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  1. Dump her or the conference. I know here we go again......Im willing to say the leadership at UNT can see what is happening to this conference but change is a slow process. We move to CUSA thinking we up graded...get SB2.0....and end up in the lowest ranked division/ conference at end of last season....oh well.
  2. Thanks to both the men and women of NT basketball......guess I have to little faith....
  3. When I was her age we were all going to freeze to death....every generation I guess want to believe some BS. #cowfarts
  4. Kinda like footballs 2nd half collapses. I'll go ahead and say it.......FIU is lickin its chops to hand our ass to us again in the tournament.
  5. Just find it intetesting. Think last CUSA team they played was Rice in 2014.
  6. Marshall University Football will play Notre Dame in the 2022 football season......per DMN....
  7. I love these threads. Yea SL is gone. If he ever wins a conference title or bowl maybe he could get a job he really wants. Otherwise he'll get stuck in some lower tier P5 school. But he'll be in the big time.
  8. Starts with leadership at CUSA down to the individual University's who are failing at recruiting due to gloating and riding a dead horse.....thinking that prior history of great teams draws top talent. Not at this level.
  9. Goes back where do you see NT in 5 or 6 years...moving up the food chain or being happy with what we got.
  10. Look at the number of Sun Belt teams ahead of any CUSA teams and for sure NT. Amazing! And of course Boise State and MWC teams are well rated also......NT might be a 9 game winner for two years but gets no respect because of 2nd half let downs and inability to capture conference titles much less win a bowl. I think to be honest we are where we should be...we ain't that good or that bad.
  11. Rode the "free bus" to the stadium from the "free" parking lot...everyone talking to us about how this would be a "fun game"....rode the "free bus" back to the "free" parking lot....had ONE pig fan say "good game". Only one who said a word all the way back....
  12. So this article predicts UNT will place 3rd in the West...and SL will be poached because of winning what???? Oh he kept NT over 500 for three years and won the West once!. My favorite lib quote, "oh I see...I See"! Win the West...win the conference...win the bowl and we'll find SL's replacement.
  13. Annnnn....a bowl win is a must!
  14. I think they want positioning and CUSA cannot deliver the platform. The monopoly that the NCAA has over football will eventually implode. The visual effects that MWC or AAC offer will help NT in this reorganization of FBS/ DIVISION 1....just my opinion.
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