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  1. I think for watering reasons alone - we should use turf.
  2. I guess you and I see different purposes for NIL money. Of course they lead around a puppy - for their NIL money to have the influence they want.
  3. RV is still very much great friends with the large donors of the university. He tailgates, dines and is generally just a good friend with them. If they were going to have someone close to the large donors, it would be him. Now - did he reach the layman donor? Not too well. But the collective isn't really going after the $100 a year donor.
  4. Likely B&N realized that sales from a fraction of the 15k only 6 times a year... with one of those games on a weeknight where it is really only 9k there... they likely didn't re-sign the contract. While I like my personal student Voertman memories - the last decade+ that I have stepped foot in there it was like Kmart.
  5. Very sorry for the loss of your friend.
  6. You are misunderstanding - just because one side is wrong, doesn't make it right for the other side to do wrong. There are definitely instances where one group gets more leeway based upon shared histories or culture. Like, perhaps if a loved hispanic principal got up and said his students are like breakfast tacos in a school assembly.
  7. Does it make it right for the other side to make a fuss about it? The "what about'ism" is exhausting. It's like dealing with children. No, life is not perfectly fair. No, not everyone gets the same leeway. No, not all histories are the same. Yes, some people get to use words others don't.
  8. That defies all logic. The absence of bad is not the same as good.
  9. Kind of - he had graduated already and had his senior year where he was available to transfer and play immediately. He did say something in some interview that made people side-eye what he meant, but I don't think we know that it went beyond that. Vito's writing: https://dentonrc.com/sports/unt-notebook-fine-vows-to-return-for-senior-season/article_e536ed9d-5bb3-581e-bd6f-4ffb4abe5630.html
  10. Likely - but we won't know until they are out of the way.
  11. I mean sure, certainly. But there's other shades in there. My kids' private school hired a new fundraising coordinator a couple years back and this person thought slipping in an honor code agreement into the tuition contract to donate X amount of money to the "academic fund" or some such - was a good idea. All it did was come off as classless and back handed and perhaps shady. All the parents, i mean all, quickly took the be stance of "try to collect it" ... Instead of " happy to give what i can ... Show me what it is going to this year." It was a disaster and the school raised next to nothing that year. That employee didn't make it long at the school and fundraising resumed with the next person who could "read the room." I'm glad that employee got the chance to learn and moved on to another place, and I don't have to get emails about my "agreement." I still support the Mean Green, but competition for excess donation money IS a zero sum scenario and you are needing to show what is the return. For me, there was a tipping point on tactics. Others its service. Others it's performance. But overall you can only vote with your dollars.
  12. The real kicker is - with RV - we donated enough every year and accumulative to be in the "White" lot. We had personaly reasons to want to be in that lot, primarily handicap parking for a guest that would join us to a fair number of the games. We would give them that pass, since it was a straight shot into the stadium on flat ground. The AD didn't have any other handicap parking without needing to take a bus. Under Wren, they changed the rules and made parking a yearly re-upping without consideration of the "points". To be in "White" lot you had to give X dollars and to be in the lower tiered "Black" lot (I don't make these names up) - you had to be Y dollars. Anyhow, this friend no longer is in good enough shape to come to the games, so I wasn't put off to be with the other black parking folk, BUT I started to get emails about how there is limited space, huge pressure to give $3000 dollars to retain the spot or move up to the "White" lot again for X dollars, etc. I even got letters in the mail! All of that stuff just me do the math on my nearest napkin and realize that it just wasn't even worth it to me (emotionally or monetarily) to be on THAT side of the stadium parking - when the black is never filled, blue is never close to filled - and it is ridiculously easy to just pull up and be in my club level seats with no effort at all from the blue lot. So my donations scaled back because they unintentionally pointed out to me how much it cost each game for the parking spot, since there were really no other perks to membership. Paying $500 PER GAME to have a reserved spot was just absurd. Their cars salesmen tactics backfired.
  13. Not really - not exactly. The scenario is when these corporations decided that having their money tied up in short term rentals that are only returning 1% profit and now want to liquidate and it drives the market down 40%. How us commoners are affected and what a huge portion of the trouble from the previous bubble came from people being underwater and unable to move. If a person bought at a market that a house is 500k, but it is now sitting at 300k, but they need to sell for whatever reasons (pay for kid's college, move for a new job, retirement is tied up in the house, out of job and need cash, whatever hundreds of valid reasons we have as humans to need capital). They cannot get it. It is not there. They cannot get a new loan, since they are *now* so highly leveraged with no way out. Banks do not loan more money to people that are so underwater. So what happens (happened)? People walk away and let the bank take the house - they take the credit hit for 7 years - and that house re-enters the market at 300k. The market gets more flooded and drives down the market a little bit more until those corporations see that *now* they can reap huge profits again since the market is so low ... and then the cycle continues. Housing rebounds, corporations are happy, banks seem stability and a lot of people's lives are impacted for a long time. Affecting perhaps retirement, college loans for children, job market since the older people aren't leaving the market, etc etc etc.
  14. ..and you will end up paying less since they always have "flash sales" the week of the games to try to get butts in seats.
  15. I always chuckle at the emails I get with the threat/warning that if you don't renew by THIS DATE then your tickets will re-enter the pool for available tickets. That long line of people waiting to get the less than quarter filled stadium will FINALLY AT LONG LAST get a shot at my seats.
  16. It's not so different though - when these corporate purchasers either flood the market by listing them again OR write them off as a loss and default.. then it does impact the market in the same way and can/will/should drive prices back down. At least that is how I see it.
  17. I always paid mandatory fees for a lot of things I never used - Rec center, the armadillo performance hall, pickup basketball courts, health center, etc etc. It's all a part of the larger education system. This is not a trade school or budget airline. You cannot a la carte you educational journey.
  18. Certainly didn't help his cause that when he did get reps he was pouting if he wasn't the primary. He didn't even put his mouth guard in when it wasn't a passing play. He looked checked out.
  19. Definitely agree - much like Fine ripped up his level of competition in OK and Zappe was good in his career. It is not a complete diamond in the rough, but certainly the comparisons lead to the blind fandom part. I mean, in my inner-non-jaded fandom-self, I had the same mental conversations about Ruder.
  20. It has to be the mixture of hoping to find an under-estimated guy like Fine and the prospect of a Bailey Zappe type guy moving up from Texas FCS level. It is hopeful fandom.
  21. Grandson of HOF Quincy Armstrong - Colt Mahan
  22. I really want him to find some joy at the end of this playing career - but that place. 🤔 For a graduate student with a wife (and kid?), I don't see how that town meeting the needs. 😞
  23. I think you should actually read what I wrote. I never claimed that, nor that unvaccinated Covid ICU patients not getting treatment because they can't pay.. i didn't even remotely claim that. I never brought up Covid patients at all. To get an organ transplant, you have to have financial means to afford post transplantation. Period. If you don't and you can't get a charity or church too st et p up - you are bypassed. If you have cirrhosis and need a liver, if you're still drinking or taking prevented medicines, you are bypassed and likely removed from the list completely. If you go in with active Covid and need a vent, smell like whiskey, cigarettes weighing 250lbs - yes, you'll get treatment for your symptoms. You will not get a new liver.
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