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  1. "based on allegations" - they aren't allegations when he wrote an apology letter to the victim and admitted to it the police. But alas. Here we are, when the same people here offended by people peacefully kneeling during the anthem are cool with a violent rape.
  2. "Legal scholars" - that's rich. https://www.thedailybeast.com/kobe-bryants-disturbing-rape-case-the-dna-evidence-the-accusers-story-and-the-half-confession He apologized because he DID it. Why refused to testify is something she will only know (TTG hit it on the head though). The physical evidence still stands.
  3. All the internet is writing his obit and purposely ignoring WHY he was also so hated. They pass it off as player-hating.
  4. I wonder why Choice is back in town. Maybe he still lives in Dallas?
  5. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
  6. Every year this is the same conversation. Yet some our top talent goes undrafted and unsigned. Craig Robertson Zach Orr Lance Dundar Jeff Wilson Adrian Awasome Derek Akunne Tobe Nwigwe Booger Casey Fitzgerald ... etc. Every year. Yet we see other schools have players drafted consistently with the same level of play. The QB position is so little drafted, there is no chance for Fine. Maybe the DE spot can be drafted? Man... hard to say.
  7. "• Received offers from Maryland, New Mexico, Arkansas State, Brown, Columbia, Cornell and Dartmouth." I mean damn. I (personally) wish he ended up going to Brown, Columbia, Cornell OR Dartmouth. I wouldn't pass up the Ivy league for any amount of DIV I football. But now that he is here, I hope he gets the chance and crushes it.
  8. Fouts. Apogee. MTSU. ULM. ULALA. Arkansas (Fayetteville & Little Rock). Texas. Baylor (old stadium). Tulsa. Kansas State. Arkansas State. SMU. TCU. La Tech. Cal. Clemson. Cotton Bowl. I am certain that I'm leaving out college stadiums. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I saw him on special teams playing. He isn't touching the ball. Their other rbs are having really good years..
  10. This is the second Christian honor killing of their pregnant sister this week in Texas. There was a Christian honor killing in The Colony a few days back too.
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