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  1. Who remembers March 13th from four years ago?
  2. I believe we have only won a game or two in all the times we have faced off in a conference tournament game. I am pretty sure we have a losing record.
  3. Been a little over 9 years since the last time these two teams squared off in a conference tournament final.
  4. Looking like this game could come down to the finally possession.
  5. I've been rock solid from my laptop, on wireless.
  6. https://watchstadium.com/live/conference-usa-mens-quarterfinal-game-court-b-2/
  7. If only last season hadn't been canceled. 😟
  8. Here's the thing: Do you really believe schools like FAU/FIU will sell that many tickets? I doubt most of the East Division schools will sell out their allotment.
  9. I'm curious how the seeding will work out. Before, the top 4 seeds got a bye for the first day. If they are adding a day, I'm really curious to see how that works out. These final games are extremely important for NT to get the best path to the NCAA Tournament.
  10. In many municipalities where they handle ambulance service, you are still charged for those services.
  11. Will be used for CUSA games first and foremost.
  12. Doubtful as the NCAA tournament is set in concrete.
  13. They've had games (they're toughest games, FYI) canceled or postponed. Those are far from guaranteed wins. At best they might be 2-1 and at worst they might be 1-2 or even 0-3 in the three games they haven't played.
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