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  1. everyone makes bad decisions on this team... Rod not getting the fair catch... Tommy slowing down his route for no reason... Aune thinking he is Lamar Jackson throwing across his body like that... this score feels like a miracle.
  2. Why has TSU scored 24 points on us? Someone please explain this to me like I'm an idiot.
  3. Idk why they ran that play again... exhibit 17 of this game so far. I'm over Littrell now.
  4. They are not wildly better than us. Can't make so many mistakes.
  5. He wasn't committed here but it was down to us and CO according to his dad. I honestly believe that the biggest mistake that the coaching staff made was failing to land neither Brendon Lewis OR Chase Griffin. I think either one of those guys would have stabilized out QB position for Four years after Fine but they whiffed. Hoping Grant Gunnell gives us a strong two years to hold over until the next kid that matches the maturity and poise I say watching Brendon and Chase in HS.
  6. Lost three starters today too... not sure how long but Davis and Carrol had braces and crutches... wood was in a boot... rough start.
  7. I think he played well last year and will probably will be good this year also. He is on the small side though. Trieb is 275 lbs and listed at 6'3"... all i'm saying is that we will need to have a deep rotation on the interior Dline to be successful because they are all smallish.
  8. Unfortunately, I think our interior D-line might be a weakness this season because both starters are on the shorter and lighter side... Their back-ups are even lighter but longer. our starting DE is 3 inches taller and only 10 lbs or so lighter than our starting nose tackle. I am worried but the two DTs are talented so I guess we'll see.
  10. That's why I was somewhat confused by the lackluster response from the board when he signed. he is immediately the most talented quarterback we have ever had the second he steps on campus. I understand the wait and see response because of our history but he has a really high ceiling and might end up putting us way over the top if things go well. Not to mention that we have four legit D1 WRs on the roster again (Shorter, Neville, Bush, Maclin), kind of like what Mason Fine had with Bussey, Guyton, Darden, and Mike Law. Not to mention Ward and Burns with their recent experience. The ceiling for the offense is probably higher than most people think. Potential means nothing without execution though so I am curbing my excitement to see what we have moving forward. Hope the Oline is deeper now and we can still run the ball like we did last year when appropriate. Really the offense could easily put a lot of defenses ina "pick your poison" type of predicament if the QB position hits! Rambling.
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