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  1. Can someone explain pod play? How does this work? GMG
  2. Also, there is no reason to beat up on the FIU program. They may have lesser facilities, but in regards to results we are not that much greater when it comes to wins and losses. It doesn't mean we cant come back, but lets just realize we are swimming in the same pond. Go get em Green!
  3. Success will breed success. That is why you have a person in a position of authority like Wren who is wise with hiring. We should enjoy the good times while they are here with the good coaches provided. If they move on, you will hire someone to keep the good times a' rollin. You keep it going from hire to hire. GMG
  4. Any decent coach worth his salt is gonna have an agent at the end of the day. Whether he stays or goes will be a decision he will make. How many millions a year does a person need to support his family? If he truly wants to be here he will stay. Every time he has spoken of his time here he has seemed more than content. He seems to genuinely love the administration and relationships he has made. He also seems to enjoy being close to home. Some things are bigger than the dollar. We will see what is important to him. I personally wanna see the guy succeed here. Stick around Seth, we got something special brewing here. GMG
  5. Let's keep this train together with Littrell leading the way! GMG
  6. He actually seems like he is a man of integrity through his faith . I believe he took this job as something of a mission to build something from the ground up. Some coaches are builders and are intrigued by the challenge. We will see how important finishing what he starts is. There are many reasons he took this job. There is locale to family, opportunity to be a head coach, administration et others. I will be interested to see how it unfolds. I think there will be many things that can pull and keep him here as well. It's a peach of a job. If he leaves, we will trust the AD will make a wise hire and move it forward. That's why programs like Boise State keep the train rolling. I would like to see him here, though. He is a quality individual. GMG
  7. Do you think having the bye week coming so late in the year may have played a small part in the teams performance since week 4? They haven't looked like the same team since. I could be totally off, but a small part of me thinks a break after game 5 or 6 would have been beneficial to the team. Your thoughts?
  8. I know in a 12 game season there will be ups and downs. I have seen a lot of bad football in the past. This club is many notches above past teams. I can absorb this hiccup as can our team and rebound for a nice season. Lets keep our perspective and root the boys on toward great success! GMG
  9. Keep the Secondary recruits and Dline recruits coming! GMG
  10. Welcome Asher! Lets keep the strong recruiting going. Like wag tag always says, "Congrats to all." GMG
  11. Sounds like a Litt-rell buy in if you asked me! GMG
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