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  1. That wasn't the question. He didn't ask if they did anything illegal.
  2. It was insane that after the Cal game and his shoulder injury that he got no time to heal.
  3. And so is Houston ... so that leaves two non-garbage teams to put on TV. One was a Top 25 last year and the other is 2-2 and was beaten into pulp by that top 25 team in a bowl game. Anyhow - with that said - 7pm kickoff is a beat down. All this talk about MWC timezone NOT being friendly to us -- and we are playing later than their TV game.
  4. I think the CSU v USU is a great game. I'd watch it.
  5. Anyone see how their player got injured? He dropped the ball, I turn my head, he's down. I didn't see anyone touch him.. he was out of bounds. I didn't see it. Can find any update on him either.
  6. If you already didn't have a crush on PC -- this will do it.
  7. After years of over-performing the under-performance - I never take anything for granted. This board last year was semi-convinced that IW could/would be a viable challenge and they are a near 1A level. I don't see how ACU is any different... It is hard to try and predict across the boundaries. I fully expect we win. I have doubts about our running game. That's the only thing I need proven - I suppose. GMG.
  8. .. And right as I post, Guyton gets a catch. I take credit.
  9. Would have been nice to have Wilson touch the field or Guyton to touch the ball.
  10. "I guess it depends on the program and school, but their definitely not a joke like you’re implying." There's a grammar joke in there. I agree with you. The name brand online business school is the future for all the middle career people wanting to jump up. However, does it really help in that effort? Time will tell. I bet it helps in some capacity, but in my experience over the years, boots on the ground OR who you know -- those are the two things that matter in doing serious ladder climbing. I had a director level guy come in that my former company hired - he was a Pepperdine grad. I tried to bond with him about Pepperdine and he said he didn't know anything about it because he was 100% remote grad program. He was a douche, but that is beside the fact. If anyone tried to bond about school experiences with that guy, it would go no where -- which is often what those business school degrees do. I think online stuff can be great for Udacity stuff - to get real world example projects published for developers - but isn't good to list on your resume. But really, what do I know? The future is a crazy place.
  11. Government funds an incredible amount of private companies. You, and your ilk, tend to focus on one company when drawing attention to public funding. It is quite impressive confirmation bias. Let's just look at the privatization of the space. Who is funding those companies? "SpaceX received millions from the Air Force for development of the Raptor engine through an OTA (Other Transaction Agreement). However, so did Orbital ATK, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and United Launch Alliance. On Jan 13, 2016, SpaceX was granted $33.6 million, Orbital ATK $46.9 million. On February 29, 2016, under the same OTA, Aerojet Rocketdyne was awarded $115.3 million, and ULA $46.6 million. Oct 19, 2017, SpaceX’s award under that OTA was increased by another $16.9 million." How about Tesla -- that are pretty good success story, no? https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html ..but sure... keep harping on a failed company without recognizing how funding new technologies benefits us all. And the only reason we have to back door public money into private industry is because of your kind absolutely hating everything government and wanting to reject anything it may do.
  12. So how can a study from nearly 50 years be wrong?! Science is always right! I guess in your world science is a religion... that has all the answers. When reality science is living and constantly collecting and analyzing data. New technologies, new research, new avenues all open and and allow for more peer review on studies. But to that end, here is what the author of the original 1975 article has to say: https://www.insidescience.org/news/my-1975-cooling-world-story-doesnt-make-todays-climate-scientists-wrong
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