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  1. I used see the Albino Squirrel at my apartment on Bernard. RamsGate. I always liked the little guy.
  2. You know we’re just gonna suck at that too.... right?
  3. We’ve become North Texas again... it’s like we never left.
  4. I support a university buy back of all those stupid wooden guns.
  5. Yea... once you realize it.... it sucks.
  6. We are the CUSA equivilant of a bad version of an under-talented Kliff Kingsbury team.
  7. Cal has begged us to make a game out of this since halfway through the 2nd quarter. Nice of them I guess?
  8. You tried to warn people that UNT football would let them down? How clairvoyant.....
  9. I love the Mason for Heisman stuff.... but g&@- &@&/Rico isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Give me a freaking break.
  10. Three things that are fun: cussin college football
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