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  1. Come on, that's a little unfair. You know most posters start off very happy: It's just that over time the whole things starts to beat people down, some quicker than others:
  2. California passed a law stating that NCAA student athletes retain their Name and Likeness rights. I agree that a court may force the NCAA to give up the amateur student athlete facade, but the P5 are not going to voluntarily do it. They have the exact system they want right now.
  3. How does that change anything? New players come in and pay the P5 money. G5 get crumbs. Yes, conference memberships may change, but those schools are going to desperately want to keep the "amateur status" shield. They are not willingly going to give that up, only court action would force them too, and they have successfully fought that fight for decades now.
  4. Those schools have no interest in doing that. They already have full control of FBS level rules. The P5 conferences can announce, vote on, and adapt/reject rules for all FBS schools with the G5 having no say in the matter. They already have all the media money. Not only that, the media companies are in so deep they have to keep promoting the P5 gospel for it to be worth the money they spent. The same companies who control broadcast/cable tv control the streaming platforms that are interested in carrying sports. The stream only companies (like Netflix) have little interest in sports because there is zero rewatch on that library. They already have full control of the "FBS playoff" and all the fame/money that brings. They get to pad their records by keeping the G5 at the same level as them. MOST IMPORTANTLY IT HELPS THEM KEEP THE "AMATEUR" FACADE. Why would they risk all that, what does forming a professional league get them? They will probably lose some fan base as it goes from being an "amateur" to professional league. Professional status is where leagues go to be slaughtered by the NFL. All those amateur that play the games will become EMPLOYEES. Employees have all sorts of protections that student athletes don't. You would also become legally responsible for the injuries that college football players pick up. In certain states, those employees will get to unionize and collectively bargain. That will kill the smaller programs in those states but give the bigger programs a huge advantage. The P5 already won. They control everything, get all the money, with no labor to contend with. They are in the position they have worked decades to get into. Yes, some P5 schools will get trimmed. But they still need the student athlete facade, they have repeatedly fought in court to claim they are NOT PROFESSIONAL.
  5. @meangreenJW it’s the exact same reason we won’t have a Briles coaching here.
  6. Denton Guyer puts out a lot of talent. We always get upset when a top Denton recruits goes somewhere else, well you have to start building a pipeline somehow. He is beloved in that locker room, he could help recruit in there for years. 24/7 says he has offers from AF and Army.
  7. Really don’t understand why he isn’t getting attention from us.
  8. I bet they floated the Briles rumor, caught hell, then went with Petrino.
  9. FCS be wild. Rumor is that it was between him and... Bobby Petrino.
  10. Are you saying he would leave his alma mater for the same position at another school?
  11. It doesn’t matter if a football staff wants a player if the university administration won’t accept him.
  12. Again, why is Bill Clark's name never mentioned?
  13. This is the only one I can answer. The sun's light is full spectrum, but when it hits the earth's atmosphere a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering occurs. The different bands of the light spectrum are scattered by different amounts depending on their wavelength, the shorter blue end of the spectrum is scattered most and that is why it dominates the color of the sky. During sunset and sunrise the light has to travel through more of the atmosphere, and it scatters the blue so much that the red and yellow end of the spectrum dominates instead. If you were sitting on a body with no atmosphere, like the moon, the sky would appear black at all times, even during the lunar "day". I only know this because I had to explain it to an 11 year old during the holiday break.
  14. WKU wins when the game "ended" on a hail mary as time expired with the score 20-20. However, WMU had 12 men on the field. On the untimed down, WKU hits a 52 yd FG.
  15. If you want to cheer on another G5, Eastern Michigan is about to take on Pitt.
  16. Fans are weird. We had a guy who won the conference 4 straight years and there were people ready to run him out of town ASAP.
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