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  1. I see it as an opportunity to get healthy and add more weapons to our arsenal. GMG
  2. Nice win. Lets build on this and get healthy. GMG
  3. To have as many miscues as we have and still be in the game with the injuries is a miracle. I am proud of the fight if nothing else. GMG
  4. The question is why would Littrell play this game with so many out with Covid 19? I have to question his judgement and leadership with this decision. Now I can see why many of you are questioning his leadership of the program. GMG
  5. Can someone enlighten me why we are screwed? I'm not gonna pay the online price at DRC. What's the news?
  6. Clearly have our backup backups in there now defensively
  7. Good call. That's it. Thanks so much!
  8. I noticed an offensive lineman that was a 2 star o lineman as a redshirt freshman is no longer on the roster. He is from a small town near the denton area. He had some knee issues. Can anyone remember his name? Anyway, it was just something I noticed as I was reading through the roster. GMG
  9. I am a bit confused now. We just announced yesterday we were continuing with football. Is this in regards to the other fall sports?
  10. Can someone explain pod play? How does this work? GMG
  11. Also, there is no reason to beat up on the FIU program. They may have lesser facilities, but in regards to results we are not that much greater when it comes to wins and losses. It doesn't mean we cant come back, but lets just realize we are swimming in the same pond. Go get em Green!
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