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  1. At 3 million a year he could be a steal for a P5 (not sure of his buyout). If not this year I expect him to continue his success next year then be gone. Hopefully, he will over look NT and we'll get the upset.
  2. Maybe he goes down to FCS or lower where he'll be the big guy and maybe won't get injured every season.
  3. I know Seth ain't going no where....he wasn't here when NT joined CUSA. But I kind of expect more from UNT Football when we're in arguably the worst division..worst football conference in G5 football.
  4. I've seen different...he makes that yearly and has a couple more years on his contract..but glad people are willing to donate to buy him out.
  5. The Mean Green Nation thanks all of you who are donating the 5+ million to buy out Seth's contract. Wren is in his office waiting for the checks to be dropped off. Please hurry!
  6. Regardless of how/why and whose dime he's going to school on I'm glad he's here. He can't hurt our defense only make it better IMO.
  7. Our ranking is fully deserved...Seth has one year to turn it around. Why didn't DC put our win/lose record?
  8. https://footballscoop.com/news/doc-holliday-will-not-return-at-marshall/
  9. Gangsta moves baby.....
  10. https://www.underdogdynasty.com/conference-usa/2020/12/31/22206936/conference-usa-hit-rock-bottom-in-2020-cusa-sun-belt-coaching-hires-realignment-tv-contract
  11. Why would SBC want anything to do with CUSA other than beating them. They have the upper hand now...perhaps in the future the tables will turn.
  12. Oh I only want to play a half a game coach...... BS! Then don't play at all.
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