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  1. Well we finally got in the SWC!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  2. All decisions concerning this virus pandemic should be based on science and health above all other considerations. Whether tam and tu get to play football to a full house should be based on what is best for the people of Texas. What we have found out about this this flu is it does not just stay in one area/nation/state/city, it moves as we do. I sent my donation to the MGSF at a level that is more than what is required for my tickets. I am afraid there will not be any games in the fall as this flu in America is probably going to get worse. Wear your mask that should help. GO ME
  3. I wonder if he is doing this same thing for the other teams that have offered him or just a select few? GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  4. My daughter just graduated from Texas Tech with a BS in Nursing and it is a 3 1/2 to 4 year program. Could be quicker depending on high school dual credit classes. If we had a nursing program she would have gone to UNT. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  5. UNT will be 9-4 with a bowl win.............................. I dreamed it last night 🙂 GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  6. Thank you Donald Trump for dividing our country better than any President we have ever had. He will lie when the truth would serve him better. He will use lies, misinformation and force to get his way. I can disagree on policy matters but his lies, deceit, the hypocrisy, and the theft of our tax dollars for his private business is unparalleled. Why won't he show us his income taxes? Why does he challenge any attempt at transparency. HIs goal is to divide and conquer. This is America, the United States, not some personal bobble of Donalds to be used for HIS benefit or that of his belove
  7. The AAC should be our conference of choice, after a Big 12 shakeup it might happen. If that is not an option or if the Mountain West comes calling we have to go that route. San Diego State versus La Mo, I do not think so. MWC is a definite step up, besides if was easy everyone could do it!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  8. UNT, Rice and UTEP to the Mountain West in an eastern division with the IH-25 schools. UNM, Air Force, CSU and Wyoming. 5 of the schools are in the Mountain Time Zone which is only an hour difference. More money, more exposure and a higher level of competition. We might have to add La Tech to balance it out. Or wait until the big 12 blows up and see what happens. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  9. Do the BEST we can with what is thrown at us, in all situations. That is all we can ask for or from any of us. Stay safe. GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  10. I will whatever they want me to as long as we can watch our favorite college football team live and in person!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
  11. I was there as well, student section, I was in a fraternity and we were pelting the FSU bench with snow balls and the coaches were having fits. They kept coming on the speaker system telling us to stop. Great game, too bad we should have won!
  12. It will be even sweeter when we beat them on their home court! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
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