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  1. I suspect some of you are too young to remember when the Olympics went from being a truly amateur endeavor to professional. This happened in 1986 and there were similar cries of outrage. Of course now, no one gives this a second thought. The same will happen with college athletics. Just as the amateur athletes were left behind in 1986, many universities will be left behind as the professionalism of college athletics takes hold. In twenty years or so, no one will give this a second thought as well.
  2. I think he has been there for several years as I seem to recall someone posting about this. I see his son is there as well.
  3. Rationing began in the spring of 1942, making that t-bone a thing of the past!
  4. My family arrived in Virginia from England in 1628 as indentured servants. Thankfully, we have worked our passage off now and can do what we want, including going to school at North Texas when all of my friends and family stayed in state. I have many friendly wagers on this game including one with my niece who is our most recent UVa grad. It will be a close game but the Mean Green will prevail!
  5. Welcome Gulf Coast Hoo, and thank you for the update. We are really looking forward to the game! I suspect the Mean Green faithful would enjoy knowing the origin of your secondary nickname, the Wahoos.
  6. First of all, no one called it the "Snake Pit" (my little crusade) If we are speaking of teams in the title game rather than champions, we can add: Memphis Cincinnati Bradley Oklahoma State (then A&M) Houston I'm sure there are others.
  7. As we are as well. We forget that it was not all that long ago that we could not even qualify for our own conference tournament
  8. What do I do with these extra suits?
  9. Yes, the students are paying their own way...about 3,000 each.
  10. It would not be the first time. Memphis State used to whip us like a red-headed step child during our MVC days.
  11. Tom and Jo's was great. They sometimes offered a steak for 1.49 or something like that! I hear Judy has hired them to host the going away party for ODU, USM, and Marshall.
  12. Apparently not. Also, on the UNT official site, you can buy a battle flag with 2/3 of our official colors...green and white, or you can go all the way and order one with green, white and black!
  13. Jitter Nolen was the last president to live in the house but he then moved to his own home and turned it into a reception center or something like that. It was very well decorated as you would imagine.
  14. Today, I was listening to NPR's "Here and Now" when they began thanking their sponsors. I was gobsmacked when they announced The University of North Texas. What was the selling point of the UNT ad? Tier One status? Numerous nationally ranked programs? Affordable tuition? A football program that is the envy of the nation? None of the above. The ad said we have a allergen free dining hall and also offer numerous vegan options all over campus. Who is the target audience? If it is potential students, I would estimate the number of high school students that listen to this program to be the square root of zero. Perhaps it is aimed at their parents? At any rate, I was slightly confused by this.
  15. When Hayden Fry came to North Texas, he had his players stand on each corner of the Denton square with the task of selling tickets to every passersby. Maybe we should try something like that again?
  16. We were supposed to start the '71 season in Texas Stadium against BYU but it was not ready in time so we played at the Cotton Bowl. Our next home game was at Fouts against the mighty Zips of Akron (we lost). The third home game was finally at Texas Stadium against Louisville. This was billed to be the very first game ever played at Texas Stadium, even before the Cowboys had a chance to play there.
  17. At least they have a homecoming parade. My guess is that we will never have one again.
  18. If you think that is interesting: 1. The Va Tech Hokies used to be the VPI Gobblers. We are not the only ones with an identity crisis 2. Blacksburg, the home of Va Tech, is the most wired city in America according to Guiness. 3. Roanoke is the largest city near Va Tech. Elvis Presley played there three times.
  19. It was a rather bizarre event. At that first game, there were no speeches, special activities, nothing...just the game. The coliseum was furnished with burnt orange seats, about 10,000 of them, and it was easy to think were we in Austin, not Denton. The same number of fans came to those early coliseum games, about 4000+, but the raucous atmosphere of the Pit was lost forever and the game experience at North Texas was never the same. The one good thing about that season, we beat TCU, SMU, and UTA!
  20. The Pit Super Pit It is a lost cause by now but at least when I was at NTSU in the early 70s, you never heard the term "Snake Pit" used in common reference to the Men's Gym. I know the origin of term Snake Pit but the gym was never called that name. Besides, when the new arena came about, it was not named the "Super Snake Pit". This is the best I could find but here is a copy of the DRC from 1973 making many references to "The Pit" including the article, "The Pit Hurts The Ears". The noise was indeed deafening from start to finish. When you entered the Pit, you were given a metal clicker which was used each time our opponent went to the foul line. It sounded like 10,000 crickets in there!
  21. "Remember how I just said UC Irvine is the second-best defensive country from a low-mid-major conference? Well, North Texas is first, sitting at 40th in the country." Damning with faint praise.
  22. If college football, or any other sport, were pure capitalist ventures, we would only have a handful of teams to enjoy. The rest of us are textbook examples of good, old fashioned, socialism. Marx my words.
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