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It's Been 850 Days Since Alabama Huntsville


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No one listens.

This has been in my signature since last season's tip off.

When is Rick Villarreal going to admit that Tony Benford means LOSING College basketball?

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That was an enormously embarrassing loss, but a supremely talented team. In the years since embarrassment after embarrassment have followed. Going 12-20 with that roster is pretty unforgivable. I don't even want to look up all the painful losses, but we have had numerous defeats of sizable margins to conference opponents. In addition to losing to UAH, we've been outclassed by schools like Prairie View A&M.

What's maybe worse is Benford is part magician. He actually showed me to be a fool, a few weeks back i thought he was starting to get things figured out. The four game losing streak to end the season had two near misses (one a nice effort....the other a frustrating one), but the other two were massive blowouts.

I will follow through thick and thin, since i didn't even completely give up the ghost during the Trilli years. However, something must be done...and soon. We had the foundation of a mid major that was going places not long ago, and now we have pissed away all those years of brick laying and settled back into where historically this program is. Basically, we're a lower middle of the pack basketball school -- and other than two or three short eras, that's what we've been since the beginning. All time our record is over a hundred games under 500 --- and that doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon.


I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post in my rented (not bought) home, while wearing portions of four different suits and calling (without success) to my lost dog. And, as I was taught in a song that was passed down from long ago, "He may lose a basketball game 100 to 3, but there will never be a Benford in SAE".

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In Benford's three seasons we are winning at 44% clip. The previous three seasons under Jones we had won roughly 67% of our games - mostly because of his slightly disappointing final season (where we still made the tourney finals mind you) which I tend to cut him some slack on since a walk on was playing major minutes during the last part of the season.

(Tyler Hall was a superior walk-on, but still just a walk-on)

Not even going into all the legit talent we had to work with his first couple of years here, just look at the fall off in win percentage. You can't tell me a coach who went 14-17 this season is primed to turn it around. We may, and I'll be on here apologizing if we win 20+ next yer, but there is nothing to give us any indication that we will. Even that nice five game streak that gave us hope evaporated losing four straight to end the season.

There's nothing to hang your hat on with Benford right now. Nothing.

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Well, he hasn't been fired yet, so it looks like RV is bringing him back.

It should cost RV his job if Benford fails to win 20 next year against what is most certainly going to be our worst OOC schedule in decades.

But lots of things should have already cost RV his job, so I doubt that happens.

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