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  1. Ha! Great timing for UNT fans on the first tourney day (Wednesday)!..... NOT! The women play So Miss at 11:00am, and the men then play at 8:30pm. Ha! Geeeezzzzz…..got to figure something out for between games. Should have gotten a hotel room. Ha!
  2. I am beginning to find it a bit humorous to keep hearing that CUSA is a "guard oriented league" when I see that every team UNT plays in CUSA has a big or two that seems to give our guards "heck" each and every game. I would love to see a legit "big" on the roster that can take some pressure off our "guard oriented" team. Simmons is continuing to develop and I fully expect him to be better next season and perhaps not get as tired as the season runs on...he played twice overseas in preseason as you may recall. Probably played more games in a season than he ever has before, plus he has a bit of a nagging injury (don't they all?). But, this "guard oriented" league sure seems to have its share of "bigs".
  3. You are crazy….that's all. Where do you come up with this stuff?
  4. Yep...but sort of tough to have a "disappointing" 20-win season after what we went through before McCasland arrived. Never thought I would be "disappointed" in a 20-win season, but here we are...I just hope the team can find its footing and make a nice run in the Tournament. It's possible...just recall how the women made that run in last year's tournament. Anything is possible during March Madness time. I am just thinking that this team is tired. Too many minutes for some folks due to injuries and a long season after Italy, etc. But, anything can happen come tournament time. First off...got to keep FIU from beating UNT three times in one season.
  5. Not referring to simply stories regarding sports.
  6. OK, folks, forgot this small item...player registration fee remains at $35.00 per player and does include, as always, the player t-shirt. So, if you want to play...we hope you do...let me have your t-shirt size along with your commitment. Player Registration Fee: $35.00 (includes player t-shirt)
  7. Ever done a golf tournament before? I have...tons and tons of work to do it correctly, and it is why I did not create this event as a golf tournament nine years ago when we started these events, but I am up for this if you want to be the main thrust in running it...no problem doing two events. The more the merrier. If you want to meet to discuss the idea further, just let me know.
  8. Thanks THOR...I just knew you would be the first to "sign-up" to play. Hey, kickball should be quite compatible with "beverages"...just sayin'. Ha!
  9. Thank you...we should have a link up soon. If not, I will send you a PM. Give me a couple of days. Thank you so much. Appreciate your generous support.
  10. Yep...and nor is it their job to constantly print articles that show UNT in a bad light and never get UNT’s side of the story. Constantly biting the hand that feeds you eventually has a way of “returning the favor”. There is a fair and middle ground. However, the Daily seems to forget that. So, is that what our journalism majors are being taught these days? And, could we chat a bit about the possibility of proof-reading to possibly eliminate the mountains of typos in every edition? Are they not being taught about the benefits of proofreading before publishing? If the Daily is a training ground, let’s train them to BE journalists, and not “National Enquirer” writers.
  11. Happy to help you organize one. When you want to meet?
  12. Got our title sponsors back again this year. Thank you John Williams and Jeff Brightwell. EastSide/Oak Street and Dot’s will again be our title sponsors. Cannot thank these two enough for their generous support. Thank you, Sirs. Thank you!
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