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  1. Benford never finished a season with a winning record. Jalie has two out of five seasons.
  2. I think POY is decided after the conference tournament is played. If we win it all, I think it would be hard to give it to someone other than him.
  3. I would expect the teams to have already arrived in Frisco and had some opportunities to have practice.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/MeanGreenMBB/videos/1438475162998951/
  5. You gotta put down some serious money (think $10k or more) just to land courtside seats.
  6. I wish they'd put the seed numbers with the bracket so you could draw out how everything could go. http://conferenceusa.com/documents/2019/9/9//bkbch20_brackets.pdf?id=13680
  7. Walking into Monday like:
  8. Might be available on their site for a re-stream.
  9. General consensus I have seen is a 13 seed no matter which region we end up in.
  10. Western has had 2 players foul out and their bench isn't very deep.
  11. Western is out of timeouts though!
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