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  1. Nope...not an issue...already been handled
  2. If you are a season ticket holder, you should have a little card in your "commemorative" ticket package. Look for it...I almost completely missed it...about the size of a credit card and not the easiest graphics to read. You take that card to the ticket office to exchange for the gift.
  3. If he actually signs with SMU. WE all know how that can go....
  4. Picked mine up today. Pretty cool little indoor practice facility mini. Thanks AD!
  5. There is a card in the envelope that can be used to trade in fir your “season ticket holder” gift at the ticket office. No clue what it might be...
  6. Seems scholarship costs will go up significantly should all seniors opt to stay another season as grad students.
  7. These are "commemorative" tickets. Not actual game day tickets. Athletic Dept sent out an email recently explaining this, and that your tickets would include a "gift" of sorts.
  8. It appears that seating will be limited to 1500 (I have no clue if this number includes students and visiting team fans). this season in the Super Pit and that re-seating will take place based on Priority Points. There will be no floor seating (the existing tables will be gone) and the teams will move across the floor from where they are now so they will face "press row"...well, where press row has been. The lower tunnel entries will not be open, so everyone will enter into the upper ring as most do now anyway. Re-seating will begin this coming week and those affected will get emails informing them of when they can log on and select their seats for this season. It is going to be interesting folks....
  9. Yep...leave it to Judy to screw something up...has to be the absolute worst commissioner in any conference. Period.
  10. How many are football related? It is my understanding that the spike is not related to the football program. But, who really knows as they can't really say much due to HIPPA rules.
  11. Why in the heck would you want to give up a home game and make your fans travel to Louisiana for this game? It isn't like it would be Texas-OU or Army-Navy or anything. WE need all the revenue we can get from games played in Apogee. I just don't like this idea at all.
  12. So...home game on Thanksgiving Day... Nov. 26th.
  13. You can send it in if you think it is a good question. And, please enlighten me...what “impure intention” do I have here. I am anxious to know what I was thinking other than what I wrote.
  14. Soooooo...if this had been a home game for UNT and Denton was in the midst of a significant coronavirus outbreak when all our hospital beds were full, and UTEP thought better about sending its team and personnel into that virus hot bed and the UTEP folks suggested we just pack up, give up a home game for our fans and head to El Paso to play that would be just fine, right? I seriously doubt that UNT would have agreed to such a move either. What ya think? I also think our fans would be pretty hacked off that UTEP cancelled.
  15. At the Radio Show...just heard. Game is off for Saturday. 😢😢😢
  16. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that this game is actually played. El Paso is experiencing a rather large COVID outbreak at the moment. Hopefully the team can get “in and out” of El Paso, with a win of course, safely.
  17. High School talent anyway...remains to be seen if he can make the transition to college ball. Has to take care of business on and off the field in college and no one is all over him telling him how great he is every second. It's a transition. Some "talents" can make that transition, some can't. No idea why this kid is leaving after not even giving it a real go at UNT. I do wish him well and hope he finds a place where he can play and mature into a great college player. Next up!
  18. The ONLY stat I care about is the number of "W's".
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