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  1. I am just exceedingly happy that "bonus play" was scrapped. Dumb and dumber....
  2. No you aren’t. You are just wanting to carry out your narrative. You actually never want to understand anyone else’s point. But, sure...carry on.
  3. This looks to be a very good hire. Welcome to the Mean Green Coach!
  4. Cool...because Trump may or may not have done it...Biden gets a pass, right? Cool. That certainly does make it peachy keen fine for Biden. Love the logic of..."well, gee, that guy did it too"...hello Harvey Weinstein...that make it cool for Biden too? This is just so very interesting how folks are reacting...on both sides of the aisle.
  5. Just have to say...it is really fun watching the clips of what folks said during the Kavanaugh hearings and what they are now saying about the allegations against Biden. Almost must see video.
  6. Not out of what is expected. More people being tested means more people testing positive. Simple.
  7. I find it interesting that on my social media feeds, the vast majority of those calling "foul" about re-opening the economy and saying things like "we have to choose between profit and people" and "go ahead...pick which relative you want to die so we can go to a restaurant", etc. are those who are still drawing their paychecks and are working full-time and never missed a payday. Funny how it seems to work that way, isn't it?
  8. So, good question. When I worked as the CFO of a political think tank, this discussion came up fairly often. It is a much more "tricky" answer than most people think and there are many variables that a lot of folks do not consider when they shout..."we must have term limits...if it is good for the President it is good for every other elected official". Well, is it really? I have been opposed to term limits for quite some time, but my thinking is beginning to shift a bit watching the clown show that is Washington DC these days..especially in the House. But, that is a different topic altogether. Without stating opinion, let me give you a couple of items to think about when considering term limits: 1. It takes an elected official (I will use elected official for both a congressman and a senator unless otherwise noted) a minimum of two years to actually "find their way around" on Capital Hill. You can see this by watching most newly elected officials as they head to Capital Hill telling all their voters what big things they will do and how they will vote for this or that and how they will immediately write legislation to "fix" this or that. Once arriving on Capital Hill they pretty much disappear...except on social media where they try to stay relevant to their own voters. But, inside Capital Hill, they can barely find the restrooms. They are usually scrambling to find more senior members of the House and Senate to "hitch their wagons to" so they can have any voice at all. 2. Two terms for a House member is way way too few if you want the House to actually balance the Senate with 6-year terms. With a House member only getting 4 years max the Senate would dominate them like adults taking on teenagers. So, one must consider more eligible terms for House members...like a max of six two-year terms to match the Senate's two six-year terms. But, that would be up to date. 3. Now, think and consider...what if "your guy or your lady" is doing a bang-up job and is recognized as an impactful and successful elected official and has shown the ability to create consensus across the aisle and actually get things done??? Is this a person you would want to see "term-limited out"? Most of the most vocal proponents of term limits just want5 the "other side's" elected officials out...their elected officials are great, right? Just something to think about. 4. While incumbent elected officials have the advantage in general elections, we actually already do have term limits. It is called the ballot box. Sure, lots of proponents of term limits scoff at this and point to very long-term members of the House and Senate. But, are these long-term members being re-elected by their constituents every 2 or 6 years? If so, their constituents must think they are doing a great job for them...at least the majority in the home district. I know...I know, but it is something to think about as term-limits would show "no mercy" no matter how "good" or "bad" and elected official was doing his/her job. 5. Now one very few proponents of term limits ever consider...who would actually be running the country while all these newbie senators and congressmen get their feet on the ground and actually figure out how things really work in DC? Well, the paid bureaucrats would, of course. The ones who actually write most of the pieces of legislation their respective senators and congressmen sponsor, respond to the vast majority of constituent inquiries, attend many of the committee hearings in order to inform their respective elected official what actually went on in the meeting, set their respective elected officials schedules, tell their elected official who they should and should not see, should and should not be sponsoring bills with, etc., etc., etc. You set term limits too tight with too few years and we end up with a congress and senate run by people who do not answer to the voters at all. How does this happen? Well, because a good many of the staffers employed by elected officials are holdovers from the previous elected official. Why? Because they know their way around Capital Hill and have experience while their newbie senator/congressman can hardly find the restroom or congressional lunchroom. This especially happens when the same party retains the seat in the general election. And, believe it or not...sometimes a few staffers stay on even if the opposing party wins. They "help with the transition" of the new staff, and boom...that transition lasts longer than one might think in some cases. So, if you really really like non-elected bureaucrats running both the Hose and Senate...vote term limits in and make them really short. OK, enough to think about. I am guessing you may not have thought about all this when thinking "hey, term limits would solve everything...drain the swamp", etc. Maybe you have...I had not. And, once I started seriously considering this...and many other items I have not mentioned here, it started to make my opinion on term limits get harder and harder to conceptualize and conclude. Still don't know what the best answer is to this question, but I am giving it more thought these days. Anyway, PSA over....food for thought only.....
  9. Other...none of those choices going to happen anytime soon.
  10. Wondering if donors could now direct their scholarship donations to players not receiving outside monies? Some of these kids will be making more than the donors that are helping pay for their scholarships. Question...no answer.
  11. They are worried that he is an "older white man"? Have they listened to him try to put two sentences together recently
  12. And, to think, some people long for an increase in government intervention in our lives. Because, you know, government is always so very efficient and does things sooooo much better than private industry.
  13. WHY for God's sake? That school has ZERO to do with UNT in Denton. Only connection is that it is part of the UNT System. If you went to UT would you want a UTEP shirt to wear around?
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