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  1. RBP79

    Top 10 QBs for 2019

    And it starts!!!!!
  2. RBP79

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    It's my opinion that WB and NS both have thoughts on moving on from CUSA..
  3. I guess Bret doesn't want give any blame to GH for the offensive melt downs the last half of the season.
  4. RBP79

    Bryce English

    The early games he played in I feel he helped the D-line. Unfortunately, it looks like his nagging injuries will prevent him from capitalizing on his natural talent. I "thought" he had one more year...but not sure.
  5. RBP79

    Holgorson agrees with UH

    I think it might be questionable Graham Harrell going to Houston. He's gaining valuable experience at UNT but he ain't there yet. Maybe next year when the offense doesn't stutter so much in the 2nd half of games and maybe somebody steps up for the O-line. But some of his play calling this year was at least questionable.
  6. Someone will eventually find an angle and sue the NCAA for monopolizing the FBS playoffs. IMO....thats what they've done.
  7. I'll agree that USU would of PROBABLY won this bowl regardless of injuries. But.......you can't make me believe that with your coach in New York and rumors flying about him leaving to K-state (and SL not denying it) it didn't affect this team and their play.
  8. RBP79

    Thundering Herd

    You don't mess with Charlie. It's his way or the highway and if you break his team rules......ur outta there!
  9. RBP79

    Thundering Herd

    Guess USF and NT have a common thread in that the last half of there season had mounting injuries that they couldn't overcome. But they at least had a little fire in them. Maybe cause Charlie didn't go on a fishing expedition right before the bowl season.
  10. RBP79

    Thundering Herd

    Making it look easy......28-7 just before half. Just don't understand Seth.
  11. RBP79

    Will UAB Beat Northern Illinois?

    They're gonna win but two targeting ejections????
  12. RBP79


    You can beat better teams than you are. You just got to be mentally prepared and frickin want it more. The way NT gets its arse handed to it in championship games, something not clicking with the team overall in planning strategy or in the locker room.
  13. Back to back 9-3 seasons unfortunately 3 straight bowl losses....can you close the deal???
  14. RBP79


    Thanks Phillip Ferguson!!!! Seth looks and sounds shell shocked....guess I would be too.
  15. RBP79


    Did I miss the post game interview with SL? Don't see any mention of it on this board.