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  1. Not sure if we're cursed or what. This was beyond unacceptable. I'll be going to Thursday's game and still cheer on our team, because it's my passion to support this team. But all my drive to defend this team is gone. If we lose Thursday I'm so beat down to get upset. What a roller coaster of a year..
  2. Seth Littrell ain't going anywhere guys
  3. Which is worse? ESPN broadcast? UNT choking?
  4. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Exactly why I think this could be a possibility. At best they go 6-6.. And this would actually be a reward for such a downer of a season. TCU fans would surely go because it is a homer, UNT fans attend the Dallas bowl well and will be even more drawn to our opponent. Touche' This would be the all time best seller/attendance of this bowl game. One can only hope this would be a reality..
  5. GreenTexan13

    Be there!

    Good lord... Does DMN have google? Maybe somebody needs to explain to the that a bye week is not a loss...
  6. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Thanks for the insight. I think Texas goes to the Alamo bowl if given the chance, figured it's possible a barely boowl eligible TCU team would take a easy travel bowl game in Dallas.
  7. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I'd say the same about OSU and Baylor, not impressed. OSU has that overated TX win and that's about it. Baylor is still down in the bottom feeders. I'd put my money on TCU as of today.
  8. GreenTexan13

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Good job guys! we're up 145 votes ahead of OU.
  9. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Why do they play SMU then?
  10. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    TCU has to get bowl eligible, I'd say they beat OKie state and Baylor to go 6-6. But this would hands down, be the best bowl game UNT has ever played in. Due to the fact that this is a winnable game and local DFW teams. Plus we would get our p5 opponent.
  11. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread Back to the original subject of the thread, anybody down for a TCU vs UNT bowl in Dallas? I'd say 50k plus in attendance if this were to happen. First Responder Bowl (Dec. 26)North Texas vs. TCU
  12. GreenTexan13

    ODU Uniforms...

    I like the grays, but I also like most of the uni combos. Still waiting on a chrome green helmet though.. Maybe someday!
  13. GreenTexan13

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green- 44 Old Dominion Trucking Co.- 13 (Mason fine has the best game of his career so far)
  14. GreenTexan13

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    This is why I think we need to ignore the fact that they are terrible this year. Even their fans on their board are posting that they hope they just beat UNT (and they use the word UNT in the derogatory way) as they lose out this season. UNT has been playing down to their opponents, UTEP and Rice show that.