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  1. All I know is Austin Aune dropped two decent timing passes one for a TD against LaTech. And I know LT had pulled many starters but he accomplished his mission....to score.
  2. I feel like Wren Baker will reward McCasland. If he doesn't I'm sure some school will!
  3. CUSA Television contract is paying dividends!
  4. I don't have to look at her to see we need a change....
  5. You've got to believe NT has the ability to walk into anyone's home court and beat them. If not we wouldn't be talking about a game 4 days away.
  6. Agreed but bonus/pod play ain't helping the cause.
  7. For some..like DD...they let their ego get ahead of their ass. But he did get UNT on a roll that we haven't seen since, regardless of his win/ loss record.
  8. IMO: UNT should jump at a invite from MWC should the offer ever be made. Neal Smartest was President of UNLV for 5 years and Provost for 2 years....he probably has kept in touch with friends to the West. Perhaps he's our edge. Two MWC teams made the final Top 25 this year: AFA@22 and BSU @23. Still looking for that CUSA team. Although traveling to away games might be impacted I think our home attendance would improve for conference games. Perhaps a local TV station would pick up away games as they have done in the past. I would bet MWC has a better TV package than CUSA ....no sh_t.... I still feel MWC would like a foot print in DFW. Another large TV market for them. Just my opinion....
  9. If we're only two or three wins that puts us at the same level as UTSA/UTEP and those games could be a toss up. But from the looks I'm thinking this team will be better than everyone thinks and could hit 6 wins. Aune is my pick at the moment. He just seems more at ease in the position..plus threw two nice TD's coming in for Fine after Bean had been pulled.
  10. Surely your not using gomeangreen.com for your basis of this statement. I could make the claim otherwise.
  11. Been to several but didn't make this last year cause we put our money in Hattisburg and Ruston trips. The last one I went to, 2017, there was a decent NT crowd but no way near what we bring to SMU. Think the point I was going after that our fan base does bring some fans but being in perhaps a Conference like MWC the total number of traveling fans may not change that much.
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