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  1. I'll go 12-2....Just for once in my life I want to not be disappointed with football.
  2. Over 100 plays today you’re going to have big runs just as much as we read our defense stoning our running backs for no gain
  3. that's too high tech for me...I'm a charger fan so I just read the highlights from practice on the sites I use.
  4. Just read he had a pick in the Chargers joint practice with the Saints today in 11 on 11 work. Hoping he at least makes the practice squad. Seems to have a nose for the ball.
  5. Think about the recruiting benefits of sending posts out like that. You're letting every kid know that if you come here you're going to be seen by the right people. If we somehow get a few drafted this year, that will create a buzz like we haven't seen in a while. Kids will know they'll have a shot to play, get a great education and a beautiful school, and they'll be seen by the NFL.
  6. That is really sharp!! Well done!
  7. Brooks also broke up a td pass in the end zone. Really good play
  8. Mountains and crystal clear rivers if you’re into scenery and fishing.
  9. Didn’t see ejiya in the Baltimore box score. Hope he’s not hurt
  10. NFL network tonight at 9:00cst. he's running 3rd team so hopefully he'll get some minutes tonight. He's # 37
  11. Great spot for Cole to hopefully get on the practice squad and take over when Adam retires.
  12. Keep Fine and Bussey healthy and run the ball effectively we will be fine. Hamstrings start popping and we are in trouble
  13. Whether it’s cusa, mountain west, Mac, sunbelt, etc....other than the fans from those teams in those conferences, nobody cares! I live in Houston and I’m the only UNT grad out of 1,000. Nobody knows anything about unt other than what I’m constantly saying. It’s sad but true. Wish it wasn’t. But, I love my team and will cheer as hard as any Aggie fan or auburn fan (my wife) out there.
  14. Reading an article like that makes it seem very unlikely that we keep him, but who knows.
  15. I don’t know how to attach a link, but they have him at #60 out of 100 top players with a picture. So cool!!
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