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  1. Don't care one way or the other for me. Just a non-issue. I'll let the market decide. Boycott...don't boycott...your choice. Me, I don't care. Too many bigger things to fret about...like will UNT beat SMU this year. Just sayin.....
  2. Get a return date in the deal?
  3. Yes. Pretty funny, isn’t it? I give it no mind. Just petty people being petty.
  4. Will definitely give it a go if I find myself out that way. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Don't think I would be....sadly.
  6. Agree...but as a course...I think Spyglass was much better than Pebble Beach. A better challenge to the golfer as well. If you are a golfer, you definitely need to play the Pebble Beach courses.
  7. Just saw this on Facebook...you know, the know all of all information required... Definition of Racist: Anyone who disagrees with a liberal. Ok, I'll sit back and let everyone jump to their own ever so perfect and sanctimonious conclusions...please pass the popcorn. And...in case one needs it: Sanctimonious: making a show of being morally superior to other people. OK...more popcorn please!
  8. Bottom Line - Nike does not care what you think. Period. A U.S. consumer boycott of Nike will do absolutely ZERO good...just like 99.9% of all so-called consumer boycotts. One wonders just how much of Nike's total revenues come from U.S. consumer purchases? I am thinking not enough for them to truly care about. Seems to me that today, most of their revenue come from overseas and team purchases. It does, however, amaze me that any corporation would want to alienate a rather large portion of what consumer purchase potential they do have in the U.S. Seems like such a counterproductive business decision. But, again...one wonders if Nike hasn't just decided it would rather play politics than sell shoes?
  9. Interesting choices....be sure and vote your favorite.
  10. Well....there you go. I guess that's exciting.
  11. Indeed. I am guessing there is a lot of "second guessing" going on. Glad Okie State and OU "passed" because he's Mean Green now!
  12. Not at all said to disparage either UNT nor Mason Fine. In fact, the quotes I saw were rather complimentary to both. They seemed to be saying...yep, we missed this one and the reason we did was...... Both programs are fully aware of the talented college QB Mason has become, and neither program has done anything to disparage UNT’s program in the last few years. Why would they? One of their own is the head coach who might just end up leading one of the two Oklahoma programs someday. Someday...like hopefully a very long time from now! Very long.
  13. OK, sure, I could just wait until Monday, but who wants to wait when it involves the Mean Green? Both Jalie Mitchell and Grant McCasland have been on Facebook and Twitter hinting at a big announcement coning Monday. Anyone have any inside scoop they want to leak to those of us not wanting to wait?
  14. I usually agree with you Harry, but as much as I would like to agree, the comment was not out of line. Both OU and OSU coaches have publicly stated that Mason's "size" kept them from offering. There is no doubt that Mason's first choices were either OU or Oklahoma State. He is a loyal kid and Oklahoma is his state. Mason has proven both of these coaching staffs wrong and he will do so again this season. He is MEAN GREEN now and has helped to raise this program in the eyes of many. There are simply not enough good things one can say about Mason Fine and the way he handles himself both on and off the field. For me, he rates as a Mean Green favorite right up there with Joe Greene and Abner Haynes. But, there is no issue, or should not be any issue, that he came to UNT after not being offered by the two in-state schools...because of his size. They were bot dead wrong, but, man does my Mean Green heart ever smile that they were!
  15. Both and the MWC ain't it! Just say no to the Mountain West! AAC would do the job.
  16. Certainly unintentional. And, don’t think I want to know the “meanings”. 😂😂
  17. They finally corned you I see! 😂😂
  18. Yes, and they are not the only one who Awards scholarships for such endeavors. Just like debate I would say. I guess, if donors want to establish scholarships for “gamers”, then so be it. I just would like to see it called what it is...video game contests...not sports. As I said “it ain’t no sport” and it should not be called or considered as such.... In my opinion, of course.
  19. They should call is something other than Esports...why? Simply put...it "ain't no sport". Why don't we also look at scholarships for tattoo artists? call it Tat-Sports. Why not? About as close to a sport as electronic games. Just saying. Now, if this program is somehow integrated into a UNT program that develops video games and other on-line programs, well and good. If it is a stand-alone "team", then..meh, not so much.
  20. AAC...yes please and thank you! Big upgrade from CUSA.
  21. Just say NO to the MWC.
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