Billy Crews is greatness. I use to live right next to it in that neighborhood behind the roundabout before moving back to the metroplex. I use to hit L&Js for Gordita day all the time. So good. I may need to go to the game just for the food alone. Although last time I bought the ticket, flew out, got a hotel then NT lays an egg and gets destroyed. Terrible trip.
  3. I’m from EP too. Double Tree downtown is nice. Close to the stadium. Quick Uber. Camino Real or whatever it’s called now is cool. The dome bar is great. There are bars on Cincinnati street I use to hit before games. Make sure you get some good Mexican food. My favorites are Riviera on Doniphan on the Westside. La Posto in Old Mesilla is great too. Steak joint hit Cattlemen’s in Fabens.
  4. I wish our AD would get on stuff like this. I’d be the prick with a loaded Yeti 110 with a big green SOW on it and a bunch of green yeti Koozis with SOW on it.
  5. Where can I get a UNT Yeti? Not a knock off. A UNT Yeti koozi. They make so many but not UNT.
  6. To my understanding Frisco is an extension of the main Denton campus. Dallas is not. 1. That being said, build a basketball stadium on the hill. 2. Team up with the PGA like we did the Cowboys. PGA is across the DNT from the new campus.
  7. Give him next season and see how it goes. I was impressed the season was turned around and it was cool we played today. Not well but we played. If next year goes south then we have a new coach headed into the AAC which will attract a higher caliber coach than maybe CUSA, possibly. My two cents.
  8. They had some very good moments for a squad stuck on the field endlessly supporting a pathetic offense.
  9. Change of some kind has to happen. Defense looked great. Discipline was garbage still (Giving a Ref the shoulder after a play? Unreal) That’s on Littrell. Aune’s turnovers cost the game pure and simple. After those the play calling changed and the offense was a joke. Again, on Littrell. He’s supposed to be the Offensive Guru? Littrell will be back but the excuses through coach speak are old. We are headed to the AAC very soon so we need our sh$t together and fixed next season.
  10. This loss is on our QB. Coaches can’t trust him now and the play calling reflects it. Bad refs don’t help. D looked good so far.
  11. IF we lost to UTSA? That was never in question. It was over before it started. Not even a hypothetical. That’s like saying, what if water wasn’t wet? Come on. Silliness.
  12. Nice! XL fitted would be awesome!!!
  13. I literally posted at the same time and my thoughts as well.
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