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  1. Hey coach, since you’ve been here you’ve run the same ridiculous play up the gut in short yardage situations. I would venture to guess it is over 85% of the time that you call that stupid play. Never do we see an imaginary idea. Anytime we have a nice gain that’s close to a first down, we also love to rush to the line and call the same smash up the middle for no gain. It’s 3rd grade play calling and beneath someone making your money!! Pathetic.
  2. When we blitz we bring them from 15 yards back, so they get there about 3 seconds after the ball has been released.
  3. The A gap runs are so damn tired. That’s imaginative??? Just sad.
  4. Moisert and Coleman both got hurt today. He will start getting kite touches soon.
  5. Look at what we did to hbu, and then they almost upset Tech. Week to week things change. I’m hoping the davis’ are back or we may be in for another lashing. I just can’t believe how slow we are on defense. I’m not so worried about the offense. I think Aune is the answer. Everyone is letting the game’s beat down optics skew how pretty good he was.
  6. Great tackle on 4th down. We are a laughing stock. Take all of these 3* defensive players and shove me up your ass. They’re awful. Sorry, but after 30 years of garbage, I’m running out of years. To not be competitive is unacceptable. We have the most expensive staff and great facilities and we still suck ass. Happy birthday to me.
  7. my buddy works for U of H and said it will be on ESPN3
  8. excellent break down...tough to argue with this. Attaway looks like the stud of the group by far. Siggers looks like he needs more rehab before he's ready to be what he was.
  9. Mooney has an undisclosed injury, that is why he didn’t kick. I too wondered why we run only in the A gaps. It gets really old.
  10. You make a stupid penalty like taunting...sit your ass down. You’re a me first player. That just gave them 3 points going into the half and getting the ball yo start. Loving the 10-15 yard cushions on the receivers. Ridiculous. Can we run a running play that isn’t into the A gaps???
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