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  1. No love for the Texan Johnson? Probably the fastest human we will ever see, the 19.32 200 is still unbelievable. Hall of Famer. George Teague
  2. Please remember to support the track team this season. We have a decent program going over the last few years with men and women. The women placed 2nd in the Sun Belt Indoor Championship. The outdoor Sun Belt Championship will be at Fouts, so everyone needs to make it out for that if at all possible. The dates for that are May 7th-9th and is the biggest track meet of the year at that time for everyone involved. The North Texas Invitational is April 24th at Fouts as well. This is a great thing to go to on a nice spring day and see some great athletes.
  3. Stranger, you have some obscure names in your memory. Good luck in fantasy baseball this year.
  4. Mavs fans, things have been rough lately. But let's try to keep perspective on this. If you are like me, you were a Mavs fan when things were bad -flirting with the worst record in history bad. I don't miss those days. The Mavs are a winner, class of the league now. A poor history is not an excuse for underachieving though. And the Mavs have certainly done that at times. But here is where you need to take heart. First of all, this time last season all appeared lost. The made a turnaround and made a playoff run. If history repeats itself, it could mean a championship this time. Secon
  5. I picked Wake Forest to win it all, I hoped Paul with be this year's Anthony, but he disappeared tonight. The only solace in the frustrating game tonight is that Saint Joseph's won right in front of Packer and I hope they do again this weekend so he has to eat his words.
  6. If he shot up 2 inches, that is huge news. We will need decent inside players in the worst way next season. Williams and Sturns will make a nice inside outside freshman combo. Someone who knows, can Sturns run the point on the D1 level, or is the only answer there a JUCO?
  7. Kamloops Blazers All Star Man Stranger, you are making me work for these. This should warm the hearts of Mavs fans... Calvin Booth
  8. Ok, we are ready to go. If you are in the league, remember the draft is Monday night and if you can't make it, just pre-rank your players and Yahoo will draft for you accordingly. Good luck.
  9. This is the all-hair team for Page 2 in the NCAA tourney. I can't help but wonder if Jerome Rogers would have made this team... Link
  10. Ha ha... The most whipped guy in the history of the world, hands down. We need to have a discussion on the very pathetic existence of Doug Christie at some point in the playoffs. Popeye Jones
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