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  1. Mason trailing by a pretty wide margin right now folks. Be sure and vote once per day. Time to make up some distance and get Mason into that number one spot. Appears to be a two-QB race.
  2. Hopefully Doocy will refer to us as UNT tonight and not North Texas State as he did last night! 😡😡😡
  3. Been waiting for someone else to mention this, but here goes....story related to me by a big time Arkansas fan and my host at Arkansas from Thursday through Sunday....when Chad Morris had his opening press conference after being hired, he stated “we are going to put the pedal down and get into the left lane”! Meaning, of course, that they were going to go full speed ahead in building the program AND that they would play fast. If you went to the game, you may have seen that slogan around on t-shirts, signs, etc. Well, after the UNT game, a spoof article came out almost immediately with the headline that read something like “Chad Morris Arrested after the North Texas Game for Impeding Traffic”! I just laughed my rear end off when I read that article. Maybe someone can google it and get it posted on the board. As a spoof article it reminded me of the stuff the Harvard Lampoon does (in a small way), and was a great jab at Morris and what is happening with the team so far. Too darn funny!
  4. All sent. I was an undergrad during the Joe Greene era and had classes with him and watched every home game during my four years as an undergrad. I had to do this! Had to I tell you...the wife be damned! Ha! Those of you who actually do know us, know my wife is in this with me. So, no issues there for this guy. Thankfully.
  5. KRAM1

    Golf uniforms

    Well, believe it or not...those shirts are actually green. Photographer used a lens to correct the players faces, and in doing so...the lens created a blue out of the green. But, the shade of green is very light. Ping does not have “our color” of green I am told. I do have a photo of the shirt. If I can get it to load here I’ll attach it to my post.
  6. Money needs to be donated along with pulling those strings. To send 450 band members and all their equipment to away games is pretty darn expensive. Plus, some folks do not allow full opposing teams bands as they take up too much room in the stadium for ticket buying fans. Have no clue about Arkansas and it’s away game band policies. But, have noticed both in person and on TV that “away” teams often do not have their full complement of band members. I have no clue what the policy is regarding away bands. For folks who might know....are there set rules regarding this stuff?
  7. Voted! As of my vote...Mason is behind by only one percentage point...35% to 34% for first place. Thanks for posting this . I had no idea we could vote for Mason. Let’s get him in first place folks. You can vote once per day!
  8. I have a friend who is a long-time professional executive recruiter. He works with the best names in the healthcare field. His placements take place throughout the U.S. He mentioned that for the first time in awhile that he had a great opportunity in the Plano/Frisco and east area. I thought it might be good to see if any Mean Green folks were looking or knew of someone who is looking for a new position in this field. Now, this position is about a $160-170,000 a year position in medical equipment sales. Actually OR device sales where the person would “suit up” and be in the operating room with the surgeons during the procedure. The base is $65-75,000 depending upon experience with commissions making up the rest of the $160-170,000 annual compensation. The area is performing at that level now yet still has room for some growth. Qualifications include a minimum of three years surgical (OR) sales experience...this is specific and non-negotiable for this position. Besides the salary and commission, benefits include a company car, expense account and health benefits...i.e. a full benefit package. If you or anyone you know is interested just PM me here with your contact info or if you have my email or phone number just contact me through either. Anyway, would love to see a UNT grad get this position or the friend or relative of a UNT grad/fan, etc. Just trying to help the Mean Green Nation. Decent salary here folks, decent company I am told...although at this point I do not know the company name. OK...get with me if interested. And, no, I get no compensation out of this trying to help.
  9. All indications are...Denton got a good one! Hope so.
  10. Just a Public Service Announcement for all current Men's and Women's season basketball ticket holders. The deadline for renewal is approaching fast. I believe I saw where the deadline is September 14th. I logged in to my account today and renewed both our men's and women's tickets. Pretty easy, smooth and fast. And, there is an option for "ticket pick-up" so you can avoid all the "service fees"...nice! I am thinking this might be another special sort of basketball season for the Mean Green. Don't want to miss that. Oh, and yes, if you are not a season ticket holder as yet, you may purchase men's and women's season tickets now. End of PSA!
  11. #NewDenton #The Standard! Great things happening these days in working to get students to attend athletic events. Student Affairs and Dr. With are really teaming up with Athletics, Advancement and the Alumni Association to create a #NewDenton and it is becoming #TheStandard! What a breath of fresh air these days. When folks "play nice in the sandbox" good things happen. This is just another example. I am certain that Dr. With is taking a good bit of change out of her budget to subsidize this trip. This sort of thing is seen regularly these days as Advancement and the Alumni Association and Athletics team up.
  12. If the Alumni Assoc. Or Advancement or the Ath Dept sets one up for Ark., you don’t need to bring a thing. Just register.
  13. Hmmmm...I have been to several away tailgates at places such as Houston, West Point, Middle Tennessee, New Orleans, SMU..where ya been? 😂
  14. Liberty Beat ODU 52-10! Yikes! Might say more about ODU than Liberty and we have a couple of weeks to see, but geeeeezzzzz, 52-10! Lime someone else said about Incarnate Word, Best respect every opponent or you might end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Just win baby...just win!