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  1. You can blame the O line or receivers but the offensive WOES belong to Reeder.
  2. Well....guess we're lucky......
  3. This team, UTSA, sounds pumped for this game...hope NT is.
  4. Let's see where the dust falls after this season. He's got 9 + more games to make his case.
  5. Not sure a 7 or 8 win season gets SL a new job...at least one he wants. Course if you get the Championship and/ or bowl win it definitely might get him a offer. I hope they win out for Mason Fine. This program owes him.
  6. This game is circled by UTSA and one they (we) want badly. SL and company better get their shit in order pretty quick. This game has turned into a must win now ..no exceptions! We lose...Reeder needs to go sit on the corner.
  7. I haven't had enough Green Koolaid yet to be dreaming of winning out... Can a average, perhaps below average, team win its division then conference game and roll into a bowl and win that too? Perhaps in CUSA they can, but from the performance this team has exhibited so far.....it ain't looking good. I know they will get better every game but so does the competition. I won't get fooled again by all the hype generated by this staff. I'll go to the home games and even plan on a couple away games but this is at best a AVERAGE team with one or two standout players............ I hope by Dec 1st I'm proven wrong...
  8. Not a football strategist....but 3 time outs left....down 17....with 13 seconds left and we run out the clock. Must be something I'm not seeing.
  9. From the second half of the ACU game thru the Smut game I have lost confidence in NT. Too much hype and so far nothing to back it up. The OC and DC so far have demonstrated to me very little confidence for this team to be Champions. The "Buck" stops at Seth. He better turn on the bilge pumps and stop the leaking! I hope they win but anticipate another loss....could be worse than last week. Please prove me wrong!!
  10. I thought SMUT was faster getting back to the line....
  11. Mason Fine does have bad games/half. Perhaps the Smut game will provide the lesson learned/ motivation to move forward and be competitive. SL and company ( coaches) didn't set this team up for success against SMU.
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