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  1. edcollopy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Head coaching experience matters, but does Eric have that much more clout that graham if graham does in fact have a great relationship with the kids? I’m not saying graham is the choice, but if he’s not you have to have someone with something a lot greater.
  2. edcollopy

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    people from out of town schools would have to travel on Christmas day for this bowl....no way anyone does that for this level of bowl game.
  3. edcollopy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Mike Leach said yesterday he's happy where he is and that Tech didn't pay him 9 years ago when he won 9 games, so they're not going to pay him now.
  4. 34-17 mean Green....hope it's a relaxing game. I can't take these barn burners every weekend.
  5. edcollopy

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Attendance at u of h isn’t good either even with a 7:00 start. Thursday isn’t too bad but 8:30 for central time zone is stupid
  6. edcollopy

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Looks like the shitty Kent st game is going to cause our game to be shown late. Damn
  7. edcollopy

    This is what happens

    Just when you thought the ridiculous behavior before the half that led to meaningless fg meant nothing.
  8. edcollopy

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    49-10 Need to play backups as much as possible with game on short rest.
  9. edcollopy

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    That extra parking will be huge for the university. parking is such a huge problem at every school.
  10. The car wash in Katy is amazing. Get the top package and you'll save 20 cents off gas. They have a bug pre spray / scrub station to hit before you go through the car wash. Make sure you do that first. The tire shine at the end of the wash is superb.
  11. edcollopy

    Wide Reciever Corp

    Travis is the speedy but slight receiver for the chargers.
  12. edcollopy

    Wide Reciever Corp

    Guyton will not go pro unless route running improves and hands improve a ton! Rico will have a shot with another year of seasoning. Lawrence has 5 drops already...very surprised by his drops this year. Seemed much more sure handed last year. Love his toughness and heart. Darden could be a very exciting slot receiver at the next level. will have to add 10-15 lbs so he won't be as fragile as Travis Benjamin
  13. edcollopy

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Louisville is not going to pay a $14mm guarantee for Petrino to not coach there. No way.
  14. edcollopy

    DRC: UNT knocks off TCU in closed scrimmage

    the scrimmages are usually run as a regular game and have officials from the conference using the game as warm up as well.
  15. edcollopy

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    The second half or every game is starting to look like the same offensive abortion. Screens, quick slants, quick fades...do something to deal with our shitty oline