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  1. edcollopy

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 34 UAB 24 Just a hunch the offense gets their act together and plays consistent football.
  2. edcollopy

    It’s A Wonder Chief Can Still Play

    Funny you posted this. I was just watching the highlights and caught his whiff on the pass to Lawrence. Lunging forward with no technique. Hope Chuck goes over that play over and over in the film room. He’s got to do better as a senior.
  3. edcollopy

    Great performance by the defense!

    You’re right Chris. O-line was fantastic in the second half
  4. edcollopy

    Great Weather for a WIN!!!

    They charter a plane. Usm will get home just fine
  5. my hope is that Guyton looks recharged & refocused. Get's open and makes tough catches with no drops. If they continue to blitz and bring a ton of pressure, make sure we've drawn up a bunch of screens from the backs and tight ends.
  6. edcollopy

    DRC: The Monday edition of What We Learned

    Lawrence has 5-6 drops already if my memory serves. Just seems odd for him since he's usually very sure handed.
  7. edcollopy

    Southern Miss

    Late in the game I yelled at the tv that the safety was up tight, throw deep to Guyton. The very next play we did just that. He had 3 steps on the dB but the ball was overthrown. Would’ve made Guyton’s night look a lot better.
  8. edcollopy

    Strange feeling

    Fine had 11 incompletions and I counted 6 drops.
  9. edcollopy

    Strange feeling

    No running back screens that I can really recall. Nic Smith looks like the better option at rb
  10. edcollopy

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    This game is making my stomach hurt. I really wanted to relax this game. Damn
  11. edcollopy

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    Do we still have running backs on the roster?
  12. edcollopy

    Thoughts on The Punt Returner

    can't believe the coaches didn't pound that into his head before he ran out there....DON'T CATCH THE BALL! If they didn't, they share 50% of the bad result of that stupid decision.
  13. edcollopy

    It feels different now

    Emmitt is right. Once you get the winning taste back in your pie hole, we'll all feel better. I couldn't watch the replay of the game. I just deleted it last night. Bummer since it was such a great atmosphere. Too many woulda shoulda coulda moments.
  14. edcollopy

    Official UTEP Game Score Prediction Thread

    unt 31 UTEP 17
  15. edcollopy


    Great show. Highlight of my Thursday yet again!