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  1. I don;t understand your argument. Are you saying that all the top teams playing more games against each other doesn't increase their respective SOS?
  2. The reason they did this was to increase strength of schedule for the top teams which this does. It could lead to more teams getting in, or a better seed for the team that does get in (depending on the season). Not sure why anyone would be against the idea.
  3. While on the surface I had the same thought, I think the reason was to get that big 1 v 2 matchup on CBS Sports on Sunday.
  4. What is wrong with some of you? We just finished up winning several must win games to finish 1st in the conference before pod play, and all you can discuss is the attendance?
  5. Geu was huge tonight. If he plays like that the rest of the season, I like our chances.
  6. Really need a win Saturday so we host WKY in pod play. That game will be massively fun to watch.
  7. That's true, I miss all the pageantry. 😉
  8. Late to the party, but so did UNT is this game. It wasn't about Rice being hot, it was turnovers and bad decisions and coaching and effort. It was a lesson. It's probably my fault, the last time I felt this confident about a UNT team was the Louisana Tech game in football two years ago late 2nd quarter at home. We were 4-0 and cruising and talking about getting ranked and then bam, lost that game and the season went down the drain. Hopefully basketball isn't reading their clippings because WKU has the elite talent in this league not UNT.
  9. I have a different view at least on one point from @TheReal_jayD & @BillySee58. I think the decision to pull Masons redshirt and go Juco early led to a quick turnaround, disproving the one thing everyone on here and most others believed, that you can't win here. This I believe has led to the improved recruiting (along with changes/additions made in that department). All of this was smart. The problem for this year was that early approach caught up to us, and there wasn't enough cover for it not too. Maybe it always had too, or maybe not hard to know.
  10. I'm not yet sure I agree, but admit I don't know much about all of the players that we brought in. It seems the only one we can count on is Mo but he can't get his own shot at the end. If we only had a guy on the team like Alonzo Anderson from utah St.
  11. Yes. Are you not paying attention? Every game we win is because the other team sucks, and every game we lose is because we suck. Keep up, man.
  12. My not of takes since I don't think everyone should be fired or that the season is lost. Team is playing pretty immaturely with the self inflicted wounds. Includes veterans like Fine the int yesterday was a rookie mistake or Darden fielding that punt inside his 7 with no blockers. That deep WR corps is not that deep especially after what sure looked like a serious injury to Bussey yesterday. Both backups were dropping passes The secondary and linebackers are improving rapidly. Still making mistakes but like the bwckups at wideouts they are inexperienced mistakes. Special teams hurt us a lot yesterday but otherwise has been solid. Dline was impressive yesterday #2 looks like best player on the team. Most concerned about injuries than the results so far.
  13. I think the best way to get them to stop doing this is to have a bunch of old people be offended by it.
  14. I was literally 6 numbers away from winning the Mega Millions
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