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  1. Great point, @SilverEagle! In an attempt to make things a little less confusing, I intentionally avoided the use of historic identifiers and only listed opponents under their current name. So, you won't see names like East Texas State or Texas Western on the list. Instead, you'll see Texas A&M-Commerce and Texas-El Paso. Thanks for bringing that up!
  2. Thank you, @Harry and @ForneyGreen. I really appreciate your compliments. Here's a link to the complete all-time results list. Just in case anyone is interested in seeing what that looks like. You'll start to notice some really interesting teams near the bottom of the list. UNT Complete All-Time Results
  3. I've shared these tables in various posts throughout the past, but I thought I might as well start a new thread to provide the updated results here. I first began working on these lists after noticing that the all-time opponents results list provided in the annual Facts and Records Book does not always accurately coincide with the season-by-season results from the same publication. After painstakingly compiling results for every single game in program history, I soon realized that many of the opponents for whom I had compiled results were hardly even relevant in the modern age of football. So,
  4. I got my copy from the B&N store at the Golden Triangle Mall. They still had four or five other copies left. All signed. They're going for $24.99, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. I haven't seen anything posted about this yet, so I thought I'd make mention of a really cool book that I discovered last night. The Barnes & Noble in Denton is selling autographed copies of The Game Changers by Jeff Miller. The book is described to relate the story of Abner Haynes, Leon King, and the true origins of racially integrated collegiate football in the state of Texas. I can't make an honest recommendation, since I haven't started reading it in earnest, but I was definitely excited to see a book like this on the shelves of a large national retailer. Check out the link below to re
  6. I think that's right, @GrayEagle. 1972 was the first season that freshmen were eligible to play varsity football. After the Marshall plane crash that killed 37 players and coaches, the NCAA granted the school special permission to play freshmen in 1971. The rest of the country was permitted to do the same the following year. By then, freshmen athletes in every other sport except basketball had already been playing varsity for four years.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I was really hoping to get him an authentic game-worn helmet, but if that doesn't work, then I'll definitely consider these other options. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for clarifying @MGNation92. Yes, I am looking for the helmet that is pictured above. Sorry @greenjoe, I should have been more descriptive.
  9. This may seem like a crazy question, but does anyone have one of the authentic white "Flying Worm" centennial throwback helmets that they'd be willing to part with? I'm seeking a unique gift for my father-in-law, who is finally retiring after forty years in public education. He is a fellow alumnus and former Mean Green football player who lettered for Coach Fry's squads in 1974 and 1975. I've already been informed by the athletic department that those particular helmets are long gone, so I thought I might as well ask around. If any of you has, or knows of, one that might be available for sale,
  10. Oops. Nice catch! That was definitely a GWG game. And what a game it was! I tried to double-check for mistakes before posting, but I guess I must have missed that one.
  11. That's a very good point. Here's a game by game breakdown of every uniform combination since 2011. Just in case anyone is interested in seeing exactly how the data came together. GMG! 2015 9/12 @ SMU - WWW, L 13-31 9/19 v. Rice - BGG, L 24-38 9/26 @ Iowa - GWG, L 16-62 10/3 @ So. Miss - WWW, L 14-49 10/10 v. Port St. - WGW, L 7-66 10/15 @ WKU - BGG, L 28-55 10/24 @ Marshall - GWW, L 13-30 10/31 v. UTSA - GGW, W 30-23 11/7 @ La. Tech - GWG, L 13-56 11/14 @ Tenn - GWG, L 0-24 11/21 @ MTSU - WWG, L 7-41 11/27 v. UTEP - BGG, L 17-20
  12. Hey guys! Just for the heck of it, I've compiled a list showing the results of North Texas football games, over the last five years, based on the different uniform combinations worn throughout that time period. I feel that these seasons best reflect an overall trend towards uniform variation throughout college football, and they also coincide with beginning of the Mean Green's relationship with Nike. The evidence presented here, although purely anecdotal, suggests that a return to the "blackout" look may be in order. ;) Results by Uniform Combination
  13. Fry Guy


  14. You're welcome @Aldo! Just FYI, they only had two jerseys left (both large) after I bought mine. Don't know if that saves anyone a trip.
  15. If you haven't already heard, Sports Authority has filed for bankruptcy, and will be closing all of its Texas locations soon. I stopped by the Denton location today and noticed that almost everything in the store had been put on clearance for at least 10-20% off the lowest marked price. As of this afternoon, they still had 2-3 racks full of North Texas gear. There was an assortment of men's, women's, and children's apparel on sale. I was able to snag one of the older style Nike authentic replica jerseys for around $30. It looks great next to my authentic Schutt helmet from the same era! If you
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