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  1. Green P1

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Also, there is no way that kid tied both of his shoes that fast during the halftime contest.
  2. I mean.... come on.
  3. Ah the old Mean Green tailgating bike. I sold her at an alumni event in 2011 I think.
  4. Mosaic glass tile SOW my former boss made for me. Given to me as a table top but I decided to backlight it with LEDs and hang it in the back yard.
  5. Green P1

    Utah State Bowl Prep

  6. Green P1

    3rd Non-Conference Road Win

    The trolling non troll sometimes trolls so hard that that troll Trolls the troll trying to troll into not trolling what’s been trolled because it’s already been trolled to hard
  7. This game perfectly encapsulates my Mean Green fandom since 2002. It doesn’t get any better or worse than this. This is it.
  8. You wanna run the ball against a team that knows you can’t throw? That sounds fun. Let’s do it!!
  9. Green P1

    K-State could win the Big 12 anytime

    Does Kansas St still have that fat guy that wears a cardboard mask pumping them up before games? I could see that as a positive for us.
  10. Green P1

    Look at all...

    Those empty empty green seats right there. SURE HOPE @Prettylittleeagle EMAILS WREN ABOUT THIS MESS!!!!!!!
  11. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    The excitement level of this thread is rivaled only by that one punt return we had.
  12. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    To be fair... your SMUG ass shoulda just drowned.
  13. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Quit being logical and start threatening to burn your piece of paper. Did McCarney or Dodge ever give up a 28 pt lead? Ill I’ll hang up and listen.
  14. Green P1

    Homecoming Parking Situation

    Good question. WE NEED ANSWERS