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  1. I've seen those kids' parents. they hear worse at home.
  2. he can dunk, spin one direction, leak-out, slip a screen and he has a left hand. I'd be a lot more into him if there was any indication he has 15+foot range
  3. had him since he signed, alma mater to alma mater...Deion Hair-Griffen. I still fear we'll never be able to fully utilize that speed...maybe special teams only...but hope he breaks out a bit behind Darden. In sticking with my always sub-adopt a walk-on with minimal chance of contributing...I'm going with wide receiver David Chapp(el)le. will also co-parent with whoever takes Gaddie, since I did claim from the moment he signed that he'd be our starting corner by conference play this season
  4. oh I definitely don't disagree...it has it's place and can add a lot. I'll revisit the above track, but on the heels of watching his Tiny Desk concert it felt distracting
  5. a bit over-produced, but I know that's what the kids are in to...he's got enough talent and talent around him to ditch the auto-tune and double-tracking
  6. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/19/751247794/tobe-nwigwe-tiny-desk-concert NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series is a big deal, especially for up and coming artists.
  7. nope : https://www.newyorker.com/news/dispatch/why-joe-bidens-gaffes-matter that is racism. it comes from a place of white privilege...more specifically, old white man white privilege. had that line been delivered in the 80s or 90s, few would've batted an eye (mind you, it still would have been racist). of course, the difference here is he walked his gaffe back immediately rather than doubling down on an overtly racist statement.
  8. https://www.usnews.com/news/cities/articles/2019-07-31/fact-checking-president-trump-on-his-baltimore-tweets https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/07/29/president-trumps-baltimore-tweets-were-racist-he-also-fails-grasp-what-ails-our-cities/?utm_term=.bad5d00ac7a1 I'm feeling to run down to write out my thoughts, so just read what these people who write better than me have to say.
  9. ignoring the racism question (namely because, yes, OMG, it's all soooooo very racist)... what exactly is Omar "doing" ?
  10. always glad when you grab the stool and hop up to the counter. as I said previously...criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic. the language and tropes Omar used did toe and possibly cross the line of anti-Semitism, and she subsequently apologized...but that still doesn't change the fact that criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic.
  11. I've broken my response down to the three points I note in the quote above. 1. your experience. my experience. but more, thousands of years of human and societal experience. morality (clearly) isn't absolute. there are cultural variations, personal variations. I'll also add, divinity arose from morality, not the other way around. I understand this is contentious to a religious person, but I suppose the only true way of knowing would be a mass suicide of believers and non-believers and finding out together whats on the other side. 2. as I mentioned above, morality isn't absolute, so no...there won't be an objective line. murder and rape? pretty well past the line, I'd say universally. blatant racism, especially from a position of power? I find that pretty morally reprehensible, but we've also seen in this country decades of moral (and/or biblical) rationalization for race superiority, so clearly that doesn't meet everyone's bar. but...this is actually bogging a bit from my point. my personal morality vs. yours isn't what I initially based this post on...rather it's the shifting/inconsistency in the conservative morality. I didn't coin "Moral Majority". I didn't push forward the idea that conservatism is also tied to family values, sanctity of marriage, virtuous behavior, prudence, Christian principles et al. I didn't set the conservative morality bar, conservatives did. so for me it's been interesting/funny/scary and above all hypocritical to see it continue to shift to rationalize the behavior of their elected leader. which leads me to... 3. sure, I definitely wanted to throw rocks at these hornets on here, but I could do that any time...more here I was legitimately curious if blatant racism was actually going to be the thing that re-establishes some semblance of a moral line. it hasn't.
  12. ya, I'm totally lobbying for GroupThink as opposed to simply pointing out inconsistencies. LongJim: "Read my comments in this thread. I have not been silent or excused anything. In fact, just the opposite." reads: I spoke up about racism and made clear how I find it inexcusable. also LongJim: "I find my stress level is better managed when I don't worry about what the head clown writes on his twitter feed. The public knew what they were getting when they elected him." reads: meh. also LongJim: "The public--goaded by the mainstream media--elected a "reality TV" star as President. Let that sink in.®Why anyone is very surprised at what comes out of his mouth is beyond me." reads: it's idiocracy and people are dumb. tell me when he says something intelligent...then I'll be surprised I don't exactly find it dictatorial to ask for consistency from your own statements.
  13. most of this reads as a combination of moral rationalization and back-bending to shape religious conviction into political belief and a near complete and utter abdication of personal responsibility, ethic and values...probably more the latter because apparently a leader could live stream a rape and execution, but a true christian would say, "well I coveted my neighbor's wife the other day, so who am I to judge? I'm a 'bad' person too...that's the big picture here." but to the bolded part...morality comes from experience and interaction within societies. animals have morality. moral superiority is believing that a book written by men (with some fun deleted chapters from women) about a man and propagated for 2000 years somehow supersedes personal experience and nature.
  14. if you think that I meant to call you, LongJim, personally racist...you're wrong. I haven't seen you fighting on the "c'mon, we're all a little racist" hill. plus, we've both been posting here long enough and for the most part I pay enough attention to know better. as for who made me arbiter...I don't know...a stupid internet message board? if my opinions/challenges/stances/philosophies were little more than trolling, I'd have long gone the way of CheckFacts, TFLF and EulessEagle. we absolutely don't have to agree, but I read your statement as basically saying "meh, what can you do?" if I'm wrong, please correct me I agree our system is meant to balance contrasting views. I think a debate about taxes and healthcare and economic policy is healthy. I don't think rationalizing a racist remark because it came from a person on my team is finding balance. If you're offended by that...maybe you should be.
  15. says a man who has undoubtedly ordered “Freedom Fries”
  16. ohh...totally can: god's not real. done and done.
  17. hmm...I guess @FirefightnRick doesn't realize that if you tag a poster, hit submit reply and then delete the post, it still alerts said poster. I wonder what clever hippie witticism I'm missing out on.
  18. I mean that “I find my stress level is better managed when I don't worry about what the head clown writes on his twitter feed. The public knew what they were getting when they elected him.” isn’t what I interpret as a vocal denouncement. I honestly don’t know if his initial twitter rant was implicit or accidental racism. (For the record, I’ll say the same thing for Omar’s word choices in discussing Israel...she did walk back diction after it was pointed out). What I do know is that telling people of color to go back to where they came from is unequivocally racist and he has subsequently doubled and tripled down...as he has with numerous other cases of racist dog-whistles.
  19. I think you're mis-interpreting my statement...might be my fault. I fully understand why Trump won the election and don't begrudge one's voting decision, no matter how much I disagree. What I do begrudge is the people and party who for the last 20 years (probably more...that's basically my personal consciousness) have attempted to present themselves as morally righteous...if not down-right superior...now bending over backwards to excuse and justify boorish, xenophobic, RACIST, non-presidential behavior. You personally may not approve or condone it, but many do...many have actually been motivated by his words and actions...see the recent "Send Her Back" chant started at Trump's recent rally directed towards Omar. Trump stokes the crowd's fears and prejudices with gross mischaracterizations of Omar's statements and the largely lily white crowd responds with a bare-minimum xenophobic chant. Maybe you don't approve, but your silence is complicity.
  20. it may end up being the case. I'll at least emerge as intellectually, ethically and principally consistent. the fiscal conservative "moral" majority either has to reconcile the fact that they've traded principle for party...or just admit that wrapping themselves in the flag and the bible has been simply to cloak their inherent nationalism/racism/sexism/bigotry. I guess that's between you and your "god"
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