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  1. RBP79

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Looks like crap......
  2. I count one game for NT and its a home game against SMut. Well at least there should be a decent crowd for the TV audience.
  3. Why hold a bowl in a city, where the venue is in a high crime area and the city is nearly 1000 police officers short because they ran them off with low pay and a pension that will disappear in 2024. Besides....they have to build their rumble park over 35 E in Oak Cliff to give their gangs a place to hang put!
  4. RBP79

    Underdog Dynasty: Pre-Season Top 10

    I guess the Sun Belt has jumped ahead of CUSA. Figures..... On target!!! We are not going to get any respect until we avoid disaster games like the FAU and the NOB. Unfortunately, I also hate the fact NT first game against SMU is pretty much a must win...IMHO. It will take more than a month to recover from this game if its lost. I have faith that SL and company will take care of business.
  5. If you read the text...."tunnel vision" then you realize they can't say anything good unless your SWC/Big12 or hometown SMut. And perhaps they would cover UNT more if they were a more conservative paper...but that point will never found out.
  6. The writers at DMN are just lazy. If they have to do any kind of research it want get published...they will grab it off the internet. But someone tell me when the DMN was ever positive about NTSU/UNT. Typical big city liberal news paper with tunnel vision..and the sports page just continues that logic.
  7. When these young men are signed(Dec2018/Feb2019) then let's talk about who out recruited who. These are pretty much projections right now......IMHO.
  8. I predict they will gain P5 status right when college football goes thru another reorganization and they will end up back in what was formally known as the G5..another bunch of universities whose egos are bigger than reality.
  9. RBP79

    Question about 1988 UNT vs UT?

    I'll never let it go!!!
  10. RBP79

    Question about 1988 UNT vs UT?

    Was it not Dale Hansen who for along while used tape of the last fake TD for footage when talking about UT football....UT didn't appreciate it.
  11. RBP79

    Do We Have The Coolest Prez In C-USA Or What?

    If your get near him he's gonna say "Hi" and "gomeangreen". Potentially the best hire by this university in my lifetime!
  12. RBP79

    How Many Yards for Mason Fine?

    I say +4500 until defense shows up every game and we see how J Wilson replacement performs.
  13. My two cents.....he'll wait for one of the two Oklahoma jobs to open up. Why drag your family to west Texas. Hopefully, he has his ego in check.
  14. Pretty awesome people! Now seal these deals in December/ Febuary.......
  15. RBP79

    DMN: Best in Texas Rankings

    They must be smoking the good stuff at DMN....or this was a mis-print....they prefer to keep NT out of view to protect the other two major DFW universities from anything green.