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  1. And quit there because of personal health..had surgery.
  2. With all the coming and going...hype.....somebody is going to be disappointed. Hope it's not my team.
  3. If NT could come out of September with two or more wins I would think it would help maintain the interest/attendance...It looks tough to do.
  4. Seth can win 6.....we're in CUSA-West for God sake!
  5. Seems a lot of you think CUSA is on top of the G5 pyramid.....unfortunately their on the bottom. This conference is wide open for anyone to take including NT. Four games into the season some of the dust will settle and we'll have better clarity of the direction of the conference and it's membership.
  6. This team has too many unknown variables. I use to think that a team with as many personnel turn overs as NT has had this off season it would take time for the team to come to gather. But SMU has proven that's not necessarily true. It will be a interesting season.
  7. This is suppose to be pay back from our trip out there if I'm not mistaken
  8. I'm thinking with the payroll North Texas has they need to come up out of the cellar and win more than 5 games. Worst division and worst conference in college football in 2020. Wren has shown Seth the money now Seth needs to show us some wins...IMO. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2926411-ranking-every-college-football-conference-after-the-2020-season.amp.html
  9. Ŵe fielded a baseball team.....1984 thru 1988. I worked with a guy who played on that team. It was short lived and his one remark that stood out was how embarrassing it was to play home games at a City of Denton park because of no NT BB stadium. Title lX ended the run.
  10. Texas National Guard was at one point referred to as "The Aggie National Guard".
  11. If they win no one will give a sh_t. But as long time fans we have to prepare our selves for what seems as a yearly bust and to place blame. I have to keep my hope up that this team/coaches have made the turn and will surprise many....... Making the Kool-aid.
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