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  1. FIU and Akron have HC Vacancies as well.............Should we be worried???
  2. Are you in the picture modeling the shirt? Nice Traps
  3. Frisco Bowl December 21st at 6:30........
  4. I think we would be in or around the same spot. If we were in the AAC then we would be where CINCI is. I texting all my College buddies and grads I know to try to get them to come! Also doing my weekly ticket give away so that's at least 2 plus.
  5. Ah Yes, the great migration of Hill Billies from the Hill Country.
  6. Whats the saying, "Those that cant do, Teach"?
  7. Littrell Is carried off the field after a hard fought 38-35 victory in front of 18k screaming fans
  8. The only time I can remember was Torrey. Looked up our fumbles while rushing and they go as follows: Torrey- 3 fumbles only 1 lost Johnson- 1 fumble None lost Not a RB but Aune- 3 fumbles and 1 lost
  9. I am no General Physician but I will tend to agree with you considering the avg football play is between 4 & 12 seconds while a Kick from snap to kick cant be anymore than 3-4 seconds.
  10. I think they just back it up 10 yards every overtime but this could work too
  11. I hope this potential win doesn't affect our draft status for the #1 pick!
  12. I'd Like to play any of these: TCU, TX St, La Tech, UTEP
  13. Very Interesting! Im guessing they are talking about participation in the parade itself because the streets are always lined up with folks the past 8 years I have taken my kids too it. Seems like a cop-out to me
  14. Here is the play in question. He did manage to shot put the ball past the line of scrimmage but I thought there needed to be someone in the vicinity if the ball stays in bounds 797298735_ScreenRecording2021-10-25at2_39_53PM.mov
  15. There were two very ball calls in my mind with in a couple minutes of each other. When we were on offense late in the 3rd they missed a face mask call when Aunne was running the ball 1342336135_ScreenRecording2021-10-25at2_35_50PM.mov
  16. Squash or field hockey beach volleyball ball would be fun to watch too
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