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  1. just for fun...could anyone in this strength and conditioning thread run a 5K tomorrow? +1 Ray for sub-30min.
  2. in this more modern game (college lags behind NBA, but point stands)...I really wish we'd stop viewing this as a meaningful metric. a team of 6'4" wings can actively control the perimeter and deny entry to damn near anyone. not to say Zach shouldn't have been better around the rim with his touches.
  3. agreed. would like to see him work in minutes, but it's probably gotta be off the ball at this point. he's gonna have to get some of DJ's minutes, if this is going to be our style all year.
  4. I'll hire on merit. Tattoos...piercings...mohawk... really anything but a goatee. if you have a goatee just end things and make this a better world.
  5. fun fact: I've eaten A LOT of party drugs with Carl Sagan's son.
  6. watching it? no. talking about watching it as if anyone on a UNT message board might give a shit? absolutely.
  7. dude had the chance to play at a top 10 program BECAUSE of everything he gave here...and because he fulfilled his academic commitment to UNT. you want to be angry that he left, blame past administrations and ADs for their decision making, hires and priorities. a real UNT Basketball supporter will cheer against Gonzaga if and only if we play them in the tournament. Anyone hating on Ryan for his decision can Go Zag themselves with a rusty metal spike.
  8. ya. we need to re-train our police https://www.npr.org/2019/10/15/770381685/fort-worth-interim-police-chief-deeply-sorry-for-fatal-shooting
  9. crimea river, libs. right guys? interested to see just how far ver backwards some of you can get to defending to not just accepting but blatantly seeking foreign interference in a US election. bridge pose, or can you guys get into a full wheel?
  10. I'm curious then what you feel the appropriate verdict/sentence would be. Do you honestly believe the media and outside voices influenced this decision? (my thoughts on a policy of "shoot to kill" not withstanding) I think MGT's statement about her stating she shot to kill was just really bad optics/legal tactic. I don't think it was the deciding factor, but man...very bad lawyering. I'd also be curious to know DPD policy on a solo-officer entering an unknown, potentially dangerous situation.
  11. 1. definitely. but you know, back the blue/all lives matter and all that nonsense 2. which would you feel better with...murder+10 years or manslaughter+20? a murder verdict is a life-long punishment. when we start to parse out years on sentencing it starts to place a value of Jean's life and death rather than her punishment...like he are we happy with the value of his death set 20 years? 40? Hammurabi or GTFO? prison sentences are meant just as much for (attempted) rehabilitation as they are punishment and beyond personal demons, guilt, what-ifs...I don't think Guyger has much to rehab. I don't see malice and I don't see a potential danger once released. 3. it's definitely a good question and thought game. I think if it's black officer then yes...I definitely think badge had an effect here. I think if Jean had a concealed-carry license and was coming home from 15 hours at Price, Waterhouse, Cooper...tired, stressed, distracted...and roles were reversed and he went to the wrong apartment and things transpired as they did...no...I don't think he'd have the same outcome...but I don't think saying that is an indictment of Guyger's sentence being too lenient, rather other inequities and racism that exist in our legal system. I don't think Guyger owes society more time in jail because an average black man wouldn't have been given the same benefit of the doubt. 4. ya, probably. inappropriate relationship, deleting texts...not ideal, Bob.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2018/07/17/what-data-on-20-million-traffic-stops-can-tell-us-about-driving-while-black/ "We found that, compared to their share in the population, blacks are almost twice as likely to be pulled over as whites"
  13. ten years seems just about right. this isn't a comparative precedent case. this is literally the weirdest one-off we will probably ever see. Guyger was 100% confused as to where she was. if there is any lingering doubt in anyone's mind regarding that fact...give me any reasonable reason WHY this happened. Guyger sincerely thought she was in danger and responded in an assertive manner (likely due to her training as a police officer...more on that down the page) Guyger was also criminally negligent in taking the life of another in his home. Guyger ignored protocol and then was self-serving in her response rather than rendering aid. I'll usually back a systemic racism claim within policing/governance/society as a whole. this is not that case. arguing for it actually debases legitimate cases of systemic racism. a confused person entered the wrong apartment. it happens. literally in this building multiple times according to testimony. in most situations it leads to an awkward and angry encounter in the moment and a few uncomfortable interactions in the hall. in this case it happened to be an armed officer. this should, if anything, serve as a conversation starter for how we train our officers...de-escalation as opposed to hero-mentality. but larger scale commentaries on policing practices shouldn't be held against Guyger here. criminally negligent homicide wasn't on the table...manslaughter was light (maybe not applicable after she said she intended to kill the "intruder"...awful lawyering if that was offered as an advisable statement)...Guyger is now a convicted murderer and serving the minimum sentence. this feels right.
  14. so much piety. at least 90% of this board has just been luckier (and whiter) than Rose
  15. I can’t wait to bump this thread when King announces he’s transferring to UNT.
  16. I bartended, rolled burritos, was a research assistant, drove to Fort Worth to wait tables and do catering gigs, drove to Dallas cater/run events...I know the value of labor and the benefit of not having to do it this work also taught me my own personal worth. I know how to value my time and that being good at my work is just as much (if not more) a benefit to my employer than it is to me. Maybe it's generational to just be grateful to have a job. Maybe you all just strive for mediocrity. Maybe you're all letting your homer-ism cloud your judgement.
  17. there. D'Eriq...and same can be said for Mason/Seth/Rico...improved their "employer". their "employer's" investment back isn't altruistic or borne from loyalty, but performance...yet we expect loyalty and altruism, but only if they excel. Had D'Eriq rode pine for 3 years, no one would've batted an eye at him transferring to Lamar. Yet he excels...but his co-workers and management fail to support him at this critical stepping stone moving forward in his "career" so instead of lessening his worth he makes a move for his own (potential) personal gain. But since it's sports, anyone thinking on themselves rather than some fat 50 year old alum is an ass. sports is so damn dumb.
  18. Cooper Tune has a well-fed, happy dog
  19. I hope you and everyone else expressing faux outrage are content in your 30 year career with one company and have never looked to make moves for personal betterment.
  20. that's not what I said, actually. (though...65,853,514 > 62,984,828) I said the only rationale I could see for limiting the voting rolls would be if one thought that adding more voices was potentially harmful to their control on power. care to refute?
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