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  1. Some articles indicate he was benched anyhow - low production in special teams and doesn't show enough route running to demand playing time. In the game a couple weeks ago that he started because the whole WR corp was out, he didn't put his mouth guard in on running plays and only seemed to care when he was going deep. As a coach, that would be enough to kill off his time. IMO. He needs to regroup in the off season.
  2. Definitely that can happen, which is why the rapid antigen tests come with two in a package. You are supposed to do the two, statistically eliminate the that small FP chance. PCR is the gold standard, obviously. However, I was being pedantic with "FP and asymptomatic" - since obviously a false positive will not have symptoms. But again, that is why you take two rapid tests in the box. A (good) lab rapid test covers that in house though.
  3. Thankfully the omicron strain is looking to come and go quickly in South Africa - even without vaccination rates like we have here. New York is seeing a big surge, but without the level of destruction as two years ago, still way worse than the flu or "just a cold." You know - this is how communicable diseases work. The disease is not out to kill you, it wants to keep you alive and continue to thrive. You die, it dies. Over time the variants tend to get more communicable and less deadly. Hopefully Omicron is just the step in that evolution to making just just a "common cold" and it can be treated that way. If people are playing a bit close to the vest with Omicron and be cautious, that is good. If/when this does end up being a not-as-lethal variant (unlike Delta), that doesn't mean the WHOLE ordeal was in error. If the logical fallacy of a mask not protecting 100% against spread, so therefore masks are useless. Or the vaccine isn't 100% effective, so it means it is useless. However, on the note of "people with active communicable diseases" playing a football game - I think it is common sense that even with a cold you shouldn't be "playing." You shouldn't even go into the office to work. This isn't rocket science. Until then, how about you leave your (personal) opinions out of it and let the people who run this stuff run the show? I mean, it is a free market, right? You think A$M wants to lose money and not play?
  4. Where the majority of jobs (and population) are located? 😱
  5. This move - to me - made it seem like GH is going to stay at USC. He may have been the one that made the move to hire TC.
  6. Why would an FDA approved vaccine be political? That's interesting for sure. Initial reports were it was some injury.
  7. It's kind of funny you link that article, because it lays the blame on the crap schools that they previous CUSA prez added and the vast underperforming of those crap schools (UNT is in that list). If the prior board has added those SBC schools and UNT stayed in the SBC, we'd still be in the exact same turd conference situation. The schools didn't execute. No national rankings to speak of, no darlings in the media, just an pure underwhelming football that can't lure TV deals or College GameDay to even care. Judy's judgement will be in this next realignment - can they capture some lightning in the up and comers? We'll see. Hopefully she gets a personal shopper at Nordstroms, like my wife uses.
  8. Make no mistake, I'm not saying she's great.. the CUSA is a turd, but we knew that going in. This board was just ignoring that all the good and interesting schools had bailed under someone else's reign of crap. Unfortunately, SBC got some real up and coming teams that started winning at the same time and had some national following... The MWC has real teams, MAC has stable regionally known teams all centered in a very populated region. But all you can guys blame Judy for everything under the sun - half the commentary centers around her looks. I was shocked to see that UNT AD spends more on Administration salary than it does on scholarships. That's just a side note. That was surprising. Must be Wren's round face ammirite?
  9. CUSA has a similar sized budget to UNT. Yet UNT is nearly doubling the salary of Wren - but looking at UNT's revenue against the FBS, we have not been keeping pace. On the outside, it can look ok, even good.. up 27% over the last 6 years or so? Yet FBS on a whole is up nearly 30%. The cash cow of UNT has been pretty bad in.. the smaller sports are doing well. It's not some juggernaut of a program that's on cruise control... the expenses look close between UNT and CUSA. But I've never heard pot shots at Wren's appearance nor at the UNT president who is a leader in CUSA. CUSA is a dog, not because of negotiations skills, but because of the schools themselves.. hard to sell a 4 win team playing Incarnate word.
  10. You think she is passing up good money that is just sitting on the table? You think there's a high demand for those 1000 people that watch an FIU v UNT game? Advertisers are just lining up? Cable (that's losing subscribers left and right) want to pony up a large amount of money on a product that doesn't sell? Must be her butch hair.
  11. It's definitely some strange sexist banter people here throw her way.
  12. If you can read through lines - it is implying that UTSA is not strong/good/tough, in fact it is filled with immigrants - which is implying the opposite of strong/good/tough. https://www.ksat.com/sports/2020/09/03/repping-210-breaking-down-utsas-triangle-of-toughness/ Not hard to figure out why it would rub people wrong.
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