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  1. A four star quarterback and if we can get this four star wide receiver, in addition to our deep pool of really good wide receivers and we have a stable of excellent running backs, I think we should be sitting pretty again on offense. It appears that Coach Bennet has already had a big impact on our defense and it should only get better. I am beginning to feel better about our prospects in the fall. The entire athletic department seems to be running on all cylinders!! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  2. I believe in the MEAN GREEN and I believe they are going to win again!!! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  3. I like his attitude, we ALL Love THE University of North Texas!!! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  4. We won the league Championship last year and did not get to go, I think that would be a better argument. Don't screw us twice! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  5. Hopefully it will be HOT in the Super Pit and we can get that place rocking, beat WK!!!! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  6. TV "news", is a misnomer. It is about 10% actual news and the rest is commentary and sensationalism designed to get our viewership. Actual news is the reporting of events and is supposed to be an accurate portrayal of the events. With 24 hour news channels, got to fill up the programing and it has to get my attention, then advertising dollars, etc. Kinda gotten out of control. We are all biased, but there is some crazy stuff going on out there. Love thy neighbor, not if he is a ____________, but he is still your neighbor........................ Peace out!
  7. To win games we need to score one more point than our opponent. Our offense, as a rule is not the problem. With any improvement at all on the defensive side we win more games. With PB as DC I don't see how our defense cannot improve significantly. I see us back on an upward trajectory, I believe Seth made a good hire. How good remains to be seen. GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  8. Defense wins Championships, we've got the offense and now we've got the defense (I hope) GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  9. I graduated NTSU in 1980, we had some great teams and a lot of fun at the Super Pit. Lots of fans in the stands back then with fewer than 17,000 students! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!!!
  10. I know I have drunk too much green Kool Aide, lets win the last three games, cross our fingers and lets play for the C-USA Championship! Beat Marshall and play in the Independence Bowl!!! GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!!!
  11. Win at least two more games and we go 5-4 and probably get a bowl invite. Win the next three and we win the west and go to the conference championship. Unless I am mistaken........... GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!
  12. When I started NTSU we were in the Missouri Valley Conference. When I graduated we were an independent. If we had stayed where we were, we would be in the AAC now.............. GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  13. Watched the last 10 holes, great round! Go Mean Green and CONGRATULATIONS CARLOS!!!
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