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  1. RBP79


    Focus on the game at hand. Liberty will be all mental preparation for the Mean Green. Can Seth get the team ready????This is his big game.....and will be successful.
  2. We've been there and watched that type of crap also......finally someone else experiences those feelings.
  3. RBP79

    Excuse Me, But Could You Hold The Ladder ...

    Let's see...its Tuesday and I still can barely talk because of screaming/yelling support for the Mean Green......at least my sun burn is gone. Super glad I made the trip!!
  4. RBP79

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    Hey...got my flat tire changed by parking lot crew..everyone we met had nothing to say and if they did it was good.
  5. RBP79

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    27-24 NT........Hedlund comes back to haunt his old team. Buttttt....I fear the referees more than UA football team.
  6. Going up Thursday with wife....staying at a state park east of Fayettville in the travel trailer...flyin the "Mean Green Battle Flag"......GMG!
  7. RBP79

    CBS 129 ranking we moved up 2

    You can't win against the ref's!!! We've got experience playing against them.
  8. I hope the Razorbacks are thinking the same way and are looking ahead. Coaching staff may not truly appreciate the "New Denton" attitude also. I just hope whatever the final score is that Mason Fine and crew get back with no injuries.
  9. RBP79

    Carry In Seatbacks

    Ok..its game day never heard anything official...so called ticket office..closed on Sat......Get a call from Mason at ticket office asking if I needed something.......yea popped the question he checked and said should be no problem bring in stadium seats period. Hope they passed that along.
  10. RBP79

    Carry In Seatbacks

    We entered thru the South gate..alumni side....no one even gave us a second look. Buttt.....everyone around us questioned us. So I've looked at all material I received with my ticket packet and no where does it say "No Folding Stadium Seats". Guess. I better Call to see if they Un-screwed this.
  11. RBP79

    How Loud Was Apogee?

    After watching a replay on cable and being at the game, I'm pretty impressed with the crowd. Don't have any idea of the Houston noise level, I was there too...this sounded pretty good.
  12. RBP79

    Parking issues last Saturday

    Blue Lot expansion is great.....except if they ever fill it up and fans stay for the complete game....that two lane road in is gonna be a bitch going out. Needs to be one way before and after if they're not going to expand it.
  13. Tryin not to get ahead of this week's game but going out of town Sunday. Wanted to know if the ticket office had a plan......they have received them but not made assignments. I was told you can p/u Thursday or at will call this Saturday. They also plan on having a will call in Fayetteville.....Wonder how many variations of the above will we see.
  14. RBP79

    After re-watching the game twice

    Channel 22 on Spectrum in Rockwall.
  15. RBP79

    Mason Fine

    Surely those who questioned his size and ability a few years ago are on board now.......