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  1. A lot of big runs in these scrimages has me nervous... hope it's just the creative new running schemes and not our interior line and lbs being soft.
  2. Minor correction: Manase Mose redshirted his first year here. He is two years younger than Sosaia, who is a redshirt senior now. Sosaia started some games and played back-up to our previous center, whose name escapes me, who forfeited his last year of eligibility during Manase's true freshman season. Edit: the game one starter at center in 2017 was Creighton Barr from Flowermound Marcus HS.
  3. Remember he was co-coordinator with Foster at VaTech before the scandal that rocked his career. Reffett would be insane not to mine some of that odd-front defense knowledge to help improve the scheme. Also, Reffett isn't insane... Coach Scott is gonna have a huge impact! A quick aside, we now have all 4 defensive coaches who are qualified to be coordinators on the G5 level, all experienced with odd front defenses, and are good recruiters... if we can keep them in place, this defense will only continue to improve because the scheme is solid and the Jimmys and Joes will flow through!
  4. I don't think there would be much cause for laughter... they definitely outpace us... probably in every category, including ticket sales.
  5. The last WR i was sure would get drafted transfered to Texas Southern... I'm gonna hope Bussey stays healthy and ends the drought. Same with Fine. I dont see Hambone getting drafted, but he will probably play in the league like a Orr situation. He's gonna be a victim of our getting several good LBs to teams for cheap over the last decade or so. I think Khairi will get a shot at a camp if he can bulk up just a bit more for pro day. I'm excited about the collection of talent we have now. They arent super high end atheletes, mostly, but they can play ball!
  6. Taylor Jacobs is coming off an injury to his foot or ankle. I remember him having a boot on for at least one of his visits to campus after his senior season. I'd be surprised if he was physically prime enough to execute all the new stuff he's learning in the scheme, but he sure does look like a guy who will contribute significantly sometime soon!
  7. You are correct. And Rice isn't in the SEC, but it's a minor miracle they didn't kill Mason that game!
  8. If memory serves, he is originally from LA...
  9. I also really wanna see what Easley brings back to the position as well... UNT is still well represented at RB. I don't recall the last time we had a bad group at RB honestly.
  10. In my mind, drum corps experience and college marching band showmanship dont necessarily hand in hand...
  11. Demeco Roland never signed and went the JUCO route I believe due to academics. Also, we have two competent jack LBs to rush the QB along with a senior in Hambone. 1 more year of experience means we'll be slightly less dependent on blitzing the middle and weakside LBs to get pressure and give them slightly less responsibilities since it appears the smaller, younger guys might win the position. The Davis boys will excel in pass coverage as they both have experience playing in the defensive back field. I also believe that whoever wins the CB and Nickle spots will be serviceable at least and our safeties are both on the edge of being all-conference performers, though they are small. All that being said, there's little chance the defense wont take a step back. I am concerned about the size of our LBs and Safeties... we benefitted from good lb play from gus who had the stature to hold up with physical running teams, leaving the safeties to make sound tackles. If the lbs get pushed around more, the safeties' lack of size will get exposed. I like our dline actually, barring injury. This defense will be good enough to hold up if the offense takes the next step into the elite realm. Otherwise, if the team has to consistently lean on them, the versatile offensive running schemes on our schedule are really gonna control the clock and smack them around... badly. I'm cautiously optimistic that there will be enough balance between offense and defense to allow the team as a whole to be elite. I am also optimistic about the future as the experience of our your players catch to their size and athleticism. Alex Morris and Makyle Sanders are waiting to take over the safety spots and could honestly lose out tk some of the other guys we have. The redshirt and true freshmen LBs are and upgrade in terms of size and athleticism. Dline however is in trouble unless the coaches pick it up in recruiting. The young Mr. Brown in the class on 2020 was my hope for instant help, but alas, Tulane. I havent posted anything in a while... I guess I had a lot to say.
  12. Two to three years from now,this kid might end up on the Oline. I am just as impressed with the kids that this coaching staff bring in to fill out the program as I am with the uptick in recruiting!
  13. I think that may be Brendon Weatherspoon whenever he is back healthy... I recall him looking good in last year's camp before his injury
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