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  1. Just like New Orleans doesn’t like it when LSU is in the sugar bowl. Terrible for hotels and cab industry
  2. edcollopy

    Bucs waive Trevor Moore

    Chargers need him. I worry that his leg ins't strong enough over 50 and on kickoffs.
  3. edcollopy

    Like This Addition to MeanGreenSports.com

    I hope he gets picked up by someone. His injury history is not appealing to teams right now. Maybe some injuries at the position will open up a possibility for him.
  4. edcollopy

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    Patterson leaving could be a big problem. He really did improve as the year went on last year.
  5. edcollopy


    he retired didn't he? he wasn't young. Family, health, enjoyment of life sometimes becomes a bigger focus than this game we love.
  6. edcollopy

    What ever happened to.... Spencer Leftwich?

    You're right about Todd Graham...that job hopper screwed over alot of assistants in his day.
  7. edcollopy


    I just read it for the 3rd time and now I get it. Is 'days one' a new term or expression? I like it.
  8. Certainly gives coaches a lot more flexibility and options, but it also puts a lot more pressure on them to plan how to use a lot more players. Littrell makes a great point about staying on top of their coaching of ‘redshirts’ since they may now be used.
  9. edcollopy

    Quinn Shanbour Tweet

    Winning sure does bring a lot of great attention when you’re also doing it the right way. He seems to have a lot of really solid human beings on this team.
  10. edcollopy

    Amid less C-USA revenue, UAB forced to make tough cuts

    Wow. What a shit thing to do. Classless
  11. edcollopy

    Biggest Area For Improvement?

    Have to improve the push up the middle to keep linemen from getting to our linebackers so easily...and of course our tackling!!!
  12. edcollopy

    New MeanGreenSports.com Series

    great start to the series. very intersting stuff. would like to see more straight ahead blocking scheme that close to our own endzone.
  13. edcollopy

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    just rewatched the game....wow, such poor tackling by our defense. Guys staring at the turf and diving w/ head down hoping their shoulder knocks a guy down. The line, like in so many other games, got Fine destroyed. Miracle we won this game...wow.
  14. edcollopy

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    that season made me not like Saturdays very much. It was a joke.