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  1. You 100% certain that they are not one in the same???? Ha!
  2. It is my understanding, from helping work a UNT women's tournament held at Lantana last year, that Maridoe is not "set up" well for the women's game. The tournament I worked at Lantana, The one Bruzzy sponsors for women's teams, was at first played at Maridoe, but was moved to Lantana last year from Maridoe. Now, I have not played Maridoe, so I really do not know what the challenge is with the set up...perhaps too long, but Lantana is certainly not a short course either. But, I certainly do know that some courses are set up better for men than women and vice versa. I know, from my experience, that there are certainly courses better "set up" than others for my game as well. While the UNT women may not consistently practice at Maridoe, they are certainly welcome, to do so any time they wish. Anyway...just what I heard.
  3. Shouldn't we just be happy there is a playoff game at Apogee? I recall lots of consternation on this site just a couple of years ago regarding such use of Apogee and/or the lack thereof. Playoffs for Texas High Schools include so many teams and divisions now, and way too many 3-4-5 wins schools that finding appropriate places to play has to be an issue. Seems every year there are some long travel distances for some of the schools. The way they make up the divisions these days certainly leads to such issues as much as anything else. No big deal at all for Alverado fans, but Brownwood? Hey, maybe Denton will see some hotel rooms booked for a night or two by Brownwood fans and perhaps a few of our restaurants and/bars will see some out of town money as well.
  4. I watched every home game that team played in the Old Snake Pit. It was packed to the rafters and would actually shake due to the noise. I second GrandGreen...my vote for best team in the history of UNT basketball. So very much fun to watch these guys play.
  5. In my opinion, there simply is not a "one size fits all" answer to this question. Several things must be taken into consideration including the industry the firm represents, the customer base the firm is targeting, the employees of the firm and on an on. Like most things, it depends on a lot of things, not simply the fact (or not) that the applicant has piercings, tattoos or a certain hairstyle. Work in the food industry these days...pretty much anything goes. Work in a customer outside sales position...depends...and on it goes. Plus, for me, it would also depend upon the applicants "attitude" regarding such things during the interview process. Just way too many factors involved to have a blanket "yes/no" answer. But, I will say, having hired and fired lots of folks during my career, that if, for whatever reason...protected status or not...I did not want to hire someone...I would not! Period, and I guarantee you that I would have a legit reason why not. If an employer cannot figure out how to hire the individuals they think best fit their organization, they need to let someone else do the hiring and firing. When I was but a young lad, they wouldn't hire any male who had long hair....Beatles type hair was a complete no no. When I entered the Air Force tattoos were a no no in the military as well...and an earring on a male...nope...no way...not gonna happen. Point is, times and customs change and employers need to change as well as best their industry/firm allows. I would not "write off" any applicant until and after the interview process. To write-off an applicant simply due to the fact that they have a tattoo or two, or "different" hair, etc. is silly in my opinion. Hire the best candidate, period, for the position open. True story, one of the steps in the interview process for me, when hiring upper level positions was to take the candidate to lunch. After that, dinner with his/her spouse or significant other. One can tell a great deal about people over a meal and how they respond and act in social settings. Was about to hire one guy once UNTIL we had lunch together. Guy's table manners were TERRIBLE! Could not have him representing the firm. Done! Hired the lady that was my second choice after having dinner with her and her then boyfriend. Was forever glad I did not hire the guy! Didn't know if she had any tattoos or not! But, about that man bun thing...don't even darken my doorstep!!!! Ha!
  6. Yes, but a glance at "other conferences" does not give me a lot of hope they can't fill their bowls. But, I have not analyzed every conference and all the bowl tie-ins either. Just a glace at the standings and records in Monday's paper. Will keep fingers crossed for sure.
  7. I see a possibe issue for UNT should it get to 6 wins. Look at the number of bowl eligible CUSA teams already...and those that have 5 wins in the books. FAU - 7-3 La Tech 8-1 Marshall 6-3 So Miss 6-3 UAB 6-3 W. KY 6-4 Several of the above have some "should win" games left on their schedules, and Charlotte and FIU sit with 5 wins each. So, with the number of bowls allocated to CUSA, does six wins get UNT into a bowl? I count six bowl tie-ins for CUSA this year (First Responders, Gaspirilla, New Orleans, New Mexico, Frisco and Bahamas) with six CUSA teams already at 6 wins or more. If the current six win teams each win one more to get to seven wins...well, that would spell trouble for a six-win UNT. So, who do the six win teams have left to play you ask? Marshall has La Tech, Charlotte and FIU yet to play; So Miss has UTSA, W. Ky and FAU to play; UAB Has UTEP, La Tech and UNT to play, and W. Kentucky has So. Miss and Middle Tenn to go. So, it is somewhat logical to assume all of the current six-win bowl eligible teams will win at least one of their remaining games. Thus, CUISA ends up with six 7-win plus teams and six bowl tie-ins. Leaving on the sidelines any 6-win team. Not trying to be a "Debbie Downer" here, but the odds are not looking to be in UNT's favor at the moment. So, question...are there any other bowls that might take a six-win CUSA team should they not be able to fill? BUT, first things first...BEAT RICE...then BEAT UAB and we will see where the chips fall. Go Mean Green!
  8. I love Jalie Mitchell, but her "in-game" coaching, or lack thereof, has always puzzled me. I attended both the TWU and the Mid-American games, and came away from both shaking my head. We have women's season tickets so we go to most every home game and an away game or two from time to time. The lack of "shooters" is puzzling, but what is more puzzling to me is Coach Mitchell's response during games to scoring droughts. She never seems to change her expression, never seems to get excited...thus her teams never seem to get excited...rarely gets on an official, never "chews out" a player on the bench, often leaves players in the game after making multiple turnovers, rarely calls a time out to stop an opposing team's run.....I just don't get it. I am nowhere near ready to "throw in the towel" on Coach Mitchell. I think she has the potential to become one of UNT's all-time best coaches, I just do not understand her "in-game" coaching style. In the Mid-American game, as Mid-America was draining threes over the top of UNT, Jalie never had her team go out an actually guard against the three. Just seemed to sit back and say, "well, they can't keep doing that" much longer. But, then again, what the heck do I know about coaching basketball? Pretty much nothing...except that I only lost one game over a two-year span coaching one of Argyle's 6th grade basketball teams back in the day. Does that count? Ha! OK, let's just say I was a much better recruiter than coach. I think there was a rule added after my two years about having to live in Argyle or go to school in Argyle to play on an Argyle team now. Hey, no such rule when I coached...hmmmmm...recruited my way to the championship two years in a row! Ha! I just hope the Mid-American fiasco (they are 4-0 on the year) was an "outlier", and things will get better starting with the next game. I do have faith in Coach Mitchell and believe she will get things straightened out. The team if full of newcomers and it was obvious in the first two games that the new comers have not gelled into the team as yet. Most are playing their first Division I games and seem to be a tad "lost" at times. This will certainly change as the year progresses, so, for me, I'll keep the faith and keep attending.
  9. I am not at all concerned about the QB position...if we don't get some O-linemen (and some D lineman as well for that matter)...it won't matter.
  10. Ya get what ya pay for.....
  11. Hey, young whippersnapper, any idea what our school colors actually are? Maybe that's why us "old guys" like unis that are green and white. Ya think???? And, what makes you think green and white combos can't be "sexy" for the young uns?????? Lots of possibilities for creative minds using green and/or white.
  12. Well, you could switch to the program UNT does sponsor...Air Force ROTC. I know...I know, but I am a proud AF ROTC grad. Got my commission that way and a few extra dollars while in Grad School at OSU. I, too, would love to see UNT sponsor all the service ROTC programs...Air Force, Army and Navy, but that is pretty unrealistic these days. Folks, these are great programs and they do offer scholarships which can definitely help reduce the necessity for student loans. Plus, the GI Bill is there for you as well. Good luck to you Salsa Verde, and thanks for your service....past and present. Appreciate your commitment to serve this great nation of ours.
  13. All I know is the Smith is injured and Pirtle was out a game or two with injuries as well...this from Coach Littrell at the radio show a couple of weeks ago (after the show as he does not want to chat about injuries on the show). And, he did not say anything and "what" injuries. Also noticed Pirtle back in the game against Houston. After that radio show Hank confirmed to me that Coach Littrell does not even tell him "what injuries". Coach simply does not like to talk about player injuries. I can respect that...just wish I knew if Smith would be back at all this season. We need BOTH our tight ends.
  14. Man, I recall (and not too long ago) when folks were saying..."well it is our facilities that are holding us back", "recruits notice that stuff", "we will never get a great recruiting class until we upgrade our facilities, "it isn't the coach, it is the facilities", "the star recruits will not come to UNT because our facilities suck"...and on and on. Well...…………………………..
  15. It seems to be going to happen whether I like it or not....which I do not. Lots of personal reasons and probably too many to go into here. But...there is good news for me. Would cost me a lot less! If and when scholarship college athletes start signing with agents and being paid, I can and will stop donating to college athletic scholarships. That would help my pocketbook a good bit. But, long way to go before this settles out. So, I’ll just wait and see what and how it develops....or not. The NCAA will certainly not be silent on this bill.
  16. Love the new court...glad they added the battle flags!
  17. See my post...almost a full house in the Hub Club...lots just, sadly, stay inside throughput the games! Boo!
  18. And, unfortunately, many of the Hub Club folks never seem to come out to their seats...always making for lots of “empty” seats. Yet, inside the Club is pretty darn full.
  19. Each is a tad different, so tough to "paint with the same brush". But, as you can readily see from the above descriptions of the three different Fall events, lots of "meeting and mingling" with fellow alums, food, drink and, in the case of the Fall receptions, a "State of the University" presentation...usually from President Smatresk (but could be from a different UNT Administrator...VP sort). If you are not a member of the Alumni Association, I would encourage you to join. The events cost a bit less if you are a member, but even if you are not, the cost to attend is minimal.
  20. You will note the absence of a Denton Alumni Chapter function.
  21. So does Omar. Not sayin’.....just sayin’ 🤷‍♂️
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