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  1. ECU made a major mistake firing him after a bad season and they have yet to recover. I highly doubt he would want to take this DC gig when he can stay with a high level program or be a head coach again.
  2. My prediction is Ark goes to Memphis to get their next coach, Memphis strongly considers the LaTech staff but goes after a P5 coordinator in the end, and North Texas does nothing different... even with the good coaches that are available in the fallout.
  3. Gone have yourself a game then young man!
  4. I hope they preserve his redshirt if possible. Guy is gonna be thunder to #5's lightning!
  5. Defense has only allowed 7 points right... is UTEP that bad or are the guys playing better?
  6. I am fully ready to blame one Sethford "grumbles" Littrell for all of this teams issues. I have had the sense that he was the hyperconservative force stifling the Offense in close games the last few years, based on what i saw from his play calling at UNC. That was confirmed after hiring Reeder, whose offenses in the past look way different from what we've seen... Now an attack minded DC is saying he changed to sitting back after the best defensive effort of the season reeks of Seth made me do it. Littrell is an air raid guy but he is a closeted Paterno acolyte or something... uber conservative in his schemes and plays relative to other air raid type schemes, depending on superior atheletes he doesnt actually have rather than getting the ball into space in creative ways like other guys do. CUSA figured out our offense last season and there doesnt seem to have been much adjustment. What I hope will happen next year is that Seth takes the next step i've heard many successful coaches report, which is to allow innovative people to innovate and focus on creating an environment condussive to success without overmanaging folks. Coaches who could be wildly successful in that mold will die off with Nick Saban. Go the Dabo route Seth or emwatch your head coaching career crumble like most people before you. Way more than my two cents.
  7. There was albino squirrel talk at Louisville when I was there too... not at all unique.
  8. I hope that Rice beats UAB! I think they play Rice before we do.
  9. if we score here, you gotta put Bean and Aune in!
  10. I would tend to agree, but when I see our endowment numbers, I see the need to be huge. After we get our endowment game up, then we can down size like UT chose to do. Granted, they are still at over 50k.
  11. I'm convinced that our offensive issues are as much SL as anyone. It's the same problem we have had the whole time he's been here... go back and look at his last game as an OC at NC and you see the same sputtering, run into a brick wall instead of going around it type of play calling. Im no football wizard, but this offense looks very little like Bodie's EWU or OkST offenses he was part of... looks a lot like Littrell though.
  12. I'd buy this too... but wish it said UNT instead of North Texas just to balance out the image a bit.
  13. Currently trying to avoid nightmares of what Houston's offense is gonna do to these guys in a few weeks... God help us.
  14. Running game started bad last year too... they'll figure it out.
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