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  1. Most articles from May,2022 state the settlement to be 1.75 million, but cusa sought a court order to keep the records from the public.
  2. Beating Arkansas was a lot of fun . Arkansas football was 2 and 10 that year. They beat Eastern ILL who were 3 and 8 and Tulsa who were 3 and 9. Watching the kick return over and over made my day, week and month. Sooner or later we need to win bowl games.
  3. He is 37 and 38 overall. This is a statement!
  4. Now, that is how to respond to trolls. Outstanding.
  5. When is UNT going to blitz the media about the home opener?
  6. That number should be in the high teens and / or low twenty's.
  7. Well he is in the UNT hall of fame, played professionally, has local high school ties and was promoted to assistant head coach. You might not be that far off.
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