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  1. I agree that not everyone should be herded into traditional 4-year programs and I do think having a deep pool of jobs that have no degree-requirements is a good thing. however, I think that pool is shrinking...as at least from an optics perspective, companies/industries think it's important to have a college/post-grad educated work-force, even if it's really not necessary. a large contributor to the student loan debt crisis has been over-education requirements for entry/low-level positions without adequate compensation. teaching for example. many school districts are now requiring all teachers have or be actively pursuing a Masters degree for employment...so while already the increased cost of a four-year early education degree has far outpaced a rise in wages for a 2nd grade teacher, now too many need to add 2-3 years more worth of loans in order to be considered for a $40k/year job.
  2. going to float out the idea that we're concerned about the wrong paragraph here. the first paragraph is the more alarming and cause for further thought.
  3. nothing communicates strong and confident masculinity quite like homophobia.
  4. as the only poster who could give 5 solid minutes of game time, I already took my name out of the hat.
  5. and he critiques hair style and fashion. wow. what a modern man. you're lovely. what Taylor Swift tracks really make you well up with emotion? for me it's the 10 minute re-issue of All Too Well. I mean, really...c'mon Jake...just give her back her scarf already, right?
  6. honestly, the most astounding take-away from this entire thread was @MeanGreenPatriot’s proper use of modern pronouns in the title. dude. kudos to you and personal growth and sensitivity
  7. here's my favorite line: "Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of antifa" like, they called up HQ? rang Antifa PR department for statement?
  8. gosh...I don't know...I can't taste anything through this government mandate mask. there is actual tyranny in the world. it's not here. and certainly not for middle class+ white men.
  9. so...you'd have been pro-lockdowns? had literally no one gone anywhere for a month COVID would've died by April'2020. mask mandates were the step taken to prevent whole-scale lockdowns. I agree with you that most masks worn over the last two years fall well short of the protection offered by N95s...but to get those to 330 million and convince proper usage would've taken leadership and buy-in and messaging and personal responsibility that we just don't have as a country/human race.
  10. I just pulled up the notes on that and I'm fascinated. it's a distillate of honey, figs and sugar...so more in the vain of a rum/cachaca/cognac hybrid. would be keen to try that some time
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/10/podcasts/the-daily/new-york-mask-mandates.html this was a good listen and kinda sums up my thoughts on where we're at with all pandemic requirements/precautions. basically some (mostly on the left) will continue to be overly-cautions despite science telling them that their already cautious behavior (three vax shots) makes them very low-risk, and feel more comfortable with mandates in place making others overly-cautious by rule. others (mostly on the right) will take this as some sort of redeeming victory for unsafe, selfish behavior from go when it's really just the natural progression of the pandemic (a stopped clock being right twice a day)
  12. usually I'd agree with you...but in this case Balcones decided to label their's without the "e" in homage...and I really don't have a big problem with it. so Single Malt Bourbon can theoretically exist, but you're really stretching the definition of a Single Malt. traditionally, a Single Malt would be made from 100% malted barley...personally, I kinda wish that this would've stuck for nomenclature since there is already such confusion around spirits definitions, but there are on the market some "Single Malt Rye" whiskies, made from 100% malted rye, so that bridge is yet burnt. so based on that, you could theoretically do a Single Malt Bourbon made from 100% malted corn (bourbon must be at least 51% corn)...problem then is you still want it to taste good and/or sell. corn is already the sweetest, simplest to ferment and least flavorfully complex of the whiskey grains...so while malting it ahead of distillation could add a bit of depth, since malting also makes the sugar more responsive to fermentation my assumption is that it'll also make your whiskey considerably sweeter...so best guess, a Single Malt Bourbon would be very sweet with maybe a bit of a nutty finish...and probably why no one has bottled and sold one. as I type all this too, it dawned on me too that "Bourbon" is a tighter regulated definition than "Rye", too...so very well "Single Malt Bourbon" may not actually be allowed on a label. not sure, but it's a possibility.
  13. seems like he went into the Pit on Friday and three days later he emerges as a signing. coincidence?
  14. players are still entering and almost none of the players already in the portal have committed. why do we always insist on doing this? "Drez, stay!!" almost immediately turns into "psh, see...he wasn't that great anyway". all that does is disparage OUR program. dude has more than lived up to his commitment here. if he wants to move on and experience a part of his very small window of eligibility elsewhere, then I wish him nothing but the best. a wise man once said, it's not always about "better", sometimes it's just about "different"
  15. so...you haven't actually lived in the city? interesting. I have lived in NYC...two different brief stints in Brooklyn...it's great...music, food, art, culture...it's all there for you. but so are unpredictable commutes, 3-hour lines at Trader Joe's and Target, and this remarkable feeling of isolation towards anyone that lives more than three stops away. I have lived in Dallas...off La Vista in Lower Greenville (and my best friend is still in the hood so I'm back once a year-ish)...absolutely love it...is it the cultural mecca NYC is? well no...obviously not...but there are so many great pockets of culture, music, dives...you just may need to know where to go. I've lived in big cities, college towns, rural communities and even a tiny sliver of paradise in the Caribbean...my general point is that the places that you live are only really what you personally make of them. I've come to find that medium sized cities...100k, 200k-ish are my sweet spot. in truth, most of your complaining about Dallas reads as though you're just projecting your own frustrations with your place in life onto the nearest city.
  16. I mean...there are 6.7k posts of existing evidence you could've pulled from to arrive here
  17. if anyone sees an orange truck in front of Ross Hodge's home, please dial 911 immediately
  18. anyone watching the Showtime Lakers series, Winning Time, on HBO? y'all see the last episode? let's just say, like Tark in Vegas, some interested parties wanna keep Grant around Denton.
  19. also, if he is considering transferring, this could be an interesting ploy to get a read on the LT fan-base's opinion of him.
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