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  1. If you go to Sam Houston State University Basketball they are streaming it. It is an OK picture when you click to enlarge the screen.
  2. If you have Verizon, then the game is on channel 46 the UNT channel.
  3. Hey, instead of not posting until this Friday, why not sit out a year. Why do you feel it is your job to be the Moderator and decide who can and cannot post.
  4. Thanks for the post and for the update.
  5. I think he was making about 950,000 a year since 2006. It might take a lot to get him to move.
  6. Type in Berg VS OBAMA You will not believe what you read.
  7. If you want to read an iteresting, yet lengthy, lawsuit; this is the one to read. http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal district-court/pennsylvania
  8. Well, just ask yourself, is the sportsbar you are going to a UNT sportsbar or not. If it is, then the UNT game will not have competition for games already in progress.
  9. Are you really wanting us to believe this or are you just trying to get us going down the road to nowhere. Do you want two more wins this year, or do you want two less wins this year. Do you ever think about anyone else but you, or do you want to have the entire school to think that not playing Riley will give us extra wins four years from now. Do you even care what he thinks? Get a grip and go on down the road.
  10. I really hope that the cola is on the side and not mixed. The Society of the Crown suggests you put a teaspoon of water in your glass after your first drink. However, while in the parking lot at the game all is fair.
  11. Then you should have attended the Monday night show, or you should have attended the Dog Pound and asked to have some things explained.
  12. Tonight in the Lyceum, students can trade in other college tee shirts for a Dodge Dog Pound shirt. Dodge will answer questions about the upcoming game and explain the X's and O's of football.
  13. If you are upset about the DMN, then you do not want to read the DRC. Brett starts out with UNT opening with a big 12 teams, 7 out of the last 10 years, and losing 329-33.
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