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  1. https://thedailyaztec.com/93419/news/university-announces-250-million-contract-for-new-stadium/ Looks like they are getting more serious with their football program too. Building a stadium more suited for their own games, rather than a NFL sized stadium. I think San Diego has that curb appeal to bring in the Pac 12 giants to play.. So they got that going for them.
  2. 2013 was my senior year of college, that was a year I will never forget! It's real awesome to hear what that 2013 season did for the freshman class! Just goes to show, what winning and the publicity of it does for our future alumni at UNT. Think about what Fine/Littrell are doing for current and future fans to come!
  3. Ahh yes, the game where the MUTS QB got hit so hard his helmet flew off! It's going to look a lot better from the alumni side, seeing that bottom part of the stadium filling up.
  4. Lol.. I remember that game against UTSA at apogee 13' towards the end of the season there. The student section was roasting and clowning every player at that bench. I remember their players flipping us off after the game ended. That's part of "home field advantage" Our fans getting into the player's heads.
  5. Thanks, I wanted to get a person's perspective that has been to a conference foe's tailgating scene. You could argue that some of these stadiums, like Marshall, SO Miss, LA Tech are not really in the vicinity of a large metroplex like ours. So what the hell is there else to do on a Saturday? However, I'm not downplaying our tailgate scene. And I have never been disappointed whether it is a weekday or weekend game. "Lacking" is a vague word. and I would like to understand what we're lacking as far as this writer's perspective.
  6. I haven't tailgated much out of UNT games and a couple times at SMU for the NT games. But do you all agree with this assessment that tailgating is lacking compared to the rest of the conference? For those of you that have traveled to our away games?
  7. https://www.berkeleyside.com/2019/05/16/berkeley-officials-boost-parking-ticket-fine-on-cal-football-game-days-to-225 Just make sure to follow parking regulations at the game or you can get a $225 ticket. 😐
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/big-changes-reportedly-coming-with-next-college-football-bowl-cycle-233855618.html Wasn't anything really talked about regarding CUSA, except for the bowl tie ins.. "Conference USA: 7" But an interesting read none the less. Another bowl game added in the mix in College Football...
  9. You can pretty much watch all those games on a Sling TV subscription, minus CBS... I am planning on attending the UNTvHouston game, so I'm not concerned seeing that one.. But I always dread when a game is on CBS, because Sling doesn't have that network.. Edit: And I saw that CBS is on Facebook. Nevermind lol. We're making it out like bandits with our TV schedule! wow.
  10. This is what scares me about the CUSA championship game. We're handed with the winning cards for a full Apogee stadium Champ game, and we shoot ourselves in the foot by bone headed double digit losses or choke on the one game that determines our final standing.
  11. There is already Charlotte and Old Dominion taking that market for the east division. If Liberty wants to join CUSA, then one of those two in Virginia/Carolina needs to drop out.
  12. Posting pictures of full stadiums off the first three Google images lol. Do that for any G5 stadium and you'll get the same FULL attendance image you can use to show off. Want me to post some empty TCU stadium pics too? I know I'm feeding the troll here, but you need to get out this delusion that UH is SEC status and get off your high horse on telling our board members to choose another sport other than lacrosse..
  13. When UTSA first started with their program, the reality was that there was the rivalry atmosphere when we played. The new car smell of their football program has worn off a bit, but you're right. We play them in the part of the year where we need a win for first or second in the conference, and we have both spoiled each other's seasons. every other year. ex, we beat them the 1-11 season, the spoiled our 2013 season to the championship, etc, etc. Rivalries develop through the intensity and grudging each year. SMU- I wish I could argue about the "In the series... they OWN us." But it is true. Besides that, I think a lot of us UNT fans enjoy going to Dallas for games. We bring a bigger crowd to their stadium every other year lol. There is no promise they will reup the series, but i sure hope another deal is made. Because as a fan, I enjoy going to Dallas to see my team play every other year, But we need to beat them at Ford.. Boo SMUt "La Tech: This one make a lot of sense. They win. They are the next state over. We should care about beating them and they should about us. However, I just dont see the rivalry there. Why is that?" ^ Last year's game it felt like a rivalry to me. I think we need to keep having winning seasons. We aren't going to develop a rivalry with a winning program like LA Tech, if we don't match the success. So to answer that question IMO, I believe we are developing a rivalry and keeping Seth around is showing we're putting in the effort to do so. Plus, I like LA Tech's fans that come on our board. A rivalry, but sportsmanship at the end of the day.
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