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Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread


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Just now, MeanGreenTexan said:

Unfortunately, this thread is going to crescendo throughout the year.

UNLESS - we tank intentionally to keep him. Thus defeating his genius and paying a lot for a losing record. 

We can do it! 

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6 minutes ago, TheColonyEagle said:

If history has shown anything....it's that when the house hunting starts...that's when it gets real

I think George Seifert just couldn't find one in Dallas with a kitchen he liked and Nick Saban may still be looking in Austin 

Yeah, this stuff always starts with the "wife was house hunting" posts. 

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10 minutes ago, TheColonyEagle said:

I like Graham Harrell. This is not a shot at him.

But why is he seen as such a no brainer candidate for our HC position if Littrell leaves?


Agreed.  I've always thought Mainord would be a logical choice if Littrell ever leaves, which I doubt.

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If I was the Littrell's my thought process would go like this:

The kids are are getting old enough that constantly moving them is more and more difficult.  

Would you rather raise a family in the DFW Metroplex and or in Lubbock? 

Lubbock is 7 1/2 hours away from Muskogee while Denton is 3 1/2 hours away.

Turning down 3 million dollars seems asinine but everything is in place to stay in Denton for as long as they want and current salary trajectory would have base at 2 million in the next few years.  

Now that it is proven that recruits and fans will come to Denton.  There is no reason to worry about waiting for a dream job to come up. Texas Tech is not a dream job.  

My intuition tells me if the Tech job is offered he will take it but for the reasons I stated above it is not a given.  





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Clearly TT can money whip Seth compared to us so that is more than enough to get him out of Denton but couple of things to consider...if NT really wanted to up their game how high could we go to pay him to keep him a few more years more?  That and I would have to think there will be much better jobs he can pick from instead of going to Tech.  I don't think Tech will ever be much more than what they are now and will top out what Mike Leach did there which was really good but hardly a true threat to the big boys.  And you're going to Lubbock...no offense.  If Seth is a little more patient I have to think he'll get far better opportunities to choose from instead of TT.

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