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  1. I said the same thing yesterday. 35° was sooooo nice.
  2. Come on NT!!! 75 Universities and we can't get a cool logo on a cooler?! Why? I want one with our logo. They also have logos for other stuff but not us. https://www.yeti.com/en_US/collegiate-coolers
  3. It would be a fun road trip. Really nice area. I can only remember 1994 being the last time we played them.
  4. The real question is, will a Rice University graduate be able to handle North Texas' academics?
  5. No. Go Bucs. I am going for the old guy against the young whipper snapper.
  6. Grad transfer with 4 years left. He will be Dr. Ruder when he is done. Well played.
  7. Come on. He is a good troll. He makes this place hilarious sometimes.
  8. For the love of god will you insult someone or something? Or tell us he has a drinking problem? Not younger girls again though. We need fake insults. Thanks!
  9. 2 QBs split the time and together they threw 9. Bean being 5, Aune at 4. Together they were a turnover machine. I want 1 QB that doesn't do that. Teams don't win playing QB by committee. Not outside peewee...
  10. Did he throw less than 9 pics and not pout? That might be and improvement. That and an average defense.
  11. From just listening and observing, does he have some mental issues? At least around the game? (Update: I heard him on an odd rant about football and medical conspiracies. Some ex players pointed it out at Apogee when he just left the team. It was really strange.)
  12. Could be a long draft weekend.
  13. Specifically Coors Light too which is my go to like always since always. Let's hope 2021 season is normal.
  14. Hi Cougar King. Well played ole sport. Well played.
  15. I vote for one that runs a 4-3 and can figure out how to stop 70 yards dive plays 4 times a game.
  16. The winner has already been picked. He had a really bad to though.
  17. I would have totally supported it. I would also hope they let them travel to be on the sideline with the team. I don't know anyone who would have given them a hard time. People forget a young player would get a chance to step up and get experience. Just because a player isn't suited up or didn't travel doesn't mean they aren't part of the team. Redshirts, injured players, or walkons that never play are all part of the team. Coaches always preach next man up and this situation is no different.
  18. I told someone basically the same thing last night when people complained about players sitting out of the Cotton Bowl. Its ridiculous. Coaches can make millions while players get free college but are broke and a select few sit because they want to play on Sundays to hopefully get a big payday. Why get hurt in an irrelevant bowl game? Everyone saw what happened to Jaylon Smith. The schools and their staffs get rich and people get mad when a player watches out for themselves at the end. Unreal.
  19. I want Littrell to turn it around and win a bunch of games.
  20. I guess these schools that would curb stomp us are wrong? Maybe he wants to stay close to home. I'm with Emmitt on this one. Its not complaining. Its common sense. Its okay to aim higher.
  21. 20 percent? That would still leave 3 70 yard TDs on simple runs up the middle. Unacceptable.
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