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  1. UNTFan23

    Update to 247Sports composite score formula

    This gave me a good chuckle:
  2. UNTFan23

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    You need to reel in your Barstool Twitter account, @dahbeed:
  3. UNTFan23

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    Game will be on Stadium.
  4. UNTFan23

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    Conference USA site has us at the #2 spot: SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. Old Dominion 9-3 0.750 19-6 0.760 North Texas 8-3 0.727 20-4 0.833 UTSA 8-3 0.727 14-10 0.583 WKU 7-4 0.636 14-10 0.583 Southern Miss 6-5 0.545 14-9 0.609 UAB 6-5 0.545 14-10 0.583 Marshall 6-5 0.545 13-11 0.542 Louisiana Tech 5-6 0.455 15-9 0.625 FIU 5-6 0.455 14-10 0.583 Florida Atlantic 5-6 0.455 14-10 0.583 Middle Tennessee 5-6 0.455 8-16 0.333 Rice 4-7 0.364 9-15 0.375 UTEP 2-9 0.182 7-15 0.318 Charlotte 2-10 0.167 5-18 0.217
  5. UNTFan23

    Nice BB

    We're missing out on additional revenue! Revenue from club style seating along with suites is out there for the taking. The fact the loge seating sold out without having to publicly list the seats last season shows there is lots of interest in such premium seating. This year there was a waiting list for both floor and loge seats.
  6. UNTFan23

    Charlotte (2/2/19)

    MeanGreenStats.com tracks +/- as an in-game stat but I've not seen it tracked officially anywhere else.
  7. So you are saying players should avoid the SEC in general?
  8. Players who are projected to be drafted are skipping bowl games in an effort to protect their draft status. There is huge financial risk involved if they get hurt and drop down in the draft. Also, not everyone will be in the NFL, so it's not everyone skipping bowl games; just those who are projected to be drafted skipping bowl games. As to the bowl games, if Mizzu were to go 9-3 next season and can't go to a bowl game because of the NCAA sanctions, how is it fair to the players that had no part in the bad act who would have played in a bowl game had Mizzu not be in this situation?
  9. Why punish players who had no part in the bad act by denying them a chance at post season play?
  10. UNTFan23

    Khairi Muhammad's in the Doghouse

    Local could be in Oklahoma or Louisiana. I believe it was mentioned this didn't take place in Texas. Best Denton PD might do is determine whether this took place in Texas or not and then feed their findings over to the proper authorities.
  11. UNTFan23

    Khairi Muhammad's in the Doghouse

    Doesn't matter whether the incident took place on campus or not. The Dean of Students has the Student Code of Conduct they can use to enforce a punishment if an investigation determines wrongdoing. Same can be said of whether or not a crime has taken place. Cheating on a test isn't a crime but it does go against the Code of Conduct.
  12. UNTFan23

    Khairi Muhammad's in the Doghouse

    She's a pretty big supporter of athletics but can separate her feelings from the matter just as well. She'd also do a thorough investigation before making any kind of decision rather than act on emotion or a mob demanding the worst possible punishment right this moment.
  13. UNTFan23

    TCU BB court

    The lighting system is LED and are like only 3 years old at this point. I think it was the university and not athletics that paid for the new lights. Tell Wells Fargo to (and their money) to take a hike if you don't like the logos. I agree it be nice to get all new digi-base boards but I think there are more pressing things to upgrade.
  14. UNTFan23

    SWC Round Up winding down

    I can certainly relate to his plight. It takes a lot to keep a blog of that nature up to date.
  15. UNTFan23

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Again, while Athletics might want to do all these wild and crazy things to try to extend the life of the Super Pit, they don't get the final say. If Athletics had its way, we'd likely be fundraising for suites and a something of a club level or would have already made that enhancement.