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  1. I was there and Arkansas was a Program win. Fun game for us. But those "shitty" bowl games are normally nationally televised and the loss of those games don't move the sticks for me.
  2. Seth has taken NT to more bowl games than any coach in NT history and hasn't won one yet. That's a negative bullet comment to me. Heck....Mac at least won his bowl.
  3. Yea he handed the ball off in that Miami game but not to the number one offensive weapon NT had that got us there.
  4. He knows at some point the Big school North of them will someday awake.
  5. 6 or 7 wins doesn't do it for me. Has to have that elusive bowl win. A first game loss to The Miners and Wren should at least start looking.
  6. So NCAA HMF in charge Emmert is stepping down after screwing everything up. So will the Board of Governors and new guy try to reign in some of his bad ideas? I'm not holding my breath....
  7. He got the call up. Thanks to the NCAA G5's are nothing more than farm teams for the P5's with cash.
  8. A 6&6 or 7&5 and another bowl loss he needs to be gone period. And I hope he goes 12&0 and wins the bowl game...pass the Kool Aid please....
  9. Bare minimum..7 wins plus bowl win. Thinking IF they do get to a bowl a "W" is mandatory to even start a conversation about Seth's future at NT.
  10. I wouldn't mind GH coming back to NT as HFC. My next statement (to my wife)...."pass me some more Kool Aid please"!
  11. What happened to that easy schedule some were talking about after last season??? Me thinks many want Seth gone so bad they predict the apocalypse of Mean Green FB this year. Those predictions may come true but I'm thinking there are several unknowns and still feel that first game with UTEP will set the pace. GMG
  12. Set the Bar Low (6 wins) then deliver more than promised... Yea...that might work for last year's team but this year's team has too many unknown pieces that are all over the board. Seth has got to feel some pressure when many of our team sports are doing so well. Six ain't gonna cut it IMO.
  13. You can still donate to the MGSF without buying tickets that helps the student athlete.
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