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  1. UNTFan23

    2018-19 schedule

  2. UNTFan23

    UNT Stuff

    It's called the Walmart Marketplace. It's very similar to what Amazon offers third party sellers.
  3. UNTFan23

    DRC: UNT releases nonconference hoops slate

    Hawai'i is part of a tournament so a return trip to Denton is unlikely.
  4. UNTFan23

    CUSA Western Division

    Game will be broadcasted on Facebook.
  5. Just remember:
  6. UNTFan23

    Easly Out For The Year

    LaTech would have been his fourth game of the season. I think he was not allowed to play against Incarnate Word due to a violation of team rules.
  7. Location of a ribbon board on the pressbox side makes sense but where would they go on the opposite side of the stadium?
  8. UNTFan23

    Game Day Parking Observation

    Challenge is there is a bus that runs to the resident hall but it stops two hours before the game starts and resumes one hour after the game is over. Another challenge is there may be actual legitimate traffic that may need to exit the parking lot.
  9. UNTFan23

    Game Day Parking Observation

    Also, anyone that parked along Highland Park Road got hit with a parking ticket.
  10. UNTFan23

    Week 5 Bowl Projections, Updated

    I thought the City of Dallas has pretty much cut off the gravy train for the sole bowl game being played within its limits?
  11. UNTFan23


    I think weather could affect attendance more than a 2 point loss to the Bulldogs.
  12. One day the City of Denton will expand Bonnie Brae ... one day.
  13. UNTFan23

    After calming down

    That's life as a G5 school. Considering bowl invites aren't due out for at least another two whole months, this is a pretty bold statement to make.
  14. UNTFan23


    Not even Homecoming can provide us a boost?