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  1. Fine was not a threat to run against an over aggressive pass rush. The next 2 QBs will have more get up and go, so I think that they'll burn enough teams to get them to hesitate just enough.
  2. after reading that article about Tulsa's financial issues and directionless leadership, not sure why anyone would want to go play at that tiny private school.
  3. I'm reffing a college game 3 hours away so I'll have to miss this game for the first time in a good number of years. Bummed.
  4. Our center having such a low score had to not only do with the constant pressure in Mason’s face, but also the timing that was continually thrown off by this horrifically low snaps. If Mason was 6’4”, he would’ve have 30 snaps side behind him.
  5. We seem to be hitting this area alot more again Island. Dickey worked hard to build relationships down here but it seemed to die off with Dodge and McCarney.
  6. Poor Guyton dropped the bomb, got burned on a fake punt, then mishandled a reverse handoff. Look for him on the waiver wire tomorrow unfortunately. The second target was not a drop.
  7. lose our top RB to at least an ACL and then have Mason go out getting sacked twice in the drive. Gut wrenching.
  8. Our dline has always been small except for booger. Our db play is horrific. But, I see it all over every game I’m watching. This first half is a perfect example of our season as a whole.
  9. I’m a charger fan so I’m just excited to finally have our safeties for the first time I had to include it!
  10. He’s a better route runner and thicker than Guyton...and I’d bet on his hands over Guyton. I’d be stoked if both guys are on rosters. The more players we have on the walls in nfl uniforms the better it looks to recruits.
  11. Chargers announced their starting safeties are activated for this Sunday’s game against the Broncos along with GUYTON!!!!
  12. What I don’t like about the offense is all of the 10-15 yard out routes against the sideline. Toughest pass in the game to consistently convert. Too many times we’d throw those routes on 3rd and 3 when a screen or quick slant would have a better % of working.
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