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  1. He’s a multi millionaire...that why he stands on the sideline not giving two shits.
  2. Our db’s seem desperate, lost, and new to the position.
  3. I hope some of these guys come back next year and work on their masters for free and keep playing.
  4. Bean should’ve kept it on the hand off on 3rd. Wide open lane
  5. 2 fumbles, zero recoveries...damn no luck
  6. So glad we waste time doing a running fake out of shot gun on 3rd and 8. We have to play every series as 4 down territory.
  7. Hey coach, since you’ve been here you’ve run the same ridiculous play up the gut in short yardage situations. I would venture to guess it is over 85% of the time that you call that stupid play. Never do we see an imaginary idea. Anytime we have a nice gain that’s close to a first down, we also love to rush to the line and call the same smash up the middle for no gain. It’s 3rd grade play calling and beneath someone making your money!! Pathetic.
  8. When we blitz we bring them from 15 yards back, so they get there about 3 seconds after the ball has been released.
  9. The A gap runs are so damn tired. That’s imaginative??? Just sad.
  10. Moisert and Coleman both got hurt today. He will start getting kite touches soon.
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