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  1. lose our top RB to at least an ACL and then have Mason go out getting sacked twice in the drive. Gut wrenching.
  2. Our dline has always been small except for booger. Our db play is horrific. But, I see it all over every game I’m watching. This first half is a perfect example of our season as a whole.
  3. I’m a charger fan so I’m just excited to finally have our safeties for the first time I had to include it!
  4. He’s a better route runner and thicker than Guyton...and I’d bet on his hands over Guyton. I’d be stoked if both guys are on rosters. The more players we have on the walls in nfl uniforms the better it looks to recruits.
  5. Chargers announced their starting safeties are activated for this Sunday’s game against the Broncos along with GUYTON!!!!
  6. What I don’t like about the offense is all of the 10-15 yard out routes against the sideline. Toughest pass in the game to consistently convert. Too many times we’d throw those routes on 3rd and 3 when a screen or quick slant would have a better % of working.
  7. Looking forward to 15 perimeter passes before taking a crappy shot with 2 on the shot clock. Exciting brand of ball.
  8. Easy to see why we are Harvey’s 3rd team. Grabbing the receivers jersey and holding him for 30 yards is solid technique.
  9. First UNT @ Rice game I'll have to miss in the last 25 years. Pretty bummed, but I have to ref the finals of a HS basketball tournament. Will be recording it to watch afterwards. Of all the damn days!
  10. He looks blazing fast! So happy for him.
  11. He was great to watch. Love the size and power. Can’t remember having a guy that size before
  12. I’ll be subscribing for the online. I’d hate to see newspapers in print or online give way to two sentence sound bites.
  13. On point Rick. Been screaming the same thing all day. Watching the same thing over and over and it’s not working...bring the house from different angles at different times and bump and run the receivers. What is the difference if you get burned. They’re going to score one way or another. At least by being aggressive you have a better shot at creating a turnover!
  14. Another year of lost fan support. I hate that our fans and students are so fragile, not that I can blame any of us. I hate that each loss means we won’t get shit for fans. Again, can’t blame them after all the good crowds see heartbreaking losses. It’s a never ending cycle of embarrassment. We never changed a fu*cking thing about our defense in the second half. Bring the kitchen sink and see if you get lucky with a turnover, but sitting back and getting torched is horseshit
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