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  1. I'm done wit this thread. You guys keep on keeping on with downplaying it. Hopefully the rest of us that do take it seriously can keep flatten the curve and then when it isn't a deadly as predicted, then you can glibly do your victory dance about how right you were.. completely ignoring the irony. Peace out. To the original question about had it affected anyone we know - that lady who died in Lewisville to days ago? My good friend's mother in law's friend. But she deserved to die, because she was old with a compromised immunity.. great.
  2. You can take your awesome inside knowledge of a country hospital and the "wellness" industry and keep spouting lies about how these deaths are reported.. that's fine. It's just not accurate. My best friend is a director at FEMA, my other friend is emergency manager for a large city, his wife runs a state emergency department. My closest family member is director of safety and physician at one of the largest hospital chains... So please, keep telling me about how they are all lying about the causes of death. You guys want to be right so badly that it keeps you from doing right. Glibly, arguing about death numbers because it takes out more people with comprised immunity or diabetes or high cholesterol or any other myriad of issues that affects way more than 50% of our population is just callous and outrageous. If you don't flatten the curve, you impact everyone. Hospitals are overrun. Minute things become more deadly.
  3. You are just making shit up. You have no inside knowledge. You have no professional knowledge of this at all. It is quite offensive and reckless.
  4. He has those stats on hand to justify his love for guns. His stats will go through the roof when no heart patient or cancer patient can be in the completely filled ICU. He will really love being glib then.
  5. Spring 2018: Trump disbanded the pandemic response team assembled under President Obama during the ebola outbreak of 2014. July 2019: The Trump admin let go of Linda Quick, a CDC epidemiologist stationed in Beijing whose role was designed to help China detect and respond to outbreaks. 1/3 Trump learns about coronavirus outbreak in China from intelligence officials. 1/3 Trump holds Miami, FL rally. 1/4 Trump plays golf. 1/5 Trump plays golf. 1/ 8 CDC issues warning about coronavirus. 1/9 Trump holds rally in Toledo, OH. 1/14 Trump holds Milwaukee, WI rally. 1/18 Trump plays golf. 1/19 Trump plays golf. 1/20 1st US case confirmed. 1/22 Trump "...we have it totally under control. It is going to be just fine". 1/23 Hubei, China goes on lockdown 1/24 Global cases over 1,000 1/27 Trump holds Wildwood, NJ rally 1/27 Global deaths over 100 1/30 Trump holds Des Moines, IA rally. 1/31 Global cases over 10,000 1/31 Trump enacts China travel ban. 2/1 Trump plays golf. 2/2 Trump "We pretty much shut it down coming in from China." 2/2 Trump plays golf. 2/4 Trump award Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom. (Rush is one of the biggest deniers of COVID19) 2/5 End of impeachment 2/10 Trump holds Manchester, NH rally. 2/10 Global deaths over 1,000 2/13 Senators Richard Burr (R., N.C.) and Kelly Loeffler (R., Ga.) sold off millions of dollars in public stock following a closed-door briefing on the coronavirus 2/15 Trump plays golf. 2/19 Trump holds Phoenix, AZ rally. 2/20 Trump holds Colorado Springs, CO rally. 2/21 The first Italian cities go on lockdown 2/21 Trump hold Las Vegas, NV rally. 2/25 Trump "...we are down to 15 cases, will be zero soon." 2/27 Trump "One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 2/28 Trump holds Charleston, SC rally and says worries about the virus is the new "hoax". 2/29 1st American dies from coronavirus. 3/2 Trump holds Charlotte, NC rally. 3/6 Global cases over 100,000 3/6 Trump “Anybody that needs a test, gets a test. We—they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.” 3/7 Trump plays golf. 3/7 Trump says "No I'm not concerned at all. We've done a great job". 3/8 Trump plays golf. 3/9 The whole country of Italy goes on lockdown 3/11 CDC WHO declares SARS-CoV-2 a pandemic 3/13 Trump declares a national emergency. 3/13 Trump "No, I don't take responsibility at all". 3/17 Trump "I’ve always known this is a real—this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic … I’ve always viewed it as very serious.” 3/19 Trump enacts travel ban on European countries. 3/27 Trump signs Covid-19 relief Bill 3/28 U.S. deaths surpass 1000 4/1 U.S deaths surpass 5000. 4/3 Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who flagged Ukraine whistleblower complaint that lead to his impeachment. 4/4 "The models show hundreds of thousands of people are going to die...I want to come way under the models. The professionals did the models. I was never involved in a model. But – at least this kind of a model.” US COVID19 cases: 301,147 US COVID19 deaths: 8,173 More than 1000+ deaths each of the last two days.
  6. Restricting travel to a small area and acting like everything is ok - is too little. Manufacturing at home masks that are $.10 to order from China after we are already in a shortage - that's too late. The phrase doesn't mean to give up. It's pointing out how the actions are just ridiculously little and late on the uptake. I went on Ali Baba and spent $40 to get hundreds of these simple masks. They showed up in 7 days. There is not a shortage of these masks.. they are cheap and mass produced all through Asia. Claiming to change up the factories to make these cheap masks is a stunt. It's product placement. This president cites his ratings - like that matters. He puts his son in law at the head of his rag-tag tiger team on how to address this, after over s month of denying it's a problem at all. His son in law gets on Facebook and had his friend's physician dad asking for recommendations.. like they are organizing a home by room party. geez. Yes - they did too little. And they did that too little, too late. They need to do more substantial things.. not saying by Easter that we are going to open for business. Or that the hot weather will kill it ( it's summer in Australia and Argentina right now). Or that some cocktail of drugs is be a miracle (too potentially lessen symptoms, not cute or prevent). Or t0 keep claiming that we have tested more than Korea and they called us up to say how awesome we are at testing (per capita they've tested 40x more than us and track origins of outbreaks). Or that 40% of our country is unaffected by this (that's landmass, not population). Or to keep purposely confusing this as a flu. Those claims are all fairly baseless - something a country ass volunteer fireperson might say on the internet. It is not something grownups that care would keep floating out there.. it's just too little.
  7. As they said... With full mitigation they hope to keep it below 140k. But let's focus on a product placement on some masks that aren't really needed. Dust masks? FFS.. make n95 or better. It isn't about some jackass saying stuff about God or the Bible. It's about tactless product placement for stuff that is too little too late.
  8. It would be awesome if we didn't have to run our health care system like a national gofundme campaign. Throwing out product placements is not appropriate.
  9. Wuhan Virus is more accurate than Chinese Flu.. But less accurate, since you know, there are a ton of viruses floating around Wuhan. COVID-19 is the best and most accurate. Which is why that's what is used mainly. Just like talking about H1N1 ..
  10. It will actually be a game changer to have a quick test like the flu.. but reports of it versus the manufacturing of it and getting it out are different matters. I hope our government will start to use existing quick tests while we are funding our own tests from private industry.
  11. Really. My grandmother may know it at German measles.. Textbooks call it Rubella. We learn from textbooks. Really. Strange hill to die on.. defending the right to call a non-flu a Chinese "flu."
  12. There is no testing at our hospital because it takes so long to get results. If they test negative for the flu and have covid symptomd, they are treated like they have it. By the time the queue clears the patient gets the results, they are already in care or at home isolated for 14 days. On top of this, a postive result is 99% accurate. A negative has roughly 40% miss.. meaning if the doctor really suspects it still and symptoms have not subsided, they need to do another test. That sucks.. so hospitals are only sending of tests to labs for very certain criteria.
  13. That's funny, I was just coming back her to correct my bad. Point is the same, no one calls them the German Measles. It is Rubella. No pediatrician is getting the toddlers on a vaccine schedule for the German Measles. In fact, the Spanish Flu is most likely the American Flu.. history.com tells me the first case was in Kansas at a military base, then it spread to Europe. But calling a non-flu a flu and then labeling it with a race is pretty doltish.
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