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  1. Doesn't look like new developments. Seems to follow what we all know - except now there is a recording of the ad execs post conference call talking about their feelings about him as a person (how they think he is not a good face of the company - they think he lacks introspection and is a racist at heart). Now - maybe/likely the conference call was leaked as a setup to force bad press, but the conference call itself was no a setup. No one made him drop the N word. He was riffing and let the n-word fly casually. I am not here to cast judgement on that, but a company board can vote out members an
  2. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31190553/alabama-basketball-fan-death-prompts-covid-19-contact-tracing-indianapolis Go to nearly every game - pictured WITH a mask but never on. Close to random people everywhere. Dead at the age of 23, before he finished college. Sad stuff. Seemed like a good guy.
  3. It's in damn near every article.. And it's just how studies work when trying to back port to children. This isn't a wild conspiracy. You'll read that they are studying effectiveness, but that's been answered, it's dosing for second phase trials.. "...going to be doing a second phase of studies, which will be dose finding, and these will be in the younger age groups - so going down to the 2- to 5-year-olds and then to the 6-month-old to 2-year-olds. And the idea there will be to start at a very low dose of vaccine and see if the children tolerate it." How The COVID-19 Vaccine Tr
  4. I get your point - not sure why I got the eye roll, but that is just my fan club, I guess. I agree, if you don't get the vaccine when the data shows it is a safe, then that is on you. You run the risk of getting exposed by your grand-children. So it goes. But at the same time, if there is little risk and high reward for getting your child vaccinated - why wouldn't you? Unless you are in the same thinking as the grandparents and are anti-vax or vax-skeptical. I can't say. I say "you" in the "royal you" sense. Not you, you. I was just giving a reason for a push to get children va
  5. I feel like you just *want* to disagree with me. Your article says what I said -- 100% effective - therefore they are NOT testing the effectiveness *anymore*. They already know it works in children. That is what I said. Now they are testing dosing - to see if children can maintain the effectiveness at a lower dose. Those are the ongoing trials now.
  6. There are a few assumptions in your question. 1) That enough adults will be vaccinated to offset the spread from children. Only 60(?)% of 60+ aged people are vaccinated, but that 40% can get decimated easily. If the grandchild is vaccinated, then the outlook looks good. 2) That although asymptomatic outwardly, children do show some 'damage' internally from Covid. We do not know long term how the inflammation may affect later life. Maybe there are pulmonary implications? Or harder hit by pneumonia later? So the thinking is to try to prevent spread entirely. Children are in tes
  7. If you don't think minstrel music and tarbabies belong in the same conversation - I really have no way of connecting the dots for you. I don't know who Amos and Andy are. I don't l know what "rale" is either. I don't recall starting this thread - that by the way - is explicitly talking about minstrel music and race. I did not bring it up. Somehow me having the audacity to comment in the thread fits your angry SWB narrative that you have invented. But when the topic of race is the (um) TOPIC OF THE THREAD, it is appropriate to talk about it. When talking about your favorite doctor you
  8. As for your interpretation of my "anger and hate" - that is all on you man. All in how you cast my voice in your brain. I don't insult people personally or call anyone names. Never have as far as I can recall. I didn't call you out personally in commentary - don't see why you always feel the need to try and call me out. I think you enjoy the angry narrative you have created for me. My life is very happy. I have a successful life and a happy family. There is no anger in my tone. Some annoyances? Sure. I do get annoyed when the obvious isn't obvious. Like this one, the music is offensiv
  9. That's pretty much what I said - let me phrase it for you again. I don't drag other races down with historical heritage (or college memories of minstrel jams), because I wouldn't want others to do that to me.
  10. I wouldn't want my race dragged around in "historical heritage," so I am doing unto others as I would want done to me. That is the "Golden Rule." Not sure which rule you are talking about...
  11. I see some potential gmg trolls on there with backhanded "encouragement." I can only imagine they are gmg people...
  12. I'm not mad at Harvey. He was a hired (water) gun.
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