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  1. With absolutely zero evidence, Kram continually cries about how the poor GOP fans on this board are treated so unfairly. His tenacity is quite impressive. If desired, when I find time between my bible burning and Koran reading, I will run queries on the thread topics; categorize the political leaning and see what got escalated. Or maybe Kram can do this and show us all why he constantly is badgering moderator other select posters about the "right being wronged." Imagine this - a football board in deep red Texas is really a liberal bastion of oppression and indoctrination. Someone
  2. It's a real knee slapper - certainly. Or it could be that this is a bye week? Nothing to talk about this upcoming week. Maybe.
  3. But how spirited was he on the sideline? Did he shuck n' jive at all?
  4. KD Davis came out of the last game in serious pain.. unable to put any weigh on his leg. I am surprised to see him on the this list.
  5. No. It's their turnover celebration.. they hold up some trashcan in the air and be cheer.
  6. Truth. Aune can barely hit the side of a barn this half.
  7. GET OFF MY LAWN! Dancing to the pump up music being played! Not showing enough disappointment in losing! But still showing too much emotion and jawing at the opponent! But still showing too much emotion about not getting into game! What is going on with the 18 year old kids now a days!?! ..... These are young humans. Not robots. Players showing emotions (gasp) by getting into the music/ambiance in the stadium, showing emotion by finally getting a TFL on a big down, or jawing with an opponent... those are normal parts of being human. You can understand Bean's reject
  8. Quite a narrative this board is building up on the character of Bean. He didn't 'disengage'. He was running on the sideline to get warm. Tossing a ball now and then.
  9. Imagine what it would be if we added a third QB!!
  10. There is a fairly high degree of false negatives and moderate rate of asymptomatic response for those potential positives - means they need accurate contact tracing. NFL has the resources to test every day with rapid tests - which eliminates the false negative problem. Universities do not that at their disposal.
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