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  1. Pretty funny having two mean green players on our active roster.
  2. If you need a free blue lot pass for Saturday.
  3. Does anyone need a blue parking pass for this weekend? I can mail it from Houston if you do for free. Should get there in time. Shoot me a text 713 859 5965
  4. It’s not just us, but what is with the constant runs up the middle on short yardage situations. It’s a lazy handoff that gets stuffed. I noticed it with Kansas last night. It’s so infuriating. It’s f’n lazy play calling!!!!
  5. I’ve never seen this many flags picked up…all against smu. This crew is awful. I’m a college basketball official, so I’m not a hater….but this is awful
  6. I just ordered a Nike shirt and a hat from them. The hat is too small and more Philadelphia Eagle green, so I went online to send it back. They charge $6.99 to return anything! Last time I order from them. Fanatics.com will be the only site I use going forward.
  7. 8-4....offense is statistically good like last year, but more EFFICIENT. Less 3 and outs will help our defense a ton.
  8. How lucky are schools like Ole Miss, Miss St, and Vandy....no way they are better programs than some of the Big 12 schools getting left in the cold. We could go around each major conference and say the same thing (Rutgers, Washington State, ETC).
  9. Chargers just released their depth chart and he’s showing 2nd string. Catch him live on nfl network Saturday night at 9:00cst.
  10. Referring to Siggers carries last year vs what Adaway will do this year.
  11. Attaway's carries will eat into Torrey's numbers more than Siggers. Attaway is special.
  12. The OSU has to travel with OU myth is not true. OU is able to do whatever they feel best suits their school. Paul Finnebaum just said it's mostly likely going to happen, and we'll end up w/ 4 power conferences instead of 5. All 4 conferences will have 16 teams. There will be some decently named schools that end up in the lower tier conferences (IA state, Tech, etc).
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