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  1. Bold move for SL...Lead, Follow, or get the Hell out of the way! I don't know if it's the right move but we'll find out soon enough.
  2. How does this question get two, at the moment, down votes???LOL......
  3. AA threw 2 nice TD's when he came in to replace Fine...and yep they were trash points but still they were great passes. That was the LaTech game I believe...
  4. Guess some get butt hurt because some MG fans get tired of this BS every year. If you don't think this yearly trip down this road doesn't affect this program..take off those rose colored glasses. SL could publicly announce he's here till he accomplishes his original mission and calm his agent down.
  5. That 4-8 record and Baylor wants him....? LOL ...Come on... at this point if they want to pay up ...I say let'um have him if if they're that stupid. Way too many G5 coaches who win consistently available!
  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.....just don't get it. LaTech gets another bowl win. Why not we???
  7. Agree to disagree....MWC has been and remains top G5...IMO.
  8. My oldest son's name sake...RIP Coach.
  9. A commitment means nothing to any of these kids. And when the kids commit its just on a whim. It's great these kids are showing some interest in NT just let me know who signs early or late then we can talk about the future of NT football. BV told me once that these young men are allowed to change there minds all they way up to signing day...ok. Guess I'm to old...I felt once you commit YOUR committed ...but no. Commitment and responsibility.....hmmmm kind go to gather.
  10. IMO...B. English when healthy was a factor in play. Just to bad he was broke most of the time while at NT.
  11. Ugh...Lane with two Conference Titles in 3 years.
  12. Judy's talking about how great the conference is doing and they pan a pretty much quarter filled stadium....
  13. Better bottom half of SEC than bottom half of CUSA.
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