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  1. Can we please just stop the game after the 3rd quarter?
  2. Center needs to sit the bench. 1 bad snap can happen, but 3 in 2 quarters is embarrassing...
  3. Houston will probably be our first sell out crowd. That's going to be a sight to see.
  4. That sucks for them. He looked promising for their future.
  5. Cougar King already got mad about this ranking yesterday lol. I pretty much agree on your assessment with TCU/Tech Houston could be debatable. 2nd half UNT might prove Vegas right though.
  6. Not really sure how this works, but doesn't SL get extra money for winning a bowl game on his salary? Or is that money paid to him if he brings his teams into a bowl game post season and doesn't have to win to get it?
  7. Somebody let Cougar King out of his cage again..
  8. Lol I remember watching this in 2012.. Couldn't decide if I was angry at being called a cupcake or laugh at the fact that this guy is really a thing. Somebody give Mean Green Man a call.
  9. UNT always playing down to their opponents... we finally won in San Antonio though.
  10. Just as a refresher, does anyone remember or know when they start making bowl invitations and announcements? More particularly, the bowls we have been projected in.
  11. I'm on the side that Mason should have just not said anything about that. It's a little disappointing that this was even talked about when UNT gave him his only shot at D1 college football. He'll stay here though..
  12. That place seats 64,000 people too.. That place is going to look sorry. At least we're taking over SA for the weekend haha
  13. The narrator was saying "UPDATE: a couple days ago the stadium was knocked down, with a few swift kicks to it's foundation" I drove through Denton last Saturday and it was still there, the way it was the last couple of years. Did they flatten it completely yet?
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