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  1. The logistics of just "picking up a game" is tremendous. I don't think you can just schedule a game in these conditions on a whim.
  2. You would be correct. 4th and 4 at CLT26 PENALTY UNT roughing the kicker (OGUNMAKIN, A.) 5 yards to the CLT31, 1ST DOWN CLT.
  3. I was referring to MGSF members that have more points than me who also have basketball tickets that sit in the same "section" that I sit in.
  4. I'm hoping I get to keep my seats. It's tough to say how many are above me in my section.
  5. Moving the scoreboards has been in the plans since Baker took over. He also wants to improve the PA/sound system in Apogee.
  6. I'm not so sure about "recent." Children born the year Texas last won the national championship are in high school today and are almost old enough to drive.
  7. So no reason to show up no earlier than an hour before kick off.
  8. UNT isn't the one to convince to enhance the cell service, it's the carriers you need to convince that for 6 days a year they need to account for a massive surge in usage within the footprint Apogee sits in.
  9. Couple of things I noticed in the email I received today: Face coverings will be required. Apogee bowl will be at 25% capacity, which is something like 7,600 available seats. It'll be easy to transfer tickets to a family member or friend. If you're used to sitting with a group of friends, that likely won't happen this season. Nothing about tailgating was mentioned. Given that we have four home games before mid-October, I'm not in favor of wearing a facemask for 3+ hours in the heat.
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