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  1. The entire issue should not even be an issue. We were all taught how to treat one another. We are all here together, like it or not. We are either going to make things work or we will not. I choose to believe that we will come together and solve our problems. The divisiveness and hate that runs through these and other comments are sad. We are all human beings and made in God's image, if you are a believer, and we are called to Love thy neighbor as thyself. We may have differences but the things we have in common are much more than the things that divide us, yet we dwell on the divisions. We have no leadership in Washington and what we do have is a disgrace. I am an American and I want what is best for ALL Americans, not the rich, not the privilege, not corporations but ALL Americans, you included..............
  2. That was a sobering bunch of statistics. We need to raise more money and lots of it, I am embarrassed. We do not financially support our University/teams. I give but I guess not enough. We need a serious fundraising program. We will not make it to the next level without it..... GO MEAN GREEN GIVE MONEY
  3. The "Diving Eagle" design does not show a Conference Affiliation, what do you suppose that means............. GO MEAN GREEN WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  4. We need to be in a better conference period. I would gladly travel to UNM, Air Force, CSU and Wyoming. They are all on IH-25 and near the mountains. What could be better, the beach, got that too. Love me some Spirit Airlines. AAC would be better but I would take the Mountain West. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES
  5. Instead of adding Liberty we need to move up the chain. MWC or AAC please...........
  6. I could care less about political parties, they are destroying our nation. I am a. moderate American. I do not support Donald because he is in it only for himself. Calling people hacks, Mueller, a republican is a page out of Donald's book. The rule of law...... sorry Rick you can't take the high ground on that one, this is America and Donald does have a good grasp of the law, except he knows how to abuse it. You are drinking the wrong Kool-aid, it is supposed to be (mean) Green!!
  7. Well so it is over, nothing here, move along............. Mueller was true to his charge and did not investigate Deranged Donald because he knew it would not be pursued by the Justice Department. He did say that the Russians helped Deranged Donald win the election. He did say that if Donald was "Not Guilty" he would have said so and he did not. Do not believe your own eyes and ears, it was from Mueller's mouth, not Donald telling us what the report says, not Mitch McConnell, not Lindsay Graham or Rudy but the former head of the FBI who was approved by the Senate 100-0. No collusion, not so fast. Donald would just as soon lie when the truth would serve him better. How can Donald drain the swamp when he is the swamp. Make America, America again!!!
  8. I sure hope this "new recruit" will soar high one wings of the UNT EAGLES!!! GO MEAN GREEN BEAT aCu
  9. I guess hurling insults at any and everyone that disagrees with Deranged Donald is a way of life in Trump world. I am not a left leaner, I just can't stand the joke in the White House and it is a bad joke on top of it all.
  10. Donald Trump is an embarrassment, he cannot speak the truth, he cannot stand the truth and he would not know the truth if it bit him on the *ss.
  11. I've got some land for sale guys, beach front, or it will be soon................
  12. I am ready for some CHAMPIONSHIP football and it is coming soon!!! GO MEAN GREAN BEAT AcU
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