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  1. CUSA - yeh. I thought moving to this version of the CUSA was garbage anyhow, but that new proposed version is remarkably worse.
  2. If only we could figure out who @MootPoint was from back in the good ole bad days. He always seemed to have some good insider'ish info.
  3. If what they are saying it true and the team is staying positive, that is awesome. I will still come and support the team as much as I can. If the product is like what we saw at the last home game and it seems like all have quit, then, well, there is no need to stay positive.
  4. This is the email they sent out saying individual tickets (priced at over $130 a piece) are for sale for the remaining games. Stay positive! Positively insane that anyone would purchase these tickets.
  5. That's top notch stuff. Thank you!
  6. Syracuse was the clearly better team on the field. The only position lacking is QB. You'd think with Freeze and Starr's stellar background in building up programs in only the most ethical ways imaginable, that Liberty would be the David beating all the Goliaths.
  7. We do. I hate it. I can't stand playing HBU, Abilene Christian or Incarnate Word. It is a complete waste of my hubclub money. I can't even give the tickets away. Any other powderpuff games are going to be within CUSA by natural course (UTEP, Rice, etc), but we can't seem to win those consistently either.
  8. Tickets today on the hubclub i used to get anyhow? This is weak. There have only been a few years out of the 20+ that I actually really liked the gifts... But this is up there with the 3d printed Apogee.
  9. When a conference loses its money and it's no longer sustainable, changes happen. This is what always happens and is happening now. This craphole CUSA isn't the conference we joined, those teams left and it is going to transition to something else.. like always. It isn't a marriage until death. It's dating while the host is buying you steak.
  10. Very strange defeatist arguments going on here. We don't deserve better, so don't do better? Like the abused spouse...
  11. On the radio post game they commented that Shorter and Loronzo would be out for the foreseeable future too.
  12. None of the players were selfish lastnight. None were looking to pad their stats. I think we only had three penalties .. so that's pretty disciplined. Finally, it was very tough to watch.
  13. you forgot the /s /s edit: but on the real, so many people are throwing out "but muh hipaa" for all sorts of wild ass stuff lately, it is hard to read sarcasm when it is so obviously sarcasm.... because day to day has become so tedious with absurdity. GMG.
  14. HIPAA is only about healthcare providers disclosing personal health information. The HC is not a medical doctor, so we are good here. It is personal choice to not disclose.
  15. My man Joe - you never have to worry about your reputation.
  16. That one was me 😂 I truly think it's the first down I've given you. A new dawn.
  17. I know that my pack of 15 or so people that would normally go - did not go. I am not looking to be packed in during a pandemic. That has to be a factor somehow.
  18. I've never really understood the argument from prior/existing fans about the coaching on this topic. I completely agree with you, he does have great support. More importantly, he doesn't have the extreme pressure to succeed. He doesn't have the leering press and College Gameday and the twitter-verse blowing him up on every, single, solitary, decision or non-decision, rivalry game loss, half-ass bowl appearances... He truly benefits from not only great support, but great obscurity. He operates in a nice bubble where he has it all within his grasp to succeed.
  19. Our students chant obscenities when they don't agree with the officials. That's pretty classless. 😎
  20. I've never seen a crew need to conference about every call. Dreadful.
  21. Ruder had a decent stat line. He had some ducks.. some off targets.. but if you manage to put up 366 yards, there should be more points on the board. I feel it's all on the coach at this point. Ruder can get the job done, needs some experience and some coaching... He's got the poise. He just doesn't have the coach. Aune has been in this system and hasn't risen to the occasion when he has had the opportunity. He hasn't had the coach either.. it's a hard situation with no obvious correct answer. But if I were just a commentator from the outside, I'd think Ruder played well enough to keep his job and he has room for improvement that is within reach.
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