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  1. WHAT??? Since when did they start letting paratroopers do meth???? Sorry...drug of choice must not be meth...crack cocaine perhaps???
  2. Honest question...not counting the band, cheer and dance squads and the team itself...did SMU have more than 250 of its students at the game? That concrete student section they have was all but empty the entire game.
  3. At this point.....do we really think this is an issue? After ACU and SMU??????
  4. My mood is not good! At this point I am super happy I could not go to Cal. Would hate to spend that cash to see another beat down. I will get over it...like I have for the last 50 years or so, but man, I hate going down to Dallas time and time again just to get my ass handed to me by SMU! Getting beat is one thing. I can handle that if the game is competitive and we play well and just come up a bit short. But, to get absolutely run out of the stadium is another matter! Going to take me a bit to get over this one. I hope the team and coaching staff get over it much faster and figure out how to "put out the fire" before conference play. Man, at this point I am not looking forward to seeing Cal or Houston! Yikes! But, my Mean Green and I love 'em. Just going to take a few days to "recover" from this one, and looking at that Doak Walker bobblehead ain't helping at this point!
  5. I find it hard to believe but I must agree with the part of the statement I left in the quote box. Harvey IS NOT a corner...he is a safety playing out of position and it shows! This is most definitely a coaching issue. It is time to get him off corner and back to safety or somewhere else. He is not a corner....period. We saw that with ACU and now again against SMU. It is sad to see the coaches put him in a position to fail...and fail he has so far at corner. Move the kid from corner. I don't care if we put in one of our true freshmen corners. Can they do any worse? They have at least played corner through out their HS careers. This is not Harvey's fault. He is trying his best...he simply is not a corner and leaving a very inexperienced kid on corner with no help is a disaster waiting to happen. Just hard to blame the player here for this dumpster fire at corner.
  6. Nope...personally, I am glad Harrell is gone. Way way too predictable. Going right up the middle three times...every time...inside the 15 is not my idea of creative. It was like Dickey-ball all over again. Nope. I am more than happy with the change. I guess we will all see over time.
  7. Nope...the Trinity Hall event IS the official tailgate for the SMU game.
  8. I know...first world problems. 🤣🤣
  9. Yep..got 'em. Got an email from the ticket office Friday before Saturday's game that the SMU tickets were available for pick-up before Saturday's game...super easy. Aren't you still on campus? Drop by and pick your tickets up at the ticket office. But, fair warning...call ahead.
  10. Picked them up at the ticket office Saturday before the ACU game...easy!
  11. I think you can still pick them up at the ticket office...but as usual.../call ahead to confirm
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