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  1. PAC-12 likely to cancel/postpone fall 2020 sports as well. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/08/10/pac-12-reportedly-canceling-football-season-coronavirus-covid-19/
  2. I think it will have to do with how Title IX is observed. From the NCAA website: It doesn't seem like equal treatment of other athletes who aren't members of the football program to not grant them a share of the 50/50 split of the revenue(!!!) from the athletic budget. This is more or less covered in one of the FAQs Revenue or profit sharing would be considered a benefit and should be applied equitably across all sports and genders.
  3. The 50/50 revenue(!!!) sharing would have to be applied for all sports and for both male and female athletes.
  4. The Pac-12 just announced they are following the Big-10 that they are playing conference games only. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/pac-12-follows-big-tens-lead-moves-to-conference-only-college-football-schedule-for-2020-season/
  5. Maybe? Hopefully we aren't counting on the revenue from the canceled game with aTm.
  6. Federal and state moneys are tied to students being physically present in a classroom. School districts cannot survive on local taxes alone. When it came to virtual learning, many students would "check in" for attendance but never turned in any work (yet many were given passing grades anyway).
  7. FBS opponents for NT are aTm, Houston, and SMU. I'm not sure what the payout is for the aTm game but I don't think we're in as bad a position as other programs if that particular game gets canceled.
  8. I can't begin to imagine the logistics of trying to reschedule the three main sports (Football, Men's and Women's basketball) on top of other pro sports (possibly NFL, Hockey, and NBA) for TV and some facilities for the spring.
  9. Chances are the money for that athletic center that is being built is already spent. Also, educational funding and athletics funding have to come from two very different pots of money.
  10. At UNT, students are expected to follow a Code of Conduct. Any number of things a student does outside of school can get them into hot water with the Dean of Students.
  11. I can't think of a player who transformed a team like Javion did. (I am biased though)
  12. The season being canceled seems more likely. Too many people getting sick. Although they are a college team, Clemson had 23 players that are/were infected with the virus.
  13. We have people calling for any monument of George Washington (First POTUS and leader of the American Revolution) and Thomas Jefferson (Third POTUS and principal author of the Declaration of Independence) to be torn down. To be frank, without George Washington, we might not have a country with which Shaun King can even make such a comment freely.
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