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  1. I hate roundabouts only because people enter them without a thought of yielding to traffic already in the circle. So easy to get side swiped.
  2. This and new services provided to students today that weren't available previously.
  3. Exactly, we can go for a higher pedigree of a coach with a higher initial starting pay point.
  4. The NCAA went to court over some of their sanctions against Penn State only to lose. It's likely one reason why little was done to Baylor.
  5. Looks like the registration expires in September.
  6. Doesn't appear to be gone for good. Just down until someone can fix whatever the problem seems to be (hacked?).
  7. RowdyTalk is down so I can't even gauge what the fan reaction is to the deal.
  8. Given that other conferences use their coaches for determining conference awards, why should CUSA switch to a different method?
  9. Obviously LaTech got some sympathy votes. Is it fair? Not really but it happened. But to lay this at the feet of the Commissioner is pretty out there.
  10. The SEC has its coaches determine conference award winners, including CotY.
  11. That's a pretty bold thing to throw out there but this is the internet so it seems appropriate.
  12. https://conferenceusa.com/sports/2016/7/1/sports-w-softbl-spec-rel-w-softbl-format-html.aspx?path=softball Postseason Awards: Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, Freshman of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, first and second team All-Conference and All-Freshman Teams are chosen by head coaches and announced prior to the championship. In addition, an All-Academic Team of 11 players will be selected by SIDs.
  13. The Commissioner has little to no say in conference awards. More often than not, it's a combination of coaches, SIDs, and press members. I do agree that LaTech getting Coach of the Year doesn't feel quite as deserving compared to Rodney DeLong
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