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  2. RBP79

    Footballscoop nuclear winter

    SL ain't goin any where...thats crazy talk. Maybe when he beats teams he's suppose to...conference championship....bowl win...small things like these will get you promoted to big time college ball.
  3. RBP79

    FAU Game Preview & Prediction

    What ever points NT has FAU will have 10+ more.
  4. RBP79

    I would rather work..

    I wasn't going to say it but since it was brought up.....I agree the loss to ODU may not be any where near as bad as PSU but it definitely made the list.
  5. Could this team already peaked? Apparently everyone has figured out how to beat us and the coaching staff can't make adjustments. So.....if FAU comes in here and beats us then the gig is up and UTSA will do the same. But I'll be there Thursday to see if SL and GH are able to figure out a NEW strategy cause the one they have now sucks.
  6. RBP79

    I would rather work..

    I've watched worse NT teams and continued to go to the games. I'll be there......I maybe a masochist. .
  7. #OldDenton has a strangle hold on # NewDenton.
  8. RBP79

    Still humble as ever...

    Been a Mason Fine backer b4 he signed........Thanks MF!!!
  9. RBP79

    Rice Game Attendance

    If you can't get students to the stadium in the afternoon don't plan on young alumni making up the difference. When my kids were young there were always football, soccer, baseball, etc....that they participated in on Sat. Late games work better all the way around...surely students will attend the Thursday NIGHT game with FAU. Have a feeling those with school age children won't be able to attend again.
  10. RBP79

    Just another bowl team

    Don't believe the players lost these two games.....the coaching did. But since SL and GH are still in a learning curve you can't grip too much. Two years from now if they still haven't won a Conference title or Bowl game then maybe they are in over their heads. After following NTSU & UNT football for almost 50 years if you think I'm spoiled that's funny!
  11. RBP79


    I don't think those of us consider SL a bad coach....he just continues to make the same mistakes...or perhaps refine that down to GH. They are both new to there current job titles and hopefully continue to learn from there mistakes. And if you think SL stock is worth the same now as after the Liberty game I cry BS! When he wins the conference AND wins the following bowl I agree. I figure he wants a particular HC position and at this point in his career only a massive amount of cash can get him out of here.
  12. Now.....for the rest of the season please don't bitch about attendance. IN THE DFW AREA YOU MUST WIN TO FILL UR STADIUMS. That's reality.....sorry SL and WB. You still have time to figure it out.
  13. It is what it is.... Reality were still "Old Denton" at heart.
  14. RBP79

    Quick Thoughts

    1. SL ain't going no where 2. GH has along way to go....should he be a OC yet at our expense? 3. Mason Fine might break al UNT records if he survives. 4. OL.......what can you say 5. Pressure is off now for any conference titles. 6. Probably invited to a mediocre bowl.....at this juncture. Oh well....WTF