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  1. All this means is some poor pledge is going to be stuck holding 60 phones while the rest of his frat goes back to the tailgate.
  2. Third column is projected chance to win the games.
  3. If you're Birdman, you can also Fly in Any Weather.
  4. Long term plan is to have a parking garage, a bus terminus, and intramural fields there. Remember, the plan is for all students, and most staff, to park across the highway and bus onto campus.
  5. CVS has that, corner of Ave B and Hickory. Also, remember there are bus routes all over the city, that didn't exist when we went to school.
  6. You're thinking of the area off the North Texas boulevard exit. Carriage Square was the very large property bordered by Ave C, Eagle, I35, and Collier.
  7. Honestly I am not 100% sure. I think the university wanted to buy that property, but the developer wanted more than it could afford. It is also a very large piece of property and it seems the school decided it could not afford the price that would likely come out of eminent domain process. I have been told that the developer wanted to build space that the school could lease from them on a long term deal, but that they also wanted to lease to businesses that the school didn't want to be associated with, such as bars. If you haven't seen that area in a while, it's a huge empty bull dozed lot. It's not making anyone money right now.
  8. University had nothing to do with any of those closing. Fires and inability to survive when someone bought the building they were leasing is what did them in. People like to wail and moan about losing them, but at least one of them did re-open in a new location and guess what, everyone wailing and moaning about them closing down didn't go support the business and they closed. Opening shop near a large university has a lot of positives, and some major threats. It's like buying a house near a huge undeveloped green space. You can enjoy that green space, but the risk is any developer could come in, tear down that green space you like looking at, and throw up things you don't want to be near. If you open up a business next to a university, you get the incredible benefit of having all the traffic from that university, but you run the risk of eminent domain. The law in Texas is clear. There is no other possible outcome except selling, you can try and public pressure them into giving you more, but you run the risk of them deciding to low ball the initial offer. And the case law is clear, those places are going to get bought by the university under eminent domain. I am not a huge fan of Eminent Domain, but you don't get any more "public good" than public education. That business got to enjoy the positive side of being near a major university for decades, now they are having to experience the negative side. This might have been delayed because the University asked the State to allow them to bond out several more buildings this last session. NT is desperately short of classroom space and of lab space for research and to teach classes in. For whatever reason, the State Leg. decided to turn them down. If you haven't seen the old Sack n Save building it was completely remolded. Several departments were moved in, and their old space is being used for classroom space and other spaces needs the university has. I assume that is what will happen here, new space will be cleared up so that space in the center of the institution can be used to teach and research.
  9. There is no longer a 12 team requirement to play a championship game, zero need for AAC to add anyone. Their dream would be at add BYU, that would allow them to move Navy to the east where they want to be. Problem is that there is no reason for BYU to make that move. They have incredible revenue. BYU makes more than a lot of P5 schools schools do. They out revenued schools like Texas Tech, Washington State, Kansas St last year. Who else makes sense for them to move over? Maybe AFA, Boise St. Not sure they could tempt Boise, and the service academies are different. Revenue doesn't matter as much to them. They don't even have the scholarship restrictions other schools do. I don't see anyone else that would actually make it a break even proposition for the rest of the AAC.
  10. You don't need any facilities for equestrian. The people who are in equestrian can already afford to feed/stable their mounts, almost zero events are ever held at any school. North Texas is a huge horse breeding area, there are tons of venues that could be used without building anything.
  11. 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Unit Payout: AAC: $11,772,600 MWC: $3,363,600 CUSA: $1,681,800
  12. Yes. One of the cornerstones of the western educational system, that frees researchers/educators from political influence from within and without the University needs to go... Congrats, you and Premier Xi JinPing agree whole-heartedly.
  13. I haven't been on the board in a while, but I had to login to post this: My problems with Liberty stem from their academics. Several big programs are still unaccredited. No tenure makes you a junior college, not a place of higher education. Their president has neither PHD or a Masters, the job is his becasue his name ends in Falwell Jr.
  14. Know enough to leave their 65" inch tv and watch one CFB game in person and not watch 15 different games on TV? Probably not. Our attendance has to be about us, and making the night an event. Are there some teams that can be huge draws? Sure, but at the most we can get them here once a year.
  15. This is now an Eric Andre GIF thread.
  16. Complaining about the University expanding to accomplish it's academic mission? #OldDenton
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