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  1. I sure hope this "new recruit" will soar high one wings of the UNT EAGLES!!! GO MEAN GREEN BEAT aCu
  2. I guess hurling insults at any and everyone that disagrees with Deranged Donald is a way of life in Trump world. I am not a left leaner, I just can't stand the joke in the White House and it is a bad joke on top of it all.
  3. Donald Trump is an embarrassment, he cannot speak the truth, he cannot stand the truth and he would not know the truth if it bit him on the *ss.
  4. I've got some land for sale guys, beach front, or it will be soon................
  5. I am ready for some CHAMPIONSHIP football and it is coming soon!!! GO MEAN GREAN BEAT AcU
  6. 12-2 beating cougar high loss at Cal and Latech then 9 straight victories, including Independence Bowl Victory!!! GO MEAN GREEN Beat AcU
  7. Another program on the rise......GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  8. I drug my wife to the game in Arkansas, we drove up and back the same day. She was not thrilled about going but the drive home was ever so sweet. Just wish I had that same feeling driving back from Albuquerque. GO MEAN GREEN!!! Beat ACU
  9. That was the worst half of basketball I have ever witnessed. The three pointer by WK at the end exemplified the half. Second half like another game. I do not believe I have ever been more disappointed. That first half was pitiful, you knew they could not come back but almost does not count. WOW 😞
  10. Instead of dwelling on the past let us look at a bright future. Yes it could and should have been brighter and there are a lot of reasons why it may not be as bright as we believe it should be, so what can WE do now? Show up to games and events, give more money to the school, not just athletics, wear your green and be loud and proud. Give our players and the students the best education they can get, the tools they need to succeed in life and in their sport and the best opportunities we can afford them and that includes conference affiliations. We are climbing back into relevance in our conference and we are being talked about on the national scene in a positive manner. It will take time, money and effort on all our parts. WB is just what we needed when we needed him, now we need to do our part. WIN GAMES!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  11. Leaving the MVC and dropping to 1-AA were the two biggest mistakes ever made by the University. Look at how many of our former conference mates are in the AAC. WIN GAMES!!!
  12. I know that the conference scheduling was changed this year to try and make the conference's overall ranking higher so as to try and get an at large team into the NCAA's. I am not smart enough to figure this out but who does it look like we might face, I believe our last 3-4 conference games? Heck, how does the thing work? WIN GAMES, BEAT UAB GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  13. We are playing seven Texas teams in 2020, that should help with recruiting. WIN GAMES GO MEAN GREEN
  14. It sure will be nice when we beat uh at Apogee, that said I believe 11-3 will be my green tinted glasses optimistic prediction for next year. WIN GAMES GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!
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