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  1. I have constant problems with the app.
  2. Not even remotely what I said. But thanks for putting words in my mouth. You seem to be the one ok with only two people gunned down in their house of worship.
  3. So that’s two “good guys” dead. One “bad guy” dead. Still not sure that’s the ratio your looking for. Repeal the 2nd!
  4. Fine’s press conference in the TRex outfit made the cut. Pretty funny.
  5. Thank you for this. Rewatched this morning. I always listen to radio feed first.
  6. Marshall over MTSU ODU over WKU UAB over Rice FIU over UMass UTEP over UTSA
  7. Darn. I live close, but traveling this weekend.
  8. https://www.austin360.com/entertainmentlife/20190906/how-unt-quarterback-damon-west-became-resilient-like-coffee-bean-in-prison Good article.
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