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  1. I really hope my Chargers pick him up. We need a linebacker that can stay healthy and actually tackle someone behind the line of scrimmage.
  2. If we don’t have a solid kicker, we need to change our play calling and be more aggressive with our play calling and 4th down decisions
  3. Love the sound of more tight ends. Whether it’s helping the tackles block or helping the running game, it’s ridiculous more teams don’t use them in this new spread world
  4. i like the quick release
  5. That stinks. Thought he could’ve blossomed next year. Good athlete
  6. Houston chronicle listed all the players from Texas and we didn’t have anyone on it
  7. They will get critiqued harshly by Curtis Shaw. Those two missed travel calls can’t happen at any point in a game. Awful
  8. I hope he’s close to finishing his degree more than anything. He seems like a great kid and I hope he kills it in the nfl. Maybe he can be a shorter version of Malcolm Floyd, former Charger. He doesn’t have great hands and isn’t close to a polished route runner, but I’m hoping he rests well so someone can work with him. Some of our best nfl stories came from guys that would not have projected to be good nfl players (waters, cobb, Kassel)
  9. Big assumption that Ruhl gets the job over Mike McCarthy. Could be alot of fretting about nothing.
  10. If Simmons would add a 15-17' jumper, then I'd buy the shorter version of Tim Duncan comparison. He does have 2 more years to improve that part of his game. Great to see somebody actually have post up moves and can finish with both hands.
  11. wait until the students get back to school....it's going to be even more impressive
  12. Once they had the lead they stop playing free. They were too patient in looking for the absolute perfect shot. Happens a lot with big leads. If you take a quick, wide open 3 and miss with a big lead, the coach screams that we don’t need that shot. I see it every day while reffing
  13. What is the dark section in the stands. Looks awful on tv
  14. If Woolridge could pull up from 15-17 feet out it will open up even more drives for him. They sag way off of him. When we bogged down in the first half (only had 20 pts the first 13min of the game), they sagged off and he didn’t do anything out there. Very impressed how hard they play on both ends. They are very unselfish and that’s refreshing to see. Love to see all the off ball movement.
  15. I'll be wearing my green and doing some hard core cheering for our boys in Houston. I love it when I don't have to drive far for a game!
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