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  1. I believe UNT has finally found a conference that we should stay in and should be very happy. We are joining some old conference mates, Tulsa (C-USA and MVC), Memphis (MVC), Tulane (C-USA), Wichita State (MVC) and our current C-USA conference mates that are going with us and whom we have established rivalries. I am very excited! I know that this is a football forum but basketball will be really exciting and we can compete now. SMU twice a year!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  2. Finally where we need to be!!!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  3. SMU, is a private university with expensive tuition they have to sell themselves as an “elite university” and that is okay but you don’t have to be an elitist. Enough said, I believe you judge a person and an institution by their actions and their deeds. We shall see. UNT, as a public institution has a similar but different role, UNT has to provide the best “quality” education at an affordable cost. I could not be more satisfied with my education and what it has afforded me and my family. I am excited about the AAC! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  4. Underdog Dynasty’s take on things https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2021/10/19/22733696/aac-conference-realignment-rumors-reignite-american-athletic-conference-expansion-conference-usa GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  5. This is a little dated, about half way through they get to the discussion of expansion and it gets interesting https://mwwire.com/2021/09/29/podcast-what-does-the-future-of-the-mountain-west-look-like/ GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  6. From 10/15/21 https://www.yardbarker.com/college_football/articles/mountain_west_discussing_expansion_with_interested_schools_says_commissioner/s1_13132_36149945 GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  7. We can only hope…… GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!!
  8. I would expect the length of time from when SL is fired to when a new coach is hired is going to tell us a lot. A quick announcement will show that they actually planned for the inevitable and a delayed one will show that they have not planned. If WB does not already have a short list we are in trouble GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!!
  9. Perhaps he could caddy for Tony Romo. Fire him TONIGHT!
  10. The whole damn team is in the ditch and SL can’t get it out of the ditch, in fact he has sunk this team up to the axles!!! FIRE SL NOW!!!
  11. The entire coaching staff needs to be fired. If we have to start a fund let me know!!!!
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