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  1. I'm officially done with Littrell. I've been holding out hope about the team but it's just plain ugly how unprepared the offense has been. Defense is two good dbs away from being good... but the offense is trash all the way around. For an offensive guru, this is comically bad. I'll still support the team, but i'm now just waiting for Littrell to leave before i invest anything more than my occaisional gmg.com visit.
  2. We're probably having a different conversation right now if he came here... I think Chase Griffin would have been more important though because he's older.
  3. Missing out on recruiting Griffin (ucla) and Lewis (colorado) back to back years will Always ve the final nail in Seth's coffin to me. We needed one of those two badly.
  4. North West Kansas Green has an inside track i guess. How's Norton these days?
  5. I was hoping for another bigger player to form a rotation down low... Thomas Bell is going to have to do a lot this year.
  6. NT is VERY well represented in all of the military music groups... we probably have alums in almost all of them.
  7. Yeah... but the Goat never had a viable back-up while here... now we likely have two decent options. Aune numbers wise, was comparable to almost any QB in CUSA last year.
  8. I am starting to get the feeling Darden doesn't get drafted... I really hope I'm wrong.
  9. Rico is THE ONLY kid that's left here that still bothers me... I really wanted to see him put it all together healthy.
  10. These days, two would transfer... zach in the middle and tobe/craig on the outsides would be problematic for any offense we would play.
  11. Tobechukwu Dubem Nwigwe is his correct name.
  12. Zach is 28... born in 1992... I hope his career trajectory continues... might end up a head coach in his 30s or something crazy... especially for a defensive coach these days.
  13. Ok... I live in OP also... i thought it was some Johnson County talk I didn't understand. Don't mind me!
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