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  1. Agreed. We are weaker than last year and even moreso than the year before. But Coach has a well oiled machine now, so we are winning games on the road with even talent.
  2. ATM, no one. But McBride might be stepping into that role, which would greatly help out Perry.
  3. Yeah the last class was suprising? considering the NCAA run, or maybe that takes another year to kick in. Perry is a great player but his lack of height makes him hard to be a consistent threat without other outside threats. It probably also reduced the competition for him. Scott is a good find as he looks like a project offensively but is filling the Bell role from last year now that bell seems to be working on his NBA game each week during the game.
  4. Also, this was actually the worst thing I saw last night.
  5. Serious question. should i get the fries AND the milkshake?
  6. He definitely doesn't trust anyone else on the roster at this point. I do remember that last year though somewhere during conference time all of the sudden Mykell Robinson did start getting minutes. So hopefully someone else is getting close to contributing.
  7. it will be interesting to see how this season turns out. The lack of improved recruiting is showing up at the end of games. Who do we have who can hit a big shot? Perry can but can he even get one off? At the moment there aren't any other go to guys. Last year we had 3.
  8. When the team finally got good a pandemic hit. Relax. That WKU game right before that was pretty rocking. It was on its way back.
  9. Check again. Just keep checking. Get a real close look.
  10. I'll probably be put on blast for this but have you seen the QB position? We have a shortstop as our starter. I'm no expert but his best throws are when he throws like a shortstop, examples - throw to Brown at end of UTEP game, and the pass to Lyles in the FIU game. Watch those throws and he looks like a baseball player and extremely accurate with them. Dude has 6 years of baseball mechanics to change. That is a lot of coaching up. All that is probably why Ruder started the year as the No. 1 but he couldn't get it together. And of course this all on the staff, just pointing it out.
  11. Thanks. Names on the back of jerseys would help with knowing who is on the field. Crap, now I'm officially old. 🧓
  12. Fuente might be a good fit, but there sure seem to be a lot of excuses being made for him here.
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