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  1. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    Funny ... I don't think religion equals politics. The separation of governance and religion is protected. Which is exactly why we can have a lively discussion on terrible administrations and football scheduling and the convoluting of it to religion.
  2. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    Nope - that's the rub. Not only are they NOT paying us, we agreed on a home and home with them. They paid ODU 1.32 MILLION dollars this year. Us. $0.
  3. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    I've not see any calls to play BYU. Maybe that is why you don't get it. It doesn't exist. Nice judgement on Mormons BTW. They are even more far out there than apocalyptic racist homophobes.
  4. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    Or they realize their ills and convert to the Tradition Pagan Belief System of the Cherokee Nation.
  5. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    So quit gate-keeping on Christianity. Realize that LU is not the same as 'all Christian schools' that we may play.
  6. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    "In the end, I don't think the average fan cares." You are woefully underestimating the social awareness of people. People vote with their dollars.
  7. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    I didn't see SMU or TCU stick their noses into topics like - "who is Nike paying to be their ads?" Or 'urging' the President to fire the Attorney General: Their leadership is embarrassing.
  8. SteaminWillieBeamin


    Falwell was a terrible guy himself. Racist. Blaming 9/11 victims for their own deaths. Blaming AIDs victims for their their deaths. Being a big ole Anti-semite. Believing that all Muslims are terrorists (Mohammed himself too). Waging war against the TeleTubbies!
  9. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Final Thoughts on UA Game from PokeyPig

    I'm sure it's a bit of both. They always practice fire drills, fake punts, fake FG, fly flickers, etc... but when they see something on film that makes them think it will actually be successful, then they put it in the walk throughs and plan on using it.
  10. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green finally gets its run defense tested and falls behind which puts us into a catch up mode with passing -- leading to interceptions and bad time of possession. NT: 14 UA: 35 My dream world of getting out front and staying out front without turnovers. NT 35 UA: 14
  11. SteaminWillieBeamin

    From Hogville.Net: "I honestly think that we blow out North Texas!"

    They weren't that way when we last played them. They've had years of mediocrity to help them along this journey. They were on the cusp of something great -- then it all went away in scandal of infidelity and motorcycle crashes.
  12. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Need Club Seats for LaTech

    What's the face value? You willing to pay that?
  13. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Arkansas UNT Watch Parties - Dallas version

    I know that Dot's and Braindead Brewery are both owned by UNT Alumni. You should call make see if they will have their screens setup - I bet they would jump on it.
  14. This will come as shocking, I know, but I don't think expanding/diversifying your enrollment is the same as "dumbing down." "Public" institutions are there to help the public. It is non-controversial to suggest that diversity HELPS education on a whole. Empathy, shared idea, collaboration, etc. Now - HOW - they implement getting different students into the system to help make that system better is a different topic. Some incredibly bright potential is tied up in financial/family chaos in less affluent school districts.
  15. SteaminWillieBeamin


    I went to a birthday party with my son Sunday and ran into a fellow dad that I sometimes shoot sports talk with. I said that I spent my football capital spending all day at a football game Saturday and would not be watching the cowboys - here's how it played out: "Mean Green, right"" "Yep..." "I think I heard they are good this year." "So far so good... We play Arkansas next week, so we will see." "What? You guys have to play Arkansas, they aren't at the same level of college football. UNT isn't div i, right?" "We are both div 1." "But you guys don't play many div 1 teams, right? " --------------------------------------------------------------- So there you have it folks. We "good", but not "good, good", but div 1aa good. Our level of competition matters. I know, just win. I think that too. But we can have a more nuanced feeling about these types of games.I hope they stop.. no more HBU, IWU, Liberty, Lamar..