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  1. I'm not sure you're paying attention. There clearly is some doubt 😛
  2. Makes sense, but that is on the coaches then right? They got themselves into the situation in the first place. Also, seems hard to believe they didn't have a plan if everyone they wanted signed, what they would do.
  3. I agree about having a team that will bring fans for our homecoming. But have we tried having Alabama for homecoming? I bet they would bring even more fans.
  4. I agree having games on Facebook is small time. We should have our games on ABC, that would be big time. Anyone know why we don't do that?
  5. How about speeding up the game and getting rid of tv timeouts. Games take way to long. Most of the time you are sitting around waiting for anything to happen.
  6. Disagree/ This team is not what I thought it was. They are a flat bad team now that has no idea what to do on offense and are lucky to score a point a minute. The injuries are a contributor but the complete meltdown to the mess we get to watch now is on the coaches.
  7. It's pretty much unwatchable basketball at this point.
  8. Well this - “We came into the season feeling like we had way too many guys,” McCasland said. - explains a lot. I bet he wishes he had a do over on that. He therefore didn't get guys on the floor and now he is paying for it.
  9. Yeah I've definitely noticed that too. It seems like Rose might need a hug at this point rather than continued ire.
  10. I'm going to see the positives in this. We have 2 1/2 weeks to get Duffy and Woolridge back and humming, and Smart straightened out. I think it's easier to do that in the 2nd pod rather than against the top teams. If that all happens we will be dangerous in Frisco.
  11. So if he can't redshirt, and can't even get on the floor, that is not a good job or recruiting. If you think about it, this team doesn't look much different than last year before the CBI. We struggled on offense last year too. The main difference is Smart losing his confidence. But even last year, if Smart didn't score we struggled. We are better overall in the system, which is why even without Smart playing well, we have been able to win more games and stay close in others until injury took away Duffy. Once Duffy went down, it started to expose every one else. Coach has really improved the teams ability to compete. But the roster management and his inability to get Smart back on track is concerning.
  12. And another thing, I find the last write up on the FIU game where he says he had to play 4 guys the whole game because he is down to only 6 players weird. He's down to 6 players that he will play, not six players who could play.
  13. Interesting take on Smart, leaving, why'd you say that? Agree this team was never as good as the record made it out to be. Injuries have taken a huge bite out of the team, but Mohamed not playing is still a weird one. He was a Juco and he can't help at this point? Big miss. The roster management is partly just injury mess, but still as you and @BillySee58 are saying, a lot of it is also on coach.
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