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  1. Anyone notice we are not a second half team.
  2. djohnnie


    Do you think having the bye week coming so late in the year may have played a small part in the teams performance since week 4? They haven't looked like the same team since. I could be totally off, but a small part of me thinks a break after game 5 or 6 would have been beneficial to the team. Your thoughts?
  3. djohnnie


    I know in a 12 game season there will be ups and downs. I have seen a lot of bad football in the past. This club is many notches above past teams. I can absorb this hiccup as can our team and rebound for a nice season. Lets keep our perspective and root the boys on toward great success! GMG
  4. Keep the Secondary recruits and Dline recruits coming! GMG
  5. Welcome Asher! Lets keep the strong recruiting going. Like wag tag always says, "Congrats to all." GMG
  6. djohnnie

    Literal Buy-In

    Sounds like a Litt-rell buy in if you asked me! GMG
  7. djohnnie

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Both? Yes, both Kyron White and Kuehne! GMG
  8. Good get. Hope he provides the depth our D line lacks. GMG
  9. djohnnie

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Both would be great additions. Go Mean Green!
  10. Welcome to the family Deonte! Go Mean Green!
  11. djohnnie

    Last Scholarship

    In my view the last scholarship in 18 should go to a guy 6-8 or 6-9 with a little size. What are your thoughts to the type of player we will get for our last bball scholly? GMG
  12. I would say just winning 7 games more this year, plus being competitive in most conference games would be enough to say it has been a successful season. I would also mention that we are in the middle of the conference standings. This is a good indication that the barometer is heading in the right direction. Results in this tournament are gravy for first year of a rebuilding team. GMG
  13. djohnnie

    ‘18 OT James Bagnell - Flour Bluff

    On 247 it shows we had an offer. Any confirmation if this is a PWO or scholarship offer?
  14. djohnnie

    Kyleb Howell (LB) Walk-on

    Offered by Air force, Army and Missouri state out of high school per 24-7