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  1. Not a big fan of the shirt.. But I know where Phil is all game.
  2. Nope....just another masochist who follow this train wreak
  3. Yep...Marshall looked tough. This 1-6 start will be hard to swallow. I worry about every games potential the rest of the season. Guess I have lost my faith that anything good will happen this year.....
  4. Starting the season at 1 and 6 is a very real possibility. Finishing at 2/3 wins is in the conversation. When does 'Wren' pull the plug......I think after the season. This definitely is a negative on his resume even though he didn't hire SL he is responsible for the current buy out. Then we start all over again...depressing.
  5. 1. Wren looked a little POed on the big screen when giving the service awards at half time I believe it was. 2. Phil shows emotion. Looks like he's always yelling and walking on to the field. Seth looks way to calm as the ship is sinking...
  6. I guess Seth's last 5 years of mediocrity shouldn't count.... It's not that we lost...its HOW we lost. This is just a continuation of last year...and the year before.... SL beginning success was a direct result of Graham Harrell and this under sized kid from Oklahoma who wanted to play football at FBS/D1 level.
  7. Wren I'm declaring a "Broken Arrow" for this football team. It is under attack, surrounded and total collapse is imminent. YOU control the Cavalry and rescue assets. Immediate action is required.
  8. Wren is too "politically correct" so to say and want pull the trigger until it starts caving in on him.....
  9. This here is a major problem for Wren....
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