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Most of the avatars are pretty cool except the UT Tower one. ohmy.gif

Please remove that avatar...just a simple request from a UT alumnus. Our beloved Tower is nothing but orange and will remain that way.

To all MGN posters...Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!...it's a great day to be green.

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I noticed some of ya'll have avatar images that are a little on the rough side, so I had some fun and made a page where you can download some new ones as well as some classics.

Follow the link below and please download the images instead of linking to the URL.

Enjoy! Maybe I'll have more in the future.

*3 new Avatars uploaded!

GoMeanGreen Avatars

Anything new in the avatar department, Austin Talon?

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Any requests, ideas? No guarantees, but we'll see...

Austin Talon: A REQUEST

There is a large baseball cap manufacturing company in Norman, OK, owned by a gentleman named John Knight who distributes very nice quality collegiate caps to all Love's (and in quality visible display racks) and a few other places throughout the South & Southwest. Again, I can't express enough the quality of Knight's company's collegiate caps and at the moment, he is selling them at 2 for $10--a real steal considering their quality.

Anyway, being the "un-shy" guy that I am, I took it on myself to just call Mr. Knight one afternoon on my cell phone after going to the Weatherford, Texas, Love's off I-20 (Bankhead Hwy exit) and not seeing any UNT Mean Green caps. (His phone and fax numbers were most prominently displayed on the cap rack display at Love's).

In my conversation with Mr. Knight, I suggested to him that he is missing out on a huge market by not having UNT "MEAN GREEN" caps. I told him using Eagles (although our official nickname) was not en vogue as far as UNT athletics was concerned. I also gave him Rick Villarreal's number but Rick V is so busy trying to get us an Athletic Center and a new football stadium I don't know if he was able to reach our AD.

I gave him all of UNT's numbers, demographics and the enormous size of our constituency (which blew him completely away as it does most) and he really, really, really sounded like he wanted to do something with UNT because he now thinks he can make some bucks by doing so. He is registered by Collegiate Licensing so all is OK in that dept.

Anyway, Austin Talon, I told him that we are mostly using the very marketable name "Mean Green" as our name now and that we are the only college in America that has that as our nickname. He liked that exclusitivity and I suggested to him that "MEAN GREEN" might really catch on to others not associated with UNT, ie, the UMiami with their green and orange "U"?

He said he would most definitely follow up on the UNT Mean Green but my requests to you is if you could fax to him the "UNT", the "North Texas" and "Mean Green" in the new style lettering UNT is using for those 3. Perhaps, such as the "UNT" in the avatar of all my post. You might even send him the circle star UNT but in green and white only.

Mr Knight's company's phone numbers is: 1-866-366-6352

and his fax number is: (405) 292-6320

Austin Talon, thanks in advance and do please let us know of his response to you. He is very accessible (and very friendly) by telephone so you could probably even talk to Mr. Knight most times.

Once again, thanks and GoMeanGreen!

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