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  1. Not real excited bout Defensive line up. If this D-unit is what plays the offense better show up.
  2. Whatever you think their now 6-0. https://footballscoop.com/news/hugh-freeze-continues-career-renaissance-has-liberty-6-0/
  3. If crowd size at home is affecting the team's play, that would be on the coaches not mentally preparing the team. More likely the result of contact tracing and injuries....QB shuffle a given. UTEP is better than they normally are this year and its another away game....at this point it looks like all remaining games will be tuff. Prove me wrong MeanGreen!
  4. I want to see how UTEP handles Charlotte and this bye week seems to always trip NT up.
  5. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4039082/jason-pirtle Jason's career stats...IMO not bad since NT has good receivers that get most of the throws.
  6. Keep this win in perspective....two of the worst teams in FBS played Saturday with Jason Bean coming out in relief to have his best game to date. No doubt he deserves to start against UTEP. The big question is can he perform and motivate this team week after week. We've seen one game wonders before and I hope this was just the beginning for Bean. UTEP is a little more competitive than Muts and a good gauge to see if he can build off this win.
  7. If they can keep the momentum going at some point they are going find a conference....just hope they don't jump ahead of us in the pecking order. But...that would be easy considering our Division I suppose.
  8. Missed our opportunity to be #1.....
  9. Hope the bye week doesn't stall the positive energy of this win. UTEP has played some decent football this year and will likely be wanting to make a statement at NT expense. They play UNC-C next week......
  10. I was backing AA. But Bean won the starting job next game. But the question will be if he can put two good games together in a row. But he was awesome against Muts.
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