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  1. Apogee doesn't have WiFi. It never did. Cell service falls on the providers.
  2. Why would McCasland move away from his family, who get to attend every home game.
  3. Turning Highland into a pedestrian walkway means Maple will have to become a two-way street. Given that there are four resident halls along Maple this does not seem like a good idea.
  4. This deserves a good bump. We're 1-1 in this important 3-game stretch.
  5. At best, we might go 1-2 with our best chance of a win being against UAB. Looking at UAB's schedule they haven't beat anyone extordinary with a close loss at Rice. UAB plays WKU this upcoming Friday so I think that will tell us a lot about two future opponents.
  6. Realistic alternative would be: we need a post-season win. Seth has none.
  7. I haven't read the football forum in months and there really isn't a reason to get excited until mid-August. Besides, when has football gotten close to the level of excitement that basketball is at right now.
  8. The list is sorted alphabetically.
  9. SMU may be able to money whip him to be the next HC but I have doubts he's a good fit for the school/program culture wise. I guess if SMU pays him $2.5 million, then he could easily command $4 million when a legitimate P5 comes calling if all he does is maintain the success SMU has seen recently.
  10. I think they got bit by the Spring Break bug. Band seemed smaller than normal.
  11. I think he sees that we have a "low scoring offense" and thinks we can't hang with a middy like Texas State.
  12. I'm a fan of the 10 minute quarters with the women's games. There are fewer official timeouts so the games actually end quicker. It doesn't seem to impact the overall pace from what I've experienced. I'm not sure college needs a 24-second clock.
  13. Could Michigan manage to score 60 against our defense?
  14. All teams bound for the Sun Belt conference have been eliminated.
  15. Learfield changed that recently. I saw a tweet about it once upon a time but I can't find it.
  16. 88.1 cannot air certain advertisements as well since they are a non-profit station, and the men's games and football carry those kinds of advertising.
  17. The two scoreboards on either end of the arena really could stand to be replaced. The question really is when will they? Or maybe if they'll be replaced? I believe they are at least 20 years old.
  18. Putting in more Loge seats means taking out existing seats, even if those seats bring in more revenue ... for the athletic department. The university has always balked at making changes to the SP that involves reducing the overall capacity since the SP is a big player in graduation ceremonies.
  19. NT had to win and LaTech had to lose; LaTech won big. Came in second.
  20. All those missed free throws looks way, way worse.
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