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  1. To those who think they're going to sell 40000 + thousand hockey tickets (I'll even lower the attendance) for a out door game on or around the first of the year.....I've been to several Stars games. Even when they are doing good there are still empty seats. And at the climax of the college football season hockey gonna fill (even halfway) the Cotton Bowl. Man......I want some of what your drinking or smoking!
  2. So let me get this straight....move First Responders Bowl to Ford Stadium so 70 to 90 thousand hockey fans can watch the Dallas Stars play out door hockey on or around January 1st...... That's BS! They might put several thousand in the stands but a Bowl Game during Bowl season could put many more in the seats with the right teams. There's more to it than what's been printed.
  3. Be sure to wear boots......ya know walking thru all the human excrement.
  4. All this is personal opinion. Bottom line whose on top of the stat sheet.............. MASON FINE. All the above mentioned QB's contributed to the success of they're teams. The only concrete tangible is their numbers..IMO
  5. Where would we be without MASON FINE? I don't know but I don't blame him for this teams failures the past couple of seasons. This coming season maybe the most interesting with new OC and other newby's. I just hope SL doesn't get distracted again toward the end of the season if he gets in the running for a new HC job.
  6. RBP79

    Buy in?

    I guess they were hoping the AAC was making the big step.....they won't. They ain't gotta enough money to buy their way in. Sandwiched between A&M and LSU they are in a similar position as NT.
  7. Don't know why everyone gets so excited about commits.....especially this early. Let me know in December who's not pulling my chain.
  8. Dump her or the conference. I know here we go again......Im willing to say the leadership at UNT can see what is happening to this conference but change is a slow process. We move to CUSA thinking we up graded...get SB2.0....and end up in the lowest ranked division/ conference at end of last season....oh well.
  9. Thanks to both the men and women of NT basketball......guess I have to little faith....
  10. When I was her age we were all going to freeze to death....every generation I guess want to believe some BS. #cowfarts
  11. Kinda like footballs 2nd half collapses. I'll go ahead and say it.......FIU is lickin its chops to hand our ass to us again in the tournament.
  12. Just find it intetesting. Think last CUSA team they played was Rice in 2014.
  13. Marshall University Football will play Notre Dame in the 2022 football season......per DMN....
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