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  1. I had no idea Dion was that short... thought he was more like 6'4" not 6'0.5"... weird. He also looks to have dropped so weight, which i guess is good for him!
  2. How do you figure that? There's a big jump from GA to position coach of the most complicated position on the field... especially at the FBS level off the bat. Amd I really really respect Shanbour's work ethic and drive.
  3. you call a man what he wants to be called... it's not that big of a deal... People gave him crap for it but the guy interviewing him was in wrong.
  4. Didn't NT beat a ranked Tennessee way back when? I am probably mistaken about that.
  5. he's now the head basketball coach at Troy. They fired him into a promotion.
  6. Not since Skladany to be honest... i thought Ekeler was gonna be that but we went the Reffett route.
  7. Think this kid is why the young man hit the transfer portsl? Same age roughly same size, beat him out?
  8. I want so badly for out glue guy (Thomas bell) to turn into more of a scorer this year... Rubin and Drz should be the leading scorers, but if Thomas Bell is 3rd or 4th in scoring and in double digits consistently, we're going to be hard to beat... just like he played in the latter parts of the past two seasons.
  9. Whoever it ends up being, we need to go big... someone worthy or backing up the old brinks truck because we cannot remain $1 dollars behind UTKFC in coaching salary pool with our next hire. i like the idea of Joey McGuire a lot, but will be happy with Fuente or giving Doug Belk a go. However, I don't see any of this happening this year... Littrell gets one more shot at it because of bringing in Phil Bennett as much as anything else... Maybe it's my little mean green defense mechanism, but I am resigned to this being a 2022-23 hiring process.
  10. We've played them every season since 2013 so this link is obviously wrong...
  11. I'm officially done with Littrell. I've been holding out hope about the team but it's just plain ugly how unprepared the offense has been. Defense is two good dbs away from being good... but the offense is trash all the way around. For an offensive guru, this is comically bad. I'll still support the team, but i'm now just waiting for Littrell to leave before i invest anything more than my occaisional gmg.com visit.
  12. We're probably having a different conversation right now if he came here... I think Chase Griffin would have been more important though because he's older.
  13. Missing out on recruiting Griffin (ucla) and Lewis (colorado) back to back years will Always ve the final nail in Seth's coffin to me. We needed one of those two badly.
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