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  1. Hamlet played a handful of games in the decade... no way he can even be considered. Odufuwa, white, thompson, mitchell, williams. I'd have considered voting for chris jones and jeremy combs if they didnt leave early.
  2. I belive Golf is next! The Bruzzy practice joint or something like that.
  3. Eli Drinkwitz is up and coming in this same vein.
  4. Bodie Reeder managed to "fail" up it seems. I'd definitely consider his new gig as better than his old one in terms of the conference affiliation and recent success of the teams. I stand by my opinion that last year's issues on offense did not fall primarily at his feet. I'm way more apt to blame Littrell for that because the issues the offense had were exactly the same as in the previous year, just worse. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors. I hope he has a successful career elsewhere. i also hope he loses every game his has the ill fortune of coaching against the Mean Green.
  5. I was in GB in 2009, it was alive and well pre-2010.
  6. I'm biased... I just like Abbe more as of now. KMAC is probably gonna be in the HOF over Lee because of his tackles, but Lee put the fear of God in WRs coming over the middle. Akunne was one of the best overall atheletes we've had this decade and was super effective, but overshadowed by a future probowl LB in Orr.
  7. I respect this list!!! Except for Murray... i'd hope we've had someone better in the past 10 years...
  8. I had to check... but Tobe Nwigwe played in the previous decade.
  9. Abbey > Novil Lee > McClain just barely. Akunne > Garner I cant think of anyone, but it seems someone should have been better than Darden at this point... maybe Carlos Harris? After next year, i'll probably agree with Darden on this list.
  10. East Texas connection to Traylor more than likely did it... and not having a DC in place. Good luck to him except against us. Who's gonna replace him in this class?
  11. ECU made a major mistake firing him after a bad season and they have yet to recover. I highly doubt he would want to take this DC gig when he can stay with a high level program or be a head coach again.
  12. My prediction is Ark goes to Memphis to get their next coach, Memphis strongly considers the LaTech staff but goes after a P5 coordinator in the end, and North Texas does nothing different... even with the good coaches that are available in the fallout.
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