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  1. That was fantastic. Looked liked the guys were having fun with it too.
  2. he'll still get a good amount of action. Most teams won't allow backs to get over 15 carries. Teams like the Titans are not the norm.
  3. yep...surprisingly hilly, beautiful campus and great town.
  4. Guyton may have torn his ACL unfortunately at the end of the blowout loss. Staley is speaking w/ the media now.
  5. Our d line gets blown back 3 yards on every snap. It’s understandable since there is no talent in the state of Texas.
  6. Nice play call on 4th. God forbid aune keeps the damn ball. Check pls
  7. Frankly I’m shocked at Gunnell’s arm strength. I don’t see the tight release with zip or much mobility. I guess I haven’t quite figured out all the ridiculous star ratings for recruiting.
  8. Van Pelt had us featured as the last game he was picking for the weekend. Likes the Mean Green and the points. Love when they talk about us on Sportscenter....at least SVP. He's the only one worth a damn.
  9. Hall will have a shot at the Chargers' practice squad because of his special teams play. He actually looked much better in coverage in the preseason than he did last year in spot duty. Hamilton was considered one of the last 2 cuts so he should resign somewhere.
  10. sorry to hear you guys had issues streaming. Mine was great all night long...had the HDMI cord from the computer to the TV and it was flawless. I was shocked actually.
  11. a win on the 27th will put a bit of pep in everyone's step, but I feel you. I kinda feel blah about all of college football now. Maybe I've become old and hate all the change to the landscape.
  12. I love the GRADUATE label under the CUSA emblem...nice touch!
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