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  1. I don't even see any panic in here. The closest I see if "please don't take our basketball coach on the way out."
  2. He is at every game cheering with the rest of us. He is going to get the band back together and get DD here as AD and RV as coach like he always wanted to be.
  3. From my incredibly scientific polling over the years, I feel it's true too. I've met a few professors in the real world as an adult and most have attended a game. I've met a ton of former students and most have not ever attended a game.
  4. Last time I was on the Tulsa University campus, it felt like ESD or St. Marks high schools in Dallas. Not exactly the same university feel as a school like UNT. Even less of uni feel than SMU..
  5. They took a player away on a stretcher in an ambulance right after the game - anyone know what happened?
  6. Based on your observation, it has something to do with her vagina ?
  7. Not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China.
  8. Memphis we were down 41-20 in the 4th quarter. Couple scores when the game was out of reach made it look more respectable. Certainly felt like a blow out. We were never in it after the second be quarter. UNLV was clearly a blowout. Boneheaded coaching counts towards a blow out. A "couple" bad decisions don't lead to a 30+ point loss. I'm not here for moral victories or justification on how a double digit defeat to a team with a losing record is really ok. I'm ok with my outlook. Anecdote time - my oldest son is on the small side. My youngest son is on the giant side. Oldest son is merely ok at soccer, but his younger brother thinks he's the star of all teams, the best of the best. My youngest son's team needed a player to fill in for a game a few weeks back or they'd have to forfeit. Since it's just YMCA no real score keeping, the coach asked my oldest son to fill in - since he's the same height as these kids 3.5 years younger. He goes on to showboat, score 6 goals, gloat a bit in the car ride home, taking in all the praise from his little brother.. in fact, some of the parents still tell me how awesome my "other son" is at soccer and how he must crush it in the school league. My oldest barely sees the field in his own team against his peers. But against lessor competition, he's a star. We still know he's just an "ok" player against his own peers. That's UNT vs this CUSA schedule in a nutshell.
  9. This is the trap that we fall into every single year. Except this year we knew coming into the season that it is a very very easy schedule. We have beaten one team over .500. We have lost to three teams with losing records. That means we are under performing, big time. I know that some (myself included) were even MORE down on this team and didn't think we would get over 6 wins for the year (even with the easy schedule). But we are at 6 and winning the games we need to win and losing come we should win. It is frustrating, every. single. year. I think that is why some (myself included) just aren't radiating joy with the results. It feels like fools gold. Of course we should be beating UTEP, FIU and La Tech. They are predictably miserable. We should not be blown out by Memphis, SMU or UNLV. So this all bleeds into how I feel about Aune's performances lately. Sure, they are good outings. I like seeing it. I was high fiving my friends all around. But he SHOULD be doing this against the weakest of our competition of the year. He SHOULD be doing this in year 5 in Seth's system. It's definitely seemed like he had more pep in his step and things were slowing down for him. Was really nice to see him click. But alas - I hope we continue!
  10. Sounds like something the Talons can buy with their funds ... a laser projector and make that tower green with UNT insignia. Who needs to person with the switch access?
  11. RIP @Green Grenade II - lore has it (as he told it) that he designed the logo on the back of a napkin for Hayden.
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