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  1. The Prime Prep Academy was a spectacular fail. I'd keep that one in my closet.
  2. He's kind of full of shit that he didn't know "anything" about North Texas before he came here. When he was a DC at KSU, we went up there and they kicked our asses up and down the field. Then when he was HC at SMU. his prissy ponies came up here on their bus and we kicked their asses. Not to say at the very least he coached in the same metroplex for five years and recruited the same kids.
  3. That was definitely an ole Dickey self-deprecating joke at the expense of the fans that know it all.
  4. The play by play tv dudes kept mentioning that Morris told them that the players hadn't "bought in" yet and that is on him. Then they later said that Morris mentioned the vets didn't buy in. So. That is concerning, no?
  5. We have evidence that Morris turned IW around. Did he? See four years. 1 barely over 500. One at 500. One below 500 and then the final one where he jumped ship with a good record. I guess a good record 25% of the time is turning it around, like SL did here.
  6. That seems to have almost happened. Small first day crowd in person, low TV watching.
  7. Seeing it in writing is just -- wow. 88k?
  8. But haven't you heard - we are in the P6!
  9. We definitely saw this in the Dodge era and some of Seth's early years. The under talented/sized D that was doing OK was gassed and doing terrible by the time the band took the field at half. This is a problem with the quick offense scheme. It goes sideways real quick when it isn't working.
  10. For real. I thought they were placing *way* too much emphasis on "OMG WE ARE THE P6" marketing gimmick and turning a blind eye to reality. The turnout was abysmal and it cannot be attributed to weather. SMU last year was as hot and even worse conditions. 2016 SMU was similar with new coach and new attitude and expectations - it had ~25% more on game day. This is *not* about the fans. They need to look in the mirror and less about receipts and "yes men"
  11. This could be a whole summary of all my interactions with him and this new AD staff.
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