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  1. You are so correct! I cannot wait until next season!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!
  2. The guy can run the ball. With an offensive line and decent receivers he should do well. We already have a running game and that should further make things better, a balanced attack that should really make for a good offense. Competition with the quarterbacks should further make things interesting. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  3. We have to have better offensive play calling, throw the ball downfield even 10-12 yards and better execution, fewer dropped passes. I believe our defense is pretty good, we should be good there. Anything less then a total of 8 wins and SL needs to be gone! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  4. History may be repeating itself but at least we keep moving up in the conference race. Not sure how much higher we can go but keep on improving and we shall see. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  5. PB in a short time has done a pretty damn good job with our defense. I suspect that he is the person that thought this young man could help us out and contribute to improving our defense. Let's give him a chance to get on the field, then you can at least make an educated critic. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  6. Monthly bank drafts three different levels, $25 a month, $50 a month and $100 a month. Call it sustaining membership and name each level. Hopefully we have people at the Athletic Department that get paid to come up with this stuff, it is not rocket science.... GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  7. Am I to understand that you are now taking the conservative culture wars to UNT athletics? There is only one way the conservative way. Screw diversity, lock step my way or the highway. In your sad little world we’re things are changing and not to your liking you blame liberals. Look in the mirror. When this is the type of discussion on a college basketball fan forum things have gotten real sad. Then for some reason I am not allowed to leave my usual up or down vote on this topic. Surely this has to be some sick joke. If it is not a joke you can run it right up your snot filled nose!!!!! This was meant as a response to Plummeangreen's tirade on the culture wars and has since been removed. I stand by my comments. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
  8. If we shoot like we have for the last 4 games we will get beat. There is no problem with our defense. If we do not score it does not matter that we keep them from scoring, they are keeping or we are keeping ourselves from scoring. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!
  9. I am ready for a Western Sons Vodka tailgate. If we get to host the next game and it could happen, I’ll chip in for the tailgate. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN-GAMES!!!!
  10. Is the next game on a Saturday or a Sunday asking for a lot of friends and a crow. 😉 GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!! (Four Actually)
  11. I am predicting 6,214 for Tuesday’s game. Got close on the LaTech game would say more but it is Spring Break. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!!
  12. Seems to me they like the Super Pit as well. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  13. Our last game is against UTEP, they are pretty good and if you look up this conversation string their student section is rated pretty high. We might be getting some of our own medicine Saturday. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
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