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  1. As long as we get what we need.
  2. Back when we wound sit on the Fraternity painted bleachers and watch the games.
  3. Thanks for the fortune, I was hoping it might happen in my life time.
  4. I won't be surprised. We have the perfect opportunity to do the same, but will it happen?
  5. I hope we have a big time coach announcement soon.
  6. When are we going to grow a pair and get serious.
  7. Why wasn't one hired, aren't they earning 50 to 75k. He could have paid that out of his salary. Geez, high school teachers pay for what they need all the time. Should they have to no, but they do.
  8. Well now, two sets of emails. Hmm
  9. I have been watching on-campus playoff games for years. D111 uses that format and they bring very sizable crowds.
  10. Somebody must be messing with you.
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