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  1. If you are trying to catch the eye of an NFL team, you need to be playing somewhere. This counts as somewhere. Another opportunity. I hope some of these guys, like Lance, can make an NFL team or two take notice. Good luck to all.
  2. Hey, Quoner, thanks for bumping this up. My comments as valid today for me as they were the day I originally posted them. You get married...play with the one you married and keep it zipped otherwise. Nothing...nada...nil...has changed my opinion on that...nor will it ever. Don’t want to honor your marriage vows? No problem...don’t get married. Celeb or not...same thing goes. Thanks for digging up this old thread.
  3. And, I will look forward to your holier than thou constant smugness.
  4. Did I miss something here? Was Kobe Bryant convicted of rape? I believe I recall that he was accused and placed on trial for rape, but that the case was dropped by the prosecution because the alleged victim refused to testify in court. Legal scholars who followed the case seemed to believe that the case against Bryant was weakening the longer it progressed, and when the accuser declined to testify there was no choice left but tp drop the case. I am not defending Bryant nor accusing him...just stating the facts of the case which seems to have been forgotten by some in this thread. All kinds of theories about the case as I recall..."he did it", "he didn't do it", "she's looking for a payday", "she's been paid off", "she is afraid of the pushback if she testifies", etc., etc. I guess only two people know the complete truth ...but, one fact seems pretty clear...no conviction.
  5. Hmmmm...E-Sports (not sports but gamming) is under Student Affairs, not Athletics, so highly doubtful they would be on the Athletic Department's radar screen. But, since the Super Pit is not part of the Athletic Department's facilities, when the new "Super Pit" is built gamers doing E-Sports could certainly utilize the place.
  6. Couple of projects I have heard being mentioned...yes, next up "larger" project if the expansion of the athletic office area to include more weight room space, some new Club Seat type seats and expanded office space. A "smaller"project I was told about recently involves building a tailgate area for RV's/Campers across the street on Bonnie Brae from the mail Apogee entrance in the field where the team/players currently park on game days. Complete with paving, electrical hook-ups, etc. For those looking for a center court for tennis or indoor courts...not on the near horizon at this point in the planning stages. Bruzzy's golf practice facility also getting attention.
  7. I was in that crowd. As long as I live I will not forget the atmosphere generated at the old Pit. It was greatness and the noise level would get so high that the metal walls of that arena would actually vibrate. Oh, to bring that atmosphere back.
  8. Way many more students than 25-30 at the Monday game. They were just sitting everywhere in the arena, so no real impact. By setting the student section back up for the Thursday game (for the money shot I assume) more students sat together and you could see a bit of impact...visually and audibly. They will do the money shot again for Saturday's game so look for a bit of student turnout as well. Very pleased that they "re-established" the student section, and I certainly hope they keep it and start promoting for more students to attend and sit in that designated student section. When full, the noise and energy generated by that section adds a lot to the game atmosphere and helps the home court advantage. Why that section was ever "dismantled" is beyond me, but at least someone has seen fit to bring it back. I certainly hope it stays and grows. Exciting and winning basketball certainly helps. And, let us not forget the impact they can have on the opposing team's players, coaches and bench.
  9. OK, so a couple of updates...we have had two really nice sponsorships come in from a couple of UNTR fans and grads and who really support this community... Oak Street Drafthouse/Eastside/Miss Angeline's and Dot's Hop House have stepped up in a big way to help and I cannot thank them enough for their generosity and support. John Williams and Jeff Brightwell ...owners/proprietors...and loyal and true UNT and community supporters. Thank you to both for this show of support. In addition, UNT Athletics has generously donated a few UNT themed items for our Silent Auction. As always, we appreciate the support of UNT Athletics.
  10. Definitely NOT a bubble
  11. Second time in a couple of weeks. I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook early this morning and sent an email directly to the paper. Brett was there...not his fault. This was obviously a conscious decision on the part of the paper...perhaps to "encourage" more folks to go on-line, but this is crap-ola! Even the Dallas Morning News put a small piece in the sports section about the win. So, don't want to here the "too late for publication" BS either. The game ended at the same approximate time our games have been ending for years...no OT either. The publisher needs to hear...the editor needs to hear. Make it so people.
  12. Twenty points isn't a blow-out? I couldn't tell that by the look on the Rice coach's face after the game last night. I've seen headlines from NBA games recently claiming a team was "blown out" when losing by less then 15 points. Now, that was a head scratcher for me, but 20 points seems pretty darn within the blow-out range. But, from watching the game at the Super Pit last night, I can tell you from a fan standpoint, it sure didn't feel like a blowout. Mentioned that to a couple of folks walking out...20 point win...sure didn't seem like a 20 point win. But, give me more of these "it sure didn't seem like a 20-point win" games. I am down for that. By the way...this team deserves more fans to show up. First place in CUSA and playing a style lots of fun to watch. Sure getting 2200-2300 most games, but come on man!
  13. Picked up another donor check at the men's basketball game last night. We do have some very generous and supportive Mean Green folks.
  14. Just picked up a couple of items from Athletics for the silent auction...Scrappy bobblehead, Yeti drink container, nice bound journal book with the "Flying Eagle" logo, plaque with a cut of the goalpost from Fouts Field, some MGSF coasters and a nice UNT golf umbrella. PLUS: Just heard from one of our longest sponsors...CrossTimbers Equipment, owned by a long-time UNT supporter, Bryan Waddle, that they will help sponsor the event again this year! CrossTimbers Equipment and Addison Transportation have generously supported this event for all of its ten years now! Really generous of both of them. If you are looking to play, please sign-up with this link as soon as possible as we need lead time for the playing t-shirts: https://one.unt.edu/annual-kickball-classic For donations (any amount of course) please utilize: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic-donation-page THANKS to all who are supporting our efforts in behalf of UNT Cheer!
  15. Who the heck is Garrett Riley and why do we care?
  16. Really not a bad option. I have a friend who is a big fan of Canadian football, and he has made the exact comment. Fine could play QB in Canada and have a very long and successful career...if, of course, some NFL team isn't smart enough to give him a shot.
  17. Had another generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has pledged $500 in support of our event. A truly generous donation, and so very much appreciated. Remember...to play in the Kickball game sign up here: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic To make a donation, please utilize this link: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic-donation-page It is already shaping up to be another really fun event...don't wait too long to sign up as we only have so many playing spots available. Oh, and, by the way, we will once again have some great brisket sandwiches available from the one and only Brisket Big Daddy, Dale Hiatt. If you have tasted his brisket, you know how good it is...thank you again Dale for supporting this event!
  18. I want to thank ADDISON TRANSPORTATION for once again being the first sponsor to step forward for our event. Just so everyone is aware, Addison Transportation has sponsored this event every year since its inception 10 years ago. And, no, there is no Cheerleader connection...no parent with a Cheer Squad member...just a company who supports UNT. Not only through its donations to this event, but through its willingness to hire UNT grads! Not only does the firm support UNT, but several of its employees and management team does as well on an individual basis. THANK YOU Addison Transportation!
  19. OK...for those looking to play in this years "Classic" Kickball game...here is the link to sign-up to play: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic For those who cannot play, but would like to help support the UNT Cheer Squad with a donation (any amount welcome and appreciated), you can use the following link: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic-donation-page I have checked both links and they appear to be working just fine. Thanks so much! Just a bit of a head's up...when you click the "register" or donate" buttons to complete your transaction....give it a second or two...it works and you will get an acknowledgement of your transaction.
  20. Yep...sad...but so did the bad guy and the good guys saved lots of folks from getting shot or killed. So, good guys win! Bad guy loses! Thank God we will keep the 2nd Amendment!
  21. Starting to collect silent auction items. Got a couple of sweet items already for the auction. If you would like to donate an item...or if your company or business would...please let me know.
  22. Yes, agree, thus my comment about not wanting to see him do it very often...but, even Coach McCasland at the first radio show mentioned his ability to shoot outside.
  23. The FIU and FAU games may just be the best back to back games I have seen the Mean Green play in some time. The focus and intensity was evident from the start of both games. The way the team is playing defense, and if they can keep it up, could make UNT a contender for the conference crown. And, just as a side note...very proud and pleased at the was Rose Smart is playing off the bench. Was not sure if he could be a "bench player", but he seems to have accepted that role and , as a senior, has decided to do whatever it takes to help the team win. I have seen him "pass" on shot opportunities that last season and before he would have just jacked up...not this season. If he has an open shot...he will take it, but if not, he is looking to pass to an open man. Big change and really excited to watch him play...adding Gau was really a big addition for the team. His presence helps Zach a great deal and, interestingly enough, Gau can shoot from three range as well as under the basket...not that I want to see him taking a lot of three's mind you. Anyway, great two game home stand for the Mean Green. Fun to watch.
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