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  1. We certainly do have a nastier history with MTSU:
  2. Rice made it on the list under its own merits.
  3. It takes an average of 2.4 tacklers to bring down Tre Siggers.
  4. If y'all are tired of the hot garbage by CK2, here is the link to ignore him: https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/ignore/?id=46797&csrfKey=3e12e35071b1dd08770765505441ff20
  5. Smith was in that TE set where Siggers scored.
  6. Never count on a fan from another school on an HSO on NT. Never.
  7. Vegas rarely gives odds on FBS vs. FCS matchups.
  8. I think the goal is a first ever sell out.
  9. I heard the Ath. Dept. is really focused on selling the Houston game.
  10. Back-to-back 20 win season doesn't at least open the conversation? Also, last year's 20 win season was without the help of an extended post-season.
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