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  1. That's a whole lot of no xbox for a week and soap in the mouth.
  2. Let me get this straight? Houston got antsy and took action way to soon. Then, some smart or idiot (depending on how you look at it) guy is taking advantage of a Texas state law before it gets forgotten and slips through the crack Houston should have trashed the applications after 2 weeks of waiting and the hired Holgerson to cover their legal butts. I'm sure Holgerson would know he was a no brainer coming out of WVU Also, $20 million? Gah we live in a give me/sew happy world... I can't wait to beat these clowns in September.. I never had any hate or negative opinions regarding Houston football. But that CK2 moron makes me despise that program and its University of Swamp ass team. .
  3. For a season opener, I highly doubt that. SMU only brings a BMW X5 full of people and that's it. I'll be surprised if we don't go above 26K that day. Especially the amount of ACU alumni in the DFW area or even Abilene being 2 1/2 hours away.
  4. I hope ACU brings a crowd. I have a ACU alum coworker that doesn't even own an ACU shirt... I convinced him to go to this game and tailgate with us too.
  5. 11-3 is my prediction and I disagree with Vito about Houston. I think we beat them, and it will be a shootout (Troll incoming on this comment).
  6. You all ever wonder how they sell to recruits on their fan support? "Come play at SMU, you'll play in front of 200 silent fans" OR "Every game is a away game, away fans out number us 100 to 1"
  7. ESPN + sucks sometimes.. I remember watching a game or two on it last year and it just seems like a guy with a 90's camcorder standing at the top of the stands filming. Streaming is so convenient though.. I have always used YouTube TV and have a good selection of sports channels. PS vue sounds like a cool service to use too. Kudos to almost half our games being on Facebook too. I have been nothing but impressed with Stadium on FB. Going back to the original point, you can now bundle up internet and cable nowadays. I am currently moving and have been looking into getting internet service. It's 75 bucks to bundle cable and internet now.. Basically the cost of a good full package streaming service and internet provider service. Harry makes a good point!
  8. I believe the topic of P5's at home has come up before, any way we can get some more Pac12 or ACC into Apogee? North Carolina, Pitt, or Oregon State, Washington Sate, Arizona or AZ state might consider coming and playing in Texas?
  9. I don't want to downplay ACU.. Never put down an opponent. But I think our pivotal game is SMU, which you already talked about. Think about what the beat down SMU took last year by us, did to our team's mentality. You could argue that that built our confidence up to destroy Arkansas.
  10. I think that there could have been thought that they are being put into the vicinity of where Fouts once stood. Apogee is not exactly where Fouts was. Although I understand how a "Bus Stop" can impact how we honored our history too.
  11. The most cringe worthy thing I have ever seen in college football.
  12. 2 highest attended games in Apogee were last year. I'm sticking to my guns if we are undefeated or only lose to Cal.. Buy your tickets early after we beat UTSA, Apogee will sellout at that point!
  13. There's another big crowd of red over near the wing and one directly on the opposite side of the visitors section, on this album. Fans are very dispersed throughout the stadium. A lot more than SMU brings regardless.
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