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  1. In sports many top athletes developed premature gloat. Sometimes I worry about my favorite college football team doing the same. But look at what MF sez....(paraphrasing)....every play may be my last....just gotta soak it in. I don't worry about MF.
  2. Hmmmm..this doesn't look good if you consider what most seem to want UNT to be. That is to have a university athletic department that is The Leader of CUSA and second to none! I feel confident the AD and all associated with the athletic department and University are addressing this issue.
  3. I think it's more of a rivalry for UTSA than us......both my older brothers and myself have always felt a disdain for Smut. My older brother (67) use to have decals from both schools on his car cut out to spell SUM NUTS. Just feel like since then, Hayden Fry's tenure, thru playing in a Safeway parking lot thru today SMU for us is the team to beat...SMU will never admit that we are a rivalry for them.....IMHO
  4. Well at least CUSA media days info made it into The DRC! I find it some what a slap in the face that the CUSA has its headquarters in DFW but can't make it into DMN Sunday 14 July sport section when talking conference media days.. Well guess if your not in the B12 ur out of luck. Well they did mention SMuT....... To me this is a result of poor leadership at CUSA.
  5. Guess we're kicked out or moved to another conference or WTF!!!!
  6. If invited to " First Responders" tickets may become a hot item. That stadium is listed at 32000 capacity....... Not sure when it moves back to Cotton Bowl at Fair Park if attendance improves cause of private management. Unless they hire a private security firm to help a understaffed Police Department.
  7. Hoping NT got the better end of that deal!
  8. I like diving eagle. Battle Flag covers all the court and I like to see wood. Just don't think "light the tower" would do to much unless seated right in front of it.
  9. They sound eerily familiar to post in GMG.....its summer and anticipation is building.
  10. I've followed NT football along time. The program is really divided by our little stint in 1AA. Before that period we were a commuter school (with an occasional outstanding football or basketball team), and after that period I feel we've moved on from being a commuter school, Thanks UTA. The apathy toward football since our return from Dll is slowly disappearing...it takes for ever and a day to build a fan base. But "Winning" does just that. When DD won all those conference championships it was a shame the AD and administration were not in place to push the programs to the next level. Looking at what has been accomplished in the last 3 years and it seems we now have the AD and administration to move these athletic programs to the next level. Unfortunately, at the present, our affiliation with CUSA is not going to get us there. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the current CUSA administration or North Texas bales to another conference. I still feel that the potential of NT is has never been found but with the right AD and University Administration...well..maybe we got them in place now. Just my opinion..
  11. It was on GMG at the end of FB season last year...wasnt CUSA West the next to the lowest rated conference with the east right above??? And all those Apogee sellouts too! I guess if we want to remain in mediocrity....hey we're here!
  12. RBP79

    Pick 2

    Well..for me it's easy, SMU and Houston. I would like to win them all but if you've been reading all the post on GMG about the AAC and MWC on here then beating the two Texas AAC teams would be huge. Especially here in Texas.
  13. I'd be a little worried too. Especially if Temple bolts.... but they may wait till the next batch of checks are distributed.
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