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  1. Rice is looking for there signature yearly win. Don't get over confident....
  2. Don't think he'll care...In Oklahoma we have High Schools with mascots like Broken Bow Savages LOL. That's just one. Political Correctness has pretty much miss here north of the Red River. Oklahoma Native Americans don't seem to get butt hurt as much as others when it comes to name referencing.
  3. Aune made his point and looks to me to be front runner in next year's QB battle with two TD passes.
  4. This is a mixed bag right here for me. I want Mason Fine to go out on top but know we'll get curb stomped again on National TV if NT goes to a bowl. The defense is pretty easy to figure out and without MF at quarterback the offense can't move the ball....and yep Aune did good with two nice passing TD's but how many second stringers was LaTech playing? The pre-season excitement that the Athletic Department whipped up prior to the season beginning and what has actually occurred may put a damper on Mean Green faithful turning out in large numbers for a bowl game....
  5. Bean threw interceptions (3 I believe) Aune threw 2 nice touch down passes. Don't know if they were throwing against 2nd stringers though. But Aune made a case for himself.
  6. Both USM and LaTech were homecoming games and get this...they had traditional homecoming naming a male and female king and queen.... Can you believe that!!!But we're way ahead at NT with our progressive home coming lol...
  7. Ok....how do they recruit here???? First time at this stadium ..so it's not the stadium.
  8. What is "New Denton"???? I ain't seen it yet Lol!
  9. SMU, TCU, BAYLOR will do whatever it takes to keep UNT and any other lower G5 in Texas from climbing the ladder. This includes influencing Texas politics to keep everyone in there "Rightful" place. It also won't move the peg until UNT Alumni come together to push OUR agenda. But sadly it want happen when our alumni wear UT and ATM..etc clothing to our home games. It also hurts when many seem to be satisfied with our current conference affliation with little national prime time exposure.
  10. LaTech got 7 votes in AP and 11 in coaches....got'um right where we want!
  11. It's a shoot out...who ever has the ball last wins!
  12. We want to watch MF play since it may be a while before NT ever has a Quarterback of this caliber again. But..we travel with no illusions about the how this game could end...but you never know.
  13. It's sad that most seem to leave b4 4th quarter starts.....should stay and enjoy the what once again should be a win.
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