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  1. MeanGreenHoops

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    Actually disappointingly no it wasn't. At least about 9pm when I went by to take a pic.
  2. MeanGreenHoops

    Seth On The Jim Rome Show

    All schools poach other schools coaches with money if they're good, (see Jimbo Fisher from FL. ST. to ATM). Just win and hire well again.
  3. MeanGreenHoops

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    It's comments like this that make me finally believe in the leadership and therefore the future. The way up the food chain is not with a new sport added (baseball) it's investment in the only two sports that matter to the bottom line.
  4. Little late to this since the game was 6 days ago but... I really liked how for a big game where we should have had a chip on our shoulder, we didn't come out throwing punches, getting into shoving matches, talking trash like we've done in the past right before getting whipped. We actually came out like we were better and just destroyed them, like we didn't even care who they were
  5. MeanGreenHoops

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    I'm definitely in the lets wait until this thing has 15,00 season tickets and you can't get tickets to a game camp, I had another question. Why are we concerned if there are enough seats for some others schools fans to sit in? I don't think other colleges are building stadiums big enough to be overrun by the opposing teams t-shirt fans once a year. I'm guessing the answer is so we can host them, but I don't think the reason we can't host them is because there aren't enough empty seats for their fans is it really? Seems weird.
  6. MeanGreenHoops

    Have to laugh.

    Milli Vanilli? Oops, I see this guess has been taken. Vanilla Ice?
  7. MeanGreenHoops

    My how things have changed

    I mentioned to my wife to enjoy this because these might be the glory years. She says, what if this is just the beginning of the glory years. I think she may be right.
  8. MeanGreenHoops

    Signs for the smuT game

    Good grief. We need as many fans as we can get. Not sure why everyone is attacking this young fan just for saying obvious things.
  9. MeanGreenHoops

    DCTF Interviews Graham Harrell

    It's funny how even the coaching staff has a chip on their shoulder about Mason Fine.
  10. You are all missing the real problem. How will Cherokee know who it is if it doesn't say North Texas?
  11. MeanGreenHoops


    The fact there hasn't been a barbershop podcast @Harry to talk to @TheReal_jayD about all of this is surprising at this point. SAD!
  12. MeanGreenHoops

    Vote vote vote

    Probably their relationship to Russia St. helps here
  13. MeanGreenHoops

    DRC: C-USA adds to television package with ESPN deal

    Thanks to both of you. @Cerebus I actually have it hardwired. Sorry, feel free to move this to the tech support board