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  1. I saw someone mention previously that zero was not on the roster. It appears he has returned. The twin DBs are gone and so is the tall QB/WR transfer from nmsu (too bad, I think he could have contributed as an inside receiver in the new offense).
  2. I would guess that 1/3rd of the P5 ask themselves this same question and probably 1/2 of the G5. We are not alone. For the first time in forever, it feels like we are actually trying to improve.
  3. I agree with the part about large public schools. ootsa probably fits the bill. smu works just from a local standpoint because neither school has much of a following outside of the local area. I definitely do not care for latech and enjoy beating them when we play. The trouble with them is that they are a small school with a tiny following (but then again most of CUSA has anemic fan support). I would put latech a close second behind ootsa in terms of conference dislike-o-meter for me. Isn't SWTXST either first or second in terms of all time opponents we have played the most in football?
  4. Unless he has been practicing in secret, Dilman hasn't thrown a pass in two years. The gold is gone.
  5. This is a once a year event. Plan for it if it is that important to you. This is not the only opportunity to meet the staff.
  6. They are also on campus during various recruiting events. I have noticed them recruiting pre-grad/part time positions. I am less familiar with their post-grad/full time recruiting efforts.
  7. That is two wins in a row against latech. Nice win for the guys. They deserve to have a few games go their way after losing a few due to poor free throw shooting. Deckie just took over to start the second half and then they were able to hold on, mainly because they were able to hit free throws and play D.
  8. Basketball. It's like having a team of Wide Receivers. Drama.
  9. Has anyone taken the time to research why we only seem to have 20 spots available this class? Is it the 85 total kids on scholarship limit that is causing this or did Mac put kids on scholarship last Fall after practice started that are counting against this class? I guess another option could be that he has signed/promised some transfers that we don't know about.
  10. Wait. So Sam is confirming that recruits base their college choice on message board comments? Thank you Sam for bringing logic and reason to this board. From a Stanford engineer no less. We have some people on this board that can't comprehend well thought out posts like yours.
  11. I think he would have been better off in a college environment working out against better competition than HS, but you got to do what you feel is right. Hopefully, we stay in touch and offer again if he keeps on improving.
  12. Followed by whisper period. Followed by nap period.
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