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  1. I am! Just moving to a tiny studio apartment, so I have limited shelf and wall space.
  2. Hey GMG friends! It's been a while since I've been on here, but many of you may remember me as half of the dynamic duo known as "the sign girls." Anyhow, I'm moving to Colorado in a few days and have some items I've collected along the way that I wanted to give you all the opportunity to buy. I also have season tickets for football that I won't be able to use if anyone is interested. They are in Section 104, Row 13, Seats 8, 9, & 10. See photos below for the items. I don't really want to assign a value to anything, but I could really use the cash toward my first month's rent. So, just tell me what you want to pay for the item(s). Thanks y'all! PS, any alums in the Fort Collins area?
  3. These are the ones we had last year. Audra should have them somewhere...
  4. Thought y'all would enjoy this. A couple of my friends found it at Shop The Barn off the Denton Square and got it for me for my birthday. I plan on framing it and putting it up in my office.
  5. michagb


  6. Whaaaaat? They lied! I wonder if they gave me the wrong section. Though they couldn't find me as a season ticket holder to begin with so I'm not super confident.
  7. Let the poster distribution begin! First one up is on my office door of course.
  8. So my season tickets are in section 104 and I had a friend who wanted to join my group for Saturday. I had already given my extra tickets to friends, so I called to just purchase one in our section. I literally bought the LAST TICKET in section 104!!! Can't wait to see the turn out if this is any indication of the attendance!
  9. I think there's definitely a rivalry. My hatred for Rice began back in 2006(7?) when we played them down in Houston and during half time when their band performed they said something to the effect of "Remember kids, always tip your waiter in DFW as they're most likely a UNT music grad." ....................................................................................
  10. Short clip of post game locker room excitement!! http://instagram.com/p/gJ99IDo8qO/
  11. Anyone see this on the MeanGreenSports Instagram account? http://instagram.com/p/fsmmoFw65O/ @meangreensportsAre you as excited about the Halloween game against Rice as we are? We have some game day shirts that will be up for grabs starting on Monday. Pick up locations are to be announced. Check out @meangreensports on twitter for updates tomorrow #GoMeanGreen
  12. Wanted to let you guys know that we raised $1300 for scholarships from tonight. Thanks to anyone who came out and supported us!
  13. Wanted to let you guys know that we raised $1300 for scholarships from tonight. Thanks to anyone who came out and supported us!
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