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  1. "That tells me a lot. " 🧐 What does it tell you exactly?
  2. I agree SE. This year was special... I really hope they continue. On top of what they added, let's appreciate what they stopped. They no longer do that start/stop/chant game thing they would do in the fourth.
  3. I've never seen the blue lot sell out. It was maybe close versus Houston... Maybe. But I can't imagine having a pass in hand and being turned away. It would be hard not to rage quit.
  4. It is likely a Reeder friend from Eastern Ill days -- being that is where the internet tells me about this anon source. However, even with this, it wasn't SL calling the plays. He barely moved his face all season.. I seriously wonder who it was if your claim is true.
  5. I am cool with donations ... just not the used car salesman tactics of parking $600 per game when the lot will be empty anyhow. That is all. I don't think that white lot parking is going directly to a coaching hire. 😉 But the use car sales style tactics does turn people off.
  6. Big eye roll. Wren keeps upping the donations automatically.
  7. It doesn't take 'knowing' to see that life under that OC would be terrible. Even with the 'relationship.' Renfro knew we were a dog this year. We are not reloading - we are rebuilding. He can go elsewhere and have a easier time with it.
  8. 😎 I think you are confusing Richard with Spencer.
  9. Like... a prayer? Before the game? Why would we do that? I think I see the players having their individual prayer time. You can pray up in the stands on your own time. You think a prayer is giving LT their 8-1 record?
  10. I still think Martin is in the hunt. I say this with no knowledge of anything. Yet I see him in the spirit huddle with all the new guys, he has his face painted up every week, he is into every play and just having really great energy. Add to that, his NM Bowl outing was the best of any of the other QBs... and he has the size to handle the beating of the poor OL.
  11. I think he was pissed that all the people congratulating him should have made the tackle. He wanted none of that celebration.
  12. Like he didn't know he was being recruited into a s-show?! He's got some press. Some records. So name recognition. It's not like he had other offers for a full rides. He's done well. Thank you Mason.
  13. That wasn't the question. He didn't ask if they did anything illegal.
  14. It was insane that after the Cal game and his shoulder injury that he got no time to heal.
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