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  1. MeanGreen13

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    Next year, we may be having melt-down threads about our AD getting poached.
  2. MeanGreen13

    ***Official UNT vs. UTSA Game Thread***

    I am very proud of EJ and BG. Great plays when needed. IDK what is going on with this team, but their minds aint right though.
  3. MeanGreen13

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    gotta be Littrell calling the plays this game right? off to a great start!
  4. MeanGreen13

    Do we have Liquid Gold in the QB Talent Pipeline?

    We lost out on the next mason Fine to UCLA. Cade is my pick, but I can see Kason taking it as well. I think Mr. Bean is gonna end up being a productive receiver for us... track speed.
  5. MeanGreen13

    19’ QB: Carson Berryhill, Tuttle HS (OK), Not Rated

    I think if Chase Griffin decided to flip from UCLA, the coaches would take another QB. Otherwise, I think we are likely done for this season unless he walks on.
  6. MeanGreen13

    Abner Haynes signing autographs in Frisco 10/20

    Abner Haynes and Leon King Statues need to go up next year... give him his roses while he can still smell them!!!
  7. there goes the neighborhood...
  8. Check out Louisville's new bowl if you want to see a spectacular waste.
  9. MeanGreen13

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    IDK about this year but last year was: Reff at 250k Harrell at 235k Koonz at 145k Biagi at 130k, Langston at 125k Yellock at 125k Mainord at 120k Filani at 110k Brown at 95k, which is too low IMO. I have no clue what Choice is making but I suspect it's lower than what Brown got last year. maybe they don't have enough to pay them all 150k or better, But i think we need to get out assistant coaches' salary pool around 1.75 - 2 million if we can.That would be very competitive with schools in the AAC, at least by last year's standards.
  10. MeanGreen13

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    The only team I can see actually getting Seth Littrell in the next two seasons is OkSt when they get tired of being almost great with coach mullet and go in a different direction to get over the hump. Other than that, I do not think Coach Littrell leaves here within the next 3 seasons, not even for Texas Tech. Now, if Mizzou, Arkansas, or LSU open up in the next three seasons, i'm pretty sure he'll be outta here, and deservedly so. Our defensive staff on the other hand is gonna get poached. Maybe not Reffet, but everyone else could be gone. I also think some of our offensive staff (looking at Choice and Filani) and Biagi will get offers too. Contrary to most people, I do not think Graham Harrell is gonna leave yet. I think he needs a couple more years of seasoning before someone makes him a head coach on the lower level or a big school coordinator. I think they need to restructure Seth's deal depending on how the season ends, and then give a pay bump to all the assistant positions. like no one makes less than 150K type of pay bump!
  11. there goes hedlunds perfect record because of a bad snap...
  12. man... the whole team looks like they are pressing.
  13. Ugh... Guyton seems kinda disengaged with all the drops the past few weeks... it's a bit concerning cause that guy is an NFL caliber player IMO.