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  1. Depends, are you talking about my morals, or yours, or his? 🤯
  2. Of all of the things wrong, the schedule is not one of them
  3. Press conferences shouldn't be video'd. They are for the press to fill in quotes in the story they are about to write. Ever listened to Vito's questions? He is clearly asking about what he is about to write and needs quotes for the story. Nothing wrong with that, that is his job and why these exist. Now if you want to say something about the Kickoff event, where this exact same thing happens, you're spot on.
  4. Is this the "SMU Ready to Shock The World" they were talking about? The have an invisible football built into the football field?
  5. Big Ten Players Wonder Where They Fit Into a $1 Billion TV Deal
  6. I mean SMU did it with basketball recently. Got good and ranked and then had sellouts. Anyone who doesn't think they or really any team in the country could do that are just living in an alternate reality.
  7. Given the lack of any leadership in college sports this is fine and good for the players, but, the teams that develop the players need paid when this happens.
  8. Everyone who thinks that SMU to any of the money conferences is a ridiculous idea, doesn't know how America works. The rich get whatever they want. SMU has several of those get whatever they want types. It really doesn't matter if anyone watches SMU or goes to their games. They can just buy players, get to the top of the rankings and then people will watch.
  9. When in our history have we had consistent 6-7 win seasons?
  10. I'd like to see the Alabama Crimson Tide, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Golden State Warriors, and Real Madrid on future home schedules, even as a 2 for 1.
  11. Kind of yes. It's less fun for us because we aren't the ones buying players, but for the players - yes it's past time. I mean no it should be a different system, but that isn't reality. Also, the group that really loves how this is going is the NFL. Who gets a free minor league system to develop/pay players without investment from them.
  12. I get that it hurts, but why is it that all of these players who are finally getting paid result in blaming the players for this, when there are so many other people making millions off the sport? Anyone should be allowed to do this. What you all want is the NFL, where there is a salary cap and everyone shares in the spoils. But it's not set up that way, and the rich don't generally ever volunteer to share.
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