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  1. I’d laugh, then cry, then I’d give my children Christmas Presents with nothing inside them so that my children will know what it’s like to be a UNT fan during the littrell era. it’s a pretty gift on the outside but it’s empty inside
  2. LOL, I know. I just couldn't help myself. These aren't the sharpest ones they've put out. You've always been a level headed guy so I was just giving you a hard time
  3. Do you forgive Ted Kennedy for what happened at Chappaquiddick? Not sure how it relates but I was curious
  4. This statement is similar to me saying "I have more wealth than all the kids in my daughters elementary class"
  5. I said this same thing on Twitter, if they cant make it....Tough $h!t HAHA
  6. I Was hoping they would beat Purdue so maybe they would come to Denton hungover and we might have a chance
  7. Anyone other than Aune....3 pick sixes in 2 weeks? Time to rotate new blood in there. Aune is a great dude but its time to move on to someone that can complete a pass
  8. I feel like Memphis could just take a Knee until the end of the game and win this game easily.
  9. Same Here! Going to be something about all 3 phases and not executing
  10. This! I’m no DB coach but our DB’s never turn their heads to look for the ball. When your running down to sideline and are step for step with him, why not put your hand on his hip and turn to look for the ball?
  11. I think during the Rudy's Radio show they asked him about the Wildcat play and he said that it was execution and not the play calling....Im with you VictoryGreen. He also added that if they are on the 2 yard line, they should be able to punch it in in 4 plays. We've seen this not be the case several times in his tenure because he runs the dive from the shotgun all the time.
  12. By looking at TSU's total yards, I would of thought that PV just ran and drained the clock but they just couldn't move the damn ball. The more that I look at ESPN's box scores the less I feel like these are accurate. TSU only punted 6 times and went for it twice. Does that check out? Someone help me, my brain hurts lol
  13. Did I hear that they had an Air Raid Offense on the Rudy's show last night? 53 yards is more Wishbone offensive numbers
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