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  1. he only has to decide if he prefers to live somewhere with warm weather or mountains or fjords or the ocean (atlantic or pacific) or for some ungodly reason, Cleveland.
  2. A. that's not how you pluralize a word/name. B. since Strzok is now officially a trusted source...https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/house-republicans-release-transcript-of-former-fbi-official-peter-strzok/2019/03/14/96c1c3c6-4655-11e9-90f0-0ccfeec87a61_story.html?utm_term=.9ca314baa952
  3. you guys do realize that industry and technology developing around credible/innovative science is pretty much the entire foundation of the American economy of the last 200 years, right? you do also realize Billy Joel sucks, right?
  4. please elaborate on what infidelity and #metoo have to do with one another.
  5. isn't TJT usually the best team in East Texas? seems like you have an unnecessary and unfounded pride in backing the losing side...
  6. one of the nicest dudes from the JJ era.
  7. gut feeling. I think his contribution...or maybe better, the team's reliance on his contribution...is already looking minimized next season given Gibson's rapid maturation as a scorer. I've noticed he takes the brunt of GM's ire and criticism after poor play and I wonder if it's not in his head to just go down a level, get 30 shots a game and ball out his senior season (see Michael Sturns).
  8. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/im-not-going-to-stop-being-a-birthday-clown-just-because-my-name-also-happens-to-be-john-wayne-gacy
  9. I think (and this is definitely an outsider interpretation of the situation) that Wise came in/was early banged up so was a bit off the pace from the go and seemed, regardless of injury, to be 3-4 deep at the 2-3 spots, that redshirting him seemed back in October/November to be a luxury this team could afford. I think Grant dug in on that stance when depth became more questionable...which if you've asked an 18 year old to sit out a year, it's tough then to ask him to burn a year of eligibility on the last two months of a season. I still think Wise is a baller. Mohamed and Alcindor seem more like swings and misses and that has really hurt this team. there was ample opportunity to develop both as depth pieces in non-conference...5-10 minutes a night...even if they didn't contribute during December/January, we could at least potentially go more than six-deep tonight. Dollar says Smart is gone end of the year. Grant has done a lot of good things, but made some serious mistakes this season. of course...again...many of you posters and fans have allowed your own egos and lack of perspective exacerbate your frustrations. this was never a team that was legitimately sniffing the top 25. this is a team a year removed from 6 straight .500 or worse seasons (removing CBI). hell...we're two years removed from a 2-16 conference record. that's 11.1%. Smart shot better than that these last three games!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfz0tDQZhqs
  11. you'd have 2 minutes of conversation after, huh? don't think I could...her voice wears me out
  12. +1 Ray (poison-washed, ready to fight Cheese's dog)
  13. it was often a twice a day habit for me. like, I would make the decision to occasionally drive out of my way to the University location, just so I wasn't seeing the same people everyday. I've had a sub pretty much every time I've gone back to Denton. UNT needs to slow it's roll.
  14. I posted a clowns and cocks video in the VVIP you should check out.
  15. thank you. everyone is so effing entitled and myopic around here. 15-17 to 19-4 and people are disappointed.
  16. somehow ODU has committed only 5 fouls and we haven't gone to the line once. huh.
  17. all I ask for is intellectual consistency and honesty. go toss a midget.
  18. do we know for certain that the dogs didn't fear for their lives after encountering a masked rodent? I think all of these knee-jerk, anti-dog reactions are coming from people who have never lived in the high-stress, high consequences world our dogs live in. And of course no one talks about the hundreds of thousands of good dogs out there that interact and protect rodents on a day-to-day basis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC_S4ggv93A where's the MSMs coverage of this, huh?
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