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  1. I had to look him up on his twitter feed and it's a link in there.
  2. I read his first book and thought it was fantastic. Excellent and very quick read. Every teenager should read it at the very least as a warning.
  3. I bought a KD Shark shirt this morning. Hope we can all chip in to show that they're supported at UNT.
  4. Herbert really likes him too, great relationship. He's going to stick in the league and make money. Hands got better as the year went on, and he made a great 4th down catch in the last loss against the Raiders last year. Herbert is starting to trust him.
  5. This type of player movement will only drive interest in college sports further down. We saw the same thing w/ the one and dones. It sounds like it's such a great idea, but part of the allure of college sports (or sports in general) is watching players grow, earn their time, and become great. You get to KNOW the names of the players on most teams. Other than UNT, how many of you know any players on any other teams anymore. I grew up knowing the starting five for every Big East and ACC team. Ratings and attendance are dwindling across the board!
  6. wow...he just dropped new gear on his website too....these seems very strange.
  7. Prob about 50 or so. Nothing too specific other than updates on recruiting changes, nil, need for support for the student athlete. Grant talked a lot about how he only recruits kids willing to put team over self, and how much they all care about academics. All stressed how well the kids are doing as STUDENT athletes. I was fired up enough to commit to buying season tickets for all 3 sports even though I’ll have to donate most of them.
  8. Went to the meeting Houston tonight. Haven’t been to one in a long time. Got me really fired up. Good to see Seth show a lot more life than he does in press conferences. Grant is incredible speaking to groups. He’s a funny ass dude!! If you’re in Austin, make the effort to go. They welcome the support and it’s really well run.
  9. How they think will be good for the long term success of the sport is beyond me. Funny how they consider a 24-40k a year education nothing.
  10. NIL has deadened my love for college athletics. I didn't think that would be possible, but I don't care nearly as much as I did a few years ago because of the nonstop transfers and the money...it's no longer the same.
  11. I liked his decision making the last half of the year when he kept the ball running more. Just gotta make the simple throws!
  12. 50/50 plays are instructed to go to the offense, so it’s got nothing to do with them being Virginia. The lead might have been a bit wide to get the proper angle on the play.
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