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  1. This board always over estimates our "stable." I hate that term. These aren't animals, but I digress. I hope there is some tempering in the preseason talk. We will miss Tre.
  2. Yeh, I seriously doubt that too. If anything, house Seth tends to play seniority over anything else.. Siggers would not be buried. Also he is a baller. He puts up numbers.
  3. Perhaps the Kuehne Speaker Series will stop with the politics and bring in MC Serch.
  4. Southlake Carroll head football coach Riley Dodge confirmed Tuesday that he’s tested positive for COVID-19, the district announced in a press release. Dodge will miss Saturday’s game against No. 2 Duncanville in the Class 6A Division 1 state semifinals set for 3 p.m. at Globe Life Park.
  5. I thought it was more of how much he drinks* and it impacts his day to day coaching. (*hearsay that I've heard for many years)
  6. Wilson ended up leading the team in rushing - when starting the year at the 4th RB on the roster.
  7. Remind me: Darden==PRO Let's see if you claim him and are proud of him. Have your liked any Guyton threads? I don't know.. but he quit on North Texas. Let's erase him.
  8. I am shocked that Dan Mac was only 58 when he came here. It was portrayed at how OLD he was... and how much experience he had. He seemed 70. Also shocked that Dickey was only 39 - with that bald head and dad jokes. He seemed 60.
  9. CFL is really tight lipped about their salaries, but the team salary cap is <6M for a 56 man roster. Minimum salary is $65k. Looks like salary is not guaranteed for the season unless they are a veteran of certain years... and only if they are on the roster X amount of games first.
  10. I am not claiming to be an expert here - but 21 hours ago you started this thread calling it "sad" and it turns out it was shooting from the hip. However, 22 hours ago were the tweets (also in this thread) that confirm it was an agreement. The information was already out there in the football ether... If anything the game broadcasters were on the 'get off my lawn' side of this argument with their indignation that he wasn't going full bore on the Cheez-It bowl. Then it took twitter to bring it back to reality - which is what *we* were commenting on here in this thread. Twitter is damn ne
  11. You literally started this topic by calling it 'sad.' If that is not an enlightened judgement, then the moon must be made of cheese.
  12. If a surgical resident making $50k a year wanted to not operate in their last case as a resident because they risked an accidental needle prick on an HIV positive person .... because they accepted an offer of $450k a year that started in a month? Yeh. I am not going to judge. There are other interns and residents that need to get their skills behind them.
  13. Now we will have some summer football to watch. I hope he can make a play for some real time.
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