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  1. The last time we won a conference championship was 15 years ago. And we're debating on what our opponents records are during the season to defend our overall record...
  2. unable to adapt when something does not work and sticking with consistency is killing this year. In the offseason, we know what issues we are facing coming into next year. We knew the O-line was struggling, defense was not on par, etc, etc. This year, we get doubled up on in our final scores. I'm sorry, but when something is broke.. You fix it. It's hard to defend SL's ability to do right now. Also, is it on anyone else's mind what we're going to do when Fine graduates? I am worried thinking about it. Is UNT going to follow the SMU model of transfers or are we going to stick with developing recruits out of HS. Because what we're doing right now does not advertise well to recruits..
  3. VERY good point. No bowl wins, no CUSA championship wins, get blown out on national attention games... consistency is dangerous.. Seth has been here for 4 years and now we're nose diving. Kudos to him for the 9 win seasons, but I don't think it's asking for the moon and stars to require a coach to get us a conference championship trophy...and/or compete/win in post regular season games..
  4. How is he going to change the scoreboard? It's one thing to lose by a touchdown. but when a team has almost double your score.. It makes us look like we're playing a body bag game in our own conference. And we clearly can't play a AAC team and not suffer the same situation either..
  5. This is what bugs me the most.. when's the last time UNT won a conference championship? Every coach should have the ultimate goal of bringing home the trophy and winning championship games. Happy Seth has brought us 9-4 years, but he needs to start showing we can compete for 1st place..
  6. Guess he'll have to go back to this..
  7. Get a chromecast or roku and you be able to watch on your TV. Not sure how old your tv is, but most tv's nowadays have this casting feature off your phone built in the tv itself. I just accept it as the future of watching sports. Facebook Watch is an app you can download on smart tv. Pretty much as easy as using a any other streaming service, I get it though.. I wish I could flip on local channel and ESPN and watch a local team.. Instead of some big wig football program who nobody cares for in the DFW area.. But it is what it is I guess...
  8. UNT 31 HOU 17 Wish we could have played these guys when then had their starters. But we'll take what we can get. Time to get this record of ours in the positive and set the tone for the season.
  9. I gave myself 48 hours to stay away from anything UNT football related. I just needed to heal the wounds up before diving back into it. I'm with the majority, I'll ride out this roller coaster through the ups and downs in this program.. This one hurt though.. This game reminded me of #olddenton for sure. We never play well at Ford, but come on.. This one was torture and the kind of torture where they let you die slow. The whole time I sat there and hoped... hoped.. hoped.. And the harder I hoped, the worst it got. Unless they put a showing against Cal, which I think we can all be fearful there is a chance we're going to become a cupcake in this game.. We aren't going to sell out vs Houston after getting manhandled by SMU and we are going to get picked apart by the Houston offense if this team doesn't change. It still hurts, but I will still be around through good and bad no matter what. Saying my prayers for the Cal game.
  10. The offensive line needs to help Fine out. This play is a thing of beauty, plays like this get us to the future championship at Apogee.
  11. 86 years since a game was one in Dallas.. The streak stops Saturday! Paint Dallas Green!
  12. amidst a sea of green... emerged a victor of a team.. Thus confirming why we are mean.. Go mean green!
  13. I like this idea and it could possibly change some minds on making the trip to Dallas. But, keep an open mind on folks going to Denton not even planning on watching football. The square is a hussle and bussle with all the new businesses up and coming in the recent years. What's to say a fair weather football fan family goes to get a bite to eat and then they can go sit on the lawn in the shade to watch the game. the football team needs to do their part and win, which would be in this program's favor for our next home game. show the game in and around Denton, make it to where people stumble into watching the game. That's the greatness of advertising, they see UNT play through their Saturday night out and peak their interest to attend a game in Apogee. Secondly, this is awesome, because the city of Denton is rallying behind the University's football team. @UNTLifer said it right.. Denton hasn't done things like this ever before.
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