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  1. Feel like this is the biggest news (maybe outside of Ruder) of the offseason.
  2. Count out Mason Fine at your own peril.
  3. Looks Purdue has a nice team. But Villanova is another beast altogether. Our team is tough though and expect a good game, but this one is a step up despite seedings, injuries etc.
  4. Yeah, they thought Purdue was going to win. They spent most of their time talking about Purdue because they were playing up talking points for when they won. To which we responded with...
  5. I think he trusts these guys a little too much. This is the worst outside shooting team since he's been here. In the past he could rely on waiting for a good shot and then that person making it. This team doesn't have enough good shooters. It's 4 on 5 most nights and even worse when the bench comes on. They still play hard, good on defense and know what they are doing so it is at least not annoying to watch, just not a good enough shooting team to play his style.
  6. I was about to say I'm sure we all know this but size doesn't mean enrollment size, but budget size but then... 😅
  7. Yep can't wait until the next game to hear the announcers mention that he lost 20 something pounds. Feels like maybe UNT should just make that his nickname so that the announcers have to talk about his game during the game rather than always bringing that up. Abou "Down 20 Pounds" Ausmane is really moving his feet well etc.
  8. Maybe next. But you always have to have a QB first. And I rest my case with Tom Brady 🙂
  9. I hope you repost it. I missed it, but you always have posts that use critical thinking.
  10. Look, I can't get credit because doubt I posted my thoughts on the extension back then, but here was what I was thinking. I was a little nervous if he leaves because he had clearly shown to me at least he could coach. I see a lot of hot takes about how he can't coach but it would seem that taking a team from 1 win to 9 in two years shows you can. On the other hand, at the time he actually hadn't really won anything. His team had blown the chance at a big season when we lost to UTSA one year. We had been clobbered in a CUSA title game. We hadn't done too well in bowl games. We had a d
  11. Is Booger Kennedy's number retired? check notes... no, then the bar must be higher than dominating the conference for 3 years, good to know.
  12. Great now sports media will refer to us as the North Texas Pioneer Women
  13. Overall much improved. At least it didn't take until the 2nd half to start fighting like it did in the last few games. Players helping us on the court: Hamlet Jones Lewis Bell (if he plays within himself) Ousmane Murray (if he doesn't shoot) Players who aren't: Reese McBride Simmons
  14. We should rename gomeangreen.com to thisschoolditwhycantwe.com
  15. I don't believe he believes this pick. I think he is trying to break his own curse.
  16. Not sure if this is what you were looking for?
  17. Most concerning part of what he has said. It's been proven by statisticians that there is no such thing as getting hot. Whatever you are you are. If you are a 50% completion guy that doesn't mean that you complete one miss one, complete one miss one etc. It means over time you will complete 50%. Sometimes complete 4 in a row, sometimes miss 10 in a row. That's not getting hot, it's just math. Now, yes they can improve that % based on experience, talent and work ethic etc. The main problem seems to be he can't tell which guy has the most talent and work ethic so he can give him the experie
  18. Maybe this will help then? I don't care that much about beating SMU. I'd much rather beat La. Tech. & FAU
  19. To be fair this is always true. To be fair this is always true.
  20. Haven't seen this question asked, but if all kids get a year wouldn't that mean there is no point in redshirting freshmen (or anyone for that matter) since they'll be Freshmen next year too?
  21. From this article "Tailgating The Governor's executive order at this time does not permit any sanctioned tailgating activities larger than 10 people for attendees. As a result, UNT will not be offering rental tents or sponsored activities on The Hill, Eagle Point, or in parking lots until these restrictions are lifted. Any groups fewer than 10 must adhere to local and state COVID-19 safety requirements including, but not limited to, face coverings, social distancing and number of attendees."
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