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  1. Worked for me. https://tunein.com/radio/North-Texas-Basketball-s308176/
  2. Win out and this is all moot. It wouldn't surprise me if all teams in Pod 1 go 2-2 with every loss being on the road. Everyone is really good at home in this group.
  3. His 3-pointer tied the highest lead of the game (at the time). Mo would hit a FT a short time later to make it 22 but ODU made some very late buckets (3-pointer and a jumper) to bring it down to a 17-point difference.
  4. No doubt! We win and we stay in control of our own destiny.
  5. UTSA is a decent team and could give WKU some fits. WKU's bench is not deep and they struggled to keeps UTEP at bay at times. I'd say the game against the Runners is far from a sure thing for Western.
  6. Western beat UTEP 67-62. The Miners made a late push but Toppers held on (barely).
  7. We brought almost 6300 in the final CBI game so it is possible. That game was a blast, not just because of the win and what it meant, but the atmosphere and the impact the crowd had on the game. Wren and company have several weeks to plan out a marketing strategy for the ODU and Charlotte games. Hopefully we see something in the coming weeks.
  8. Need to play to the final whistle. Last time UTEP played in Denton, things got crazy in the end.
  9. He plays some solid defense.
  10. If you go to his Twitter page, he's wearing a Mean Green shirt.
  11. I think she has been dealing with some sort of injury? She came out of the locker room one time with something around her lower back?
  12. The stat that jumps off the sheet for me is North Texas only had 4 turnovers.
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